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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Zee TV's Jhansi Ki Rani to take a leap in mid May..

Zee T and Contiloe Telefilms' Jhansi Ki Rani is all geared up for a leap sometime in mid May. The rating of the show has been on a rise, and the channel and production house feel that this is the right time to go for the much-awaited leap.

They were to take the leap after the initial 30 episodes, to make way for the older Rani Lakshmi Bai to be at the helm of things. However, Ulka Gupta's portrayal of Mannu was received very well by the audience, which resulted in high ratings. So the channel and production house had decided to delay the leap by few months.

A little birdie tells us, "The show is doing extremely well now, and we are very much over the 4+ mark in ratings. However, the leap has to come some day or the other, as this is the demand of the script. Hence, the show will be proceeding towards its leap by mid May".

We also hear that the contract of Ulka Gupta too comes to an end sometime in May, and this eases the entire proceeding.

When contacted, Ulka's mother told us, "Ulka's last day of shoot is May 15th".

This will eventually make way for Krratika Sengar to essay the role of Jhansi Ki Rani.

As per our source, "The channel is planning big publicity for the leap, and it looks as though they are already underway with the preparations for shoot post leap, in Karjat".

We tried calling Krratika Sengar, and even sent her a text message but she remained unavailable.

When contacted, Sukesh Motwani, Fiction Head, Zee TV said, "We will talk about it when it is the right time".

Our efforts to reach to Producer Abhimanyu Singh were futile.
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dance India Dance gets its Top Four..

Zee TV's unique reality show Dance India Dance gets its Top Four contestants this week.

According to our source, "It was again Dharmesh Yelande who got the highest junta votes. Shakti Mohan secured the second highest while Punit Pathak was third, followed by Binny Sharma. To the shock of one and all, it was the talented dancer Amarjeet Singh who was ousted from the contest this week".

This week, the challenges were thrown in by Geeta Kapoor. "Shakti got to perform Kathak while Punit did Bharatnatyam. Binny was asked to do Bhaavatam, while Dharmesh danced on a Marathi song. Amarjeet performed on a number where he was seen doing pooja for the well being of his parents. It's heard that the guy even kept a vrat for this particular performance", informs our source.

Saturday's episode will see the contestants performing solo. The celebrity guest this week will be the fabulous dancer herself, Helenji.

With this, the stage is set for the top four contestants Dharmesh Yelande, Shakti Mohan, Punit Pathak and Binny Sharma to fight it out. The Grand Finale of Dance India Dance Season 2 will be held on April 24th.
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Celebs shocking revelations on Ghar Ghar Mein

Just when we thought reality shows couldn't get any more brutal Zee TV presents Ghar Ghar Mein. This is a show where celeb couples are deeply drilled about issues that threatened the very foundations of their relationship.

In the show, Sharad and Kirti Kelkar are shown openly acknowledging their disillusionment of family members. Says our source, "Sharad and Kirti made no qualms about the fact that their parents strongly objected to their union in marriage. They candidly expressed that Kirti's brother and parents were stronger in their opposition. Funnily, the couple introduced their dog 'Bacardi' as their 'only' family member."

Shaleen Bhanot and Daljit, as a couple had to battle depression. Says our source, "Shaleen and Daljit owned up that after all the adulation and fanfare of Nach Baliye 5, they hit a valley for which none of them was prepared. The most shocking revelation was that Shaleen went into absolute depression and that for a year he was absconding! It was Daljit who had to take responsibility of the relationship at that time. She took it in her hands to transform cold, callous and arrogant person that he had become."

In the case of Kamya Punjabi and Bunty Negi, it was Kamya who got cornered in the show. We all know Kamya and Bunty had nullified their marriage for almost a year and almost signed on the dotted lines of the divorce papers. The show was an emotional roller-coaster ride for the couple. Says our source, "Kamya admitted that during the one year of separation, she got up-close and involved with other men. However, her gutsy confession didn't last long enough to answer the curious anchor's question of whether the man she got involved with was from the industry itself."

The most dramatic encounter was with Manav Gohil. The source says, "When the anchor asked Manav whether he has been caught red-handed with any other woman, he totally lost it and started yelling at the anchors Vipul and Manish. Things got out of control and Manav stomped off the sets." The source adds, "His reaction only goes to favor the rumors that his wife Shweta had in reality, caught him red-handed with another woman."
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Shekhar-Laali Missing Each Other in Real Life!

Even though the serial ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo’ is focusing on Shekhar (Abhishekh Rawat) and Laali’s (Ratan Rajput) separation as Shekhar has started annoying Laali for her deeds. But the real life scenario is something else where both of them are missing each other. Don’t take it the wrong way but the couple is missing each other as they could not shoot together!

Informs a very excited Ratan. as after a longtime Abhishekh and she were together shooting at Film City, “ Since last week, we (Abhishekh and me) have been shooting separately as he is shooting in the haveli and I am shooting a jail sequence which is all the way in Chandivli and quite far from Film City. So we both usually speak on phone, that if this sequence goes on for long time, we won’t be able to meet each other and work together for the long time.”

“So, even if Shekhar doesn’t want to meet Laali, in contrary, Abhishekh and Ratan want to meet each other and were missing each other. And finally today I am shooting at Film City with him,” signs off Ratan.

That means finally Ratan you have mounted your hurdles and have reached finally returned to the haveli, isn’t it?

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Helen to grace DID’s stage

Dance India Dance Season 2 has been graced by some of the biggest names and best dancers in the industry. ‘Jumping Jack’ Jeetendra to our favorite Govinda have both added zing to the stage, but coming on soon will be one who sent pulses rising and hearts beating faster. Helen in her heydays was proclaimed the ‘Cabaret Queen’ of Bollywood and her grace is still intact decades later.

A source informs, “Helen, the ‘cabaret queen’ of Bollywood will grace the last celebrity episode of Lux Dance India Dance. This is the episode wherein all the final 5 contestants will be given a task by Geeta Ma to dance to her Bollywood style.”

“The shoot for the last episode is going on today and final four contestants will be declared, who will be the finalists for the mega finale that will be live on 23rd April at Andheri Sports Complex, Mumbai. The judges for the grand finale have not yet been decided but Hrithik Roshan is one of the names speculated to judge.”

Let’s see who all are heading towards the grand finale and who owns the title of ‘dance ka sabe bada superstar’ but until then, we’ll just sit back and watch awe stuck when Helen throws her moves!

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Mr. and Mrs. Sharma is threat to Jugni…?

A new rom-com show on SAB TV ‘Mr. and Mrs. Sharma Allahabad wale’ is Ujjwal Rana’s first as a producer.

A source informs, “The show is about to air from 17th of May, every Monday to Thursdays and the tentative timings for telecast is 9:30 pm. The show is all about a stupid yet lovely couple who adore each other for every simple achievement. Divyanka Tripathi and Rajesh Kumar will be essaying the role of Mrs. Rashmi Sharma and Mr. Drasht Dyumn Prasad Sharma respectively.”

“There are also some speculations that D.J ‘s ‘Jugni Chali Jalandhar’ which currently air on 9:30 PM slot might be a closing shop or else can shift its timing slot from 9:30 to 9:00 where the repeat of ‘Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo’ telecasts.” adds source.

A person from the production house says, “No, we have not yet received any information about Jugni… going off air but as the time slot keeps changing might be then once again the time slot changes. But no such news had come to us.”

Let’s see if not Jugni than who is the next to shut shop!

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Agle Janam…leaps after a break!

A buzz is in the air that Zee TV’s ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo’ will be soon taking a leap of 1 year where Laali (Ratan Rajput) will deliver a child and Ranvijay (Sachal Tyagi) will get behind to kill him as the child is the heir to the Thakurs. But viewers take a sign of relief as the talks are still going by the channel, regarding the leap.

A source informs, “Talks are going on regarding to take a leap in the show but it will take some time as now the show will be more concentrating on the trauma of Ratna’s death and how Kaushalya (Rupa Ganguly) will reveal the truth to whole family about the death. On other hand, minister plans to kill Laali and due to thid reason she will be rescued. Even though Laali will get rescued from the jail she will take long time to return back to the haveli.”

“Leap is one of the ideas which can turn the story but it will take some time as the channel is targeting for more TRP’s with the ensuing drama. The show had already taken a hike in its ratings as the show has jumped directly from 3.4 to 5 this week, more ratings are expected.” adds the source.

Even though after the break, get ready to experience a vast change in Laali!

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Vansh to die in Uttaran?

If everything is going smoothly in life then we’d never have our TV soaps. Tears/emotions are the fulcrum of any soap. Without it, no soap can function.

Colors show Uttaran been subject to an array of emotions right from the beginning. As always, poor Ichcha (Tina Dutta) has borne the brunt of all negative things. Firstly, she didn’t get the love of her life Veer (Nandish Sandhu) and in stead got married to his unstable brother Vansh (Rohit Khurrana)

Vansh is livid to know about Ichcha and Veer’s past but he still marries the girl. Life will only get more turbulent for poor Ichcha.

It’s now buzzed that Vansh will die in a road accident as this character is not appeasing to the die hard Uttaran fans. If this is true then it will further add to Ichcha's misery.

A source informs, “Vansh’s character may die but not before he makes life miserable for Ichcha. He will deliberately torture Ichcha in front of Veer. Though, there’s time for his death.”

An actor though offers a different take.

“If Vansh were to die then now how will the story progress? Yes, there’s no denying that currently he’ll be going through tremendous trauma after learning that his wife will never be able to love him. But he will not physically torture Ichcha. I believe the fans themselves keep coming up with their own scripts for our show. However, we actor get the actual script at the last minute," said the actor.

Both Tina Dutta and Rohit Khurrana remained unavailable for comment.

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Suhana gives her Sasural a Tough Time

Star Plus’s ‘Sasural Genda Phool’ will now actually take the inclination after the marriage of Suhana (Ragini Khanna) with Ishaan (Jay Soni) as now what the actual track of the show will come on the edge.

A source says, “Even though until now Suhana has rejected to marry Ishaan (because she always wanted to marry a dashing guy which Ishaan is not), will say yes to the alliance as after all she is her fathers ‘sweet daughter’ and for him she sacrifices her desires to tie the knot with Ishaan.”

“Just because of her family Suhana gets ready to marry Ishaan but will give a tough time to her sasural folks and will make their life living hell. At least initially she will throw tantrums and will behave very rudely.”

We called Ragini Khanna aka Suhana and she say, “Yes, Suhana will give tough time to her sasural people and the story will gear its actual flavor.”

Let’s see how Suhana or else her sasural people adjust with her.

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It's revealed: Radhika is Ayesha in Jaane Pehchaane Se..

We had reported earlier that Ayesha the protagonist of Star One and Cinevistaas' Jaane Pehchaane Se Ye Ajnabbi would be shown falling off a cliff, and this would probably be the end of Aditi Tailang in the show!! We again followed it up with a report that Sanjeeda Sheikh will be entering the show, albeit as a new character.

And now we have the latest news, that in the coming episodes, viewers will get to know that the new character Radhika (Sanjeeda Sheikh) is in fact Ayesha who has come back with a vengeance!! With this, the hopes of loyal viewers who wanted Aditi Tailang to get back to the show as Ayesha, gets shattered!!

According to our source, "The recently aired episodes have already seen certain feelers that indicate to Radhika being Ayesha. But this truth will be opened up to the audience in the coming week".

"Radhika who is actually Ayesha would be shown to have gotten help from the man who poses to be her father now, played by Raju Kher. She comes back to the Ramada Hotel with a plan in mind. She knows that she has to first get into the good books of Kamini (Varsha Usgaonkar), in order to take revenge against Veer (Siddharth Shukla). She has a soft corner for Nihaal (Rahul Pendkalkar) while she holds grudge against Veer for not only her death, but also her sister's death, and feels that he might have done it for the sake of property", informs our source.

Once the truth of Radhika's real identity is out to the viewers, there will be more 'Tashan' seen between her and Veer.

We called Sanjeeda to know about this, but she had this to say, "That is suspense, you need to wait and watch".

We tried calling Amita Devadiga, Creative Head, but she remained unavailable.

Get ready for the big revelation in Star One's Jaane Pehchaane Se Ye Ajnabbi...
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Zaynah and Ziyah Vastani favorites to host DID Little Masters?

We had reports that the production house and channel were on the lookout for twin kids to host Zee TV's upcoming reality show DID Little Masters.

A little birdie now tells us, "Zaynah Vastani who portrayed the autistic Antara in Zee TV's Aap Ki Antara and her twin sister Ziyah Vastani stand a bright chance of hosting the show. Till now, they head the list of probables, and the channel and production house are in fact confident that the two girls can do a great job as hosts. At the same time, hunt for new faces are still on and auditions for the same are going on at different places. In fact, Ulka Gupta who essays the role of Mannu in Zee TV's Jhansi Ki Rani is also one of the favourites to bag the prized opportunity".

We tried calling Havov, Ziyah and Zynah's mother but she remained unavailable. We also tried getting Ulka Gupta's mother for a confirmation, but she too did not revert.

When contacted, Ashish Golwalkar, Non-Fiction Head, Zee TV said, "Nothing is confirmed as of now. We are still going through the audition process. Yes, Ziyah and Zynah and even Ulka Gupta are in the probable list, but we have many others in the frame too".

Our birdie insists that, "Though Ulka Gupta looked very confident as host in the rehearsal done the channel is eyeing on the twins Ziyah and Zynah for sure. They are their top choice till now, and this will change only if they get a better option through their auditions that are still on".

Let's see whether the twins finally bag this meaty opportunity…
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Friday, April 9, 2010

Ammaji to be kidnapped; entry of an equally fierce character in Laado.

Ammaji (Meghna Malik) of COLORS and Shakuntalam Telefilms' Na Aana Is Desh Laado has emerged as one of the fiercest characters depicted in the Indian Television history for the terror factor that she creates with her overpowering attitude.

But what if another character which is as dominant and terrifying as Ammaji comes face to face with the lady? Well, this is what is going to happen in COLORS' Laado in the coming episodes..

According to our reliable source, "There will be a huge twist in the coming episodes of Na Aana Is Desh Laado. Ammaji will be kidnapped by a person who is extremely powerful. Viewers will not be shown the face of the person to begin with, and will not even have an inclination as to whether this person is a guy or a girl. But it will later turn out that the person behind Ammaji's stunning kidnap is actually a girl who is as strong and powerful as Ammaji".

It is heard that the channel and production house have planned some major twists that will probably shake Ammaji from within.

A little birdie tells us, "Shikha Singh who was last seen playing a cameo in Zee TV's Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann will essay this dominant character and will be the girl who kidnaps Ammaji. Her entry will provide a big setback to Ammaji and this will be an interesting phase to watch out for. She will be portrayed more or less as the female version of Robinhood".

It is heard that the channel has shot a major promo which will show Ammaji's kidnap. The promo will provide this intrigue factor on the identity of the kidnapper, whose face will not be revealed initially.
Shikha Singh was last seen doing an episodic for Sony's CID.

We tried calling Shikha Singh and even sent her a text message, but she did not respond.

We even tried calling Meghna Malik, but failed to get any revert.

We could not get any confirmation on this big development in Laado from the channel as well as production house.

Well, it's payback time for sure in COLORS' Na Aana Is Desh Laado
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Distressed Muskaan wants to quit Jugni

The bubbly Muskaan Mihani is not a happy soul these days. The reason for it is the alleged politics on the sets of Jugni chali jalandhar. The girl is said to be so upset that she’s supposedly contemplating a move out of the show.

A little birdie from the sets informs, “From the past two months, Muskaan seems very disturbed on sets and is not behaving as before. One can make out from face that something is bothering her.”

The source continues, “Muskaan is fed up of the politics that prevails on the sets of Jugni. Few of her co-actors are making life difficult for Mehani. Their negative comments are making her see red. Apparently, Muskaan is so fed up that she wants to quit Jugni. She’s now eyeing new shows.”

We called Muskaan Mihani but she simply refused to comment.

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Woh Rehne Waali introduces Rani's new family..

We had given our readers the news of Suhasini Mulay heading the Johari family in Sahara One and Rajshri Productions'Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki. This will be the new family into which the protagonist Rani (Reena Kapoor) will get married into, in the coming episodes!!

Actress Guddi Maruti will be playing the Bua of Rishabh (Samir Sharma).

We give you an insight on the other characters in the new family that is being introduced in the show.

According to our source, "Suhasini Mulay plays Nirmala Devi Johuri who wants her grandson to marry the girl she likes. Rishabh's Tauji is played by Amit Singh Thakur. Amit Thakur's screen name is Pradeep, and he is a loser who has lost money in business. He loves all kinds of luxuries at his mother's expense. He suffers from various diseases. Supriya Karnik plays Pradeep's wife Mohini, who is a spendthrift. Abir Goswami plays Tauji's son, Akash who is a simple man, often faces the consequences of his dad's wrong business moves. Riddhima Tiwari plays Akash's wife, Ayesha who is a typical page 3 girl. Guddi Maruti plays Nirmala Devi's daughter, her screen name being Sweety Bua. Nirmal Soni plays her husband Jugal Kishore who is a ghar jamaai. Sweety Bua's son Vicky is played by Bhisham Mansukhani who is the rich spoilt brat".

The entry of the new family will be aired very soon, and Rajshri Productions promises to bring in a new flavour to the show with the inception of the new track.
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Nandish Sandhu joins the fight against drugs

Veer aka Nandish Sandhu, the sweet chocolate boy of Colors' popular serial Uttaran has put a step forward to help many more people like 'Vansh' who are suffering from 'Drug Addiction' in real life too.

Nandish strongly feels that the drug addicts ratio especially amongst the youth is rising at a very high pace and as a responsible citizen he has been rigorously working on his 'Say NO To Drug' campaign from past a month now.

"Yes, I really feel that this issue needs special attention because it has gripped many youngsters and this needs to be handled on a much individual level. I had also been to Delhi on March 21st and recently on April 3rd wherein we visited JIMS college, DLF mall and we conducted best slogan contest. We stopped over rehabilitation centers to spread awareness", conveyed Nandish.

When asked whether the track of his present serial motivated him to fight for this issue he swiftly replied, "No actually it's a mere coincidence that a similar track was worked out in the serial. Actually, some months back one of my very close friends expired due to drug addiction. Seeing the pain he was going through when alive and then the trauma that his family experienced after his death it just shook me from within and directed me to take this step."

Nandish at present is working as a one man army but aims to grow his campaign into a fully fledged institution very soon. "Certainly, I'm planning to get myself associated with a NGO working against drug addiction and I'm also trying to involve other television as well as bollywood celebrities in this campaign in due course of time. And when we proceed with it my team of Uttaran will be approached first," he says.

But as of now Nandish is fighting towards the drug addicton issue through a socializing platform, called SMS GupShup, wherein people who wish to support him could just send a SMS- JOIN NANDISH to 092195 92195.

So as Nandish is utilizing his television stardom for a social cause we hope that he receives utmost support and also helps in depreciating the drug addicts' ratio in our country.
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Zara Nachke Dikha goes for an extravagant promotional shoot..

The Battle of Sexes, Zara Nachke Dikha on Star Plus is expected to launch sometime in May.

A special promotional Music Shoot for the same has been organized at Karjat, which will be shot today and tomorrow. This will be followed with the shoot of a promotional video wherein all the contestants participating in the show will be presented.

According to our source, "Pritam will be composing music for the audio track, while well known singers from the industry Sunidhi Chauhan, Anushka Manachandani, and Sooraj Jagan of 'Give Me Some Sunshine' fame will be the singers".

"Earlier, Shreya Ghoshal and Zubin of Ya Ali fame had been finalized to be part of the singing team, but things did not work out as they were categorized to having a romantic voice, which would not suit the theme of the audio track", informs our source.

We earlier had exclusive news that Dia Mirza, Shilpa Shetty, Bipasha Basu had been approached to judge the show.

And as per the latest, it is Shilpa Shetty who has been finalized as one of the judges on the show.

The actress has herself confirmed the news on a social networking site saying, "I will be judging Zara Nachke Dikha on Star. It's official and we are on".

As per our source, "Ganesh Hegde is also mostly finalized as the second judge on the show,but the final decision is to be taken by the channel on this. The third judge has not been decided yet".

We tried calling Fazeela Allana, SOL but she remained unavailable.
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Jaya Binju and Sachal Tyagi to wed soon..

Jaya Binju and Sachal Tyagi after having enjoyed a courtship of more than two and half years and are now thinking about marriage plans!!

Jaya Binju is presently seen in Sahara One's Kesariya Balam Aavo Humare Des, while Sachal plays the Bad Man in Zee TV's Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo. The duo had planned to tie the knot early this year, but the unfortunate death of Jaya's father forced them to postpone their wedding.

According to our source, "Jaya and Sachal are now looking for an auspicious date somewhere between September and October of this year".

When contacted, Sachal Tyagi told us, "We have left it to the elders of our families to decide on the date for the wedding. But yes, it is going to be either in September or October of this year. The marriage will take place in Delhi, and we will be giving a grand reception for all our fraternity friends and well wishers in Mumbai later".

Jaya Binju too echoed the same and said, "We are just waiting for the date to be announced by our elders. We will soon start with the wedding preparations".

We wish them both all the success and happiness!!
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Neha Desai eager to play her age in Aise Karo Naa Vidaa..

Neha Desai who will soon be entering COLORS'Aise Karo Naa Vidaa is happy that she has got a role which is young in age.

Neha will play the sister of Yashvardhan (Anas Rashid) and Aryaman (Rohit Purohit) in the show.

Talking about her role, Neha says, "I have played every role in Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki starting from a kothewali, to a wife, widow, mother and a keep. It feels really nice to be playing a young girl who is aged about 19 or 20. My character name is Jyotika; she is the laadli daughter and is very close to her brothers. She is very bubbly, positive and comes home for her brother's marriage. She had been studying somewhere abroad".

Neha took up the role for another reason. "Well, I was free for 15 days in a month, and for me, shooting means life. So when I came across a role that was full of life, I took it up".

Talking about her track in Woh Rehne Waali, Neha tells us, "Rani and the entire family has now got to know that Payal has not married the guy, and is just his keep. They have thrown her out of the house. But Payal's intentions have always been good, as she sacrificed her life for the betterment of her family. So we will soon proceed to the track wherein Rani will eventually get me into the house".

Coming back to Aise Karo Naa Vidaa, Neha Desai has started shoot for the show and her entry will be aired on 8th April. Watch out for tomorrow's. episode @ 2 pm.
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Shravani on bed rest; Archana at her service!

Zee TV’s ‘Pavitra Rishta’ in the coming episode will see the protagonists fulfilling their duties at their respective sasural. As the promos are aired that Manav (Sushant Rajput) has agreed for helping out with Archana’s (Ankita Lokhande) sister’s wedding this will definitely bring raise everyone’s eyebrows. Elaborating on it a source says, “Manav will go to Karanjkar family to help them for the wedding ceremony while Archana will be at her sasural taking care of Shravani (Pooja Pihal) till she gets well.”

Adding more on it says source, “As Shravani has all her anger focused on Archana, she works hard at her household duties thinking that she is the daughter-in-law-to-be and therefore fails in taking care of herself. Thus, she falls sick and eventually doctor asks her to take complete bed rest. For that reason Archana will be at her service, taking care of her. Even though Shravani will be annoyed with what all Archana is doing with her, she has left with no option.”

Archana will be taking care of Shravani while Manav will be busy helping out with the activities. The coming track is expected to be a highly packed drama.” adds the source.

Well, let’s see what more does Shravani brings to Archana and Manav’s life!

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Toral denies seeing Akshat Gupta

Toral Rasputra aka Rasal of Kesariya balam fame is very upset. And, what is it that has caused Rasputra so incensed? The girl is deeply hurt by a tabloid report which claimed that she’s seeing her on-screen husband Akshat Gupta.

“I like to keep my personal life away from public domain. What has really upset me is this reporter didn’t even bother to bother to find the truth from me. This is a complete false report as I’m not at all seeing Akshat or anyone,” says an irate Rasputra.

She adds, “Ever since this report has been published, I’ve been getting several calls from my friends who were keen to know the truth. I don’t aspire for publicity and I certainly don’t welcome such personal stories. Come on; give me a break how can one use words such as ‘I’m trying to get too close to him’. This is very derogatory. One should be careful with what you write,” the actress chided.

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Gurmeet’s prank causes deep pain to his fans

On 31 March a portal had carried a report of an alleged break-up between love birds Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee. A day later it was revealed that this was just an April fool’s joke played by the actors so as to gauge the reactions from their fans.

Unfortunately, the fans don’t seem to be amused by this trick and are extremely unhappy with the duo for this act. Hundreds of fans have written mails while a few fanatics resorted to some extreme step to expresses their displeasure. One such fanatic stopped eating until he was assured from Choudhary that this was all but a joke.

Gurmeet says, “It was meant to be an April fool joke but apparently we’ve unintentionally cause lot of panic among our fans. Ever since, we put that news, fans have expressed their displeasure through messages on social networking sites. Besides I’ve received several calls from in and outside the country. Personally, I’m very humbled by their reaction. I never thought this joke would spread like a fire.”

Talking about a particular fan, he says, “Unfortunately, a fan from Kolkata (I can’t recollect his name) was so hit by this news that he refused to eat until I spoke to him. I was really surprised and hurt too at the plight of this man. I told him that this is just a joke and assured him that Debina and I will always be together. I apologize to him and my other fans.”

Well, you better do Gurmeet because in this country viewers have always idolized one who’s played Lord Ram. So such pranks from the Gods are unpardonable.

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Amrita evicted from Dance India Dance

Ye.. ye.. ye.. ye…! Sounds like a familiar expression, doesn’t it! Well, this euphoric voice of Amrita will no longer be heard on Dance India Dance 2. In a shocking eviction, the girl from Kolkata finds her self out of the show.

A source says, “Amrita, who had come as a wild card entry, bid adieu to the show. The girl had initially failed the audition but was kept on stand-by and drafted directly into the final 12. Unfortunately, she’s now out due to lack of votes,” said a source.

Adding further the source says, Geeta Ki Gang who was leading the mentors’ team with three contestants but Amrita’s eviction leaves her with Dharmesh sir and Binny. Terence Ki Toli has Kuwar Amarjeet and Shakti Mohan while Puneet is the lone representative from Remo Ke Rangeele” adds the source.

Meanwhile, actor Govinda will be the special guest this weekend. Plus TV actors Sushant Rajput, Ankita Lokhande, Ratan Rajput, Jasveer Kuar, Suhasi Dhami and Abhishekh Rawat perform duet acts with the contestants.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

I’m looking like a bhangi: Divyanka Tripathy

Some believe that she’s arguably the most loved bahu in small screen’s recent history. Her show Banoo main teri Dulhann went off air, but her fans are conspicuous by her long absence. Critics wrote her off but Divyanka is not one to go down quietly in the sunset. Divyanka simply shut herself from the outer world preferring to go into exile mode. The pretty lass will soon be seen in SAB daily titled Mr. and Mrs Sharma.

After a long while, Divyanka picked up her phone much to the surprise of this reporter. One couldn’t help but ask Divyanka as to has she now come out of her exile?

“Yes, I have come out of my exile. I believe in life there comes a time when you must disconnect yourself from the outer world and just stick to your family and close friends. For close to three years, I’d worked day in and day out thereby, I wasn’t able to give time to myself. There were lot of things that I wanted to but I couldn’t take it up. One of them was to have a house of my own,” said Divyanka.

That dream has now turned into a reality with Tripathy buying a 2 BHK flat in the plush area of Malad. The girl from UP took it upon herself to decorate her house. Well, surprisingly, she hasn’t been able to find a maid and so Divyanka is left to do most of the household work viz. brooming, cleaning floors, bathroom and toilets too. The girl though isn’t whining.

“For a while, I did have a maid, but I wasn’t impressed with her work. So, I took it upon myself to wash dishes, bathrooms and even toilet. You won’t believe but I’m looking like a bhangi (sweeper). It’s always best that you take care of your own house. My mother always maintained that you should do your own work. Guess, now I’m following in her footsteps. I feel doing such work instills a sense of humility as you start respecting people for whom this is a means to earn their daily bread,” Tripathy sighed.

The talk now moves out of the house and it’s work again that captures her imagination. She’s got an interesting tale about how she landed Mr. and Mrs Sharma.

Tripathy says, “I had agreed (not signed) to do another project but one day Ujjwal Rana (Mr. and Mrs. Sharma’s co-producer) asked me to come down and have a look at the script. After reading, I was in splits. Rana could sense that I was impressed and so he wouldn’t hear no for an answer. So, I agreed to do a show where I didn’t even shoot the pilot. Guess, it was in my destiny to do Mr. and Mrs.Sharma

Critics are already lamenting Tripathy for opting for a show on a relatively lesser known channel but the actress is unperturbed “I knew, people will raise this point, but I want to tell everyone that I snubbed a bigger GEC for the SAB show. Comedy is something which I always wanted to do. I’ve shed enough tears. Now is the time to make viewers smile,” the former tragedy queen explained.

Finally, it’s Sharad Malhotra who comes to our mind. However, Divyanka is still very diplomatic when it comes to talking about her alleged boyfriend.

“Sharad is doing fine,” pat comes the reply. As always, it’s difficult to get her speak on this one. Anyways, well come back Divyanka.

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Gurmeet is second Arun Govil?

Gurmeet Chaudhary who will surely be better recognized by his on screen nameLord Ram’ of Imagine’s ‘Ramayan’ and thus after the show the actor always wanted to do some ‘Hatke’ roles as even his role for Ramayan was quite different. Talking about his way of selecting the role, the guy seemed very fussy to choose his role and declared that he does only seemingly different shows.

In a recent conversation with Gurmeet, he seemed very happy taking up the role for star One’s next. “Frankly speaking, I don’t like to do normal shows and looking at my choosiness every one around me says that you are going to be second Arun Govil who is also known as Ram of Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, Vikram of Vikram- Betaal and was quite fussy in doing roles on small screen again after these shows.”

“But then I always reply them that he was the one who wanted to do such mythological roles but its not with me, even though I like to do different roles, I don’t want to be in mythos always as I had also accepted to do Imagine’s ‘Pati Patni Aur Woh’, but yes! I don’t like to normal roles (Laughs).” adds Gurmeet.

Let’s see Gurmeet, how hatke is your upcoming role!

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Siddharth Shukla Happy with New Ayesha!

As per the recent reports the character of Ayesha of Star One’s ‘Jane Pehchane Se Yeh Ajnabbi’, essayed by Aditi Tailang has been replaced by Sanjeeda Sheikh. It was a creative decision to replace the lady as she had some cold vibes with her co-actors. This was considered as a barrier to good love chemistry which was important for the story line. And now after the replacement or rather after the new entry of a new co-star, we called Siddharth Shukla (Veer) to know his stance.

Siddharth very happily said, “I am enjoying the new company as Sanjeeda is a great co-actor and always spreads laughter around the sets. As she is very jovial person who can mingle with anyone with out any grudges, it makes me feel more comfortable to work with her. It’s fun to be with her and I’m totally enjoying her company.”

Siddharth goes on as he could not stop himself by saying, “she is not the one who mixes all her personal and professional life and keeps everything separate.”

Well Siddharth did you mean that Aditi lacked all this qualities which was the reason to replace her? In any case, only Aditi knows the whole story, isn’t it?

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Aamir Khan to Host Kaun Banega Crorepati?

A buzz has come to us that ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ of Bollywood, Aamir Khan, will be the next celebrity to host ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’(KBC). The show has been hosted by noted celebrities like Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. Now, surprisingly, Aamir has been approached to host KBC.

Our source reports, “Even though Aamir has been tipped for hosting KBC, he has not yet accepted the offer but on other hand had not rejected it either. Reportedly, Aamir has been offered even more money than SRK and Big B, around 75 lakhs per episode and once he is sorted out, the deal will be inked. Aamir’s initial reaction to decline the offer for the show was that KBC has already seen two legends and doesn’t want to generate pointless comparisons.”

Speaking on this, Siddharth Basu, (Producer of Licensed Company, Synergy) said, “It’s too early to talk about the next season for KBC.”

Well, it would be a treat for Aamir’s fans to see him hosting KBC and enjoy his new ‘takiyakalam’ after ‘Lock Kiya Jaye’ and ‘Freeze kiya jaye’, what say?

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D.J’s Toh Baat Hamari Pakki Hai on Sony!

D. J Creative’s upcoming show ‘Toh Baat Hamari Pakki Hai’ is gearing to launch on Sony TV and is elbowing its place in prime-time slot of the channel. The show is all about the two protagonists coming from a very traditional families; families which believe in arranged marriages.

A source informs, “The show will revolve around two protagonists and their families. The male lead essayed by Barun Sobti (lastly seen in Dill Mil Gayye) is a very cool, lazy, easy going and irresponsible person whereas the female lead essayed by Ankita (Ratna of Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo) is shown as very sweet, caring, responsible person. Thus, the show is all how these two people will come together, being a unlike pair and manage to be together. As we mentioned earlier, the two family families firmly believe in ‘arranged’ marriage, the drama will move further as they fix the marriage with those two people who are quite unlike each other.”

“The initial shoots for the show are going on in the scenic Mussoorie (North India) as the families will be shown as Mussoorie residents. Later on the crew will come back to Mumbai for the regular shoots. Apart from the protagonists, the actors like Sai Deodhar, Himani Shivpuri, Vievk Mushran, Mona Ambegaonkar, Aditi Shriwaikar, Mihika Verma will be seen in prominent roles. The show will be a daily and is ready to grab the primetime slot on the channel. The show might launch till end of April or early May,” adds the source.

Well, get ready to experience one more family drama on Sony TV!

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India’s Got Talent 2 coming your way

India’s Got Talent proved to be a marquee show, a platform where an individual could display any talent. That’s why it is popular with the public. After a fairly successful first season, Big Synergy and Colors are set to launch the second season of India’s Got Talent in a few months time.

According to sources, the shoot of India’s Got Talent will commence from the first week of May. However, the show is only expected to come sometime in monsoon. The judges and the hosts are likely to be retained. So, Shekhar Kapur, Sonali Bendre and Kirron Kher will continue as judges while MTV VJs Ayushmann Khurrana and Nikhil Chinnapa will once again host the show.

With the show slated for a monsoon launch, channel and production officials are obviously being tight lipped about it. Perhaps, the curtain will lift in a month’s time when the actual shoot begins.

Keep watching this space for more on India’s Got Talent 2.

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'I wish to write a script' - Hiten Tejwani

Hiten Tejwani who has managed to acquire a soft corner in the hearts of the viewers through his charming acting and bold personality discusses all of it and more with us….

Hiten firstly tell us about your comeback experience on television with Chhoti Bahu?
Firstly comeback for me would be when I return to the industry after 2-3years (smiles). In my case, I have resumed shoot after 2-3 months, so I won't regard it as comeback in real sense. But it feels great to start working again and I'm happy people have given me a very warm welcome.

In most of the serials you have been part of, you have always been given a mysterious entry, be it Kyunki, Kutumb, Palampur Express and now again Chhoti Bahu. What's your take on it?
(Laughs) I think this question should be asked to the creative teams of my serials. But as of now I would say that, may be they like to keep me as a mystery guy in their concepts. They like it that way (smiles).

You are been approached for many roles now. So are planning to take them up?
Well I haven't made up my mind on that yet. But I'll surely give more consideration to roles which would appeal to me. If roles offered are really nice then I may take it up.

Now that you are a proud father of twins, how does it feel to play romantic interest to girls in television shows?
Well it feels good. And at any point of time, I am a human who always feels young at heart if not in age. So as of now I could say that I'm being offered characters that suit my age.

Once actors start getting recognition they become very selective while taking up roles? What's your take on it?
I feel after working in the industry for quite sometime, one needs to get selective about the kind of roles he/she enacts. But my basic idea is that I try not to repeat same kind of roles.

Are you still associated with theater as in your earlier days?
Theater as of now has taken a back seat. Working for theater requires more time dedication and it involves lot of rehearsal sessions. So managing theaters at this time is a bit difficult.

What difference do you find when it comes to acting in theaters and in television?
The major plus point of working on television is that you are allowed cuts and re-takes whereas this is not possible in theater; it's just one shot over there. And the most striking feature is that in theaters, response from audience is also instant and quite motivating.

How do you think the industry has treated you so far?
In that case I would say I was very lucky, the industry treated me very well. They welcomed me with open arms.

So does this mean that you have had no struggle in the industry?
Every person who gets into the industry has to struggle in some way or the other. And when things come your way very easily you don't feel the real worth of your achievement. And achieving one's desire with hard work and struggle is a different fun all together.

In an interview you said you are great fan of Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan, so one quality of both you admire a lot?
Firstly I'm nobody to point out any good or bad qualities about the two great artists. But as I idolize them, I truly admire SRK's energy and passion towards his work, and Bachchan Sir's punctuality at all times.

We also have information that you are fond of writing and one day you wish to write a novel and get it published. Is it true? If yes what would be the theme of it?
Yes it is very true, I love expressing my emotions through words. I have started it by writing blogs. But apart from writing a book I also have a wish of writing a script. But that requires solitude and 100% concentration, so at this point it's just a thought.

And talking about the theme I would like to write about things happening in and around a person which are fact based. Basically events that are stored in one's memory and when they read it they get a feel of 'hey I knew this'. In other words, something that people can relate to.

You also have a pet named 'Bekham', tell us something about it?
Yes, he's very naughty. He's our first baby we had got him when he was just 21 days. He has his personal tooth brush, a couple of t-shirts, in short a wardrobe of his own. He's a complete family member.

And now when we have our two angels in the house he's trying to figure out what these creatures are like. It's fun with him.

Tell us something about your sweet memories with your twins Katya and Neevan?
How do you manage spending time with them?

Well now work is not that easy after having spent four full months with them. So I miss them a lot when I'm at work. But whenever I come home and get a glimpse of their smiling faces, all the tiredness, fatigue just vanishes in no time. I love them a lot.

The dedicated fans of you and Gauri are eagerly waiting to see your on screen chemistry, so are there any chances of that happening?
As of now Gauri has taken a complete break. She wants to dedicate all her time to the two kids. But may be in future if she's offered any interesting roles or if she finds it quite tempting she might take up.

Message for your fans.
Thanks for all your love and support. I know that you people are not willing to see me performing a negative role. But please do understand that it's just a character and it's not the real me. And I'll always be the same for you.
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Abhinav bids goodbye to his love

Abhinav Shukla has always loved bikes. He is a self-confessed motor-bike fanatic. For him there's nothing more pleasing than a good long ride in his bike.

However, a recent haphazard incident made him sacrifice his love.

Abhinav tells us, "During an expedition to Sangli I met with an accident. I took it as a sign for me to slow down things. So I'm not pursuing my love for bike-rides as much as I'd like to."
Abhinav truly has a passion for getting down and dirty. He says, "I'm a rough guy. In my free time I like to do mechanical work in my garage."

In fact he is so rough he likes to keep it au naturel. He says, "I don't even bother about my looks, seriously. I just go as it is."
Inspite of this, Abhinav gets characters that are too polished. He says, "Yes, I always get roles like MBA pass NRI returning to home-country etc. It's funny."

In fact, in his upcoming show Geet on Star One, Abhinav plays an NRI who comes to India on a quest for his perfect life-partner. "I play an NRI who returns to India, just like the scores of Punjabi boys who even after studying or being raised entirely abroad, come to India to get married to a simple Punjabi girl. The character is not completely grey."

Well, maybe taking up this new show will keep Abhinav so busy that he won't pine for his 'love' after all…
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Mahi's 'Way to Goa'

Pushtiie Shakti aka Mahi, the chubby and adorable protagonist of Sony TV and YRF TV's Mahi's Way is shooting now a days in Goa.

The show currently shows Mahi heartbroken because of all the troubles in her life. First, she broke up with her dream man Ishaan Ahluwaliya and after that she lost her column. Mahi's dream to pursue serious journalism gets a severe setback due to this. So her close friend Sid and Roshni give her a break and take her to Goa.

When contacted Pushtiie Shakti said, "Yes, we are in Goa for shooting. I am back to my second-home. I've stayed in Goa for 5 years and for Mahi Way I had to shift back to Mumbai. I am so happy that we are shooting here. We are having a blast! It's a break for us from our studio-shooting and we are really enjoying a lot. There are lots of memories attached to this place… if I go on saying I won't stop. I also visited the house where I stayed."

However, it seems Pushtiie is not entirely happy with the working atmosphere in Goa for her Facebook statues message reads- "Am in goa to shoot with hardly any facilities...! Will answer mail and posts when i get back. Thank you :)"
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