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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Comedy of Errors with Shree Adi Manav

Comedy of ErrorsSAB, India’s leading family comedy entertainment channel launches another comical flick, Shree Adi Manav starting 25th September every Friday 8 to 9 pm. The show is about 3 friends who are incomplete without each other and together they are more than complete.

Shree (Shreedhar Agarkar) is a blind, living with his two friends Adi and Manav in a lavish villa, which belongs to his uncle. Aditya Tendulkar (Adi) is deaf, but over smart, over confident and over optimistic. Manav Kambli who completes the triumvirate, is dumb, and also a pessimist.

Shree, Adi, and Manav are not disabled by birth, the handicap happened to them in an unfortunate accident. These three friends try new ventures, newer adventures and every time they try something new as detectives, news reporters, or courier service boys, it creates confusion and leads to chaos, which ends up creating a situational comedy.

Commenting on this, Anooj Kapoor, Business Head, SAB stated, “Shree Adi Manav, is an attempt to offer a fun filled start to the weekend. Every Friday, Shree Adi Manav will be like a one-hour telly film on your television set. We intend to strengthen our weekend programming through this show”

Character Sketches:
Shree (played by Vishal Kotian) -Shreedhar Agarkar who is blind always pretends that he can see. To convey his words to Adi (who cannot listen), he needs Manav (who cannot speak). Adi and Manav never leave him alone. Since Shree is innocent, Adi and Manav sometimes take advantage of his blindness.

Adi (played by Vrijesh Hirjee) –Aditya Tendulkar is deaf. He always repeats what Shree says as he cannot hear which irritates Shree and Manav. He is a little naughty by nature.

Manav (played by Kikku) –Manav Kambli is dumb. He is a master of actions and also plays communicator amongst the three friends. He explains what Shree wants to say through dumb charades to Adi, which always creates funny situations.

Enjoy a roller coaster ride with “Shree Adi Manav” and get ready for this bone-tickling comedy!

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India Rocks to debut on Colors

India RocksColors are again coming up with a unique reality show called India Rocks. This show will bring out the talents, which will form the best band of India. Vasundhara Das and Shaan are the judges of the show.

“The show will be airing from 27 September at 8:00 pm and is going to be a weekly one hour show. Mansi Parekh and Karan Singh Grover are tipped to be the hosts of the show,” says the source.

Elaborating more on the format, our source add, “Definitely the audition are taken and the judges will select the best. The band which can turn the classical music into hip beats and other forms will be declared as the winner at the end.”

“The promos for the same are on-air, where it shows a group of people form a band and remix the old version with a new twist and taste with rock music,” concludes the source.

So viewers are you ready to rock with India Rocks coming this weekend?

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Will Abhinav and Simi get married?

Simi12/24 Karol Bagh on Zee TV is soon going to have a new entry with a new twist. Neil Bhatt, the Arsalaan fame actor has been cast opposite Smriti Kalra (Simi) in the show. Abhinav (16) is younger to Simi when it comes to age. So now the question is Abhinav and Simi get married to each other?

When we asked Neil aka Abhinav he informs, “Yes, we will definitely be in love, but getting married is bit difficult to say as of now. If I do so, it will dilute the twist and masala of the serial.”

“But as my on screen character portrays that I do not respect my father at all and I don’t believe in their views, so it’s clear that I will not approve with them on my marriage with Simi. Though there will be lots of ups and downs in their lives; this is all what I can divulge,” actor quips.

Like a gentleman, Abhinav will definitely not run away but will wait for the approval. “Abhinav is always worried about his mother, sister and Simi’s family for the approval of marriage and that will be the hard point where our audience will be swamped into a dilemma,” Neil concludes the conversation.

We all can predict the conclusion, so for now we can just say… “Serial abhi baki hai mere dost.”

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Neil Bhatt to enter Karol Bagh..

Zee TV's 12/24 Karol Bagh, produced by Sunshine Productions will see the entry of its first male lead in Neil Bhatt.

According to our source, "Neil Bhatt who has earlier done Arsalaan and Jo Ishq Ki Marzi Woh Rab Ki Marzi, will be seen entering the show. He will be cast opposite Simi Seth, played by Smriti Kalra".

Abhinav played by Neil Bhatt happens to be the brother of Anita who is to get married to Anuj. Anita's parents put a condition that only if Simi, who is elder to Anuj gets married, they will get their daughter married to Anuj. So this forces Simi to agree to her marriage with Rajeev, who she very well knows is a womanizer. In addition to all this, Anita's family is upset about Anuj's family not being rich, and all this is worrying Anita. This is when Anita calls her brother, Abhi who lives abroad to come down to help her talk to her parents.

When contacted, Neil Bhatt confirmed the news and said, "I will be seen in a different look, in t-shirts with high collars. My character name is Abhinav, usually prefer to be called Abhi. He is a very chilled out guy, flamboyant and independent. I am a person whose ideologies do not match with what my parents think".

"I have always done something different, from being the super hero to the villager. I now play a guy of my age, and that really excites me", Neil further adds.

We called Producer Sudhir Sharma who said, "We chose Neil Bhatt because we needed someone who looks younger to Simi. With this track, we will be entering into a new territory, a kind of relation which is a taboo in our society".

Neil Bhatt has started shooting for the show, and his entry is expected either today or tomorrow!!
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'I like Vadapav!' - Arav Velhal

We all are familiar with Arav as Billu of Zee TV's Aap Ki Antara. When had a chat with him, it became quite obvious that he is like a fully charged battery, exuding energy with every word that he uttered, though they were few. His mother Vijaya too swears by the fact he is 'physically energetic' and in case he has no one to play with, would simply take to 'jumping on bed!'

Here are excerpts of what the little powerhouse had to say…

How did you bag the role of Billu?
I went for auditions and got selected.

What standard were you in at that time?
I was in senior kindergarten.

How do you manage both shoot and studies?
Mamma teaches me here, at the shoot.

Do you have fun on sets?
Yes we do lots of masti on sets.

In the show, you are shown to be having a crush on Antara(Zaina Vastani). In real life, do you have a crush on any girl?
Yes, I do.

Really, who?
Zaina only! (smiles)

Do they call you Billu in school?
Yes some of them do.

What are the timings of your shoot usually?
It's from five-thirty to eight o'clock.

Who accompanies you to the sets?

What do you have to say about Prabhleen?
She is very sweet. She hugs me.

And Darshan?
He plays a lot with me. He gifted me a bubble pen.

How do you get along with Zaina and Abhishek?
We all are friends. We play.

What are the things that you like to munch on in between your shots?
I like Vadapav! …and…and…McDonald's burger also.

You like the McD burger because it's very similar to Vadapav?

Do you enjoy acting?

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Ram Sena Chief Pramod Muthalik tipped to be in Bigg Boss..

Yet another politician and known name Pramod Muthalik, the activist of Sri Ram Sena has been approached for Bigg Boss..

It was Sanjay Nirupam who held the flag of politicians high last year in COLORS' Bigg Boss!! After we reported that Varun Gandhi, great grand son of Jawahar Lal Nehru has been approached for this season, news coming in is that Pramod Muthalik, the activist of Sri Ram Sena is also in the run to be one of the inmates this year..

According to our source, "Pramod Muthalik who made some staggering statements after the 2009 Mangalore Pub Attack happened where women were beaten up, has been considered for Bigg Boss. The channel and production house is eager to rope in few big political names this year, and their search for the same continues".

Pramod Muthalik who has many a cases pending against him, will really find it tough to make it into the Bigg Boss house. But one can be rest assured that once in, he has all the abilities that a person needs to survive inside the house..

Let's see whether he makes it to the final list or not!!
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Kunal Thakkur enters Bandini as Khemi's husband...

Kunal Thakkur who was last seen in Zee TV's Pavitra Rishta will be soon entering Balaji Telefilms' show on NDTV Imagine, Bandini.

For the uninitiated, Kunal who entered Zee TV's Pavitra Rishta as Varsha aka Priya Marathe's boss was later replaced by Amit Sareen. We had then reported that the reason for this change was that Kunal looked too young to play the boss.

According to our source, "Ekta Kapoor had personally chosen Kunal Thakkur to play the role of the boss in Pavitra Rishta. However, when things did not work out there, she had promised him a meaty role in some other serial. As a result of this, Kunal will now be seen in Imagine's Bandini as husband of Khemi (Leena Jhumani)".

The present track in Bandini revolves around the sacrifices that the sisters Santo (Aasiya Kazi) and Khemi (Leena Jhumani) are trying to make for one another. While Santo has decided to move away from Dharamraj Mahiavanshi (Ronit Roy), so that Khemi is no longer the Massi of Hiten (Mrinal Jain), Khemi has gone a step ahead in marrying the person who saves her from an accident.

As per our source, "In the last few episodes that were aired, it was revealed that Khemi has married a guy who saved her from a bus accident. However, the entry of the character will happen now".

We called up Kunal Thakkur who confirmed the same and said, "Yes, I play the character of Arjun who is Khemi's husband. I am starting shoot from today, and my entry sequence will be aired coming Monday. I will be seen in a new avatar, and mine will be a long running role".

Our source further hints, "Khemi and Arjun will now come and stay in Dharamraj's house, which will give rise to many a high points in the show. Also, there is a back story related to Arjun that will unfold in the near future".

Well, there is lots to look forward to in Bandini right now!!
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This Eid Bharti’s truth will be exposed!

BhartiComing Monday, there will be a special one-hour episode of Bhaskar Bharti during the occasion of EID. During this festive season, truth about Bharti will be unveiled to Armaan.

Well no we are not talking about the primary truth. “Armaan will come to know that Bharti is not the wife of Bhaskar. This brings a change in the lives of both the leads,” says our source.

“By mistake Payal reveals to Armaan that Bharti is not the wife of Bhaskar. This is where Armaan will fall in love again with the damsel, but this time there will be another twist in this tale,” adds the source.

When probed in more, our khabroo finally revealed, “Even Bharti will now feel for Armaan and they will have some cute moments together too. They have even shot for such moments and it’s looking good. Now we need to see of how well does this goes with the audience.”

Is Bharti becoming more feminine? Let’s wait and watch…

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Meet Dadisa’s enemy in Balika Vadhu!

Dadisa's enemyRajendra Gupta aka Mahavir Singh, the latest entrant in Sphere Origins’ Balika Vadhu, is an archrival of Dadisa. Rajendra Gupta who has been in industry for around 24 years, shares his experience on Balika Vadhu and more…

What made you take up Balika Vadhu?
I have been a fan of Balika Vadhu since a long time. I was very impressed by the concept and the way it was presented. I was in touch with lots of artists from the serial and always complemented them for their performance. The sets, costume and language, everything has been worked upon so well that they seem real. Today, there are many serials, which start off with bang but within three months start losing its charm, but Balika Vadhu has maintained its position till today.

Why did you approve of this negative character Mahavir Singh?
As I said earlier, I have been a fan of Balika Vadhu. When the production team approached me for the character of Mahavir Singh, I was more than happy to be associated with the show. Mahavir Singh is a strong character. Though negative, the character holds a strong ground.

How did you prepare yourself to get into the character of Mahavir Singh?
Since I am from Haryana, it was not very difficult for me to pick up the language and the diction. I have been very familiar with the lifestyle, gesture and thoughts. So picking up the character was not an intricate task for me.

How is the experience of working with Surekha Sikri and Heeba Shah?
It’s lovely working with them. Both are very good actors. Since we are all associated with theater, I have worked with them before too. I have great respect for Surekhaji and I think she is a great actor.

Share your experience on working with Sphere Origins?
It’s a very dedicated team. They are very perfect in whatever they do. Preaching a social issue in such an entertaining way is not a piece of cake. They have put in a lot of creativity and imagination, which is why the show is still watched in households.

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Shravani to marry Sachin

Shravani to marry SachinPavitra Rishta is going through a tough phase; firstly as its lead was not well, and then the show is gearing up with lots of twist and turns in the coming episodes. These twists can definitely be traced to the new entrant Shravani.

Our source from production team informs, “Savita (Usha Nadkarni) will be successful in trapping Shravani (Pooja Pihal) for her younger son Sachin (Raj Singh), and at the peak they both will get married according to Savita.”

But the new situation will not create any sourness between Manav (Sushant Rajput) and Archu (Ankita Lokhande). When we talked to Sushant Rajput he informed, “I don’t have any idea about the relationship between me and Archu, but it’s definitely written that Sachin and Shravani will get married soon in the serial.”

“I don’t think so that there will be a love triangle between the three of us, but at the end you can never predict the TRP’s demand,” actor added.

Whatever may be the scene in the serial, it is fixed that the show will keep the audience on the hook, isn’t it?

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Kitni Mohabbat Hai will go off-air..

Kitni Mohabbat HaiWe all know that Balaji’s venture Kitni Mohabbat Hai on NDTV Imagine is soon to conclude soon. Well the final date of the show going off air has been declared and it will end, this month itself.

“The show is going off air on 25 September. There will be a high drama between Arjun and Arohi at the end,” states our khabroo.

Elaborating more on the storyline our source adds, “Definitely being a love story it’s going to be a happy ending, wherein Arjun and Arohi will come together forever. Arohi and her sisters will unite too in the end.”

“This show will be replaced by the upcoming reality show, Pati Patni Aur Woh, which will start from 28 September on Monday at 10:30 pm,” concludes the source.

The countdown for Kitni begins, while it also starts for the unique reality show Pati Patni Aur Woh…

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Laali was conscious: Shekhar was confident

LaaliAgle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, is now focusing on a love track between Laali (Ratan Rajput) and Shekhar (Abhishek Rawat) which has given the viewer’s a bit relief from the distress of the protagonist. The upcoming episode will see some intimate scenes between the couple.

While having a word with Ratan about her views and feelings during the intimate scenes, she informs, “Yes I felt a bit awkward as I had to be very close to Abhishek, but after all it is a scene and I have to give my best so that the audience get the right feel about Laali-Shekhar and their changing rapport.”

When we moved further with our chitchat, she also informed us about the on-set “Masti” during the scene, “Our director use to scold me at each and every minute for my mistake during the takes of this particular scene. Those incidents made me feel more embarrassed than shooting for the intimate sequence,” Ratan added.

Ratan also spoke on what Abhishek felt while shooting for this important scene. “He was very much confident while doing an intimate scene whereas I was shy and took a while to get in the mood of that particular sequence.”

At last Laali, you have climbed the first ladder of success Now we should wait and watch of how far will she go to achieve the goal or the task given by Thakur Loha Singh (Sudesh Berry)?

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Karan Mehra committed to Nisha Rawal!

Karan Mehra and Nisha RawalKaran Mehra who debuted with Rajan Shahi’s Yeh Ristha Kya Kehlata Hai on Star Plus is not single in real life any more. He is committed to Nisha Rawal who is a model turned actress and had debuted opposite Jimmy Shergill in “Hastey Hastey” and is a famous face in advertising.

Karan met Nisha for the first time professionally as the fashion designer for her film “Hastey Hastey” and gradually their friendship blossomed into love.

Karan Mehra says, “Nisha is the perfect partner who understands me totally. I feel, lucky to have her in my life”.

Nisha Rawal says, “Karan is a very disciplined guy and has all the qualities of a dream man. He is also very caring by nature. We compliment each other.”

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'I have always been an easy going person' - Mona Vasu

The winner of Sony's Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao, Mona Vasu has finally returned home.

We caught up with this cute lass for a frank chit chat on her experience of winning the first ever reality show she took part in..

How do you feel after winning?
Obviously, I feel very happy. Although I have won, I think all the finalists are winners in their own right, as it was really tough, both mentally and physically to last out the two months. The viewers might have not really appreciated the hardship we went through in terms of food and living in the wild.

What got you to sign up for the show?

I always love adventure, hence when they suggested that I will get to spend two months in the wild, I agreed. Having said that Iss Jungle is not only about roughing it out. It also has the human interaction element. I would call this show a cross between Fear Factor and Bigg Boss. We have to endure hunger pangs, weight loss and still work as a team without losing our cool.

Do you think your lack of controversies helped you lift the crown?
The show is such that sooner or later your true self will come out. You cannot play games when you are under surveillance 24*7. I have always been an easy going person. I also have a funda of agreeing to disagree with people who I don't get along with, rather than creating a scene. May be the audience saw this facet of my personality and voted for me.

But you did have problems with Akashdeep Saigal?
I cannot take comments which hurt my dignity. Hence I gave it back. But I soon cooled down and again returned to my point of agreeing to disagree; hence they were no issues in the last week. Towards the end, we were just counting the hours; hence nobody was in a mood for a fight.

Among all the tasks you did which were your best?
The food task eating those rats and insects. Many contestants purposely lied that they were veggies just to wriggle out, but I played the game fairly. Another task which I really enjoyed was when my leadership was challenged. Akash and I had to balance in a hole. It was quite tough yet I held out for 52 minutes and ultimately it were the doctors who asked me to stop.

There was much hue and cry regarding the bathing part?
The international format demanded bathing under the water fall as that's how people living in the jungle actually bathe. However our culture is not too comfortable with a woman bathing in public. The channel also did cross the line when they showed the bathing scenes from weird angles and gave it lots of footage.

When we were there we just followed the format and you can't expect us to remain dirty for two months. Its only when I came back did I release that it had become a big fuss. Certain girls like me smartly wore swim wear which did not raise any eyebrows, while others like Negar wore a bikini. But I don't want to comment for she comes from a different culture, where a two piece is common.

Among all your co campers, who were you fond of?
IshQ Bector, but he was out in the first week itself. I felt very bad that he was eliminated.. I was quite close to Anaida, Chitrashi, Aman as well.

What will you do with the winning booty of 1 crore?
I will buy a house ...

What next?
I am open to any kind of good stuff, be it both reality and fiction. But I cannot dance for nut. Winning a reality show has definitely helped my career and that too in my very first attempt.

How has Iss Jungle changed you?

Before this show I would never ever step into the kitchen but now I love to make food. Since I have come back I am still making the same stuff, we would make in the jungle.

Do you miss the jungle?
Others will say yes but they will not mean it. However I am different, being a person who likes the wild, I do really miss the openness and commune with nature. When I returned to Kuala Lumpur I got claustrophobic in a mall. Later when I had a burger I got a stomach upset.

How would you react if you bump into Akashdeep?

I would just wish him hello and move on.
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Vishka aka Priyanka Mishra comes back in Chhoti Bahu!

Vishka aka Priyanka MishraIs it good news or bad for the viewers that we can’t say, but yes Vishka aka Priyanka Mishra is all set to return after recovering from her illness! The actress was down with high fever and weakness thus she was not seen for a while in the show.

Our source from the sets reported that, “Yes Priyanka will soon be seen back in Chhoti Bahu and there is a surprise stored in for all the viewers. They will be seeing a new Vishaka all over again.”

“The new thing about her will be that the character will turn positive. She will realize the folly of all her mistakes. Her homecoming will definitely bring storm in the lives of Dev-Radhika,” adds the source.

The question that now arises will Vishaka’s father accept her, what about Dev and his family, will she be taken back or not? So now let’s see what more has fate in store for the real Chhoti Bahu.

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Jai Shri Krishna makes way for Bairi Piya..

COLORS' Jai Shri Krishna, which beautifully depicted the story of God Krishna's childhood adventures will now be coming to an end!!

The promos of Balaji Telefilms' first daily on COLORS, Bairi Piya are being aired for quite a long time now, and it is now certain that Ekta's show will be launching on 21st September at the 8.30 PM slot, thus putting an end to Jai Shri Krishna's journey.

Confirming the news of Jai Shri Krishna's exit, Producer Meenakshi Sagar quotes, "Yes, Jai Shri Krishna will be ending on the high note of Kans vadhan. According to a research done, we got to know that viewers might not be interested in seeing another version of Mahabharat on television, and if we continued, we would be showing only that. So we have decided to end it with the vadh of Kans".

Amrit Sagar too confirmed the same and said, "Jai Shri Krishna will be ending this Friday, i.e. September 18th".

Bairi Piya which will now launch on 21st September has Supriya Kumari and Sharad Kelkar as leads..
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Betaab Dil Ki Tamanna Hai to get the 10 PM slot on Sony..

After the days of Khwaish and Kuch Is Tara, Balaji Telefilms is all set to launch their next daily show, tentatively titled 'Betaab Dil Ki Tamanna Hai' on Sony Entertainment Television.

As we had reported earlier, this show will be a remake of sorts of the successful Zee show Kasamh Se, and will be the tale of three sisters who come to Mumbai from Assam.

Anupriya Kapoor, a new face from the Kishore Namit Kapoor School of Acting will be playing the eldest of the sisters, and her character name will be Kanchan. Yet another new talent, 11 year old Pragati Chourasiya will be playing the youngest sister, Parul.

According to our source, "Finally, the production house and channel have zeroed in on their new face to play the middle sister. Sumana Das who was seen in a show on Disney channel, Kya Mast Life Hai has been finalized to play the middle sister, Shamoli".

Our source further informs, "Vishal Nayak who is a theater artist will be playing the rakhi brother of the three girls. Also, talks are on with Shiv Subramanyam, who was recently seen playing the character of Lobo in the successful Shahid Kapoor movie Kaminey. If Shiv accepts the offer, he will be seen essaying the character of the rich middle aged man who will get married to the eldest of the girls".

Urvashi Dholakia will be seen making a comeback to Balaji with this show.

Betaab Dil Ki Tamanna Hai is likely to get the slot of 10 PM, and will launch sometime in October. Presently, Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Aur Bhi Karega is airing from Monday to Thursday at the 10 PM slot.

We have also heard that the channel will be airing the first promo of the show very soon..
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Zee's Shree to take a six year leap...

With the birth of the twins Rudr and Naveli, Zee TV and Hats Off Productions' supernatural thriller, Shree will take a six year leap very soon!!

As reported earlier, Shree (Wasna Ahmed) will be give birth to twins, of which the boy Rudr is the evil ansh of Kangana (Vibha Anand), while the girl kid Naveli will be the holy child.

However, Shree is always tempted to doubt on Naveli being the evil child, as she is a girl.

According to our source, "After the birth of the kids, Shree one day wishes to take them to the temple. However, just as she is entering the temple, a eunuch tells her that if her kids pay a darshan of God before they are six years old, they will meet with their untimely death. This news is again confirmed by the pujari who says that the kids should never visit a temple till they are six years old".

The story will take a freeze probably this Thursday, after which a six year leap will be shown the next Monday. "As of now, we have not decided on the track ahead. But Shree and Hari will be getting a slight makeover in terms of look. Also, we are auditioning for the little kids who will be cast once the leap is taken. The first scene post leap will most likely start with the Navrathri puja followed by the sixth birthday of Rudr and Naveli".

"As of now, there are no plans of bringing in new entries post leap. But the caretaker Trisha aka Mitika Sharma will continue to play a part even after the leap is taken", informs our source.
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ganesiya to enter Thakur mansion!

LaaliAgle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo is going to see Laali’s Ganesiya all over again, as he makes an re-entry and this time for a long period of time it seems. He will enter the house of Thakur as a servant. When? Why? Is still a query that is unsolved?

But one of our khabroo informs, “Ganesiya (Karan Mehra) will enter the Thakur’s mansion for he wants to know the reason of why Laali is there, and what is the motive of Thakur.”

“Ganesiya will enter into the haveli at its earliest, as a servant so that he can keep a watch on Laali,” adds the source.

Now the question arises, will Ganesiya be successful in saving Laali from distress? Will Ganesiya recognize the motive to bring Laali in the haveli? Or will Ganesiya walk away from the house without any action?

These questions will only be solved in the coming episodes.

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Avinash Sachdev gets Naughty!

Avinash SachdevAvinash Sachdev aka Dev of Choti Bahu shares an exclusive talk with us about his journey from a tough career, schooling, and marriage, to his future plans…

How is Avinash in real life?
Avinash in real life is very hard working, but I like to hangout also, as it’s not just work every time for me. I mostly like to travel in trains if possible, and would like to celebrate my honeymoon in train itself. I think by now you can imagine how desperately I love to travel in train. Secondly, I love and adore my parents a lot. And last but not the least, I believe to reach the stars, so that I at-least land on the moon. “hamesha dur ki socho.”

Who motivated you for this success?
Actually no one motivated me for coming into this field. My mom and dad wanted to see me as an I.A.S officer, which was definitely, not my cup of tea. But yes, at last it was my parents who supported me for what ever I did, and hope will always do so. According to me, my parents are the most understanding people in the world I have ever met. They are the most adorable and practical people.

Tell us something about your college and school days?
Truly speaking, I have never been to a college at any time, as I have started my career at the age when I was in 9th standard. I just use to visit the sets and locations, but I was really zero in what all was going on the sets, “Mujhe media ka M bhi nahi pata tha.” But I can say that I was a very studious guy, who just studied for 15 days and use to top in the class. School days were the best days of my life and school friends are everything for me. But I can’t say anything about the college life.

Tell us about your journey towards success?
As I had started my career at the age of 15, my first event was a fashion show with M.A.E.M.D Company where I bagged the Mr. Gujarat title over there. And then I use to participate in every small-big competition. Then I came to Mumbai, and worked as an assistant director for the serial Hatim, which aired on Star Plus. The only sad thing was, I had to work without pay. By god’s grace, finally I bagged the role of Dev for Choti Bahu. And the most interesting thing between Choti Bahu and me is that the name Dev is written in my “janam kundali.” But after so much of struggle I have at last reached my destination.

So now that you are all set in your career, so is there any plan for marriage?
Yes! For now I have been all set in my career, but marriage will still take a lot of time, because I have just crossed 23 (age) and I feel, I am still young for it. And when it comes to choose my life partner, I would see to it, that I don’t shame my parents at any cost, in any way. My bride should be “sarvagun sampanna”.

What about your off-screen relation with Rubina, as a co-artist?
Actually speaking “hamara 36 ka akda tha” but as of now, we are in crystal clear friendship. We both feel very much easy with each other; especially Rubina is very comfortable with me. We both go on a long drive and we have also gone to Lonavla for a holiday. It’s not like what everyone says, that there is something between us. No, it’s not like that “kal kuch hoga tho pata nahi par aaj toh dost hai” (Something can happen tomorrow, but today we are just good friends)

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Kitani Mohabbat Hai tipped to go off air...

There is a strong buzz that Balaji Telefilms show on NDTV Imagine, Kitani Mohabbat Hai will be shutting shop very soon.

The show which launched on January 19th 2009 had the romantic flavor that promised a lot, but somewhere down the line could not amass the ratings that the channel was wanting.

No doubt, the lead protagonists of the show Karan Kundra and Kritika Kamra became a talk of the town, both for their on screen as well as off screen chemistry, but their fan following did not reflect in way of TRP's.

According to our source, "The show will most likely see its end on 25th September, 2009. The poor TRPs have resulted in the early closure of the show".

We called lead actor Karan Kundra, who rubbished the news though and said, "I have been hearing this news for the past six months. As far as I know, we have a long story line in place; I don't have any idea if the show is going off air".

We tried calling Hiten Tejwani who plays Karan Singh, but he too was clueless and said, "I have no idea about this; you better talk to the production house".

We called Shailja Kejriwal, EVP Content, NDTV Imagine, who vehemently said, "No, the show is not going off air. We are just getting to the end of one particular track".

With a lot of new and differentiated fiction shows lined up, we never know what the channel's final decision would be!!

Well, only time will tell whether the buzz has some face to it or not!!
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Karan Wahi, Neha Jhulka and Sehban to enter Dill Mill Gayye..

Star One's Dill Mill Gayye, produced by Cinevistaas is roping in a fresh cast to play the new interns in the show.

According to our source, "There will be four entries happening, of which three names have been finalized. Karan Wahi of Remix fame who is presently seen in COLORS' Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari has been finalized to play one intern. Neha Jhulka, the model cum actress who was seen in the movie Kaise Kahein will be the second intern. Newcomer Sehban Azim will be playing the third intern. The handsome hunk has been part of many commercial ads like TVS Victor, TVS Scooty etc".

"The fourth intern will again be a girl. She will in all likelihood be a new comer", adds our source.

Neha Jhulka was earlier shortlisted to play the female lead in Cinevistaas upcoming show on Star One, Kya Yahi Pyaar Hai. When called, Neha told us, "Nothing is finalized as of now. I will be able to speak to you in few days' time".

We tried calling Karan Wahi, but he remained unavailable for comments. The actor's present show Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari will be ending on September 4th.

According to our source, "This new track has been introduced to get a breather of sorts from the routine faces that have been seen in the show till now. However, Karan Singh Grover will be part of the show, and there is no change in that".

The new interns will be starting shoot sometime next week.
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Ajay Balhara in Star One's Kya Yahi Pyar Hai…

Star one and Cinevistaa's forthcoming show, another love story titled Kya Yahi Pyar Hai, (loosely based on Hollywood flick Maid in Manhattan), will feature Ajay Balhara as parallel lead.

Finally, the channel and production house has zeroed in on their female lead, and it is new comer Aditi who's debuting with this show. As reported earlier, Siddharth Shukla of Babul Ka Aangann fame will essay the role of the male lead.

Ajay Balhara who was earlier seen in Imagine's Radha Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhyayengi confirms the news and says, "Yes, I will be portraying the character of Rajdeep, a General Manager of the hotel. He is a very charming, suave and well-educated fellow who always carries a smile on his face. Most of the people would like him!"

According to our source, "The story basically revolves around new comer Aditi. She plays an underprivileged girl who only has her six year old nephew who she can count on. She tries to bring him up with all the love and care. But she realizes that she needs to go out and get a job to handle things financially. She gets a job in the hotel where Rajdeep aka Ajay Balhara is the General Manager and Veer aka Siddharth Shukla is the owner of the hotel. This is how the three separate lives coincide."

We spoke to Palki Malhotra, Fiction Head, Cinevistaas who said, "I cannot say anything on the show until a formal press conference is organized by the channel."

If sources are to be believed, previously, Neha Jhulka and Gunjan Walia were approached for the role of the female protagonist. But it is now bagged by newcomer Aditi. Also, the shooting will begin around next week and the show will be launched in the month of October.
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Sach ka Saamna makes way for Perfect Bride

It’s a major shuffle in Star Plus. Sach ka Saamna will gracefully bow down and make its exit to let Perfect Bride take over.
Rajeev Khandelwal hosted Sach Ka Saamna which is now running at the 11 pm slot will end on September 18th. Perfect Bride will be launched on 12th September at 10 pm slot and from the subsequent Monday, that is 14th September onwards Perfect Bride will air Monday to Friday at the 10:30 pm slot, wherein the repeat telecast of Mitwa Phool Kamal Ke is presently aired.

Perfect Bride on weekdays that is Monday to Friday will run as a half hour show until 18th September. Owing to the exit of Sach Ka Saamna on 18th September, rom 21st September onwards, Perfect Bride will run for one hour on weekdays that is from 10:30-11:30. On the whole Perfect Bride will be a unique show that runs all through the week.

Confirming on Sach Ka Saamna's exit from Star Plus Anupama Mandloi, Senior Creative Director, Star Plus, says, "Yes, Sach Ka Saamna is ending on the 18th of September and Perfect Bride will go on for an hour."

Perfect Bride which launches on 12th September will have bog names Malaika Arora Khan, Shekar Suman and Amrita Rao as judges.

As Star Plus gets rolling with its ultimate search for the Perfect Bride, audience will be keen to know how the show fares.
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Swarg completes 50 episodes; to go the romantic way..

Colors' and Rajan Shahi's show Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg, started off as a family drama. But with the completion of 50 episodes, the show is turning over a new leaf. The show will now focus on the romance of the youngsters in the story.

Rajan Shahi, the Producer says, "A beautiful love story is about to blossom in the show. This will surely give a new texture to Swarg." He goes on saying, "What viewers will get to see now is the relationship between the youngsters taking proper definition. We shot a sequence of their picnic at a farmhouse where all of us enjoyed thoroughly."

Rajan further tells us, "A lot of faith and conviction has gone into the making of this show. We got utmost support from COLORS too. The concept is such that it needed a lot of patience for the ratings to go up. But because of the positivity shown, the show has started appealing the viewers."

Apparently the show is so strong on moral values that Rajan Shahi uses it to influence his daughter. He says, "I capture all the episodes in DVD so that my daughter Ishika can watch all the episodes without it affecting her study routine. I want her to be influenced by the family values incorporated in the show."

Swarg reaches its first milestone of sorts today, as it completes 50 episodes. "This is just the beginning, and we have a long way to go", states Rajan.

The present track will see a picnic happening wherein the three brothers, Shubh, Arjun and Ansh along with the two girls, Gayathri and Suhaani will be seen. This sequence at the farm house which happens to be the picnic spot will reveal to the audience the manner in which the pairings will take place in the show.

Pracheen Chauhan aka Shubh talks about the girl he will choose to marry in the show, "The story is going through a period of transformation. Shubh is quite confused but when the time comes he will make a wise decision thanks to the way his parents have brought them up."

About the picnic Pracheen says, "In this picnic we are not just having fun but there's also a lot of thrill and excitement due to the suspense in the air."

Whatever comes next we hope keeps the viewers interested…
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Shree to give birth to twins..

Kangana aka Vibha Anand is in full form in Zee's Shree produced by Hats Off Productions, as she is fighting hard to get into the womb of Shree (Wasna Ahmed).

The present track focuses on the vrats that Shree undertakes in order to ward off the evil desires of Kangana. To begin with, Shree walks on fire, after which she starts to do a very powerful 24 hour long aarti.

About the storyline, "Shree will encounter many problems as she is doing the 24 hour long aarti. At first, Kangana attacks Madhu Bhabhi, who is trapped inside a burning car. Shree who can see Madhu Bhabhi in trouble has to leave the aarti and go to save here. At this juncture, Bal Ganesh comes to Shree's rescue, and takes Shree's place to do the aarti, while Shree manages to save Madhu Bhabhi".

"If this is not enough, Kangana next captures Hari (Pankaj Singh Tiwary) who gets out of the house to get some ingredients for the pooja. Kangana traps Hari in a mannequin. This leaves Shree with no other option but to move out of the aarti and save Hari", adds our source.

Finally, Kangana reaches the point wherein she succeeds to enter into Shree's womb. "Shree is heartbroken when she realizes that she is indeed carrying the evil version of Kangana in her womb. As she weeps before Bal Ganesh, he gives her one more vardaan, that is of carrying a holy child in her womb. As a result of this, Shree is pregnant with twins", further states our source.

The story will now move faster, and soon will reach the stage wherein the kids will be born. "While one is the evil Kangana's reincarnate, the other kid will be a very holy child. Soon there will one more entry into the show in the form of Shree's caretaker, Trisha", concludes our source.

Get ready for the fast paced action between the Good and the Evil in Shree..

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Karol Bagh revamped to seem commonplace

Zee TV and Sunshine Productions' recently launched show, '12/24 Karol Bagh' holds the distinction of being the very first show on Indian Television to be shot completely in Delhi.

Going out of the main production hub of Mumbai was not an easy task for the channel as well as the production house. However, they had to find a way for themselves, and put up a well built set in the outskirts of Delhi.

Says a source from the team, "Our farm house is based 10 Kms inside Chattarpur. When we got here, it was a five acre plot which had a big lavish bungalow owned by a rich guy. He had very tastefully done the interiors of the house, and had furnished it with top class German and Italian furniture sets. However, we had to do away with all the luxury, and had to renovate the house so that it deems perfect to be called the 'Sethi House'. We got away with all the costly sets, and furnished the place with goods bought at Lajpath Nagar and Kashmiri Gate".

Hunar Halli who plays Mili Sethi tells us, "The house was very modern and posh and was not in line to the Sethi family. So our art director Akanksha did a wonderful job of refurnishing the whole house from one corner to the other. Even our producer Seema Sudhir gave a lot of creative inputs."

Talking more about the place, our source states, "There is no transport at all to this place apart from the cars we have. Traffic is not that much at this place, but commuting daily is difficult owing to the distance. Though the actors do not stay at the farm house, most of the unit and crew members reside in the farm house in order to avoid long hours of travel".

But the best thing about the entire place is its serene beauty. "We have parks and gardens inside the campus. We have a jogging track wherein many of us jog when free. We have the swings to play on and relax when we need the much needed break. In fact, many of the actors in their leisure time, sit on the swings (jhoolas) and talk to their family members", further states our source.
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kavita Kaushik’s truck-driving adventure!

Sandra Bullock couldn't manage driving a bus for Speed but our desi girl Kavita Kaushik could very well handle the wheels of a truck for a scene in SAB TV's FIR!

It so happens that an action scene in FIR needed a truck to be driven. But the director was not confident about a 'girl' doing such a job, so handed the responsibility over to a junior artiste. However, Kavita made sure the director realized he should trust girls more when it comes to assigning tough jobs!

Kavita tells us, "When I came to know of the action sequence I asked the director to let me do it. But the director wasn't very sure of me handling the truck. He was like – nahi tum ladki ho. Tumhe kuch ho jayega toh? (You are a girl, what if something happens to you?) So he went ahead and gave the responsibility to a junior artist."

However, Kavita soon realized that fate was in her favor. She says, "When we went near the truck the junior artiste expressed his fears about driving the truck. I told him not to worry and just let me handle it."

It was quite a scene when people on the sets realized that it was Kavita who was behind the steering wheel. An elated Kavita says, "It was a pleasant surprise for everyone when they saw me driving the truck!" The actress is pleased for having achieved a sort of an accomplishment. She says, "When I saw myself on the screen, I found it amusing as I saw a thin girl maneuvering a big truck!"

The most shocking part is that Kavita improvised the whole thing. She says, "No I've neither had formal training to drive heavy vehicles nor have I ever driven a truck before. I just read the instructions and was careful I followed them all properly. Like the first gear is like the reverse gear of a car. I gave my full attention to the task and thankfully, all went well."

Way to go Kavita, you've made all the girls out there proud!
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New find, Pragati Chorasia in Sony's Betaab Dil Ki Tamanna Hai..

Balaji Telefilms will be back on Sony Entertainment Television after a hiatus with 'Betaab Dil Ki Tamanna Hai'.

"This will be a remake of sorts of Kasamh Se and will deal with the lives of three sisters who come to Mumbai from Assam".

Recently, a tabloid had written about Betaab Dil Ki Tamanna Hai focusing on the real life disgraced incident of actor Shiney Ahuja. It was also reported that Salim Ghouse will be playing the role of Shiney.

However, our source dismisses the entire theory and states, "Our show is nowhere related to Shiney Ahuja's real life happening. Yes, we have a scene wherein we need to shoot at a red light area, but this is something totally different from what the actor committed in real life", states our source.

The search is on for the three new girls who will essay the roles of the sisters in the show. "For the elder sister's role, Anupriya Kapoor, a girl from the Kishore Namit Kapoor School of Acting has been short listed. However, the channel has not yet given a confirmation. Pragati Chorasia, a 11 year old who has done a one-day character in a Balaji show in the last three years has been finalized to play the youngest of the sisters", informs our source.

Popular actress Urvashi Dholakia will be seen staging a comeback to Balaji Telefilms with this show.

It is buzzed that Palampur Express will be shutting shop in the near future, and this new Balaji show in all likelihood will replace it.

When contacted, Sandiip Sikcand, Creative Director, Balaji Telefilms said, "You need to talk to the channel regarding this".

Khwaish and Kuch Is Tara were the last offerings of Balaji Telefilms for Sony Entertainment Television..
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Iss Jungle gets its Finalists..

There is God after all. Akashhdeep Saigal will finally be eliminated in tonight's episode of Sony's Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao.

The viewers have been putting up with his obnoxious behavior for the past seven weeks. Akashh's rantings and derogatory remarks against the other contestants, mostly the girls in the camp and women in general have not been taken very kindly by people outside. For instance, my journalist-colleagues can't wait to give Akashh a taste of his own medicine when he comes back home.

So why are we happy to see Akashh out? Sample this: 'Women should stay within limits', 'In sab ne Nestle ka doodh piya hai, maa ka doodh kisine nahin piya', 'Anaida, who's going to marry you? How will you have kids?', 'Aman should be made to sit at home like a handicapped person. Even my dog can defeat him in any jungle task' etc etc…we have been hearing Akashh say all this and more and get away with it. One had already given up hope in the viewers as Akashh got saved week after week despite his crude, rude, arrogant behavior.

The bad boy of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi strutted and swaggered as if he was God's gift to mankind. While on one hand he claimed to revere his mother ("I touch her feet four times a day") and elder sister, on the other hand he didn't think twice before making hell for his jungle mates, especially Mona Vasu and Anaida. His unflattering remarks against Anaida specially showed the class he came from and the upbringing he might have had. We would really like to wish all the luck to his girlfriend.

He behaved so out of control that one had almost begun to think he was "acting" as per the channel's brief. When his friend and "big brother" Marc Robinson was eliminated from the jungle, we asked him if Akashh's behavior was all orchestrated. Marc said then, "I don't know. May be you have given the answer. If he was really degrading towards women and he really thinks about women like that, then he is no longer my friend. I wish he had stopped firing off Chetan's (Hansraj) shoulder."

Ever since Jay Bhanushali's elimination on Monday and the audio visual footage shown to the other contestants, about what everyone thought of Akashh, he seemed to have realized the damage he had done to his 'image,' the 'bad picture' that had gone out to the world. He had
withdrawn into a shell as he kept mum, possibly introspecting about his stay in the jungle, possibly how he himself was to blame for ruining his chances of winning the show, for possibly finally realizing that no matter how thick he was with Chetan, ultimately there could be just one winner and how that winner may not be him.

We also object to the way Akashh spoke about Aman Verma who all said and done is his senior in the industry and at least more dignified. Akashh's only claim to fame to date was his much-talked-about character of Ansh Gujral in Kyunki and after tonight's elimination, he would always be remembered as the bad boy who never grew up, who made a nuisance of himself and last but not the least, who dug his own grave.

Yes, there is God after all.
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Aditya Redij gets desperate..

Aditya RedijThe tall and handsome guy, Aditya Redij aka Raghav of Naa Aana Iss Desh Laado is getting desperate theses days. Guys don’t get us wrong as we are talking about his character in the show which has turned negative. Now the actor is desperate to get back to the positive side.

“It’s been long that my character has turned negative but now I want it to become positive all over again,” says Aditya.

The actor has received many messages from his fans for the same. “I’ve received lots of messages on facebook from my fans asking me of when my character will turn positive. They love to see me as a dutiful hubby of Sia,” he adds.

“My character will be turning positive soon but if it doesn’t happen I would ask my fans to ask the channel and the producer and demand to them for the change in my character,” he concludes.

Is the producer and channel listing to his plea If not don’t worry your fans will definitely do the needful.

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Akshara-Naitik shares same interest..

Akshara-NaitikOne of the most loveable on screen duo, Akshara (Hina Khan) and Naitik (Karan Mehra) of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hain shares a good tuning not only in reel but real life too. A “reality” check says the whole story.

Don’t be so shocked! We are just talking about their choices for participating in reality shows. “My favourite reality shows are Nach Baliye and Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao but when it comes for participation I’ll definitely go with Dus Ka Dus, because I want to meet Salman Khan,” said Karan Mehra.

Where as Akshara has a different choice regarding reality shows that she likes to watch but there is one similarity where the duo comes on the one platform. “According to me the best reality show I liked to see is Big Boss and Dus Ka Dum, but if some one would ask me to participate some reality show I would definitely go with Dus Ka Dum because that is the place where people get to know their stars beyond their on screen character and I would love to meet Salman Khan as well,” Hina Khan (Akhsara) revealed.

So have you seen the amazing similarity between on screen husband-wife? These comments by Akhara-Naitik have left us in suspicion of Yeh Rishta Kya kehelata Hain? Isn’t it!?

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Ek aur agnipariksha for Laali

LaaliIt’s the Devil or the Dead Sea like situation for our Laali aka Ratan Rajput in the show Agel Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo. Again Laali has to prove herself to the Thakurs that she will do her job.

Our source from the production house informs, “Loha Singh has poisoned his son Shekhar, as he mixes stuff in the bhang and makes him drink it. Now Loha will put Laali into a dilemma for getting the heir for his family from Laali. He forces Laali to do action from her side as Shekhar will never do it for the family.”

As we know that Laali will never be the reason of someone’s death, she will definitely try to save Shekhar from demise. “The venom which Shekhar has consumed will show its effect slowly, that is only for 15 days, within which we will get our answer of whether he is alive or not. Now it’s a big problem for Laali, as Loha Singh has warned her that if she wants to see Shekhar alive, she has go ahead and prove it to Bade Thakur about her pregnancy as soon as possible,” source revealed.

“Only If Laali gives the proof of her pregnancy, Loha Singh will spare Shekhar by giving him the right medication,” source concluded.

Hence now Laali is left with an unsolved question, which will only be solved by “passing time”. Will Laali be successful? How will she save Shekhar’s life is something to be waited and watched.

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A King at Heart is Sameer Dharmadhikari...

Relating to a character from a bygone era may seem doubtful; but Sameer Dharmadhikari, has absolutely no qualms in relating to King Gangadhar Rao from India's pre-independence era. He portrays this little known legend in Zee TV's period drama Jhansi Ki Rani.

Sameer says, "Everyone wants to be treated like a king and somewhere he or she feels like a royal personality in their heart. So even though my character is someone from way back, I don't have a problem relating to him. Dil ka toh Raja main bhi hoon. (I too am a king from way of heart)."

When asked if it was difficult to portray such a rustic character, Sameer says, "Difficult?! No way! Its fun!" Elaborating on the 'fun' he has while portraying his character, he says, "Everyone calls me Maharaj. When I enter the sets all of my colleagues simply shout- Maharaj ki jai ho."

The actor reveals that it was quite difficult to get to know his character deeply because there was hardly any matter exposing the King's personality. He says, "We literally had to hunt for the character. But eventually I got help from some highly intellectual historians who specialized on this certain area of Jhansi."

The historians revealed a lot of interesting facts to the inquisitive actor. Sameer says, "I got to know the clout that this King pulled. The British were actually scared of this King and with him as the ruler had to think several times before attacking Jhansi. Jhansi ki Rani came later. It was this man who laid the foundation of a great kingdom."

Sameer got his long time wish fulfilled with Gangadhar Rao. "I was getting bored doing social dramas and was waiting for a period offer. And I'm so glad I got my hands on one!", he signs off.
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'Do Bigha Zameen' on NDTV Imagine..

After getting together a big cast of talented actors as well as new comers for their recently launched show Basera, NDTV Imagine is now working on a concept which will be a mix of the yester year classic films, 'Mother India' and 'Do Bigha Zameen'.

According to our source, "The show will depict the real rural India, and will deal with the hand-to-mouth living of the villagers. The search is presently on to get the right mix of actors for the show. This will be the channel's next big launch as far as fiction is concerned. The first schedule of shoot will be happening in Kutch".

"If all goes well, the show might be launched sometime in October", adds our source.

If the buzz is to be believed, Shakuntalam Telefilms will be producing the show. "Talks are on with the production house, but nothing is confirmed at the moment", states our source.

We asked about this from Shyamashis Bhattacharya, of Shakuntalam Telefilms, but he rubbished the news of producing such a show for Imagine.
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