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Friday, November 21, 2008

Bigg Boss2 Rigged ?

Bigg Boss season 2 has been one the most popular show on COLORS Channel and the only show delivering entertainment during ongoing strike. Some incidents and events of the show force us to believe that the show which calls itself as "Reality Show" seems to be scripted and preplanned. The entry and exit of each contestant seems to be planned and scripted.
The episode in which the four finalists of the show run-away to satisfy their hunger, made it more prominent that it is all planned, otherwise why not Big Boss could stop the contestants’ objectionable moves and indiscipline. Diana Hayden, the former bigboss2 contestant was warned several times for not wearing mike and after repeated warnings she was punished, similarly, when Rakhi, Rahul and Monica were found chatting without mikes then they were warned. All the contestants of the show were nominated for discussing and planning nominations since it was against the rules.
There were many incidents when housemates tried to break rules but Big Boss didn't encourage it, then why didn't he took action when the last four finalists rebelled against him and took off their mikes. It was much later when they almost succeeded in breaking the door when big boss called them in the nomination room to inquire about their needs.
Conspiracy, bitching and planned nomination was the part of the show, but one could never thought that, it’s not planned by the contestants but is the strategic moves taken by the creative department. One who can garner better TRPs were saved from eviction, if this is not true then why Raja did not get evicted from the house despite being negatively publicized for his antics before his entry into the house, instead Sanjay Nirupamji got evicted from the house.
Sudden eviction of Mr. Rahul Mahajan after not apologizing and being righteous, raise the question in our minds that whether his moves are real or scripted to gain more attention for the show. It is difficult to decide whether this reality show is truly real or not? I wont complaint unless and until I am getting entertained.
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Friday, November 7, 2008

Farewell to the India's Longest running Show on Television.

Yesterday night, the journey of the India's most loved Bahu has put to an end. Yes, it is true that Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi has bid a bye to the television. It ruled the TV for over 8 years. Truly, it has created an record which is difficult to break. Surely Kyunki…. has created its niche in the Indian Television Industry. Many tried to follow its footsteps as a result there is huge list of such saas-bahu serials. But I think not even one soap in this list could match up to the level the most loved TV soap and as a result had to be pulled off air. I guess it is difficult to regenerate the same essence and magic of the legends. Success of this saas-bahu soap inspired many to create soap like it but unfortunately or fortunately none of them succeeded in doing that. Miss.Ekta Kapoor was honored with the title “Queen of soaps” which resulted in development of a K-series.

Kyunki…. was the story of a poor pujari’s daughter Tulsi who gets married in rich Virani family against the wishes of Virani family.Tulsi's journey begin as innocent young girl having all the ideal values and has now ended after she became a saas herself. She has proved that not all saas are bahu-haters as she treated her bahus like her own daughter. She was an ideal human figure but a bit unrealistic. Now, imagine a mother killing her own bad son to protect her bahu that was extremely unrealistic and unpractical too. On an extreme conditions, a mother could send her son to jail, but killing him is next to impossible. But I guess this is the way TV industry works, after all, all that matters is TRPs and a scene like this one , are real TRP grabbers. When we are talking about TRP grabbers how can we forget about the moment when Mr. Mihir Virani met with an accident and was declared dead. All the fan forums, loyal viewers of the show raised voice to bring back him. So Ektaji had to make call to bring back Mihir from dead to alive. During this time Television industry witnessed the highest TRPs. This show had become talk of the town.

Kyunki……. has experienced a lot of ups and downs in the TRPs but low TRP is not the only reason why The Most adourable show on TV is pulled off air. As it is said all good things come to an end.Whatever the reason may be for its exit but it the exit of the show that has successfully completed over one thousand episodes, in the times where it is not possible for a soap to survive for a year.

It is the third Balaji productions’ cult soap to be pulled off air in a row. First , it was Kasuati Zindagi Ki,then Kahani ghar ghar ki and now it’s the turn of Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi. Like all good things even Kyunki…. came to an end.
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