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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Will Shamita Shetty be able to attend her Sister’s wedding?

Shamita ShettyThere’s a chance that Shamita may not be able to attend her sister’s wedding. According to highly-placed sources at Colors there seems to be no provision to get a contestant out of a game show for a wedding.

Hard as it may be to believe, Shilpa Shetty’s kid-sister now locked away in Bigg Boss, is oblivious of the momentous developments in her star-sister’s life.

Says a highly-placed Colors source, “Shamita has not been told anything about Shilpa’s engagement or the marriage in the last week of November. As far Shamita knows the marriage was supposed to happen in December after the show was over.”

Now that Shilpa has approached the channel to evict her sister in time for the wedding- and a meeting between the two parties is on the cards this weekend- the channel bosses are at a loss as to how the rules can be bent to get Shamita out of the Bigg Boss house.

Says the source, “There’s a provision for a house-mate to be brought out in a case of an extreme emergency. It happened with Jade Goody last year. But does a sister’s unscheduled wedding qualify as a family crisis? We’re now wondering if the same rule as Jade can be applied to Shamita’s case.”

The international Big Brother rules are being consulted. If there’s no provision for a contestant to leave the game for a family wedding, them Shamita Shetty may not get the permission to leave Bigg Boss house for the wedding!

This however seems improbable, considering Shilpa’s old relations with the reality show. (She was contestant on Bigg Brother and hosted Bigg Boss 2).

Says the source from Colors, “After meeting Shilpa this weekend we’ll work out a strategy on Shamita’s eviction.”

According to plans if rules apply, Shamita’s eviction will be done live. “If an unexpected turn of events helps us boost our TRPs we’re certainly not shy of putting it on camera. We did with Jade Goody. We’ll do it with Shamita.”

The pop philosopher of the show Amitabh Bachchan is expected to do the needful. He will be breaking the news of Shilpa’s engagement and impending marriage to Shamita.

“The rest is up to Shamita. Once we’re sure she can be evicted whether she decides to come out or stay in the House is entirely her decision,” ends the channel source.

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Anoop Soni fights against pain to provide the 'Tadka'...

Anoop Soni who provides a very yummy 'Tadka' to the talented Jodi of Shweta Tiwari and Rehman in Sony's Comedy Circus 3 – Teen Ka Tadka had a bad day when he arrived to shoot for the second episode of the show which will air tomorrow, October 31st, at 10 PM on Sony.

According to our source, "The actor who impressed one and all with his punch lines in the opening episode of Teen Ka Tadka was going thro' his lines, and was getting ready for the shoot when he suffered a severe bout of abdominal pain. He lost his senses and his blood pressure also got low, so much so that he had to be rushed to the nearby hospital immediately".

We called Anoop Soni to inquire about his health, and he told us, "I am much better now. Thank you. Yes, it is true that while I was shooting for Comedy Circus, I developed a sudden pain in my abdomen, which was basically a gastric pain. I think I had eaten something wrong the previous day, and I could not withstand the pain at all. I had to be rushed to the hospital, and was administered pain killer injections. Even after that, I was feeling very weak. I had to have an intake of vitamins and juices before getting back to the shoot. However, I am thankful to God that I could give my best shot, and our performance came out really well".

Our source adds, "Anoop Soni's will power pulled him out of the problem on the given day, and he got back to the sets to be with his team mates. He teamed up with Shweta Tiwari and Rehman to give a fabulous performance, for which the team in fact got full marks from the judges".

Way to go, Anoop!!
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Celina, Sreeshant, Monica, Aditya to know their Raaz?

Are you troubled by dreams that sort of indicate to a bad memory that comes from your past life? Are you confused with certain situations that haunt you which you fear are related to your past life? Well, Imagine's upcoming show Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka seems to be the answer!!

Lot of celebrity names like Karisma Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, Shekhar Suman, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sushmita Sen who have been approached for the show, have made the rounds in media reports.

And the list does not end here, as the latest is that Celina Jaitley, Monica Bedi, Sreeshant, Aditya Pancholi have been approached as contestants for the show.

According to our source, "The main criteria for a commoner or a celebrity to be part of this show is to have some sort of memory or illusion or bad dream that troubles him/her. Lot of celebrities including Aditya Pancholi, Celina Jaitley, Monica Bedi, Sreeshant have been approached for the show. Talks are on with them".

When contacted, Monica Bedi refused to comment on this.

We sent a text message to Celina Jaitley's manager, but we did not get any revert.

We contacted the host of the show Ravi Kissen who said, "I don't want to get into the contestants' names. All I can tell you is that I play the mediator between the contestant and the doctor, Trupti Jayin. I will ask the person about his/her problems, and then lead them to the doctor, who will start with the meditation course. After this is done, I will try to make the person feel good".

The show is expected to launch on NDTV Imagine in the last week of November.
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Pakoda break on the sets of Lapataganj

LapataganjOne of the protagonists from the show Lapataganj (SAB TV) is always keen to feed the tummy of the unit with his yummy preparations. This guy always runs into the kitchen situated on the set, to cook various mouth watering items for his co-actors. Any guess for the actor?

Little birdie from the sets informs, “The veteran actor, Vinith Kumar who essays the role of Kachua chacha in the serial is very fond of cooking and thus prepares one or the another item on the sets to make the atmosphere more cheerful. Recently when the actor had enough time he rushed to the kitchen and prepared ‘pakoda’ for the whole unit which tasted yummy.”

So to know more about the happening we called up Sucheta Khanna (Indumati), she perkily said, “He is an fantastic cook and a humorous kind of a guy who always think that work should be done with full enjoyment and one should be satisfied at the end of the day. So he does all these things on the set which gives us break from all the tensions and hectic schedule.”

“And truly speaking pakoda’s were so mouth watering and tasty that we are now addicted to his delicacies and always waits for his another recipe to be enjoyed,” she added.

From all this we can at least say that even if the serial’s name is Lapataganj, one thing will never be never be lapata and that is Vinith’s yummy dishes, isn’t it?

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Bhaago KK ends abruptly

Bhaago KKYou must be wondering that, Bhaago KK Aaya, the sitcom which aired on SAB TV was not been aired since one week due to a new venture of the channel i.e. Lapataganj. But let us clear the doubts for the viewers that the show been pulled off air due to some reasons.

Our close source disclosed the reasons , “The show has has been pulled off by the channel as it was not doing well since long time and the TRP’s of the show were leaning downwards compared to other shows on the channel. Another reason was for adjustment of the new show.”

“It is not for the first time that this show has gone off air, earlier this show was pulled off air to adjust some other projects. But for this time the show has finally ended and has left with no reason to come back on the channel,” khabroo added.

Any ways even if the show is off air people will definitely enjoy their KK on Shree Adi Manav in a different avatar, isn’t it?

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Rubina Dilaik unhappy with the Makeup

Our ’sidhi sadhi’ girl from the serial Chhoti Bahu–Sindoor Bin Suhagan (ZEE TV) is now a days seen in a very different mood and attire. Her make-up and costumes are being improvisation as Dev (Avinash Sachdev) and Radhika (Rubina Dilaik) are on the verge to tie the knot. But Rubina is bit disappointed with the make-up applied to her. What can be the reason for it?

We called up Rubina to know about her make over but she replied gloomily, she said, “Recently I have to apply more additional make-up like sindoor, kajal and dark lipstick but it feels very heavy to carry as I never ever apply make-up on my face in real life. Actually speaking the only reason to change my makeup is to give me a bridal look.”

“I believe in being simple with out makeup because according to me beauty is simplicity. The more you be simple the more you will look beautiful. So as soon as I finish my shoot I rush to remove my makeup,” she adds.

When asked her about her personal life makeup mantra she informs, “As I said before, I never apply makeup not even a lipstick. Whenever I go out, I just put earrings, chain and I’m sorted.”

Well Rubina we agree with you that beauty dwells in simplicity or else we can say, “Sadagi mein hi sundarta hai”, isn’t it?

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Friday, October 30, 2009

I want each and every luxury: Rashmi Desai

Rashmi Deasi who headed to small screen from Bhojpuri movie is enjoying her stint as Tapasya in Uttaran. The bubbly girl talks about her life and career plans in an exclusively tee-e-tee with us.

Is there any similarity between Rashmi Desai and Tapasya?
Not at all as if I am east, Tapu is west. We are totally opposite to each other. Initially I didn’t like as my character was becoming negative but now I love it. Even the audience are appreciating my work on screen.

How well do you gel with your on screen partner Iccha aka Tina Dutta?
We are very good friends and have all the masti on the sets. I am very talkative and it’s difficult to catch me if I am in fun mood. I just listen to my director Nandita mam as I am scared of her. We are enjoying ourselves in Uttaran.

How is Rashmi in real life?
I am very samjdaar and know my responsibilities. I can balance both my worlds and is very homely person and loves my mom, dad and both the brothers. Also I like to work as even if I am not shooting, I keep my self busy at home by doing creative stuffs liking cooking, dancing etc.

Were you always interested in acting?
Actually I never thought of acting. I always thought of becoming doctor or air-hostess. Also I thought of becoming a chorographer as I love to dance. It all started when I was learning classical dance. My guru told me about a bhojpuri film. I went there and met the people. That is how I got the opportunity.

Are there any plans to go back to Bhojpuri films?
If there is any good script coming up my way, I would definitely go for it. Not many people know that my 2 Bhojpuri films have got national awards too. I would also like to do a Bengali film.

What do you normally do in your free time?
I go out with my friends or be with my family. Even if I have more time then I pamper my self in a spa. As I am bit health conscious I also spend my time in the gym busying toning my self and listening to the songs which I enjoy the most.

Tell us about one person who is closest to your heart?
I am closest to my mom and bhabhi. For them I am like an open diary and they are very important part of my life. Also my brother Mayank Desai is someone whom I look up to. We spend lot of time together.

Which was the one most memorable moment of your life?
It is yet to come. The day I get married and pregnant will be the most memorable moment of my life as that would be the time when I’ll enter in the new world which will be very different and an exciting journey for me

Elaborate any one embarrassing moment of your life?
It was an incident in my college when I was standing and eating something. I saw a bench nearby and I sat on it. But the moment I sat, the bench turned upside down and I too fell along with it. It was so embarrassing.

Tell us about your one secret desire?
Basically I want each and every luxury on earth and enjoy life to the fullest.

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Adorable pumpkin Karan Kundra

Karan KundraThe handsome hunk Karan Kundra who had made his debut in Kitani Mohabbat Hai has been health conscious after his entry in this glamorous world but do you know that this good looking actor was once over loaded with weight and due to which his father use to call him up by a very funny name. Want to know what?

Karan’s father use to call Karan as Kaddu (Pumpkin) for the reason that he was very over-loaded with weight up to 107 k.g. He was very puffy when he was in school and was very heavy to be lifted.

Our close source further informs, “He was so obese that he uses to go to school on his fathers scooter with his friends, kaddu always loved to have food all time and was least worried about his fitness but that is definitely not the case for present date.”

But now Karan is a heartthrob for his fans and is no more a Kaddu.
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Two new entries in Miley Jab Hum Tum..

Star One's Miley Jab Hum Tum, jointly produced by Sunshine Productions and Endemol will soon see the entry of two youngsters, who will bring with them a new twist to the tale.

Nishant Malkani, a degree holder from the IIM, Kolkata is the new parallel lead entering the show. Along with him, will be seen Anupriya Kapoor, who was earlier selected to play the role of Kanchan in Balaji's Sony show, Bayttaab Dil Kee Tamanna Hai.

According to our source, "Adhiraj and Suhaani (Nishant and Anupriya) will be the new entrants to the college. Their main agenda in getting into the college during the mid term of the year and their back stories will unfold as the track progresses. Adhiraj and Suhaani's entries will happen one after the other, and soon they will become friends and will be the next couple to look forward to in the show".

Elaborating on their characters, our source informs "Adhiraj aka Nishant Malkani will be a mix of Samrat and Mayank and will possess the positive qualities of both. He is a very good looking guy, who comes from a small town. He is traditional in his values, but is another cool dude in the making. On the other hand, Suhaani is a NRI, who has come from abroad to join the college. However, she will be seen wearing traditional dresses, yet will be punky and vivacious".

When contacted, Nishant Malkani confirmed his entry, and said "Yes, I have shot for the promos, and will be starting shoot in the next two days. I am a Delhiite, but have done by Management Course in Kolkata. This is my first show on television. I am really excited to be a part of this show".

Anupriya Kapoor also confirmed that she has been finalized for the role. "All is final, but we have not yet finished the paper work. We will be starting shoot soon", she said.

According to our source, "As the track unfolds it will get revealed that either Adhiraj or Suhaani will be related to Samrat in some way or the other".

Nishant and Anupriya Kapoor will be starting shoot in a day or two, and their entries will be aired sometime next week.
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Jugni Chali Jalandhar to go off air?

Jugni Chali JalandharThe latest buzz to surround SAB TV is that their comedy show Jugni Chali Jalandhar is finally going off air to replace some another comedy venture on the channel. Jugni Chali…has completed one year with love and support of audience but now it may be the time to say good bye to all due to the dipping TRP’s.

Muskaan Mehani aka Jugni of the show informs us, “(Laugh) Well frankly speaking I have completed 201 episodes of this show and still I have not received any official notice that the show is going off air but on other side the buzz is in the air from last 3 months.”

“Lets see what comes next as you never know what will happen in this field. Thus, I am prepared to face everything that comes my way. I am working hard and will definitely get what I want,” actress added.

When asked about the TRP’s and response that the show gets, she replied, “The TRP’s are good and our work for promotions are also going well. Recently we went to Chandigarh for our promotions and I got enormous response from the people. But still we never know what comes next.”

Well Muskaan, all we say here is, hope for the best and be ready for the worst

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Shruti Ulfat in Fauji 2..

Shruti Ulfat makes a comeback to television with Fauji 2 (Red Chillies Idiot Box production), which is to launch on COLORS in early 2010.

As we had earlier reported that Renuka Shahane had almost been finalized to play the wife of the elder Abhimanyu Singh aka Shahrukh Khan in the show. However, the latest is that Shruti Ulfat has bagged the coveted role, opposite the Badshah.

Confirming this to us, Shruti Ulfat says, "Yes, I play Dr. Madhu Rai who is the wife of the elder Abhimanyu Singh which is to be played by Shahrukh. I am looking forward to working with him (smiles). Pulkit Samrat will be playing our son, and is the lead of the show".

We tried calling Renuka Shahane, but she was unavailable.

Our attempts to get in touch with Bhavna Sresth, Creative Head, Red Chillies were in vain.

As reported earlier, Roopal Tyagi will play the parallel lead in the show. Ankeeta Bharrgava has also been finalized to play an important role. The female lead of the show has not been finalized, and is tipped to enter only after the first twenty episodes.

The show has already gone on floors, and is expected to launch after Bigg Boss ends, at a biweekly slot over the weekends.
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CC3 Teen Ka Tadka at a new time

Sony TV and Optimystix' Comedy Circus-3 Teen ka Tadka gets a new time slot!

According to our source, "Comedy Circus- 3 has been shifted to a new time slot starting this Saturday, and will now air at 10.00 p.m., instead of 9 PM. The opening episode of the season has been well received by the audience like its predecessors. The channel wants a larger portion of audience to catch up on CC3, so has decided to go with the new time slot."

Adds the source, "People have taken well the change in the format of the show. The concept of three people entertaining the crowd with the added 'Tadka' is innovative and fresh. The audience's curiosity too serves up to raise the eagerness about the show. Of course, Mouni Roy, who for the first time is hosting a show, adds a glam factor which attracts its share of viewers."

Apparently, Sony has also given a new time slot for Dance Premier League too on Saturdays. Says the source, "Sony has decided to shift the timings of Dance Premier League on Saturday from 8 PM, and will now be aired at 8.30 PM. The episode may even be aired for more than an hour, which will be followed by Teen Ka Tadka at the 10 PM slot.. ."
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Shakti Anand to enter Bhaskar Bharti..

Sony's Bhaskar Bharti, produced by DJ's Creative Unit will see the entry of Shakti Anand very soon!!

Shakti Anand who makes a comeback to a daily show after a long time plays a complex character, and is the elder brother of Armaan.

According to our source, "Omkaar aka Shakti Anand is Armaan's elder brother. There is a past to Armaan's life which will get revealed, and that is the fact that Armaan had run away from his typical feudal family years back. Omkaar who has inherited his father's attributes follows in the footsteps of his father who was a goonda. Omkaar now takes over Men's Universe as the financier. But he is thrilled when he bumps into Armaan in the office, and gets to know that his brother is getting married the next day".

But what follows is a big twist, wherein Omkaar is shocked on seeing Bharti's face during the wedding, as she resembles his wife Bharti who has eloped six months back. "Omkaar stops the ongoing wedding when he sees Bharti's face which is in ghoonghat, and claims that she is his wife, and cannot get married to Armaan", informs our source.

We called Shakti Anand, who confirmed the news that he is entering Bhaskar Bharti. However, he could not talk in detail as he was busy shooting.

Aamir Ali accepted to the fact that Shakti Anand's entry is to bring a major twist in the tale. "He will play my elder brother. There is a revelation to happen which will affect the lives of Armaan, Bharti and Omkaar as well".

Well, this comedy of errors is getting even more complex with every passing twist…
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Tere Mere Sapne at 8.30 PM slot from November 4th..

Tere Mere Sapne, the new Sphere Origin show will launch on Star Plus on the 4th of November at the 8.30 PM slot. This will mean that Shashi Mithal's Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai which presently airs at the 8.30 PM slot will be moved to 8 PM.

According to our source, "Sphere Origin has Balika Vadhu airing on COLORS at the 8 PM slot, and their exclusivity contract with COLORS meant that they get a slot other than 8 PM on Star Plus for their new show, Tere Mere Sapne. There was a thought of moving BAG Films' Mitwa Phool Kamal Ke to the 8 PM slot and getting the new show at Mitwa's slot of 7.30 PM. Finally, it has been decided that Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai will be moved to the 8 PM slot, and Tere Mere Sapne will launch at 8.30 PM".

The promo of Tere Mere Sapne launching on Star Plus from November 4th at the 8.30 PM slot is already on air.
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Soha Ali Khan and Emraan in Perfect Bride house..

A big surprise is in store for the contestants of Star Plus' Perfect Bride this week, as the gorgeous Soha Ali Khan plays a prank on everyone, and enters the house with her baggage, as if she is a new wild card contestant and will live with them.

She is welcomed into the bedroom by the girls, and they show her around the house. She interacts with the girls about the boys they like in the house, the way the house functions, who cooks, etc. Everyone is under an impression that she really is a new entry in the house.; Soha insists on meeting the boys, but is stopped by Sudesh Rani by saying that, "If you meet our sons, they will get mesmerized by you and will stop looking at the other girls in the house."

Well, if this is not enough, the dashing and hot Emraan Khan is also there in the house. Emran and Soha bowled everyone with their charm and quick wit which was quite evident when Emraan danced with mummy's making them blush!

Later Soha interacts with the boys and discusses their interests, likes, dislikes.; She questions them on why was the wall built between the two houses. They tell her about the rule breaking incident because of which this wall was built. She insists on the wall to be broken. They plead and promise that the rules won't be broken again. To their surprise the terrace wall is broken by Emran from the other side and he enters the house. Emran and Soha spend quality time dancing, talking about their movie 'Tum mile' and enjoying with everyone in the Perfect Bride house.;

Emran and Soha ask Yashdeep's mother if she would give a second chance to Gurpreet as she is her son's first choice. To which Yashdeep's mother replies, "It's all up to my son now; I don't think I have much to say.;

This episode airs on Friday, Oct 30 at 10: 30 pm only on STAR Plus..
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Zaynah interviews Big B!

Zaynah Vastani who we all love as Antara of Zee and Drishtant Media's Aap Ki Antara, has already ascertained what a wonderful performer she is by beautifully portraying her character. She recently proved she is mature enough to take on versatile roles as she took her first ever interview with none other than Big B.

Says our source, "Zaynah and Raj Simaria along with many other child artists, were given a chance to interact with Amitabh Bachchan. They all could clarify any query with the Big B in person! While Raj, being a foodie was more interested in the chocolates being given out, Zaynah made sure she asked questions to Big B."

The source further says, "Zaynah asked three questions to Big B. All three were very interesting and innovative. Big B happily obliged to answer them. He also took an instant liking to her. As a result Zaynah was given royal treatment and I mean that literally. She got to sit on one of the world's priciest thrones, that is Big B's lap!"

The source elaborates on how the whole interaction between Zaynah and Big B went. Says the source, "Zaynah asked, 'If you could ask for three wishes, what would they be?' To which Big B replied, 'Well, right now I only have one wish. That is, for all you kids to run away from here. You all are so mischievous; I'm not able to handle it!' The next question that Zaynah asked was, 'In Bhootnath you were a ghost, in God Tussi Great Ho, you played God and now you portray a genie in Aladdin. Why do such mystical characters interest you?' This was answered by Big B in a rather reminiscent manner, "Haan, well, yes I was a ghost then and now, I've become a genie." The third question posed by Zaynah was, 'Can you fulfill one wish of mine? Will you pose with me for a picture?' To this Amitabh happily obliged!"

Well, this is certainly another achievement for Zaynah where she completely charmed the Emperor of Entertainment himself!
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Zee's Shree to end on November 12th..

Zee TV's longest running daily thriller Shree, produced by Hats Off Productions will go off air on 12th November 2009.

According to our source, "The shoot for the show will wrap up on the 10th or 11th of November, and the last airing date will be 12th November. The story will see a memorable climax, which will be presented in an amazing and marvelous manner. For the last few episodes, Shalini Kapoor will be playing an important cameo, of a God Woman who saves Shree and her family from all obstacles".

When contacted, Shalini Kapoor confirms her cameo in Shree saying, "I have always been inclined to playing such Godly roles on television. After Jai Maa Durga, this is a very good opportunity to play a God Woman".

Elaborating on her role, Shalini Kapoor states, "I am God incarnate who comes in the form of a Sanyasin to help Shree in warding off the evil forces. My screen name is Devika".

When asked whether her role will facilitate a good ending to the show, the actress was unaware of this. "I am not aware whether the show is ending or not. But mine is a cameo, and I just know that".

We called Producer J.D. Majethia, who said, "I have no idea about it. We are planning on certain things. There is also a possibility that our show can be moved to weekend slot. We are waiting for the channel decision".

However, our source re-confirms that, "Shree is surely going off air on 12th November. The new Rajshri show Yahaan Mein Ghar Ghar Kheli is tipped to take the 10.30 PM slot, but nothing is finalized as of now".

When contacted, Kavita Barjatya of Rajshri Productions said, "The time slot and date of launch of our new show is yet to be decided. I suggest you can talk to the channel authority as it is their call".
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nimisha Vakharia in Hats Off's debut film, Khichdi..

We all know by now that Hats Off Productions is working on its first big screen project, on the lines of their very popular television show, Khichdi.

Though majority of the cast seen in the TV show has been roped in for the film, Vandana Pathak who played the aspiring widow, Jayshree will not be seen in the film.

According tour source, "Nimisha Vakharia, who was last seen in Hats Off's Shree, will be playing the role of Jayshree in the movie".

An excited Nimisha Vakharia told us, "I am happy to be part of big screen. This is my first movie, and I got this offer from JD at the last minute. Vandana Pathak who played this role on television became a house-hold name, but I am playing the character in my own way".

Talking about comparisons that will be made, Nimisha states, "The script and the performances are so strong that people will hardly get time to compare as they watch the film".

On working with Hats Off, the actress quips, "I have been associated with the production house earlier. It's fun to work with them and I had a great time shooting for the film. It was a laughter riot".

The movie Khichdi is 40% complete, and the whole team of Hats Off plans to complete it very soon.
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Ashwini Kalsekar to enter Bairi Piya..

Ashwini Kalsekar, popularly known as Jigyasa of Kasamh Se is back with Balaji Telefilms, as she enters their COLORS show Bairi Piya.

According to our source, "Though much on the track ahead has not been decided, Ashwini Kalsekar happens to be the widow of Thakur Digvijay Singh's (Sharad Kelkar) elder brother. As per the custom in the family, she marries the youngest son of the house. This character will be played by Aadesh Chaudhary".

When contacted, Ashwini said, "To be honest, nothing is decided right now. I am busy with my film, and will be shooting for that till the 5th of November. So let's see how everything goes".

We called Aadesh Chaudhary who was earlier seen in Veeranwali, Banoo Main Teri Dulhann, Kumkum, who said, "I am right now not in Mumbai. Please call me later".

We called Sandiip Sikcand, Creative Director of the show, but he refused to comment
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'All have started to call me didi' – Twinkle Bajpai

Twinkle Bajpai, leader of Uttar Pradesh Team in Zee TV's SaReGaMaPa's Mega Challenge, talks about the fact that she owes her independence to the experience that age brings as well as her God-gifted multi-talented nature.

A reality show based on singing, later on dancing add to it a daily soap and now again back to a singing reality show?
I am proud of myself and also thank God that for making me such a multi-talented person. It was difficult to handle both singing as well as acting in a daily soap. But now that I got this show I want to make the best out of it. I am also doing an album which will release soon.

Then why Mega Challenge?
Mega Challenge because Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is the one platform that made Twinkle Bajpai; so it's my duty and responsibility towards them that when they need me I should be there. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is a dignified stage. It has got a class. Moreover, since 15 years the show has been on air, and it will be fun as it is soon to complete the 1000 episodes mark!

What exactly is Mega Challenge?
It's a small episode series that will go on for 7 weeks. It will end on 12th December on which day there will be the finale. We will complete 1000 episodes and we all are associated with this show so as to make it a celebration!

You seem to be very excited to be part of Mega Challenge?
Yes, I am very excited to be in the show. I am so excited that I'm just waiting to get into the amazing costumes that have been designed for me. I will wear gowns and saris. All the dresses reflect the festive mood. There will be live orchestra for the first episode.

Is it that you people are more in a festive mood rather than taking it as a competition?
Yes, we all are in a festive mood. But Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is a competition and we are ready to face the challenge.

You had done a positive role in Betiyaan and a negative in Kyunki?
I like to experiment with my roles. In Betiyaan I had done a very bubbly cute character and in Kyunki a completely negative one. It was fun. Everybody questioned- she has done a positive role how can she do a negative role? But Ekta believed in me and I think I have done good work. As an actor you should be ready for everything.

You got any offer from Balaji after Kyunki?
Yes, they are calling me but I can't do any daily soap. If I shoot for 16-17 hours, I will be sick for three days. So I don't want to trouble anyone. I don't want to do daily soap. I am open to reality shows.

In one of your previous reality shows, you had to endure lots of controversies. So why opt again for reality show?
Any controversy is dependent on the mood of the person. During that reality show we were in that mood. Above all, I am not scared of anybody in life.

What is the concept of the show?
Mega Challenge will be held every Friday. We will perform in a group and Saturday there will be individual performances with elimination of a whole group or state. Every Saturday one whole group will be eliminated.

As a captain of UP group what will be your role?
I am the one who looks after the whole team. I don't wait for Jateenderji to call the contestants for rehearsal; I call them. Yesterday I was with Hemant Brijwasi to make him comfortable.

What changes do you find in yourself in this whole journey?
A lot. I started my career when I was 18 and since then it's been 5 years. All have started to call me didi (laughs). Sometimes I feel awkward but then I say yes I am big. I drive alone. I am now so much independent and as you age, you become more mature.

Lastly what message you want to give to your viewers?
Now the audience will not have any excuse about the vote getting divided. Now everybody will be in a team and if there is no voting I would request my audience to watch our show and support.
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Neil Nitin Mukesh to find out his past...

Barely had the buzz regarding the personal details of Sach Ka Saamna contestants died down, NDTV Imagine's upcoming show 'RAAZ… PICHHLE JANAM KA will uncover the hidden secret of past lives of well known Bollywood stars and common people as well.

According to our source Jail hero, Neil Nitin Mukesh has signed the dotted line. Talks are also on with Sushmita Sen and Karisma Kapoor, but no final decision has been reached. The names of Kapil Dev, Shekhar Suman and Jackie Shroff, Laloo Prasad Yadav, Saif Ali Khan and others are also being considered. Yesteryears diva Rekha declined apparently saying that enough has been said about her present life and she would not want people to talk about her past as well.

Bhojpuri super star Ravi Kissan will be anchoring the show. This Big Idea produced show will apparently air in November or December this year.

According to our source, "As opposed to popular belief the journey into previous lives is not based on hypnosis rather there is a proper science called Past Live Regression. Well known clinical psychologist Dr. Trupti Jayin will use conscious meditative techniques to recover past lives memories of the participants. It helps addressing fears, phobias and even physical ailments in our present day lives by finding their roots in previous lives. Hindu scriptures talk about karma hence what we did in the past may have a bearing on our current lives".

The channel is quite kicked about this home grown format and feels that the dramatic recreations of the images that flash in the minds of people undergoing Past Life Regression will make for interesting reality television.

When contacted Neil denied doing the show saying, "I had been approached but could not do as it is time consuming and right now, I'm slightly tied up. Otherwise its an interesting idea".

However our source reconfirms that Neil indeed has agreed but cannot talk due to confidentiality clauses.
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Mayank Anand's book gets an artistic cover page..

Apart from being a gifted actor, Mayank Anand is also a commendable writer whose upcoming debut novel, Love from the Sidelines, is all set to hit the stores. But not many people know that this blue-eyed boy of the small screen also has an artistic side! He devotes time regularly to his paintings and one of his gorgeous paintings now adorns the cover page of his book.

"Yes, I painted it while I was writing the book", Mayank remembers fondly. "It has all the emotions that the book has. I didn't plan to put it on the cover. It's only when the book was completed and my Publishers, Leadstart Publishing and I were finalizing on the cover design that the idea struck me!" the actor continues.

Knowing Mayank's earthy, versatile signature style, his every work promises to be a unique piece of art! Trust Mayank to tip off a victorious frenzy! And now that only a few days are left for the launch of the book, we wish you good luck, Mayank!
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What’s brewing between Bhaktiyar and Claudia?

BhaktiyarBigg Boss is trying to catch in with more eyeballs by showing the closeness of Bhaktiyar Irani and Claudia Ciesla. Where as Tanaaz’s reaction towards their proximity is neglected in the scenes.

“Bhaktiyar is trying to get more close to Claudia after the ouster of Kamal R Khan. The channel too was focusing on that just to get the more eyeballs on weekends,” chirps the little birdie.

Elaborating on the stint, our source adds, “Bhaktiyar’s wife Tanaaz being in the house is not making any difference for the actor. Over the top, whether she is objecting or not is not been shown.”

We all have seen how the actor was trying to impress the German model and trying to get close in the kitchen and near the pool. Is this for real or just another game for the ratings? Now we need to wait and watch of how far these people can go on the name of reality…

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Jyoti on its peak point

JyotiSphere Origin’s Jyoti is at its peak point in the show as it is gearing with twists and turns in the coming episode. This will also bring the change in story line. Do you want to know what’s going to happen in Jyoti’s life? Read further…

According to our source, “Soon Uday is going to propose Sudha (younger sister of Jyoti) for marriage in the show. Though everyone in the family accepts this proposal expect Bharavi, Uday’s mother. She will create hungama and put all the blame on Jyoti as usual.”

“Along side the second track that will be focused is of Sushma. She comes back to the house and gives birth to the child. How she manages everything and balance her life will be the next high point to glue the audience,” adds the source.

There are lots more high drama’s to be unfolded in Jyoti so keep watching this space for more updates.

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Dance India Dance second season becomes bigger and better

Dance India Dance second seasonDance India Dance second season is all set to roll out soon on Zee TV. The auditions have already started and looking at the scenario, it seems DID 2 will be bigger and better.

“The auditions in Baroda were mind blowing. I am sure that the second season will be huge than the first one,” states Jay.

The next auditions are in Delhi which will start from 31 of this month. “After looking at the auditions in Baroda, I am quite sure that the number will be exceeding in Delhi too. For now only auditions are going on as its still lot of time for the show to come on air,” he adds further.

When asked about the mentors and the launch date, the actor quips, “Sorry I am not allowed to speak more than this so please contact the channel for further information.”

Our source from the channel informs, “The show is all set to launch on either end of December or first week of January i.e. next year. About the mentors and judge, it’s going to be the same as it was in the season one.”

Lets see how far does the second season of DID is able to grab the attention of its janta.
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20th Jan is D-day for Ashita and Shailesh

Ashita and ShaileshAshita Dhawan aka Malti bhabhi of Bidaai and Babli Chadda of Ladies Special is busy preparing for her marriage with her long time boyfriend Shailesh Gulabani. The marriage is scheduled for January 20, 2010. The actress is looking forward for her D-Day.

“Right now also I am busy shopping for my wedding and am very excited about it. We will be getting married in Bombay,” chirps Ashita excitingly.

When asked about the rituals, the actress quips, “We will be tying the knot in Sindhi rituals as Shailesh is of that cast. Also we are discussing on our honeymoon plans but it all depends on the number of holidays I get from my show.”

We wish them hearty congratulations for their D-Day and happy married life
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13 months of pregnancy for Ghena

Ghena PregnantNeha Marda aka Ghena of Balika Vadhu is eagerly waiting for her child’s birth. The actress is fed up of being pregnant and now wants to get rid of the fake stomach which she is wearing for her scenes.

“I had been pregnant since last year September and just waiting for this child. I am tired of being pregnant and now want to get rid of all the padding. But my production people jokily keep telling me it’s better to be pregnant than holding the baby,” says Neha.

The actress is very much excited to become a mommy. “It’s definitely going to be a new experience. I really don’t know of how I will manage it but am very excited about this whole thing,” she adds further.

So are you ready to see the youngest mommy of screen. Hope Neha your audience like the new avatar.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Manit Joura to enter Zee's Karol Bagh...

Zee TV's 12/24 Karol Bagh, produced by Sunshine Productions will see the entry of a guy in the life of Neetu Sethi, played by Sargun Mehta.

According to our source, "A relatively new face to television, Manit Joura will play the love interest of Neetu in the show".

Manit Joura was earlier seen on television in the Star Plus reality show, Aaja Mahi Vay where he partnered Manika Dandha. The guy later took part in the Gladrags Megamodel Manhunt 2008. He has been the Brand Ambassador for Brunch Magazine for four years now. Manit has been walking the ramps, and has been seen in various fashion shows. He was part of the 'Ungli Uthao Vote Karo' campaign where he was seen along with John Abraham. He has recently shot for Godrej Hair Color ad which will be on air in the next few weeks.

According to our source, "The story line of Karol Bagh has been Simi centric till now. But with the entry of Vicky aka Manit Joura, the focus will also be on the love life of Neetu, sister of Simi (Smriti Kalra)".

Elaborating on Vicky's character, our source states, "Vicky is a very confident macho man with a great physique. Neetu and Vicky bump into each other in an event, and it is kind of love at first sight for Neetu. Neetu will basically learn a lot of lessons as this relationship blossoms. Not much has been decided on the future story line though".

We called Manit Joura, who said, "Yes, I have been in talks with them. But I have not started shoot yet, so cannot tell anything as of now".

Manit will be starting shoot in a day or two, and his entry is expected this Friday or early next week.
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Sushmita Sen to reveal her secret on Raaz Pechle Janam Ka

Sushmita SenYes we are talking about Ex- Miss World Sushmita Sen who will be soon seen in NDTV Imagine’s new show Raaz Pechle Janam Ka which is hosted by Ravi Kishan. The promos for the same are on air.

“Sush will be the first guest on the show as she talks about her pechle janam to Ravi. The shooting of the same will start on 28 of this month,” chirps the source.

Elaborating on the format, our source adds, “There will by psychiatrist in the panel from India as well as abroad who will hypnotise the participants and dig about their pechle janam.”

“The show will go on air in November midweek or last week, the date and time slot is yet to be finalised,” quips our source.

The show will see many celebrities as participants. “Not only celebs from different fields but common people will be also participating in this unique reality show. The details are already aired on the channel,” concludes the source.

So are you ready to go back in your past? So keeping watching this space for more news on Raaz Pechle Janam Ka…

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Daya ka Jatka zor se lage

DayaThe multi talented girl Disha Wakani aka Daya of Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma is always loaded with energy on sets to the extent that even the cast and crew fears for her over excitement. Read further to know why Daya is called jhatka queen.

During the chit-chat Disha quips, “We always had fun on the set but sometimes the fun turns into accidents. Once there was a scene were all the ladies of the society come together to buy vegetables and I have to throw carrot towards Mrs. Bhide. During the scene when I have really thrown carrot towards her in full force that she got injured very seriously.”

“It happened not only with Mrs.Bhide but also with my on-screen hubby Jethalal (Dilip Joshi), as I thrown ‘belan’ in the direction that it just passed through his nose which was shocking to the whole crew as it could have injured Jethalal,” informs the actress.

“Thus, the unit just fears me to give any such script which includes all these kinds of action. Even our director says ‘Daya sabki vaat laga deti hain’,” Disha concludes.

Well Daya, better you control yourself as it becomes a big task for your unit to manage you with your over loaded excitement. Kahi maza saza na ban jaye, isn’t it?

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Proximity of Rakhi-Elesh irks the parents

Rakhi-EleshControversies follow where ever Rakhi Sawant goes. This time in Pati Patni Aur Woh the increasing proximity between Rakhi and his var Elesh is annoying the parents of the kids.

“Rakhi and Elesh are getting too touchy in the show which has just not gone down well with the parents and thus they have asked the couple to behave in a proper manner atleast in front of the kids,” chirps the source.

There had been lots of ups and downs between Rakhi and Elesh during the show. “Rakhi has misunderstood Elesh many times but the viewers have also seen their love blooming in the show. This time the love birds forgot that they are on national television and a small kid is in their house. They were getting too cosy with each other and that too in front of their on screen son,” adds the little birdie.

“Elesh understood what the mother of the boy had to speak but Rakhi was taken a back. Though after that both of them have been taking caution of not making the kid or their parents uncomfortable,” concludes the source.

There is lot more in the episode of PPW to come so keeping watching the show as it gets more controversial with the act of controversy queen.

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Kabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli

UttaranWell this is not a new show but we are talking about Colors, Uttaran which is on its high peak with the twist and turn in the tale. The truth about Tapasya getting married to Veer is out and there is lot more drama to be unfold in the coming episode.

“The drama in the show is about to begin as the truth about Tapu is revealed. But at the same time she will start missing her best friend Iccha too,” says Rashmi

Elaborating on the upcoming track, the actress quips, “Now that Tapu is married, she will have to do all housework and everything; that too without the help of Iccha. This is where she starts missing her house and how Iccha use to do all her work.”

“But at the same time she knows that Veer is still in love with Iccha so this is where her hate begins. Tappu doesn’t want Veer to go and fall for someone else than his wife,” she adds further.

Why there is feeling for Iccha when you both are at wars on screen. “We have grown up together may what the circumstances so there is an emotional bonding too. Now you have to wait and watch of how these relationship changes according to the time. About Tapu and Iccha all I can say is that they are like kabhi sautan kabhi saheli,” concludes the actress.

May what be their off screen rapport but we all know that Tapu and Iccha are best of friends off screen too.

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Zee TV's Mega Challenge gets its hosts..

SaReGaMaPa approaches its 1000th episode of celebrating music, and to celebrate this big achievement, Zee TV launches its new show Hero Honda SaReGaMaPa Mega Challenge from October 30th.

The Mega Challenge would be a seven weeks-long brawl between eight teams representing eight different states and would consist of one captain and two participants each. Every week, two teams will compete against each other and once again, will enchant music lovers with their talent. The best four teams then would head towards the semi finals thus concluding the finale on Dec 12th leading to the 1000th episode of SaReGaMaPa. Notable singers and musicians of the industry would grace each of the episodes while they make the final decisions as the judges.

And the latest is that the show has found its hosts. We earlier had news that Navjot Singh Sidhu had been approached to host the show. But according to our source, Sidhu has not been finalized due to certain creative differences.

Zee TV had earlier experimented by introducing the tiny tots, Afsha Musani and Dhairya Sorecha as hosts of SaReGaMaPa L'il Champs, which proved very successful. Following on the same pattern, the channel has now brought in two very popular radio jockeys, Archana Jani and Karan Singh Rathore to host the Mega Challenge.

Archana Jani, a very popular jockey in Mumbai has been part of Big 92.7 FM for eight long years now. And Karan Singh Rathore, has been a known face in Fever 104 FM.

When contacted, Archana Jani confirmed the news, and said, "Mumbai knows me for my voice quite well. Now I am getting into the visual medium and am excited to take this plunge. It is music that has connected me with the show, as me and my family have been watching this legacy called SaReGaMaPa for years now".

Archana has taken a break as radio jockey as she has been aiming to try her luck in a different platform. "I have been getting many offers to do something different, but I think this is the best platform I could get", she states.

Her co-host in Mega Challenge, Karan Singh Rathore is a radio jockey, a composer himself and singer too. He has been seen on the show Carry on Shekhar. He has launched his first album titled 'Intezaar Mein' for which he has sung composed and written songs. The guy is on course to launch his second album in couple of months.

Karan Singh Rathore said, "This move to host Mega Challenge on television is scary, but I have all the confidence in me to give it my best shot. Till now, it has been the microphones that heard me, but now it is going to be the cameras that will see me. I have always been the mellowed down, shy guy on radio, but I think television and hosting will be the best way to break my shackles".

According to our source, "The shoot for Mega Challenge starts today, and the first episode will be aired on 30th October. The legendary singer, Asha Bhonsle will be seen judging the first episode".

All the past participants, winners and also those who had started their remarkable journey on the stage, would be invited at the gala do. The who’s who of the music industry would come to bless the winners and participants of the ‘Hero Honda SaReGaMaPa Mega Challenge’



Rajasthan: Raja Hassan, Priyanka Maalya and Dilshad.

Gujarat: Parthiv, Prachi and Deepali.

Maharashtra: Vaishali, Rohit and Kaushik.

Punjab: Tarun, Rohanpreet and Mitika.

M.P: Pratibha, Amir Hafiz and Sumedha.

U.P: Twinkle, Hemant and Poonam.

Kolkatta: Abhjeet Ghoshal, Sanchita and Keka.

Assam: Joy, Anamika and Abhigyan.

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'Luck plays hide 'n' seek with me' – Karan Sharma

This week Karan Sharma aka Aziz of Pyaar Ka Bandhan tackles our quick grills…
The last movie you watched: It was two weeks back…Do Knot Disturb

A mistake that you often repeat: I keep forgetting people's names

A place on earth that seems heaven to you: Mumbai, because for me this city is everything

Bikes or cars?: Cars

The last time luck favored you: Luck is always playing hide and seek with me

Physical appearance, education, money –Rate according to importance:
First comes education, obviously, then money and then physical appearance.

A song that you can never get tired of: (sings) Chookar mere mann ko, kiya tune kya ishaara…

Many people compare you to other actors. According to you, who do you resemble?: I think I'm a unique human being. I don't compare myself to others.

The most successful person in TV industry:
Shahrukh Khan in the entire history of TV industry and Big B because I'm sure when he is there hosting on television everybody is glued to watching him.

One word that can describe you:

One accessory that brings out your brighter side: My watch

Do you believe dreams try to tell us something?: I think dreams reflect our thoughts…but yes sometimes they do come true in real life, so I guess they give us a fore-warning.

If you could symbolize your life with a bird what would it be?: Kingfisher…because it's colourful.

Freedom to you is: Exploring new things

Right now you are wishing for: Myself to be established as a good actor
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Loha Singh to rescue Shekhar

Loha SinghAgle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo is going round and round with the twist. Recently in the episodes Abhishekh Rawat aka Shekhar was trapped in the murder case planned by his brother and was forcibly put into the lockup by the police. But now the query arises that who will rescue Shekhar from all this matter?

Our source from the sets informs, “While Shekhar is in the jail, Laali (Ratan Rajput) will strive to rescue him but the cops behaves in very undignified way with her and force her to dance for the release of Shekhar. Even though when Laali agrees to them but all her efforts went in vain,”

“During this whole episode, Loha Singh (Sudhesh Berry) enters into police station and rescue Shekhar by bribing the police with great amount. The sequence does not end here but continues with a panchayat, who will decide the fate of Shekhar,” adds the source.

Once again Laali proves herself as a brave woman in front of everyone, who always keeps the strength to fight for the justice.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

English Bolna Mana hai!

ShamitaWe are all aware that English speaking is a strict no no in the Bigg Boss house… But looks like Shamita is on a rule-breaking spree! For the second time Shamita breaks the most important rule of the house… Bigg Boss decides to punish Shamita again and make sure that she does not speak in English again….

Bigg Boss addressed Shamita’s non Hindi speaking issue to all the housemates and decides that Shamita will be the voice for Rohit, who speaks Hindi very well….

Therefore Shamita plays the role of a speaker for Rohit… Rohit cannot talk to anybody in the house; if he wants to say something then he has to explain Shamita in sign language… Shamita has to interpret Rohit’s sign language and make the housemate understand… if Shamita and Rohit don’t follow this task properly they will be put into jail…

Looks like Rohit has to pay for Shamita’s mistake…

Will Shamita and Rohit be successful in not getting punished?

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Pearl Grey's debut show on Star Plus...

Pearl Grey's Spellbound Productions is coming up with their debut venture on Star Plus, which is tentatively titled 'Pratha'. The story is about a normal house hold in Allahabad, wherein the daughter of the family fights against all odds for her freedom.

The show is scheduled to go on floors in the next 2-3 days. The show will launch sometime in December, and will be a daily at prime time. Pratha which was developed for Star Plus initially, was to be moved to their sister channel Star One, but the channel officials have decided that the show will be better off being aired on Star Plus.

Pooja Gor who played Purvi Sharma in Kitani Mohabbat Hai of Imagine will play the title role in the show. New face Arhaan Behl will play the male lead. Shahab Khan is to play the girl's father while a model turned actor Avantika will play the girl's sister. Newcomer Ankit Gera will play the girl's elder brother.

As per our source, "The story is about Pratha, who is an educated and smart girl. She lives in a society wherein the girls of the family are generally married and sent off to their husband's place at a very early age, while it is the sons of the family who get all the freedom and status. The male lead who is the complete opposite of the girl is uneducated. The manner in which she encounters the guy of her life, changes his way of living, and transforms him into a better individual forms the crux of the story".

Producer Pearl Grey said, "This show is issue based about a small town family in Allahabad. I can't divulge anything else. We will be going on air in December on Star Plus".

It is heard that Pearl's Spellbound Productions will be coming up with yet another daily show in early 2010. "The other show of the production house will be a typical saas bahu saga tentatively titled 'Mangalsutra' which will launch on 9X in January 2010", informs our source.

For now, we await the new production house's Star Plus show…
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Shilpa Shinde blames Romit for break-up

Shilpa Shinde and Romit Raj, the much-in-love couple, was all set to tie the knot on November 29.

Shilpa Shinde blames Romit for break-up

The wedding, which was supposed to take place in the beautiful locales of Goa, is called off at the last moment. We called the couple to know what went wrong. Though Romit chose to be evasive, a heartbroken Shilpa gave vent to her emotions. In an exclusive interview, she lashed out at Romit and gave us the lowdown on what soured the relationship.

"I had left everything because of my marriage. As a girl I know what my responsibility towards my husband and his family is and I used to do everything according to his will. I kept all his family members in mind but he still expected more from me. In fact I always used to give my shooting time to them due to which I stopped getting offers because of my terms and conditions," Shilpa informed.

An obviously shattered Shilpa elaborates, "Regardless I never complained and was happy. People felt that I was dominating but it was the other way round- I was dominated by him all the time. When we met on the sets of Maayka I found him very calculative and he always used to plan things in advance. I told him many times that in reality it never happens. Everything can't happen according to plans as some things have to be left to time. Once he also told me that he never wanted to marry a girl from the industry and he wanted to marry a typical Punjabi girl. Whenever he had any family members at his place and he called me to meet them I made it a point to go there. But on occasions when I couldn't go he felt that I had erred. He was never satisfied with me and always expected more from me. I called off the marriage because it was me who always used to adjust in the relationship. I believe adjustments should be made by both the sides. I am very happy that I realised this even now as it is better to call off the marriage rather than facing problems after marriage.

Whatever I was able to do I did and more than him I spent my time with his family. But now when we have split no one from his family has even bothered to call me and speak to me. I find this very strange I was feeling as I had done so much for them.

My wedding preparations were done, my wedding outfit was ready, I had even bought my jewellery and the cards were also printed. It is very sad that I had to call off my marriage one month prior to the actual date. But I feel it is a wise decision and I am very happy that at least now I won't have to make adjustments for each and every single thing. I will now be able to take my own decisions."

We called Romit for his side of the story. Though he confirmed the news all he said was, "Yes, it's true we have parted ways and our wedding is called off on a mutual understanding. I just want to wish her all the very best and may she get all the happiness."

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Karan Kundra in Bayttaab Dil Kee Tamanna Hai..

Fans of Karan Kundra and Kritika Kamra of NDTV Imagine's Kitani Mohabbat Hai fame who were eager to see their favorite couple together in a new show are in for a sad news!!

Karan Kundra has bagged the lead role in Ekta's Bayttaab Dil Kee Tamanna Hai on Sony Entertainment Television, while Kritika Kamra plays one of the leads in Ekta's second show on the same channel, Pyaar Ka Bandhan.

Karan Kundra will be replacing Manav Verma, the nephew of Raj Babbar who was earlier playing the role of Veeru.

On the reason for replacement, our source states, "Manav was not that good in acting, and we needed a good actor for the role. Manav shot till last night, but an overnight decision was made and Karan Kundra has bagged the role and has started shooting too".

Confirming this news, Vikas Goopta, Creative Head said, "Yes, Karan Kundra will now be playing the role of Veeru in Bayttaab. Karan is excited to play this character, and is in love with it".

The outgoing Manav Verma expressed his unhappiness though and told us, "I was never informed of the change. I shot with them till yesterday night, and today I got to know that they have replaced me with another actor. There have been many actors who have got better with experience, and I feel sad that they did not even give me an opportunity to do better".

Karan Kundra on his part is happy to have bagged the role in Bayttaab. He says, "I have left two good offers, to get this role. I am in love with this role, and am excited to play a mellowed down character when compared to Arjun Punj".

Tell him that his fans wanted to see him along with Kritika in Pyaar Ka Bandhan, and Karan laughs it off and says, "See, my show is at the 10 PM slot on Sony, and that will be followed by Kritika's at 10.30 on the same channel. This is the closest we can get on screen (smiles)".

Karan Kundra has started shooting from today, and his promo will appear tomorrow. His entry sequence will be aired day after tomorrow.

For the uninitiated, Karan Sharma who is presently seen in Pyaar Ka Bandhan was to play the role of Veeru earlier. Later, Manav Verma was roped in to play the same role, and now we are all set to see Karan Kundra in the same role!!

Hope Karan Kundra is able to create the magic as Veeru now!!
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Jhumar gets a man in her life..

COLORS' show Naa Aana is Des Laado, produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms has reached a new high with it being the #2 show across GEC with a TVR as high as 6.0.

The show will be seeing a new entry tonight in the form of Dheeraj, played by an actor Dhruv who was earlier seen in Star Plus' Santaan.

According to our source, "Jhumar (Shaikha) whose identity has been revealed has not been accepted by her father, and to top it all, Ammaji will spell doom on the girl. Dheeraj who comes into the house as Ammaji's cousin sister's son will be the one who will sympathize with the girl. Dheeraj is a well educated guy, and has come to the house to take care of the accounts. Ammaji trusts him and hands over the entire accounts work to him. As the track unfolds, Dheeraj will fall in love with Jhumar".

Let's wait and watch to know how Ammaji reacts to this love story…
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Doli Saja Ke to end on November 13th..

Sahara One's Doli Saja Ke, produced by Aroona Irani's A.K. Films will soon come to a logical end.

According to our source, "Doli Saja Ke which has Indraneil Sengupta and Barkha Bisht as leads will end on November 13th".

When contacted, Producer Aroona Irani confirmed the same and said, "Doli Saja Ke has had its good phase, and the show will be ending on November 13th".

Indraneil Sengupta who plays the protagonist Daksh says, "We are not aware of the exact date, but yes, Doli Saja Ke is certainly ending in November. It will be a happy ending of course for the couple".

Aroona Irani's A.K. Films will be coming up with a new show on Sahara One, which will launch sometime in December.

Confirming this, Aroonaji told, "We don't know as of now whether our new show will get a daily or a biweekly slot. But yes, we have a new show coming on Sahara One, the concept of which I don't want to talk about now".
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Amit Verma's reel and real life mix-up...

Amit Verma who is all set to get wedded in reel life to Benaf Dadachanji aka Baby in Star Plus and Hats Off's show Baa Bahu aur Baby, faced a very creepy incident while shooting for the promotional activities for the show at Ahmedabad.

According to our source, "Birju aka Amit was dressed as a groom and rode on a horse for the promotional activity. There was one young girl in the crowd who silently walked along with Amit, and after the entire sequence, she went towards Amit and asked him to marry Baby in real life, which left Amit totally embarrassed".

When contacted, Amit Verma confirmed the news and said, "Yes, she was a young girl who came to me, asked my real name and then said she wanted me to marry Benaf. She even started to cry when I told her that the marriage sequence was just happening in the show. I felt so embarrassed when she told me that she is ready to even talk to Benaf to make things happen. She also expressed that she wanted to marry Birju as she loved his simplicity. However, since Birju and Baby are made for each other, she wanted me to find for her a guy as simple and nice as Birju. She just would not allow me to move, and kept saying the same thing that Benaf and I would make a good pair together".

"I tried to convince her that acting and real life is totally different and that we both are the best of friends and there is nothing more to it. Finally, after all the efforts I put in, she became normal and took my autograph and left. It was a very creepy experience which I will never forget in my life", adds Amit.
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Pregnant pause for Avni

Damini (Chandana) and Prithvi (Gaurav)Star One’s Love Ne Milla Di Jodi is ready for a major twist this week as the whole house gears up for the marriage between Damini (Chandana) and Prithvi (Gaurav).

“All the members of the family are relieved, after Damini finally agrees to marry Prithvi and are making most of the occasion when suddenly, Avni begins to feel sick and giddy,” chirps the source.

Every one is tensed of what happened. “Immediately a doctor is summoned who after examining her declares, Avni is pregnant! This brings all of them especially Damini at stand still as she hears the news,” adds the source.

“The brother suspects for Sameer though Damini too has the idea about their relationship. Definitely after this there are chances of the revelation of Avni and Sameer’s secret marriage too but when and how is yet to be decided,” concludes the source.

We called Avni aka Parmeet Chauhan to know further but she states, “We have not yet shot for the sequence so I don’t have idea of what will happen further.”

There were speculations about the show going off air. “Even I had received called for the same but truly speaking I don’t have idea about it so its better you contact channel. I just know that there is lot more to come in the show,” she concludes.

So viewers you can expect lot of drama in the coming episodes of the show and hope this twist boost the ratings of the show too.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Comedy Circus returns with ‘Teen Ka Tadka’

Comedy CircusComedy Circus is a pioneer in the unique reality-based comedy format with celebrities performing with professional stand-up comedian partners on a highly competitive stage. Television actors, who became household names for their highly emotional roles- perfect bahu, doting beta and some for their negative roles- simply shocked viewers with their hidden talent for comedy. This season, the show comes with a new twist with not Jodis but Trios. The Tadka will be a unique hurdle that will be put before every Jodi in the form of a third contestant who will be a celebrity. Three is not a crowd but a spicy ‘tadka’. This season Comedy Circus 3– Teen Ka Tadka; starts from October 24, every Saturday at 9.00 p.m. only on Sony Entertainment Television. The first episode opens with Ritesh Deshmukh and the gorgeous Jacqueline for their movie Aladdin as guest judges.

After the two successful seasons of entertaining viewers the rib-tickling comedy, Comedy Circus, now a brand in itself, has become synonymous with hilarious acts, gags and spoofs. Comedy Circus 3– Teen Ka Tadka will have 6 trios perform the most hilarious gags on interesting themes like Laila Majnu, Tina Ka Swayamwar among others. Popular television actors, reputed stand up comedians and the ‘tadka’ promise a laugh riot for the live studio audience and millions of viewers across the country.

The lineup this season on Comedy Circus 3– Teen Ka Tadka, are among India’s favourite television celebrities like– Shweta Tiwari, Jeniffer Winget, Sanjay Mishra, Smita Singh, Sharad Kelkar and Harsh Chhaya team up with well-known stand–up comedians like Rehman, Bhagwant Mann, Raaja, Jaswant Singh, Bharati and Jimmy Moses while Parul Chauhan, Bhairavi Raichuria, Anup Soni, Saloni, Paresh Ganatra and Tina Dutta will add the tadka.

These unusual trios will compete for 11 weeks to win the Comedy Circus 3 crown. The trios will not only have to make the audience and viewers laugh, but will also have to impress the judges– acclaimed director of rib tickling film like Golmaal series and the recently released blockbuster film All the Best– Rohit Shetty and the bubbly Archana Puran Singh. Television actress Mouni Roy makes her debut on the Comedy Circus stage as a host.

The show is produced by Optimystix who have made the Comedy Circus series a huge brand.

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SAB presents Lapataganj… Sharad Joshi Ki Kahaniyon Ka Pata

LapataganjSAB’s latest offering “Lapataganj” is inspired from the writings of Shri Sharad Joshi-who was an eminent Hindi satirist. The show premiers on Monday, 26th October and will be aired Monday-Thursday at 10.00 pm on SAB.

“Lapataganj” is a village in some part of India which has been long forgotten by the system. The protagonist Mukundi Lal Gupta stays in Lapataganj with his wife Indumati and son Chukandi. Forever smiling seems to have become a habit for him. Mishri Bua- the agony aunt of Lapatagunj lives with her pretty daughter Surili, who is dumb. Biji Pandey’s real name is Pappu Pandey but since he is always busy, he has been renamed as Biji Pandey by the villagers. Kachua chacha is slow like a kachua (tortoise) and as thick skinned too. He is affected by nothing, and commits to nothing either. The show takes potshots at the various deficiencies in our system in Sharad Joshi’s typical amusing yet endearing manner.

The show while making us laugh; also makes us empathize with the situations we face in our daily lives. The show captures the spirit of a common man. This show is produced by Ashwini Dheer of Office Office fame and is directed by Manjul Sinha.

Commenting on this Anooj Kapoor, Business Head, SAB stated: “This is one show which all Indians would relate to. It’s based on the satirical writing of Shri Sharad Joshi. We believe the show will be hugely popular with the masses in the same way as they appreciated his articles and stories. It’s a tribute to his excellent work”

Neha Joshi the daughter of Sharad Joshi who is also the creative director of the show said, “Lapataganj promises to be a visual treat aimed at entertaining the viewers like never before. I cannot think of anyone better than Ashwini Dheer to bring my father’s ideas to life. SAB with its wholesome family comedy entertainment offering is the best platform to showcase the work of Sharad ji.”

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Riddhima not sure about her come back in DMG

Jennifer WingetJennifer Winget aka Dr Riddhima of Dill Mill Gayye is very much gloomy as being linked up with Karan Singh Grover. We called her to know of whether she is planning to return back to the show or not.

“I don’t think so I will return back in the show but cant say! If it is written in the script, than it may be that I may make a come back in DMG,” Jennifer said annoyingly.

When moved further with the chit chat, she quips, “Please, lets not talk about that show but instead of DMG, I would like to speak on my upcoming comedy show ‘Teen Ka Tadka’ were I am really going to be seen in a new avatar and I am happy doing it.”

Well, Jennifer has left us with the questions that, Will Dr. Riddhima (Jennifer Winget) and Dr. Armaan (Karan Singh Grover) will make a come back? Or either of the two will be replaced by some another Dr. Armaan or Dr. Riddhima?

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Bandini gears for another twist

BandiniBandini is gearing up for its another big high point in the show with the entry of Chhavi Mittal. The actress has entered the show which will bring toofan in the life on Santo (Aasiya).

“Chhavi’s entry is definitely going to turn Santo’s world up side down. She is essaying the role of Anamika who is the duplicate of Dharamraj Mahiyavanshi’s first wife Subhadra. The character in the show is going to be positive for now but later you may never know of what will happen,” says our source.

Elaborating on her stint, our source adds, “Chhavi is going to be for a long in the show. Her entry in Mahiyavanshi house will shake the family. This will make DM also baffled about the similarity with his first wife and how things change between him and Santo.”

Santo’s problem seems to be never ending. Let’s see what changes Anamika brings in her marital bliss.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Anandi returns to sasural in Balika Vadhu

Balika VadhuThere is a good news for the serial lover as the wait has over. Balika Vadhu, on Colors will be soon taking its new turn which will definitely bring a life-size smile on audience face as one of the favourite bahu will be returning back to her sasural.

Our khabroo informs, “Anandi will be back to her sasural on the special occasion of Diwali. Anandi gets successful in sorting out the tensions and problems of her parents.”

“Anandi’s father in law is back in the show. He comes to know why his bahu was thrown out of the house. He goes out of the way and brings back Anandi to the house making everyone happy on the auspicious day of Diwali. The issues with Mahavir Singh (Rajendra Gupta) will be resolved in the coming episode,” adds the source.

The come back episode of Anandi is certainly going to give boost in the TRP’s of the show

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Transformation is more difficult: Angad Hasija

Angad HasijaBidaai is taking a new turn where in Alek and Sadana is going to come together soon. Along side one is also seeing lot of improvement in the mental condition of Alekh. But it seems Angad Hasija who portrays the role is finding it difficult now.

“The character is now taking a transformation after two years so its bit difficult to get out of that mould so easily. Aab acting karni padegi (now I have to act…),” says Angad.

Haven’t you been waiting for this moment to come in the show? “Yes of course this was the moment I was waiting since long but now I realise of how badly I will miss that old Alekh,” he adds.

“I have lived that character to the fullest and enjoyed a lot. Now my character will get bit serious and even the audience will miss that innocence and naughtiness of the old Alekh for sure,” he explains.

So is this the new start of Alekh-Sadhana married life? “In a way you can say that but all I would reveal is that there is lot more twist and turns to be unveiled so keep watching the show,” concludes the actor.

Whether the improvement in Alekh rise or dip the TRP’s is something to be wait and watched, isn’t it?

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FIR against Pallavi Subhash

Pallavi SubhashHere we are not talking about any special appearance or any twist in the tale but a true story. Pallavi Subhash of Basera is in trouble as an add agency has filed an FRI against the actress being unprofessional.

Recently a company called Trends Ad Film Makers got in the actress to shoot for an international brand at Colombo but at the eleventh hour the actress ditched the ad film maker which landed them in huge humiliation and losses.

The ad film director and casting director, Saumyy Shivhare explains, “I know Pallavi since 5 years as she used to come here for auditions. Recently I asked her of whether she is bit free to advertise an international product of which the shoot will take place in Colombo. She agreed to all the terms and condition but at the last moment she backed out.”

“My half of the team was waiting for her in Colombo but she could not turn up for the shoot. We postpone it to another day with her permission but again she refused to come giving reason about shooting for her show Basera. We contacted the production house to check if her dates can be managed but even they had no option. Finally I had to cancel the shoot which inculcated huge loss of lakhs of rupees,” he adds further.

They have even filed an FIR against the actress at Oshiwara Police station. “Due to her we had to bear lots of tension and even the name and reputation of our company was as stake. Now when we are trying to contact her she is not responding so we didn’t have any other option but to file complain at police station and also with CINTA (Cine and Television Artiste Association),” he explains.

We called Pallavi to know the other side and she was shocked to hear all this from her good friend Saumyy. “I don’t know why he is doing this. They told me to shoot on 8, 9 and 20 of this month which was not possible for me as I am doing a daily show and we shoot back to back. I just told them to shift in dates but things didn’t work out,” she says.

“They were pressuring me to the extent that they even dropped at my home and were forcing me to get my passport done immediately. Things don’t happen in this way, now I feel was it a mistake to sign the ad film with them. I have not signed any contract with them,” she adds.

When we told her about complain filed against her at police station, the actress got confused. “Till now I haven’t received any phone call from the police station nor from the CINTA people so I don’t know what’s happening. I would really appreciate if you could ask them of whether I have signed a contract with them or not because I haven’t done it,” concludes the actress.

Now one has to wait and watch of what happens next with the actress.

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