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Monday, November 30, 2009

Why was Rubina scared?

RubinaRecently, things got scary on the sets of Zee TV’s hit show ‘Chhoti Bahu’ while shooting for the ‘ house on fire sequence’. Such was the effect of the dreadful fire that actress Rubina’s health got affected.

Shooting for the fire sequence was done at a big scale with lots of crackers and big flames. Very rarely does such stunt happen on small screen. “Shooting with fire around was very frightful and everybody on the sets was scared especially me as I was the one who was surrounded by the flames and on top of that I had to act in it,” says Rubina (Radhika).v

If it was dangerous, then we wonder how was the shooting done. Actress tells, “It was totally new experience. All the safety measures were taken; a doctor was present on the sets to avoid any injury. The shoot was done continuously for two days which affected the team.”

As said by the actress, filming such risky sequence; many a times affects actor’s health and it becomes difficult to shoot for longer period and Rubina was no different. She informs “Sets was on fire for long time due to which there was lot of smoke in air that choked my throat for those two days, but the shoot went well.”

Successfully carrying out such risky stunt is an art in itself and the effort of actors and crew triumphed as audience loved the episode. All’s well that ends well, isn’t it?

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Mohit Malik to play the lead in Jeet Jayenge Hum..

The handsome Mohit Malik, who was last seen essaying the role of Bharat in Zee TV's Banoo Main Teri Dulhann will now play the male lead in Sony and Edit II's upcoming show, Jeet Jayenge Hum.

The promos of the show are already on air. The show has RJ Sana Sheikh in the lead role, and the story focuses on her fight against child labor.

We had reported earlier that Ali Merchant was finalized to play the male lead in the show. However, our source informs us that, "There has been a change in this. Ali Merchant will not be taking up this show for certain reasons. Mohit Mallik who was earlier chosen as one of the options will play the protagonist now".

Mohit will be seen in a different kind of role, which he has not played before. "Though the shoot with the other actors are on, the male lead has not begun shooting. Mohit who has been finalized will now start shoot in the next few days", further informs our source.

We tried calling Mohit Malik, but he remained unavailable for comments.

We also tried to get in touch with Ali Merchant, but he too remained unavailable.

As reported earlier,Akhilendra Mishra plays the main antagonist in the show; he owns a bangle making company where he drags all the children for work. Jeet Jayenge Hum also has Ayesha Kaduskar of Chote Miyan fame, and she plays one of the siblings of Sana. Child artistes Shruti and Namit Shah play the other siblings of the female lead. Sana's parents will be played by Nawaaz and Nupur Alankar.

If all goes well, Jeet Jayenge Hum is expected to launch on December 7th. The show in all probability might take the 8.30 PM slot, but the channel and production house are yet to take the final call.
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Friday, November 27, 2009

New love story in Pavitra Rishta

Pavitra RishtaThe serial Pavitra Rishta which always concentrate on the eternal love story of Archana (Ankita Lokhande) and Manav (Sushant Singh Rajput) will be now moving towards an another love track in which give refreshment to the viewers as they will see another jodi evolving in the same bandhan of ‘pavitra rishta’.

Our close source from the sets informs, “Varsha (Priya Marathe) and Satish (Archana’s boss) are soon going to get engaged in love relationship which has already started with a sour fight.”

“The duo will be soon seen together in the show and then the two will strive to bring Manav and Archu together again. It will be Varsha and Satish who will clear all the doubt and prove Manav innocent. Archu will realize her mistake and will make a move,” adds the source.

That’s great; it will be a double dhamaka for the audience to watch two pavitra rishta’s on one serial, isn’t it?

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Swarg mein mega twist!

Swarg‘Maat Pitaah Ke Charno Mein Swarg’ (Colors), the serial that showcases family bonding and affection will soon take a 360-degree turn in the lives of each and every member of the family, as will be revealed in the special 1 hour Mega episode this Saturday.

Our source form the sets informs, “The show is going to experience a shocking twist which will definitely bring a change in the story line. Gayatri (Vinny Arora) recently married Naresh, who is quite elder to her, and she is always tensed due to her husband’s illness. The special episode will tie all the loose strings as secrets will be revealed and things are going to be sorted out.”

“The episode will be packed with drama and the reason of Naresh’s illness will be disclosed. The shoot was a rollercoaster of emotions as this single 1-hour episode was worked on for a period of 5 days. The cast and crew pitched in to make this special episode extra special,” adds the source.

We called up Rajan Shahi the producer of the show; he was very excited and looked forward to the special, he says, “I am really very excited to watch the edited video of the episode which has taken lots of days to complete. But one thing I can assure you that the audience watching this special episode will really get goose bumps and will enjoy the twist in the serial. This episode promises a major high point that has not emerged in any of the daily soaps as yet.”

Hmm…A secret that is to be revealed, sounds interesting, looks like we have to wait and watch what Swarg has in its offing this Saturday!

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Morcha on the sets of Bidaai

BidaaiBidaai has been on the top position due to its recent twist and turn which portrayed Ranvir (Kinshuk Mahajan) as culprit and had been sent to jail. On the other side the cracks between the two sisters, Sandhna (Sara Khan) and Ragini (Parul Chauhan) is increasing which rise the curiosity of the janta to stay hooked to the show.

But recently this differences between the sisters were not taken well by some people. “Yes there is a group who is opposing this particular story line. They want the producer to change the track and bring them (Ragini and Sadhna) back together.”

“There are few ladies standing outside the sets and waiting for the producer, Rajan Shahi. They want to talk to him and plead him to change the track. Though they are not allowed to enter the sets, thus waiting outside the gate.”

The producer is stuck somewhere but after hearing this news, he is rushing towards the sets. “We had called him and he may reach any time soon. We have tried to make them understand but these ladies are just not ready to listen and waiting for Rajan sir to arrive,” concludes the source.

This shows the popularity of Bidaai. Lets see whether the producer is able to convince the group or will he change the track?

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Rohit Verma’s Eviction on Bigg Boss 3!

Rohit VermaAs per the ‘pratha’, Endemol’s Bigg Boss 3 has seen its eliminations for the week and this time one of the planners among the three master minds (Rohit, Vindu and Raju) has been eliminated.

Little birdie out side the BB3 house chirps, ” One among the three planners has been evicted and the ‘ajooba’ from the house, Rohit Verma has been shown the doors this week. Actually the two contestants which annoyed the audience and the inmates were Rohit and Vindu but poor guy Rohit run out of luck.”

“Rohit was one of the planner who planned for the nominations and played tricky games with the inmates along with the support of his tears but unfortunately he failed to gain the confidence of janta and thus was removed by receiving less votes,” adds the source.

The game is becoming more and more interesting with these eliminations and lets see who will be the next one to say good bye!

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pavitra Rishta running on high TRP’s

Pavitra RishtaThe love saga of Archana (Ankita Lokhande) and Manav (Sushant Singh Rajput) is day by day liked and accepted by each and every family and that is the reason why the show is gearing its speed as it touches the highest ratings. Even though the serial consist lots of rona dhona but it is also packed with the mesmerizing actors which make the audience stick to their T.V sets.

Our close source from the production informs, “The TRP’s of the show are climbing to great heights and the ratings were awesome for the recent episode. The Television Rating Point of the show had reached almost 5.5 when recently recorded.”

“The show is expecting to go beyond this level as the coming episodes includes more mirch masala. The recent track seems more interesting and is attracting novel audience towards itself. Thus, it proves that the viewers are interested to know how the duo will be reuniting in the show,” adds the source.

We called Sushant Rajput (Manav) to know about the same and he quips, “Yes, we are running high on our TRP’s and soon I am going to be proved innocent in front of Archana and her family due to which we both will reunite together.Feeling great to know that the viewers are accepting us.”

The channel and production has planned to cash on Archana and Manav’s reunion. So get ready for the big drama as it unfolds.

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Ammaji to be punished in Choti Bahu

Choti BahuThe curtains are down for Ammaji in Chhoti Bahu as it is revealed that she is the one behind the mess in Radhika and Dev’s life. The truth will be unveiled and Ammaji will be punished for the same.

Our khabroo from the sets reveals, “Just before Radhika enters the mandap, the whole place catches fire. In this hush, the protagonist learns that all this mess was done by Ammaji.”

“As Dev comes to the rescue of her bride, she reveals it all to him. The drama will go further with the family coming to know about the intention of Ammaji and then decides to give the dand (punishment) for her deeds,” adds the source.

No whether the Ammaji is punished for her deeds or forgiven by the couple is something to be waited and watched. But one thing is for sure that this marriage is going to take a bit long fetching all the TRP’s around. Hope this doesn’t gives boredom to the story and to our janta too…

Ammaji to be punished in Choti BahuSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend gets an extension

ManibenThere was a buzz that the show which airs on SAB TV will be soon pulled off from the channel due to less popularity but with the news of the show getting extension, the rumours have been put at rest.

Our little birdie from the production chirps, “Every serial has a contract with the channel but the contract has to be renewed after certain period of time if the show is doing well and for it has been renewed as the ratings are good as the viewers have started liking the show.”

“Thus, the show has received its extension till it entertains the audience with its rib tickling comedy. As for now the ratings of the show are good, about point seven which is not that bad to pull a show down,” adds the source.

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Pratigya launches on 7th December

The launch date and show timings for Pearl Grey and Star Plus' Pratigya has been finalized.

According to our source, "As planned, the show is getting launched in the first week of December. The date is fixed to be seventh and the timings are Monday to Friday 10.30 pm."

When we contacted Pearl she replied via a text message that went- "Yes, the show is launching on 7th December."

As we had already reported that Kunal Karan Kapoor (of Left Right Left fame) has bagged a pivotal role.Pooja Gaur who was in Kitani Mohabbat Hai will be the female lead, while new face Arhaan Behl plays the male lead.

Shahab Khan, Avantika and Ankit Gera are also part of the cast.
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Basera going off air

NDTV Imagine and Sagar Arts' Basera has been shown the exit door.

According to our source, "Since a month back, seeing the appalling state of TRPs, the show was under the scanner. The budget of the show, thanks to the huge star cast was very high and was not giving good returns with the TRPs. The production house and channel had a meeting and came to a conclusion that if the show could cut down on budget then they would allow it sustenance for a few more months but on a different time slot, which is why authorities kept denying reports of Basera going off air inspite of Raaz- Pichle Janam Ka promos showing that it would be aired in Basera's time slot of 9:30pm. But seems like the solution was not feasible."

The source adds, "Another problem was that the TRPs were good only when Ram Kapoor and Pallavi Subhash were focused. When Priya Bhatija and Amit Jain's love-story took over, the ratings dropped. Maybe audiences wanted more focus on the original concept of the show- 'children turning against their parents'. To top this, the saving grace of the show Ram Kapoor had date problems from 5th December as he is the host for Rahul Ka Swayamvar which has its sets outside Mumbai. So obviously, Ram couldn't afford to shuttle back and forth. He needed a definite break from Basera. This means the creatives had to manage with a parallel track. But with the shows TRP hopes pinned solely on Ram, the channel didn't think Basera would improve at all in Ram's absence. All this finally made the channel back-off from running the show."

So now the decision has been made to chuck Basera. The tentative date scheduled for the show to go off air 4th is December.
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Friday, November 20, 2009

“Big Boss is very conniving” - Shamita Shetty

Bollywood actress Shamita Shetty explains the reason why she decided to quit Colors' and Endemol's Big Boss mid-way. She also expresses her displeasure at the way Rohit Verma is playing the game.

Over to Shamita…

Why did you quit?
For me my sister's wedding is the most important thing .

Are you hurt that you were not privy to the decision of the date of Shilpa's wedding?
To be honest at first we thought Shilpa's wedding would be in Jan, so I agreed to enter Big Boss thinking that the show would be over by then. But then the wedding was preponed. Anyways Shilpa always wanted to get married this year and it was only Sunny Deol's film which was causing the delay.
Agreed it was quite sad that I came to know through an outsider (Parvesh) that Shilpa was getting married on 25th November. I was quite upset and kept asking Big Boss to call me to the confession room. Finally after 2 days, I was allowed in and saw a box of laddoo's and a letter from Shilpa. She was sorry for having to announce the wedding in my absence. I wanted to quit there and then, but then as nobody would be home for a week ,I decided to wait till the 13th November.

You did not get a chance to say bye to the others?
Yes, but that's the rule of the game. However, it was nice to see Bakhityaar say all those sweet things in the store room. I always knew that Aditi and Bakhtiyaar were my real friends and I was proved right. Even Tanaaz was very close to me as well.

How was your experience?
I had a very good time in the house. I picked up so much about my self. I also learnt to speak Hindi and make kadda Prasad.

But it was heard that you would not do any chores?
Who said so?! I would always help out in the house. I have done jharoo, pocha and vegetable cutting.

What is your take on the game being played?
I never came with any plan. I don't think it's right to hurt anybody just for the game. But sadly some people were doing just that. In this scenario, I am happy that I left at this moment ,for currently the atmosphere in the house is not very pleasant.

Your equation with Rohit?
I never hated Rohit but his back bitching behavior is quite bad. Let us hope that his friends make him realize that what he is doing in the house is wrong.

Will you come back with wild card?
Right now I have just one aim and that is to take part in Shilpa's wedding. A possible wild card entry is the last thing on my mind.

You were a very bad Jailor...
Yes, Big Boss reprimanded me for not taking my task seriously. I really felt bad when I had to imprison Aditi for talking in English. The jail sucks for not only is it very hot, but it's full of yucky insects as well.

Any golden mantra for winning?
No rules work here, for Big Boss is very smart and conniving. He assigns us such tasks that we will surely end up fighting.

Who would you want to remain till the very end?
I would hope that either Bakhtiyaar or Aditi wins.

You won't have much time to prepare for the wedding?
Shilpa is such a sweetheart that she has taken care of most things. And I had already spoken to the designer for the dress before coming in.
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Harish Patel to enter Baa Bahu aur Baby

Star Plus and Hats Off Production's Baa Bahu aur Baby will be seeing a new entry this weekend in seasoned actor Harish Patel.

According to our source, "Harish Patel will essay the character of Parshuram Talwar, a beer bar owner. He is the father of Rimjim played by Menka Lalwani. He enters the picture when he gets to know that his daughter is in love with Jigar. He will provide a comic touch to the show. However there will be a twist to the tale as he disapproves of Jigar and Rimjim wedding."

With Amit Verma out of Baa Bahu aur Baby, the track of Birju and Baby is being revised. "Baby (Benaf Dadachanji) is undergoing trouble adjusting in her sasural. In the present track, she is always seen having tiffs with Birju's Daimaa (Dolly Minhas). As the track proceeds, there is a possibility of Baby getting back to her Maayka. But the final track has not been finalized yet," adds our source.

Harish Patel's entry will be aired this coming Sunday.
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DJ's Creative Unit's Badi Malkin now on COLORS..

Tony and Deeya Singh's DJ's Creative Unit will be coming up with a new show on COLORS, titled Badi Malkin.

The show was to be launched on Zee TV sometime in the beginning of this year, but as reported by Telly Buzz earlier, it got scrapped. The concept of the show was similar to Balaji Telefilms' ongoing show on NDTV Imagine, Bandini wherein a poor girl is forced to marry a rich man double her age.

However, the production house has brought in a bit of change to the script which has been approved by COLORS. "COLORS is also planning to launch its afternoon slot sometime early next year, in which Badi Malkin will be on of the shows. The cast of the show has not been finalized yet", adds our source.

The first outdoor schedule of the show will take place in Jaipur.
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Shekhar and Laali to flee to Nepal..

Zee TV's Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, produced by Swastik Pictures is all set for a new phase that will define the love life of Shekhar (Abhishek Rawat) and Laali (Ratan Rajput).

After the attempt of Ranvijay (Sachal Tyagi) to murder Laali fails, Shekhar and Laali take a big step and decide to run away. According to our source," Shekhar and Laali flee to Nepal and this is where their love story blossoms. The production team and the channel also will be focusing on the beautiful locales of Kathmandu and Pokhra. The team will be leaving on 24th or 25th of this month. The schedule in Nepal is for 10 to 15 days."

However their love story in Nepal will have hiccups all the way. "Ranvijay will get to know of them being in Nepal and will send his goons to catch Shekhar," adds our source.

When contacted, Abhishek Rawat confirmed the news of their Nepal shoot and said, "We are looking forward to the outdoor schedule in Nepal. We will be leaving on 24th November".

So here comes the much anticipated love story of Shekhar and Laali..
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Cold war between Iccha and Tappu continues…

IcchaThe famous fighting duo of our idiot box, Tappu and Iccha seems to bring their war along every where.Tina Dutta and Rashmi Desai of Uttaran are more or less same as they resemble in the serial because even if they wear mask showing that they are very good friends on camera but there is definitely some thing boiling within them.

Our close source from the sets tells, “Tina and Rashmi were recently shooting for a reality shows on the same set during which everyone could see them as they both gave cold shoulders to each other and along with that they were also not ready to give bytes together to any of the electronic media.”

This all started on the sets of Uttaran where in Tina felt that she was not given much space on screen on the show than Rashmi and since then the two had parted their ways. “It was clearly seen that Tina was loaded with full attitude against Rashmi and thus it seemed that they were playing some secret game or fighting a war which was unfortunately seen by every one,” adds the source.

Well Iccha and Tappu, it seems that you both have taken your onscreen character very seriously or may be something is really gone off beam
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Guinness record nominations for Shree

Shree""Shree which is aired on Zee TV which has recently gone off air seems to had left its mark on this television industry. The super natural daily soap which puts more light on black magic, superstition and spirits has proved it’s self to be special.

“Shree had been nominations for Guinness World Records as the ‘Longest miracle and supernatural thriller’ in the television industry because Shree is the serial which is based on supernatural powers like any other horror show but aired on week days like a daily soap.”

“The serial differs from other horror shows which airs only at week ends. The cast and crew is very much feeling glad for the nominations,” adds the source.

Well that’s great, we hope that the show gets the expected fruit from the Guinness World Records.

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The maha twist of Chhoti Bahu

Chhoti BahuThe recent track of Chhoti Bahu is keeping its audience hooked with its twist and turns which will be revealed after it gains the expected TRP’s. The Maha episode which aired on Saturday did not disclose much of the twists but on other hand had kept its viewers hanged to increase their curiosity.

Our close source informs, “Yes, the show is going to experience more twist and turns during the marriage it self. But according to the shoots Vishakha (Priyanka Mishra) and Radhika (Rubina Dilaik) are definitely going to be exchanged at their places.’

“On other hand it is also true that Vishakha has not turned negative with her nature. She is positive as shown before when she made a come back as a successful actress,” adds the source.

Thus, we called up Priyanka Mishra to comment on the same and she quips, “Yes, I am not in a negative role but the reason behind doing all this will be revealed as per the episodes moves on.”

“I can’t comment on this any more but can just say that this incident will prove my positiveness,” actress added.

Well viewers, get glue to your television sets to know the hidden truth!

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Tanaaz Irani on life after Bigg Boss

Tanaaz Irani, the cool one amongst the Bigg Boss inmates is been out of the house last week. Thus, we bring you an interview about her Bigg Boss ride and its experience.

How was your overall experience about BB3?
Ohh! My BB3 journey was fantastic. As I am not that brave to participate in reality shows like Khatron Ke Khiladi and climb up on a building, eat a snake or do such things. Thus, Bigg Boss was a good opportunity to test myself, my conscious as according to me I am quite clear when it comes to my mind. Overall it was ‘good’ for me.

Did you miss your family apart from Bhaktiyar during your BB3 journey?
Yes! Very badly, especially my 17 years old daughter because my small kid is just 3 years old and he is not that attached to me as he has his own friends, maid and toys for himself. His day starts and end with a glass of milk and he is sorted but its not with my daughter’s case. Truly speaking I participated in BB3 just for my daughter; I had really dedicated this show to my daughter as I really wanted to show my daughter how her mom is in real sense.

Which were your happiest moments from BB3?
I enjoyed the entire task and during which I met two more people in BB3 who thinks exactly what I think. These two personalities are Shamita Shetty and Aditi Govitrikar who really inspired me to be their friends. They both are good human beings and their nature was disclosed in front of me when Bakhtiyaar had a tussle with me and they both were consoling him in the way. How I will console him if I would have been at that place, this had really touched me a lot.

Which thing do you dislike from BB3 house?
There are many things which I dislike but the first most thing which would like to say is, people are scared to say any thing in the house, I don’t know what’s wrong to be as you are. People always want to fly away from the circumstances and that’s true because after looking at yesterday’s episode, Poonamji whom I respected had degraded her image in front of me. Why people are behaving as if they have worn a mask on their faces.

How are you feeling after coming out of BB3 house?
Actually not much different because I was same as I am in reality at my residence so it hardly makes any difference for me but yes I am missing Bigg Boss. I hope the days go faster deciding upon the winner. But I am relaxed because now I don’t have to work and apply ‘zhadoo’ at my place as I have maid who looks after all this work and I am spared now from cold water bath. I am much relaxed now.

Do you have any plans for coming back on television?
No, not yet as I am recovering from Bigg Boss house, inmates and everything that happened with me during this few weeks. Let see I may come back with some new ventures but still a big no for every thing.

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Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka to launch in Basera slot..

Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka, the show which dwells into the past lives of people will launch on NDTV Imagine on December 7th, at the 9.30 PM slot, Monday to Thursday.

This means Sagar Arts' Basera which airs at the same time slot of 9.30 PM will undergo a change. The promos of Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka hitting the television tubes from December 7th is already on air.

According to our source, "The TRP of this larger than life portrayal which has many big names has not been good ever since its launch, and there is every chance of the show going off air. However, the channel and production house have not reached on any decision with regards to the future of Basera".

A source from the channel told us, "Two options are open as of now; the show might go off air, or might get a change in time slot. However, nothing has been decided yet".

We talked to Amit Jain and Priya Bhatija who said, "We have not been shooting for the show for the past two weeks, as have no news on anything".

Pallavi Subhash though expressed her surprise over this development and told us, "Yes, I too got to know of this thro the promo that is being aired on Imagine. I tried calling my production team for an answer, but all I got to know was that the production team and channel authorities were busy in a meeting, discussing the same. Also, we have a break in shoot today as our screenplay is not ready. So things will be clearer, when I go for my shoot tomorrow".

We tried calling Shiv Sagar of Sagar Arts, but he was busy in a meeting and asked us to call later…

Coming over to Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka, the channel and production house believe that this unique show and its concept will attract viewers. Many big names like Karisma Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Celina Jaitley, Sushmita Sen, Shekhar Suman, Neil Nitin Mukesh have been approached to take part in the show.

The show will be hosted by talented Ravi Kissan..

As we wait to know more about the past lives of our favorite celebrities, we also look forward to see what future has in store for Basera…
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Pearl Grey’s show gets final title...

Pearl Grey and Star Plus' upcoming show had a tentative title Pratha. But now its permanent title has been finalized.

According to our source, "The permanent title has now been fixed to Pratigya. The show will launch sometime in December and will be daily at an late evening slot"

We had earlier reported that Kunal Karan Kapoor of Left Right Left fame has bagged a pivotal role. Pooja Gor who was in Kitani Mohabbat Hai will be the female lead, while new face Arhaan Behl plays the male lead.

The cast also includes Shahab Khan, Avantika and Ankit Gera.
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Smita Thackeray's 'Kalki' for COLORS..

Smita Thackeray, daughter-in-law of Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thackeray will be coming up with a mega-budget mytho cum fantasy based show, titled 'Kalki' on COLORS.

Smita Thackeray's production house is named after her son Rahul, and will be called Rahul Productions.

According to our source, "This show coming from Smita Thackeray will be COLORS' one of the biggest shows in terms of money spent and the cast included. Kalki will be a combination of mythological as well as fantasy based show, wherein 60-70% will be based on fantasy and the remaining 20-30% on the concept of mytho".

As we all know, Lord Vishnu has ten avatars, and the Kalki avatar is the 10th avatar taken in the Kalyug (present life). "Here, Kalki will be seen as a cool dude, somebody like our MTV VJ. The show will have great visual effects, and the production house and channel are planning to give the viewers a show which is of the quality of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, when it comes to fantasy", adds our source.

"The cast for the show has not been finalized. However, the show is expected to have well known actors from both television and Bollywood fields. The shoot for the show will start sometime in December, and the launch will either be in January or February 2010", further informs our source.

The show in all probability will be a weekly at a prime time slot.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

DID choreographers meet with accident

Zee TV's Dance India Dance is facing a dilemma as two of its expert choreographers- Remo D'Souza and Geeta Kapur, have met with an accident during the Kolkata auditions.

According to our source, "The creatives wanted to re-enact the Jay-Veeru sequence of Sholay with Remo and Geeta. So they got a scooter with sidecar and asked Remo to ride it with Geeta in the sidecar. However, Remo lost his balance and the scooter went tumbling. Both the choreographers got injured in this mishap."

Adds the source, "No serious injury happened to Geeta but Remo fractured his leg. So he will be required to take extra care of himself even after recovery with his dancing."

We wish Remo and Geeta a speedy recovery.
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Shocking twist in KDMHMD

KDMHMDThe latest track of Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil is fully loaded with twists and turns.As according to the recent episodes, Prem (Harshad Chopra) is surrounded by dilemmas from all the four directions but it seems that all those things were not enough for the poor guy, some more troubles are waiting for him.

Our close source from the production informs, “Prem will be soon behind the bars as Ashlesha (Mihika Verma) succeeds in proving Prem as Sneha’s (daughter of Ashlesha) father. The suspense which was making the viewers bite their nails will be unveiled in the coming episodes.”

Elaborating on the track he informs, “After the disclosure of the truth, Heer throws out Ashlesha from her house due to which Ashlesha forces Prem to make a D.N.A test in which he is proved as Sneha’s father. Thus, he is arrested by the cops.”

“There is possibility of D.N.A test to be false but one thing is fixed that Prem will be out of the jail. Till now the shoots for the jail sequence is not yet shot as the show is focusing on the track were Aslesha’s truth is revealed,” adds the source.

So audience, get glued to your television set to know how Prem goes behind the bars with lots of rona dhona and mirch masala

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Basera to continue

BaseraThe latest buzz in the television industry is that the Sagar Arts serial, Basera which airs on NDTV Imagine might be pulled off to replace Raaz Pehchle Janam Ka but we have brought a good news to all the viewers of Basera.

Our reliable source informs, “The serial Basera will not go off air. There were many buzz for several serials but none of the show went off air. So all these speculations should be ignored and the viewers should keep enjoying the show.”

We called up Pallavi Subhash to know more about the buzz and she informs, “Truly speaking I am unaware about the buzz as we all are working regularly as we did before. I don’t think so that the serial will be pulled off as even we have not yet received any notice from the production.”

“God knows from were all these speculations have come from but according to me the show should stay back because it has made its own audience and this different story line can be termed as a positive aspect of the show,” actress added.

We tried calling the channel but the efforts went in vain. Now let the time decide the fate of Basera, whether it stays or goes away…

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Aamir-Sanjeeda in demand

Aamir-SanjeedaTelevision’s handsome actor Aamir Ali and his better half Sanjeeda are very much in demand these days. Its hectic schedule for this cute couple, as Aamir is busy shooting for his popular TV soap ‘Bhasker Bharti’ and Sanjeeda is engrossed in doing a movie but guess what? They have just got busier.

After winning popular dance reality show ‘Nach Baliye-3’ Aamir –Sanjeeda have been doing many stage performances and with the start of wedding season in the country they are quite sought after to perform at the functions. Our source informs that delightful duo have signed up for the wedding of the Mumbai based industrialist. “They will be playing the host in the sangeet ceremony as well as one would see them performing too. Though this is not new for them but at the end of the day, such kind of events give them lot of moolahs.”

The Buzz is also that the Dandiya queen Falguni Pathak will make everyone dance on her tunes on the dandiya night. The grand wedding is going to be a five days affair to be held in December. The dancing stars Aamir –Sanjeeda are to perform on some romantic songs for which they will soon start rehearsing.

The awesome twosome Aamir-Sanjeeda is to charm the family and guests at this big fat Indian wedding.

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Mayank Anand gets the blogging fever!

Mayank AnandThe Dil Mil Gaye Star Dr. Rahul aka Mayank Anand is known in the television industry for expanding the horizons of an actor. Not only is he a professional artist but he is also soon coming out with his much talked about debut novel ‘Love from the sidelines’ by Leadstart Publishing.

“Writing has always been my first love”, said a proud Mayank. “And I have always wanted to have a blog site of my own. I have been waiting for my site to be ready so that I could have everything together. I hope my fans like the blog and we would have some cool conversations there” he added.

His first blog post on his website is about the book itself and he has promised us to keep giving out updates on his life, events and other news daily via the blog. He even promises to give fans a sneak peak preview of the book and its chapters if they demand for it. Wow, now that’s called taking care of one’s loyal fans!

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1st blog anniversary!!

A very Happy Birthday!!! to World of Entertainment.
Finally my blog turns a year old,it feels really nice to announce that we have completed one whole year of togetherness.Its an amazing feeling cause when I first started this blog I could not imagine that I will get such an amazing response from the visitor which would make go on and on....So I give credits to all my visitor , followers and friends to make it a success.
I wish to have a such support from you all and many more to come continuously...
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Imagine’s Basera to end?

The buzz is that Basera, NDTV Imagine's show on changing family relationships focusing on five families hasn't been well-accepted by the audience and so the channel might pull it off.

According to people in the know, the channel is not happy with the way Sagar Arts is telling the story. Imagine further feels that the above production house while very good with mytho- fantasy ( Ramayan ,Vikram Betal) seems unable to deliver on the family drama space.

Producer Prem Sagar when contacted says, "Average TRP is 1. Tuesday's rating was 1.1 against Bandini which was 1.2 average. Basera is an eye opener for every family in India with regards to today's generation and the public will decide if the show has to go off air. The numbers are coming good in comparison to other NDTV shows." If the show does end it will indicate that something really has gone wrong, for Basera has been on air only since August this year.

Pallavi Subhash who essays the protagonist Ram Kapoor's wife claims to have no knowledge of her show going off air. "All I know is that we have a good story and the ratings are not bad," she says.

Priya Bhatija who has not been seen in the show for some time is unhappy with the fact that her blocked dates are not being used. "I have been given a narration of how my character Nandini will make a comeback, but in TV you never know how things materialize in the face of TRP and track pressures. I don't know how Basera will pan out in the near term," she says. Priya further adds, " I will not be surprised if the show does end."

The source justifies the possible axing of Basera on the grounds that the channel has a number of new shows in the pipeline. The first would be "Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka." However our khabru refuses to speculate on whether this reality show on past life would take Basera's place for the channel is yet to decide on making it a weekly or daily.

All attempts to contact the elusive Ram Kapoor and the channel failed to elicit any response.
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Aap Ki Antara’s baccha party finalized

Zee and Drishtant Media's Aap Ki Antara is now truly set for the leap as the major hindrance has been cleared- the casting of future version of the kids of the show…

According to our source, "Abhishek's role will be played by Sahil Deshmukh and that of Billoo will be played by Sandeep Upadhyay."

One more kid is introduced to the existing baccha party. Says our source, "Viewers will get to see Aarti's kid as presently she is shown pregnant. The kid's onscreen name is Mili and the role of Mili will be portrayed by Apoorva Paranjpe."

We contacted producer Mohnish Sekhri who confirms the news.
We had already reported that Aaina Mehta (previously seen as little Shakuntala) will be playing the role of Antara earlier portrayed by Zaynah Vastani.

Hope the new gang too matches upto the former seen tiny-tots' charm…

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Series of twist and turns in Bidaai

BidaaiSapna Babul Ka Bidaai, the serial which had recently lost its mirch masala is about to add more flavours to itself in coming episodes. So viewers hold your breath because the show may bring more twist and turn into the story. Read further to know more about the twist and turns.

Our close source informs, “There can be a twist of Ragini (Parul Chauhan) becoming pregnant in the coming episodes as the shoot of the same is going on but the news is not yet confirmed, it all depends on the TRP’s of the show.”

“Another twist that will bring more flavours to the show is that Ranbir (Kinshuk Mahajan) may be arrested by the cops as he accidentally murders a guy and which is also witnessed by Sadhana Bhabhi (Sara Khan). Thus he may be arrested and put into the jail or he may come out of this mess with a clean chit,” source added.

The creative of the show has really thought of a good ‘funda’ to attract the audience towards the show and due to all these twists and turns, one thing is for sure that the show will gear up with its speed and will definitely reach to its highest TRP’s. So wait and watch

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Shekhar and Laali boycotts Thakur’s haveli

LaaliAgle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo had just crossed its high point of the story where the protagonist Laali (Ratan Rajput) was shown dead. But this has changed Shekhar’s (Abhishekh Rawat) view towards Laali as has become pro Laali. In the recent episodes he also disclosed his love for the protagonist. But now Shekhar is about to take a step against his family.

According to our source, “Siddeshwari will soon get annoyed due to Shekhar’s behaviour towards Laali and throw tantrums in the room, taking up the issue of Laali staying with them in under one shed. But instead of listening to Siddeshwari, Shekhar straight away declares that Laali will always stay with him and if Siddeshwari wants to live in the house can happily stay here alone.”

” Thus, Shekhar leaves the mansion and start living with Laali in the out house. On other hand Shekhar’s brother warns him to take care of Laali otherwise she won’t be spared for next time,” khabroo added.

At last Laali had received justice to some extent that at least one person from the Thakur’s mansion is on her side. But there is more drama to be unfold so keep glued to your TV sets

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Aahat coming soon on Sony

AahatThe makers of C.I. D, Fire Works is all set to come up with a new horror series on Sony which is finally given a title, Aahat- All new series. The show will be starting from this month itself.

“After number of alternatives for the title, the production house has zeroed down on the name Aahat as they think this will connect with the audience well. Though the show is totally different from the previous horror show thus they have added the tagline of all new series,” chirps the source from the production house.

Giving more details about the show our khabroo verbalises, “There won’t be different series like previous Aahat but bit different from it. The janta will see a new story that of three students of a paranormal college who has the powers but are not aware about it.”

“Slowly and steadily they will help the people and get to know about their shakit’s and set a motive for themselves. Krystal, Chaitanya Choudhary and Vishal Gandhi will be seen in the lead roles,” adds the source.

When is the show going on air and what time slot will it occupies? “The show will be going on air from 13 November. About the time slot it may be 9 or 10:00 pm which is yet to be finalized. This series will entertain the janta on weekends i.e. Friday and Saturday,” concludes the source.

It seems Sony is getting back to its old funda of the horror series to get back their audience. Hope this works for them.

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Comedy is a challenge for Tina Dutta

Tina DuttaTina Dutta is all in for changing her persona from rona-dhona to the comedy as she has been doing well in Comedy Circus- Teen Ka Tadka. The actress talks about her experience in comedy and the challenges related to it.

“To be frank I didn’t think that I could do comedy. I had just participated in one show in Kolkata for Laughter Challenge as my Hindi is also a bit problem,” states Tina.

But now the actress is much confident about her acts in the show. “After my first episode in CC, I received many compliments that gave boost to my assurance level. Anyways this is a good change for me and the EP of the show has shown the faith which was also a great support,” she adds further.

Which show is closer for you CC or Uttaran? “Uttaran is like a family where I can be my self when not shooting. CC is a refreshing change and it’s a challenge for me that I have accepted it in a good spirit. So both are very important for me,” she verbalises.

How does the lady juggle between the two shows? “I get very less time for the rehearsal as my timings for the shoot for Uttaran is from morning 8 to night 10. This does create problem for my co-star but they are really very nice as when ever I call them for the practice, they leave everything and come,” concludes the actress.

It’s good to see you laugh and making others smile on your jokes. This change is not only for you but also good for our viewers as they discover the new Iccha in Tina.

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Ami Trivedi joins the Family Album

Ami TrivediAmit Trivedi, the Kittu of the show Kittu Sab Janti Hai was out of the sight since long but now the actress will be making a come back. She will be joining the other actors in the new show of SAB tentatively named as Family Album produced by Optimystix.

“She has recently signed the contract and the shooting of the show is also started. The show should be going on air in this month but the dates are yet to be fixed,” chirps the source from the production house.

Elaborating about the show our source quips, “It’s going to be a family comedy drama for sure but the channel has given strict warning to everyone of revealing anything. The audience will see many know faces in the serial too.”

“Sukriti Khandpal, Sumeet Raghvan, Tiku Talsaniya, Apra Mehta are few to be named. Ami is the recent one to join the family,” concludes the source.

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Bhaskar Bharti shifted further up

We had earlier reported Sony TV's Bhaskar Bharti would be shifted to 8:30pm. But recently a few new changes have developed giving the show another new timing.

According to our source, "Bhaskar Bharti will be aired at 7:30 pm from 10th November."

We contacted lead actor Aamir Ali, who says, ""It's the channel's decision. I don't want to say anything. And all this is production house and channel's decision. I'm sure they have decided this slot with something in mind."

Female lead of the show Ragini Khanna says "The slot is the channel's decision. My humble request for the audience is that please watch Bhaskar Bharti at 7.30 like you used to watch it when it was at the 9 pm slot. I read that people are really upset with the change in the slot but I request it's just the time change… Bhaskar Bharti will get more interesting."

Let's hope Ragini's words are true and the show does get more interesting.
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Aap Ki Antara gets new timing!

Drishtant Production's Aap Ki Antara on Zee TV has been shifted from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm, and this will take effect from 16th November. The new Rajshri Production's show Yahaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli will be aired at 8:30 pm from 16th November onwards.

Producer Mohnish Sekhri says, "Yes, Aap Ki Antara has been pushed to a later timing. of 10.30 PM from November 16th. I'm okay with the change in timings as Aap Ki Antara has a very strong fan following who will watch the show irrespective of show-timings. It has made a name for itself."

Kavita Barjatya
head of Rajshri Productions remained unavailable for comments.

According to our source, "With closure of Shree, Zee wanted an equally tough competitor against Na Aana Is Desh Laado of Colors, to take its place. They felt with Aap Ki Antara's existing fan following and impending leap which is set to turn the story more interesting, it perfectly fit the bill."

Adds the source, "Aap Ki Antara's leap was scheduled to take place in the first week of November. However due to difficulties in casting it has been postponed by a few weeks."
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Pari hoon main: Hina Khan

Hina KhanHina Khan aka Akshara of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai shares her most memorable event of life exclusively with us.

How is Hina in real life?
Hina is very shy, reserved and very emotional kind of a person who do not like to share much about her personal life with others. I am exactly opposite to Akshara as she always depends on others to make her personal decisions but when it comes to Hina she does not bother about others but except her father to make any decision regarding her life. But at the end I do not like to speak much about myself.

How is your journey of Yeh Rishta Kya…?
It was cool till now and ‘Insha allah’ it will be great hence forth. I am pleased to be linked up with such veteran co-actors were I am getting to learn more and more things about acting which I did not know before. After all it’s just a start of my journey and long way to go. Hope I get all support from my audience to move towards success.

Which is your unforgettable memory of life?
Yes, I have one and i.e. my 12th standard cultural program were I have spent a gala time with my teachers and friends. The thing that made the event special was that I have performed on the stage and that too on a dance which is very much difficult for me to do as I am a very bad dancer, I just can’t dance. The song on which I have performed was “Pari Hoon Mein”, it was so weird but we all had fun. Another thing that made it so special was the tears in the eyes of teachers which simultaneously brought tears in my eyes too. The moment was very touchy for me and that is the reason why I have remembered it till now.

What are the similarities and difference between Akshara and Hina?
As I said before I am very confident which Akshara is not as she can’t take her own decision whereas I can take my decisions without concerning any one. But yes there are some similarities which make us one and that are I am shy, emotional, caring for others like Akshara.

Tell something about your likes and dislikes?
Hmm, I like to sleep a lot and like to lie down on my bed but the sad thing is that I don’t get time to sleep as I am always busy working with tight schedule of Yeh Rishta…but whenever I get time I make a note that I rest in my green room. Another thing which I like is shopping but again same reason for not getting to shop and that is only thing which I don’t like.

Do you think that now after Yeh Rishta.. You are settled in your career?
No, not at all I have many plans and goals to reach. It is just the beginning of my career. I have to learn a lot many things in my life. Along with that I have to do many projects but till then I have to concentrate on Yeh Rishta.

Any plans to marry?
No, not still as I am too young to marry and still have never thought about the issue. So as of now its a big no but will definitely let you all know when I plan to get married.

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Similarity between Dev and Radhika

Dev and RadhikaA buzz about the duo of Chhoti Bahu (ZEE TV) seeing each other is in the air since long time. So let us clear that even if the talks about Avinash Sachdev and Rubina Dilaik being a couple might be untrue to some extent but there is a common liking for one thing. Want to know what it is read further.

Which is your favourite dish you crave for? “Hmm, I like ‘Paneer Cheese Masala’ because I like the taste of the delicacy. One more reason is that I know to cook the dish. So when ever I feel like enjoying the recipe I prepare and have it,” quips Rubina.

Now let’s have a look on what Dev Babu have to say about his taste, “My favourite dish is Paneer Cheese Masala because I like the taste and I am crazy for cheese and paneer,” says Avinash Sachdev.

Yeh rishta ho ya na ho but their fetish for one dish does give a hint that kuch toh hai, isnt it?

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Roadies 7 hits back

Roadies 7MTV’s most controversial and adventures show, Roadies is making its comeback with the next season this weekend. Roadies 7 hits back with the theme of seven deadly sins.

“Yes this time the show has a theme of seven deadly sins where in Irrfan Khan will appear seven times in the show and will reveal the twist during the journey,” says the source.

Elaborating more about the show, “This time Cyrus Sahukar and Cyrus Brocha along with Nikhil Chinappa will be seen judging the audition. The host for the same will be the ex-participants, Bani and Ayushman who will boost the confidence of contestants,” adds the source.

“Definitely the first few episodes will see the audition round which is amazing to watch for the audience as the three judges takes the class of each and every individual. Though it was not at all easy for them also but with both the Cyrus, one will also see some hilarious moments in the process of selecting the best of contestants for Roadies 7,” concludes the source.

So get ready for another adventurous ride as the show launches on 7 November at 7 pm.

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Amit Sareen turns negative in Pavitra Rishta?

Amit SareenAmit Sareen who essays the role of Sagar, boss of Varsha in the show is showing its colour as he turns negative. But is this for real or to fool the audience? Thus we thought of calling him and asking about the same.

“Well for now definitely for audience it is portrayed as a negative role but no one can predict of what happens in the daily. All I would like to say is that just wait for few more days and you will come to know about it,” says Amit.

When probed more, the actor quips, “Change in the character was decided now as Ekta wanted to test of how the audience will react with this modification. Sagar had two ways to go ahead from which one was decided.”

“Firstly creative thought of showing Sagar’s wife becoming handicap and thus he search out for love outside. The second thought was that he has been married to a rich woman but there is no love. However Sagar finds love with Varsha but at the same time he cannot leave his wife too. This track did make sense thus the creative went ahead with it,” he explains.

When asked about how the character will take shape in future, he replied, “You have to wait and watch of whether Sagar is negative or he has a valid reason. What is the motive behind his and Varsha’s relation is something that will definitely increase the curiosity of the janta. I my self don’t know what will happen next.”

This is definitely increasing the interest as of what will happen further. Whether the love of Sagar for Varsha is true or not? Let’s wait and watch for the same in the coming episodes.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Sanjay Mishra heads in Lapataganj

Sanjay MishraOne of the veteran actors who had always given a great contribution to the television industry and Bollywood is about to enter the lost place i.e. Lapataganj (SAB TV). The actor who is currently executing his talent in Sony’s Comedy Circus-Teen Ka Tadka will be soon spotted in the show in a very different avatar.

Our reliable source from the sets informs, “The veteran actor Sanjay Mishra who has always made the audience giggles with his comedy, will be entering in Lapataganj and make the audience laugh in the same manner as he did in the past.”

“The actor will be essaying the role of a very weird politician i.e. ‘neta’ whose ‘ta ’from the word ‘neta’ has been lost from his banner and due to which he has come to Lapataganj to find his lost ‘ta’,” khabroo added.

As per now who ever ‘Neta’ comes to the village is always with the purpose to solve some problem that dwells but this is not with Sanjay Mishra. “The shoot for this sequence has been winded up as he also has some other ventures to be fulfilled thus the episode will be telecasted soon,” source added.

So audience, be ready to experience one more episode of Lapataganj packed with lots of laughter.

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Laliya enters in Choti Bahu

LaliyaThere is celebration all over in the Zee TV show Chhoti Bahu as Radhika and Dev are finally tying the knot. Adding more to the celebration, Laali will be seen in the mehendi ceremony of Radhika, giving her the best wishes.

“Yes I will be soon seen in Chhoti Bahu but for an episode or two. It was very tiring but an enjoyable experience on the sets with new co-stars,” says Ratan.

Elaborating more on her experience, “It was only one day shoot from morning 9 to night 12. Also as there were new faces for me so I was busy interacting with them though there was not much enough time but overall I had a gala time with the cast and crew of the show.”

Our source from the sets chirps, “With the marriage sequence of Dev and Radhika, there is a big twist to be unveiled. The creative and the celebs are tight lipped about the same as they want to hold on the attention of their janta.”

Shaadi hogi ya nahi is something to be waited and watched as one can never predict in daily soaps of what will happen next…

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Sucheta fears as cow stares.

SuchetaDo you know essaying a character, which is total ‘dehati’ is just like inviting new troubles in your life; same incident happens with Sucheta Khanna aka Indumati of Lapataganj, were the actress has to overcome hurdles on every alternate day.

Elaborating on the on sets incident Sucheta informs, “There was a sequence were I have to shoot with a calf who was forcibly taken away from her mother for a shoot with me.Thus, the mother was very annoyed with me.”

“As soon as we ended the shoot with the calf, the cow ran and stood up in front of my green room and was continuously starring at me because I took her child away. So she was not allowing me to go inside the room which scared me a lot. On top of that I was in red sari too,” she quips.

“The whole situation was scary as well as funny but one thing for sure is that it had taken breath out of me. After that incident it was clear in my mind that being dehati is not an easy job for sure,” she concludes.

Well Sucheta, we can just say here is that the simpler it looks; the more difficult it is to execute, isn’t it?

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Manav-Archana’s tearful break up!

Manav-ArchanaZEE TV’s Pavitra Rishta is gearing up for another grand twist which is sure to rock its TRP’s, for good! The audience will soon get a clear picture on the query of Manav (Sushant Singh Rajput) signing the divorce papers and the mystery will finally come to an end with that.

Sources close to the sets inform, “Yes, Manav will finally sign the divorce papers and will separate from Archana (Ankita Lokhande) forever. But all this is due to a misunderstanding between the two.”

Shocked, we called up Manav to confirm the news and he informs, “Yes I will sign the divorce papers and get legally separated from Archana in the coming episodes. All this is because Manav feels that Archana does not trust or love him and wants to marry Satish (Archana’s boss).”

“It’s just a misunderstanding between Manav and Archu that blows up into a legal separation. Actually speaking the couple is not willing to divorce each other, but the conditions in front of them were so compelling that it forced them to take such an extreme step,” he concludes the conversation.

Well that’s not the end of the serial as much more masala is yet to come in the coming episodes…

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Bhaskar Bharti gets new timing

Sony Entertainment Television gets busy with re-scheduling of their shows.

According to our source, "One of Sony's most watched shows Bhaskar Bharti has been shifted to 8:30 pm. In its place they are introducing Sukh by Chance produced by J. D. Majethia's Hats Off Productions."

Adds the source, "Although Sukh By Chance was earlier announced to go on air by 2nd October, due to some glitches with the promotional activities it got shifted to the 10th of November. Now finally the show is all set to go on air what with the timings and all having gotten cleared."

We tried calling J. D. Majethia and Tony Singh, Producer of Bhaskar Bharti, but both remained unavailable for the comment.

A few days back, we had reported that Sony's two other shows Comedy Circus- Teen ka Tadka and Dance Premier League both have been assigned new time slots. Hope all this shuffle of timings gets the channel some good TRPs.
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