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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Manav-Archana Family coming together!

‘Pavitra Rishta’ the daily on Zee TV has always kept its audience hooked and has planned to continue the same by bringing more masala in the show. The wish of those fans who were waiting to see Manav-Archana (Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande) together will be soon fulfilled to some extent as the track will move towards the positive phase for the protagonist.

Elaborating on the track, source says, “To keep the truth hidden from the world, Vandita (Manav’s sister) is forcefully married to Ajit (Pankaj Vishnu) who tried to rape her during the holi celebration. And now as she plays the reluctant wife, Ajjit and his mother try to harass Vandita in many which ways possible, trying to make Vandita mentally ill. Thus, Savita (Usha Nadkarni) being a mother, sees herself in Sulochana’s shoes as things that even Sulochana (Savita Prabhune) would have gone through this kind of pain because even her daughter Archana, is harassed at her in-laws place. And in spite of harassing Archana, she is the one who always supports the family will make Savita to realize that she is not a bad soul.”

“An incident will make Savita realize that Archana always thinks in favour of the family. The incident occurs when Deshmukh family is invited for the wedding reception of Ajit and Vandita, where Rasika asks Savita to tie the ghungroos and dance in front of all, witnessing this, Archana comes in front and stand by Savita saying that we won’t tolerate such kind of insult of any member of our family. Seeing this, Savita changes her mind and start loving Archana."

“On other hand, even Manav will create a soft corner in Karanjkar family which will give a green signal to Archana-Manav’s relationship. The shoot for the track of Ajit and Vandita wedding reception (where again Vandita’s family gets insulted in front of the invited society) is going on and will be telecasted in the coming episode.”

Well, viewers breathe a sigh of relief as soon your favorite Manav-Archana pair will be seen together!

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It’s not quite the same for KSG-Jennifer

Life has the uncanny knack of bringing estranged mates together. Karan Singh Grover was earlier linked with Jennifer Winget. The duo now faces each other again on the sets of Dill Mill Gayye. However, their equation isn’t the same again.

The moment Karan made a comeback to the show, all wondered whether he’ll be able give his best with Jennifer still around the show? And, will the two put aside their past and gel as professionals?

A little birdie from the sets, informs, “Jeniffer Winget and Karan Sign Grover are behaving very normally. Looking at them, you get an impression that nothing happened between them. They are behaving in a very professional manner. Though, there is very little communication between them once the camera is switched off.”

Adding further, the source says, “Earlier, they used to giggle, play pranks with each other and enjoyed every single moment. Though, they still have their funny moments, both ensure that it’s within limits.”

Hmm! Will the two remain apart or will history repeat itself? Only time will tell.

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How Do saheliyaan swap husbands

Alright! It’s a known fact Zee TV’s newly launched show Do saheliyaan is about two Rajasthani girls swapping their husbands. (Don’t run your imagination wild, there’s nothing immoral here). The big question is how this interchanging occurs? We’ve managed to unearth this swap act. Well, this takes place in a typical filmi style. Ah-ah! There’s no ‘Kumbh-ke-mele-main-bichadna’ here.

Says a source, “Presently, Maithli (Sulagna Panigrahi) is getting married to Shaurya (Gaurav Chaudhary) while Bhavri (Ankita Srivastav) has already tied the knot with Anadi (Raunaq Ahuja). Both couples get married on the same day and coincidently, they also plan their honeymoon on the same date, same place and the same train too.”

Elaborating on the twist, the source says, “Maithli-Shaurya and Bhavri-Anadi are travelling in the same train but not the same bogeys. They are going to Mount Abu. Expectedly, the train is derailed putting the passengers into a spin. Soon darkness engulfs the train. When there’s light, Maithli ends up seeing Anadi while Shaurya meets up with Bhavri. Despite their best efforts, they fail to find each other’s groom/bride. Later, realizing that life is a penance for a widow in Rajasthan, Anadi marries Maithli while Bhavri ties the knot with Shaurya. The real drama will begin when they discover that their first husbands are alive.”

When contacted, Panigrahi said, “I can’t comment as to how the interchanging of husbands will happen. For that, you’ll have to watch the show.”

Hmm! Viewers don’t miss this tumultuous journey.

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'I believe in love based on compatibility' - Karan Grover

Karan Grover aka Kayjee has always been a popular face on television. He is now portraying the sweet and affable character that goes by his real name in Zee TV and Rajshri Productions' Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli.

Although he refuses to share details about his real life love- Kavita Kaushik , he speaks on love in general and of the kind that he believes in. He tells us how, even though he started late in life, he is so far happy with his acting career and intends to contribute more than acting to the entertainment industry.

Excerpts from our conversation…

Tell us about the things that make you love Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli…
First is the production house. Kavitaji is my favorite producer. Whenever she offers me anything, I don't even bother to go through the nuances, I say yes right away. Second is my part. I love my part. I get to wear the same trendy clothes that I started off with, even though my character has changed from a college boy to a lover boy and now almost Aabha's husband.

When you signed for your part, did you know it was going to be so big?
Yes, I knew it (smiles).

How does any character you take affect you?
Personally, whenever I do a part, I bring it back home I take it to my gym …everywhere. People say don't bring work home. But I do just that. I start roaming around in my character's look. I start picking up paraphernalia that he can use. I start weaving my own scripts in my head for my character. And when I discuss it with my director, he thinks I've gone mad (laughs). Every time I take a new character, I start behaving like a kid in a toy store but before he even enters it!

Do you relate to your character?
Yeah, I relate to Karan a lot. But then he's a far more emotional person. He's very impulsive and thinks about love and marriage.

Is there anything that bothers you about your character?
I don't think there's anything such as that. In fact, I love everything about Karan and I can learn a lot from him. He is patient. He is very romantic and believes in love at first sight whereas I so don't believe in love at first sight.

So what kind of love do you believe in?
I believe in love based on compatibility. For me love at first sight is all about passion and when it dies down something that works is what you have common between each other. I believe in being comfortable with the person you love, even in the worst of situations. You should be in your most awful clothes yet not feel awkward in front of that person. You should be able to brush your teeth with that person beside you…

How is Suhasi as a co-actor?
Suhasi is by far my favorite co-actor. We have a great time on the sets. We love to share our lunch. We both are big foodies so we keep ordering lots of junk food like burgers, pizzas, subway sandwiches etc. We do a lot of masti and other senseless things on the sets (laughs).

Does having a married co-star affect your on-screen chemistry?
Not at all! Suhasi has a very supportive family that trusts her completely and stands by her decision to work in the industry. I have met some of them. I have met her husband and he's a great guy. Her in-laws believe in the Barjatyas and so there's no negative vibes at all for me to be working with her.

At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to be an actor?
I realized quite late in my life that I wanted to be an actor. I'm a chemical engineer by qualification. I got a KT in my last year. I pursued event management and that's what gave me an entry into the field of entertainment. I've worked with experts like Umang Kumar.
When I saw what happened at these events I was like- 'I wanna be on stage, I wanna dress up, I wanna give interviews.' I realized I loved everything about an actor's life. So I started giving auditions and here I am.
You see, this is the reason why coming everyday to the sets does not feel mundane at all. I love coming to the sets every day. I love every moment of being in this profession.

Have you achieved whatever you had planned you would by this time?
I don't make such time limited plans. I don't keep any physical goals like- by so and so time I'll buy my own apartment or own a Mercedes. Nope!
I'd made a goal that I want to be an actor and I've achieved that goal. The press and media are accepting me and I'm happy with this achievement. Somewhere down the line I want to make films and contribute more to the entertainment industry. But then again, that has no cut-off line.

What are the three things, according to you, that aspiring actors should always bear in mind?
First, know the job.
Second, stay true to it. Be sincere.
Third, it is the medium that makes you and not the other way around. You are never bigger than the medium.

What is the motto of your life?
My motto is as the classic song goes, "Don't worry, be happy".
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Rakesh Bedi in F.I.R

Rakesh Bedi, the veteran actor will be seen in a cameo role in SAB TV's F.I.R.

The actor who was busy for nine long years with Yes Boss took a break for few months, and is now back to television with a different character in FIR.

When contacted, Rakesh Bedi confirmed the news and said, "I will be playing different characters in different episodes. I will not be seen in all episodes, but yes, as per my dates I will frequently be shooting with them. I have already shot for 5-6 characters for F.I.R".

Elaborating on one such interesting character that he plays in F.I.R, Rakesh told us, "I play a father in one of the episodes, who pretends to be married to Chandramukhi (Kavita Kaushik) only to teach his son a lesson".

Rakesh Bedi will also be seen in Waterwalks'upcoming show on SAB TV, titled Chal Chanchal Chal.
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Priyanka Chopra replaces Akshay Kumar in Fear Factor..

Akshay Kumar had been the charming host of COLORS' Fear Factor for the last two seasons, but the macho host will be missed in this season of the show. The first two seasons saw glamorous girls from all walks of life trying their hand at adventure. This season will have a change in concept, and is expected to rope in 13 cricketers from all cricketing nations. Hence, the channel was on a lookout for a glam girl this time to host the show.

And it is the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra who has been finalized to take over the mantle from Akshay Kumar.

According to our source, "Talks were on with Priyanka Chopra for some time, but now it is official. She will be replacing Akshay Kumar in this season's Fear Factor as host. Priyanka has the right mix of glamour and enthusiasm when it comes to athleticism. Her action packed stunt scenes in the movies Don and Drona have classified the actor as being one of the fittest in the Bollywood fraternity. So she will be the friend as well as guide for the 13 cricketers who will be fighting the battle this season. This also marks the small screen debut of Priyanka".

As per the buzz, Priyanka has been an avid follower of Fear Factor and thoroughly enjoys watching it. So she considers this as a big challenge that has come her way. The beauty of the big screen is eagerly looking forward to this show which will feature some big names from the cricketing field..
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Vineett longs to move on...

Vineett Kumar swears he will forever remain thankful to Star Plusand Endemol for having the faith in him and handing over the role of Daljit in Sabki Laadli Bebo. However, the actor now yearns for newer horizons.

He tells us, "I now want to take up a bigger dare, say like character roles in Bollywood or a lead in television show. Many people didn't think I'd fit the bill for Daljit but I proved them wrong and have made the people who had faith in me proud. Now I want to grow more and beyond the mould of Daljit."

When asked if he is willing to do provocative scenes for a Bollywood role in this highly competitive era he replied, "I know what you mean. But I'll do it only if the script and the character demands it. Until and unless I haven't gone through the script I can't really say much. If there's a genuine need for it, then I don't mind doing it. But to be honest my ardent wish is to do some romantic role like Raj in DDLJ."

Vineett is a die-hard fan of Amitabh Bachchan. He gushes, "There's not a single film of Bachchanji that I haven't watched. Sharaabi and Agnipath are my all time favorites. Although I feel with Paa he crossed several more leagues as an actor. How, as an actor one should go to the extremes of reinvention is exhibited by Amitji in a remarkable way!"

The actor feels sad about missing an opportunity to meet his idol. He says, "Amitji was supposed to shoot at a studio next to ours but sadly my off was also on that day only. It's a very unfortunate incident that I missed seeing him." He adds as an afterthought, "But I won't give up the wish to meet him personally someday"

Vineett has a long list of directors that he dreams of working with. "Vishal Bhardwaj, Anurag Kashyap, Rakesh Roshan, Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra and Raj Kumar Hirani are fabulous directors. I would consider it an honour if I'm given an opportunity to work with them," he signs off.
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Thakur and Amoli come face-to-face again..

COLORS' Bairi Piyahas shifted base to Meerut recently, wherein the protagonist Amoli (Supriya Kumari) has found some near and dear ones in the Pundir family.

Tonight's episode will see a high point wherein Digvijay Thakur (Sharad Kelkar) and Amoli will come face-to-face yet again!!

According to our source, "Thakur comes to meet his wife Urmila (Shubhi Mehta) at his maayka to request her not to divorce him. They have planned to meet at the purani khila near the Icha Purti Mandir in Singadh, MP. Sunanda Devi (Vaishnavi) has also planned a visit to the same mandir to seek the blessings of the deity there, as she believes that whoever prays there will get a good match. So she intends to take her entire family to pray for a suitor for her daughter Ankita".

"This is where Thakur and Amoli meet each other. Thakur tries to nab Amoli but the girl somehow manages to escape. On the other hand, Thakur also needs to flee for his life as he is being hunted by the police for the murder of Radhe", adds our source.

With Amoli escaping this incident, the coming episodes will also focus on the Thakur getting caught by the police.

We called up Supriya Kumari who said, "Yes, there is a very interesting sequence in tonight's episode where Amoli and Thakur see each other yet again. You will have to watch the suspense".

Let's see what's brewing here..
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Divyanka replaces Resham Tipnis in Ujjwal's show..

Talented Divyanka Tripathi of Banoo Main Teri Dulhann fame has been getting lot of television offers of late.

As reported earlier, she was short listed along with Sanjeeda Sheikh for a Zee TV – Big Synergy show. She had also been offered a SAB TV show for Contiloe Telefilms. But the latest is that Divyanka Tripathi has been approached to play the lead role in Ujjwal Rana's maiden production, Dil Hai Chota Sa, which will launch on SAB TV.

We had earlier reported that Ujjwal Rana the actor who was earlier seen in Ghar Ek Sapna, has taken to production, which is called Starex Entertainment. We had earlier stated that Resham Tipnis and Rajesh Kumar will play a couple in the show. Ridhi Dogra,Pratima Kazmi, Atul Srivastav are also part of the show.

However, the latest is that Resham Tipnis is no more associated with the show, and Divyanka has been finalized for this particular role.

Resham Tipnis confirmed the news and said, "Yes, I am not doing Ujjwal Rana's show now. They wanted 25 days in a month and I could not give them that, as I am busy with my Marathi show too. So guess, this is a fair deal, and I think they have taken another actress to play the role".

We contacted Divyanka, who said, "I have got few offers in hand. But I have not yet decided on what to accept".

We called Producer Ujjwal Rana, but he refused to comment.

However, our source tells us, "Divyanka has accepted this show, and has started shoot. The show is expected to launch post IPL".

We tried calling Anooj Kapoor, Business Head, SAB TV but he remained unavailable for comment.

Guess we can now say that Divyanka will soon return to television!!
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Manish Paul to host auditions of Little Masters..

Manish Paul who was recently seen hosting SaReGaMaPa Mega Challenge will be seen hosting the audition part of Zee TV's upcoming show Little Masters.

According to our source, "The auditions are on for Little Masters, and will be hosted by Manish Paul. The concept of this show is very different, and the production house and channel want to make this kids reality show a new brand in itself. There will be four mentors seen during the audition phase, who will be the ex-contestants of Dance India Dance. Everyone from Jai Kumar Nair, Mayuresh, to Siddhesh Pai from Season One will be seen in the auditions. Kruti Mahesh and Altaf from Season 2 will also be present. The show Little Masters will have new hosts, and the channel and production house are looking for kiddo twins to host the show. Auditions are on for the same".

When contacted, Manish Paul confirmed hosting the audition part and said, "Yes, I will be hosting the audition round. I have no clue as to who will host the Gala rounds".
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Angad out; Vivaan Bhatena to host Emotional Atyachaar

Bindass’ controversial show Emotional Atyachaar will now have a new host. Popular TV actor Vivaan replaces Angad Bedi, who’s headed to the Indian Premier League.

Bhatena confirms the news, “Angad had to leave because of his IPL commitments thus I’ll now be taking over as the host. I’ve already shot for one episode.”

A TV actor usually enjoys a good image with his/her fans. Hosting such a controversial show may tarnish this image.

“Yes, that thought does exist but let’s not forget it’s these suspecting individuals who have asked us to spy on their partner. As a host, you’re walking on tight rope and your primary task is to ensure that tempers don’t flare. These are very delicate situations and thus one has to ensure that no one is deeply hurt,” said Bhatena

Sting operations are a risky process and often backfire on its conductors. Such practices are considered immoral.

“Well, guess that is for Bindass to look after. I’m just doing my job. I’m sure the channel knows how to protect its interests. As for the morality aspect, intruding into people’s private life, especially girls, isn’t right but we’ve taken care to hide one’s identity in most cases. Such practice helps in cases of arrange marriage. In one of the episodes, a girl was saved after she came to know the sexcapades of her fiancĂ©. Fortunately, here we managed to save not just one but four girls from being cheated,” the actor replies.

Bhatena is married for the last two years and surprisingly his wife is thrilled to see him host Emotional Ataychaar.

“Before I got the offer, she would often joke how she wants to conduct a sting operation on me. My wife is a regular viewer of this show. She can’t wait to see me in the show,” concludes the actor.

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Is Zara Nachke.. to be blamed for Aamir-Sanjeeda split?

Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh were once considered as a pair made in heaven. However, nothing is constant in heaven too. Reportedly, this relationship is on its last legs. What’s the bone of contention here?

Aamir and Sanjeeda have not been on cordial terms for a while and the shell finally cracked with the issue over their participation in the second season of Zara Nachke Dikha.

This show is a dance competition between boys and girls and Aamir, reportedly, wasn’t in favour of competing with Sanjeeda. Since this season will have eliminations, Aamir didn’t want to compete with Sanjeeda and wasn’t in favour of her participating. However, Sanjeeda, who is a much accomplished dancer than Aamir, refused to toe the line. This supposedly let to a tiff between the two.

Well, this isn’t the first instance where dance competition has resulted in the split between a couple. Gaurav Chopra had split with his long time girl friend Narayani Shastri after Nach Baliye and had started seeing the sexy Mouni Roy. Karan Patel and Amita Chandekar stunned all when they revealed that they were never a couple and yet took part in Nach Baliye 3.

We tried calling Aamir and Sanjeeda and even send them a text message but neither replied to it.

However, realistically speaking is a dance show really responsible for the alleged split between Aamir and Sanjeeda?

Zara Nachke Dikha has always been a boy versus girl show. So, why should any couple fret at the prospect of competing against each other?

Rumour has it that Aamir is tired of living under Sanjeeda’s shadow. Though Aamir became a hit with Woh rehne wali mehlon ki, the truth is that his career has simply failed to take off since then. Though, he won Nach baliye but it was Sanjeeda who walked away with all the accolades. Critics and even Nach baliye judges maintained that Sanjeeda was the instrumental factor in their win. Aamir often shies away from questions about his relationship with Sanjeeda. One reckons that it was one man who was calling the shots in this relationship and our lady has now decided to be independent.

Whatever may be the truth, but Aamir and Sanjeeda’s diehard fans wouldn’t complain. After all, they rather prefer to see their dear one having a single status.

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'I'll keep entertaining you as long as you love me'-Karan Singh Grover

Karan Singh Grover is finally back to Star One's Dill Mil Gaye. And here is Karan talking exclusively to us on his return to the show, on the probable track ahead, his future plans and much more…

Over to Karan Singh Grover…

How is it to get back to Dill Mil Gaye?
It's really awesome to be back. I'm just so astonished to see that the crew has built such a huge set for my comeback episode. I feel like I have come back home after a long time. All my prayers and your prayers have been answered (smiles). So I'm back.

When did you decide to make a comeback to the show?
My come back on the show was confirmed even before my exit episode. But only the exact episode wasn't decided. We've been working on the story-line for quite sometime, and now finally we mutually decided that this is the right time for me to come back.

According to reports, you were in talks with the channel and production house from a long time, and you were to get back exactly during Riddhima and Sid's marriage. Why did that not happen?
Actually at that time there were lot of speculations about my come back. But if I would have entered at that time then there wouldn't be anything new happening. So we thought that when Riddhima fosters some feelings for her husband (Sid), that will be the right time for her true love (Armaan) to come back. This would create real drama.

How is it to get back working with your co-stars in Dill Mil Gaye?
It's a great feeling to get back. But not all are there from the previous batch except for Jennifer (Riddhima) and Pankit(Atul). We all have been friends for a long time now, and I hope they also come back on the show.

What do you have to say about the new interns who are now part of the show?
I have met the new interns too. They all are a cool bunch of people and they have done a fantastic work on sets during my absence, and I hope it continues.

Are you aware that your fans sent out a huge petition to the channel and production house to get you back?
Yes, I'm very much aware about it. I have been receiving lots of messages on personal level through social networking sites like facebook, my personal blog site. Fans have even posted letters at my house, even the Cinevistaas team has been informing me of it. I'm really touched to know that my viewers missed me a lot. And trust me I really wanted to come back too.

Explain to us Armaan's comeback track or scene.
Basically, now that Riddhima is married to Sid, she has also started liking him. But after Armaan's comeback there would be a love triangle happening. As a character I don't blame Riddhima for her choice because, as I was away for a long time, she was left with no option but to move on. The further story is not yet decided, but we can always say that we like to show what the viewers like to see.

Viewers will no longer see Armaan and Riddhima chemistry as Riddhima is now married. So what is your take on this.
In television industry or any industry for the matter of fact, the producer always tries to deliver what the audience likes and wants at the end of the day. So if the viewers want to see Riddhima and Armaan's on screen chemistry, then let's just hope for the best.

So does it mean we will see sparks flying between Riddhima and Armaan now?
See, actually nothing is yet decided, but surely there would be a love triangle happening. And Armaan and Riddhima's love story or their feelings for each other is like never-ending in DMG.

Is it true that you have signed for Zara Nachke Dikha the reality on Star Plus? Will you be hosting it or taking part as contestant. Confirm.
Aah..! That's a suspense though (smiles). Dancing has become my new passion these days, even though I'm not that good at it. Still I'll be taking part as a contestant in the show and not hosting it this year. However, the channel hasn't confirmed that to me yet.

What were you doing in your break?
For the last five months, I have just been vacationing in Goa and Delhi. This is the longest break I have taken since the last four and half years. I have been busy with DMG, Jhalak Dikhlaja and Zara Nachke Dikha. It has been non-stop work for me for a long time. So it was a much needed break.

Why did you plan to get back to DMG and not take up a brand new show?
DMG is very close to my heart, the youth spark in this serial just keeps me attached to it. I have put all my heart and efforts to give my best to this show. And I have always been telling my viewers that if I do television, then I'll surely be doing DMG; it's not that I'm not open to other offers but DMG would be my first priority.

Do you really feel that Armaan-Riddhima chemistry is much more than what Riddhima-Sid chemistry is?
If I say anything right now then it would be a very biased answer. I think we should leave it the audience to decide. (giggles)

Will you also want the show to end with a Riddhima Armaan union, just like your fans feel?
I would like the show to have a happy ending. Hopefully it doesn't end very soon. Ya, it is true that a happy ending leaves one with a happy feeling. And people like it that way.

Tell us about the ups and downs in your personal life? How is life after filing for divorce with Shraddha?
I think every person has some ups and downs in their lives and I tried dealing with it the best way I could. I understand that my fans are concerned and care about me and want to know more of it. But at the end of the day, it's my personal life and I want to keep to myself.

What are your future plans when it comes to television?
I don't plan anything, I just accept life as it comes. Right now there's lot of things happening around, DMG and Zara Nachke Dikha Season 2. So I'll be busy again all day long.

Is it true that the Bollywood movies that had come to you are not happening now?
They are not happening now. We have re-scheduled everything, I can't give you exact dates as of now but they have been postponed.

What are your plans when it comes to Nicole and your apparent relationship?
No comments.

What about reports that you had an affair going with Jennifer too?
No comments.

What is your message for your Fans?
Guy's, you'll are the coolest people in there. I have read almost all the blogs and messages that you people have sent across. In fact my Dad and family members read a lot of it on regular basis. I'm really touched by all your messages and as I always say, "I'll keep entertaining you as long as you'll continue loving me".
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Ansha Sayeed and Aashka Goradia have a big showdown on sets..

Aashka Goradia and Ansha Sayeed play sisters Kalavathi and Roopmathi respectively in COLORS'Laagi Tujhse Lagan. The sisters go hand-in-hand in their plans to make life hell for Dutta Bhau (Mishal Raheja) in the show.

However, the two got caught in a very ugly fight which happened over the weekend in front of the crew members.

A little birdie from the sets told us, "Aashka and Ansha had been great friends, and would share their free time together in Aashka's private room. In fact, Aashka had gifted Ansha with costly gifts worth Rs. 3000/. But for some reason or the other, Ansha stopped talking to Aashka, and started avoiding her for the past few days. In fact, Aashka had even given Ansha some money as a mark of gesture when the girl needed money urgently on one particular day when she had come to the sets without money in her bag".

"The fight started when Aashka very politely asked Ansha when she would repay her money. But Ansha reacted very badly to it, and started abusing Aashka. She uttered some horrible words which a decent and civilized woman will never even think of uttering. The entire crew and cast members were witness to this ugly event. Ansha was also heard telling Aashka that she was no Ashwarya Rai, for behaving like this", the birdie tells us.

When contacted, Aashka told us, "I really did not expect this from her. In fact we were very good friends, and we have had some fun time on sets. She suddenly stopped talking to me. But one day, she barged into my make-up room, where I was with two other people. She yelled at the top of her voice, threw money at my face and talked in such nasty language that I will never forget. I have been in the industry for many years, and have never experienced such an incident. Even when she was talking, I kept quiet because I did not want to stoop low. And even when I was a new comer like her, I never ever remember behaving like this to anyone. Even today, I have a fond relationship with all my co-stars who I have worked with, in my previous shows".

The birdie tells us, "Aashka has taken objection to such behaviour from the girl, and has told the production house that she would not shoot with the girl anymore, till the time she gives her an apology".

Aashka told us, "Yes, I have informed the production house. In fact all of them knew how badly she behaved with me. She owes me an apology, and I will not shoot with her till then; and I stand by my decision".

We tried calling Ansha, but her cell remained switched off.
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sudha Chandran in Moti Sagar's next on SAB TV..

Moti Sagar's Sagar Pictures will now come up with a situational comedy on SAB TV, tentatively titled 'Bada Bada Pocket Chota Chota Hole'. The show will be based on the life of a chawl, and will focus on the struggle of people living there.

According to our source, "Sudha Chandranand Vijay Kadam will be playing a couple. Vijay Kadam will essay the role of a havaldar while Sudha plays a very fashionable housewife, who always wants to wear designer sarees. She loves to speak in English even though she does not know to speak a word. Bharti Achrekar and Harshada Khanvilkar will also play interesting roles in the show".

We tried calling Sudha Chandran, but she refused to comment.

We called Meenakshi Sagar of Sagar Pictures, but she said "It is too early to comment on anything".

We tried calling Anooj Kapoor, Business Head, SAB TV but he remained unavailable.

Our efforts to call Moti Sagar were in vain.
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Sudha Chandran opts out, Navneet Nishan bags role in Do Saheliyaan..

Talented actress Sudha Chandran was earlier approached to play an important role in Zee TV's Do Saheliyaan-Kismat ki Kathputaliyaan. She was to play the dadi of one of the male leads, Shaurya played by Gaurav Chaudhary. However, the role has now gone to seasoned actress Navneet Nishan.

According to our source, "Very soon, the two male leads and their families will be introduced. Sudha Chandran was offered the role of the patriarch of one of the familes, but the role will now be played by Navneet Nishan. The production house and channel wanted Sudha to portray this classy role, but the actress could not manage her dates".

Sudha Chandran when asked told us "Yes, I was offered the role and it was a nice character. But they wanted to start shoot immediately, and I could not do so as my role in Mata Ki Chowki got extended".

Navneet Nishan who has bagged the role elaborates on her character and states, "The character I am playing is very positive and loving. I am the Dadi of Shaurya. I love him very much, and will help him get married to his love, as the story unfolds".

When asked why she took up this role, Navneet said, "Ratna Sinha, the Producer of the show is a close friend of mine. I know her for five years, and when she narrated this very important character, I had to take it up".

The actress has already begun shoot and her entry will be aired very soon.
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Anandi lives; to now lose memory?

The nation is mourning the death of their dearest little bahu Anandi but media reports suggest that this is just a move to gain in more eyeballs and that Anandi will return after remaining in coma for few days. Well, a new twist has now emerged to this saga with sources claiming that Anandi will return back to life but she will lose her memory.

Anandi will remain in coma for a while but will survive. However, she will lose her memory thereby adding more twist to the tale. That track will be shot once Avika returns after her exams,” said a source.

Despite repeated attempts Avika Gor remained unavailable for comment. Producer Sunjoy Waddhwa too didn’t reply to our text message.

Well, if she does loses her memory one wonders whether the tears will stop flowing from the face of the amnesic Anandi.

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Ratan weeps on Agle janam’s anniversary bash

The diminutive Ratan Rajput (aka Laali of Agle Janam mohe Bitiya hi kijo) is fast gaining reputation of a big tantrum queen. Every now and then, the lady keeps making news for her alleged errant behaviour on the sets. This time, the lady expressed her frustration in full media glare.

The occasion was the anniversary bash of Agle Janam mohe bitiya hi kijo at Mumbai’s Marimba pub. While most cast and crew were happily enjoying the party Ratan, who arrived past midnight, was spotted crying and then refused to oblige the waiting scribes. Production personnel were seen pacifying her but it took a good hour for the lady to honour her media commitments. Expectedly, she brushed aside queries on her emotional behaviour.

We contacted the actress today and she shrugged off the incident. “Please don’t read too much into this. I wasn’t crying. I had a hectic day shooting for late hours and was really stressed”, said Rajput.

Interestingly, when the whole cast and the director was partying, what was Rajput shooting for?

“I had to shoot few solo scenes – a lot of them have been pending for a while. We have a new director since the last few days and he was conducting my shoot last night.”

The voices emanating from the sets are a lot different.

Says a source, “Ratan wasn’t shooting. She’s been behaving like this for a while. She did the same during the last celebration. Success has clearly gone to her head and that explains her haughty attitude. On most occasions, she puts up a sorry face. However, none empathize with her. Most of her co-actors simply leave her alone. In the past, rumours of her seeing a production official were doing the rounds but it was Ratan who was trying to seek this gentleman’s attention. The channel too doesn’t care about her whims. The show is doing well now but once it doesn’t Rajput will then be consigned to history just like other ill disciplined actors.

” Is there something bothering her? What is it that she’s unhappy about?

“How can others judge whether you’re happy or sad. A human being can’t display one emotion throughout the day. I’m totally dedicated towards my profession. I’m unhappy if I don’t get a shot right. For me the only thing that matters is the love and affection of my fans,” concludes the actress.

Well, one is not sure whether we can take her for face value but here’s hoping that our Laali always sports a smile, at least while facing the media. For the record, Agle Janam.. completes one year on February 15.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

F.I.R. has a new team mate

She may have fulfilled her desire to enact a negative character as Rani’s (Anjali Abrol) step-mother, Chandrakala Chahi, in Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat, but Guddi Maruti will always remain popular for her comic roles, like her recent stint in Jugni Chali Jalandhar, as the ultra-superstitious ‘Titli Mausi’. She is now back on the small screen, doing what she does best – making the audience laugh. This time, she joins hands with the F.I.R. team.

"Guddi Maruti will soon be seen as the very funny character of a mother-in-law, who loves her daughter-in-law. Since both saas and bahu love each other, the show has a flavour distinctly different from what we see nowadays," says our source.

Guddi confirmed this news. "It was fun to work with the F.I.R. team. We had a lot of fun on the sets," she says. "The sequence goes something like this – our neighbour files a case against my bahu and me, accusing us of hitting him without a reason. My bahu and I pretend to love each other, to prove that we are not like other people. The story progresses, when Chandermukhi Chautala solves the case with her own unique technique," adds the comedienne.

We look forward to this saas-bahu saga, for a change.

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'I am back on the sets with the same spirit' - Ragini Khanna

Ragini Khanna popularly known as Bharti from Bhaskar Bharti, who is now essaying the role of Suhana in Star Plus' Sasural Genda Phool, shares her journey from then to now, keeping intact her all time humor.

Firstly, you were quite upset with Bhaskar Bharti going off-air, so has your new serial added up to some equivalent excitement?
There was a lot of viewer ship attached to Bhaskar Bharti, and most importantly it gave me recognition in the industry as a talented actress. So when they decided to end the show, it just put me in a state of depression for quite a long time. I had even thought of giving up my career as an actress, but as said 'Time is the best healer'. If I would have quit my career at that point, then today I would have failed as a person too. So, now I'm back on the sets with the same spirit.

What according to you is the meaning of Sasural Genda Phool?
In scientific terms, Genda Phool is a very complicated flower; it has many small petals intertwined in each other. So, this is exactly how the characters in the serial are related to one another. The characters are all very different from each other, yet bonded together with a sweet family affection.

Could you elaborate on Suhana's character in the serial?
Suhana is a very dominant 21st century girl who believes in living life on her own terms. As she is being nurtured by a single father, she could also be tagged as a pampered kid. But she's filled with lot of joy and enthusiasm.

What similarity do you find in the two roles of Suhana and Bharti?
Both the roles are identically opposite to each other. In Bhaskar Bharti, the role of Bharti was just presented feminine but the complete characterization was male oriented. I had to think, feel and present it as a male chauvinist, whereas in Sasural Genda Phool the role of Suhana is completely feminine, yet very dominant and stands out in her own way. In a way if we have to compare the two, then Suhana is a kind of girl with whom Bhaskar could have easily played off (laughs).

Which amongst the two roles as in Bharti or Suhana you find has been more challenging?
Undoubtedly Bharati's role was much more challenging than that of Suhana. But at the time of depiction the character of Suhana too doesn't come very easily to me, because she is a girl who has the capability of shouting at the top of her voice in anger, and at the very next minute she's being heard laughing her heart out. So, a challenge factor is attached to both the characters.

What kind of marriage would Ragini Khanna prefer - Love or Arranged?
Surely a Love marriage, but cordially arranged by my family (laughs).

What is Ragini Khanna's dream role like?
I would really like to play a role similar to Meena Kumari's in the movie 'Pakeeza', soft yet, vibrant and mesmerizing on the whole.

The actors portraying vamps and villains in TV have gained lot of fame. So how do you see this show which has all positive characters?
The uniqueness of the show is the main strength I feel. And its brilliant cast, super brilliant production house and a wonderful director is just like a topping on the cake. So from my side all's very positive.

How is it to work with your co-actor Jay Soni?
He's an amazing co-actor to work with. In one word I would say he's a brilliant actor.

What can viewers look forward to when Suhana gets married to Ishaan?
(Laughs) Lot of fun, frolic and of course unexpected twists.

We have also heard that you were working on a movie named "Mare Mere Dushman" with Ninaad Kamath, so could you put some light on it?
Yes, that was a movie I had signed before Bhaskar Bharti. And I shot just a single sequence for it. But due to some problematic reasons the movie died at its nascent stage itself.

Are any other movies lined up for the coming year?
Yes, my efforts to be screened on 70mm full screen are in full swing. But I would like to keep that project under disguise for some more time (giggles).

What would your message be for the anxious viewers who are waiting to see more of you on T.V?
I would say that I'm equally disheartened by Bhaskar Bharati's exit from the prime slots, but I would request them to maintain the trust on me. As an actor, variation is a must and I'm trying to deliver the best. Hope that my comeback with this show is warmly welcomed.
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Leher to to be troubled by Chandan Anand...

Abeer (Gaurav Khanna) and Leher's (Yami Gautam) budding love story in COLORS', will be in trouble very soon with the introduction of a new character, played by Chandan Anand.

Chandan Anand was seen in movies like Aloo Chaat and Mini Punjab, and has several ads to his credit.

According to our source, "Chandan plays the college mate of Leher and Bittan (Parul Gulati). His character name is Omi; he is a spoilt brat, a typical gunda type guy who will be after girls. He will literally trouble Leher in all ways possible. The actor has started shoot, and will enter sometime this week".

The track will now focus on the problems Leher will face because of this guy. Now it will be up to Abeer to protect his lady love from this problem.
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Sukirti and Vindhya's 'food basket' keeps them going..

Siddeshwari aka Sukirti Khandpal and Jamuni aka Vindhya Tiwari, the well known actors of the Zee TV show 'Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo' prefer carrying their own basket of hygienic food for their shoot…

In today's fast-paced, fast-food culture, it's all too easy to starve your body of the nutrition it requires. And if one has to stay away from home for most time of the day due to professional reasons, then for them remaining healthy is a greater task. But then we also have people in the television industry like Sukriti and Vindhya who against all odds have found ways to keep themselves healthy.

When inquired with Sukriti she gleefully replied that, "I'm very hygiene and calorie conscious and prefer carrying all my nutritional food from home itself".

Also she strictly consumes protein rich diet which she feels stays missing in the food served on sets. Ask her about the items that her food basket comprises of and she is quick to say, "Bread, fruits, biscuits, Paratha's and Bhaji, roti cooked specially by my mother are enough for all the cast members. I am also a coffee and cheese sandwich lover, so to fulfill this need I even carry a coffee kitten and toaster and prepare it myself, whenever I feel like having some". She even giggled saying that, "Shekhar aka Abhishek Rawat and other co-actors love her egg bites sandwich".

Later when we articulated with Vindhya Tiwari aka Jamuni, she did accede to the health and hygiene conscious quotient and added that, "Even I carry Tropicana fresh juices and seasonal fruits and sprouts occasionally. The boy who comes with me to the sets cooks amazing sprout salad that's loved by all. Healthy food in fact keeps me energetic even during the hectic schedules and helps me deliver my best".

In short, the glam girls Sukirti Khandpal and Vindhya Tiwari are happy when they come to the sets with their food basket, and also have a merry time sharing it with each other. Also the food basket which was laughed on by the co-actors earlier, is now indeed what the same people eagerly wait on for during every shoot.
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Dr. Atul no longer part of Dill Mil Gaye...

Pankit Thakkar aka Dr. Atul was one of the oldest faces in Star One's Dill Mil Gaye who mingled well with the new blood that got into the show few months back. But the latest news from the sets is that Pankit is no more part of the show.

Dr. Atul was shown along with the new interns as he had earlier failed to complete his internship. His character provided some fantastic comic relief, and his jodi with Dr. Anjali (Sunaina Gulia) gathered lot many fans.

According to our source, "Dr. Atul will not be seen in Dill Mil Gaye now. The tracks that are expected will see some high drama scenes, and it was a creative decision to drop the character of Dr. Atul from the show. The story will now focus on Sid (Karan Wahi), Riddhima (Jennifer Winget) and Armaan (Karan Singh Grover) chemistry.

When contacted, Pankit confirmed the news and said, "Yes, I am no longer shooting for the show".

We tried calling Palki Malhotra of Cinevistaas, but she remained unavailable.

Hope to see Pankit in a brand new show very soon..
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Lies and Divorce wreck Jyoti’s life

The Vashistha family, in Imagine’s Jyoti, has made it very clear that they want to have nothing to do with Jyoti (Sneha Wagh). Therefore, the family has promised her an alimony of Rs 50 lakhs, if she agrees to divorce Pankaj (Sarvar Ahuja). The plan is to get Pankaj married to somebody from a wealthy family. Under pressure, Jyoti agrees to sign the papers. Not too sure of her intentions, the Vashistha family highlight in court the fact that Jyoti and Pankaj were living separately for a year. Therefore, the unborn child in Jyoti’s womb cannot possibly be Pankaj’s. Jyoti cannot bear this character maligning, but she is helpless, and the judge gives the benefit of the doubt to the family.

Will Jyoti survive this character assassination? What will be her next step? To know more, watch Jyoti, Mondays to Fridays, on NDTV Imagine, at 7.30 p.m.
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rookie Ankita quits Agle Janam.. for Sony show

With the clouds of recession clearing, TV channels are now bracing for some sunshine in the form of new shows. And new shows present an opportunity for rookie actors to bag plum projects even, if it comes at the cost of relinquishing their existing work.

Rookie actress Ankita Sharma, who plays Ratna in the popular Zee daily Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, has bagged the lead in DJ’s upcoming daily on Sony TV. Sharma has left Agle Janam on a short notice thereby upsetting the show’s producers.

A source from the production chides, “Her’s is not a main character, but currently she was playing the parallel lead. It’s very unprofessional on her part to leave the show on a notice of eight days. The production house might contemplate legal action against her. A lot of these young actors lack professionalism. They think they’ve become stars in a few weeks and resort to such means.”

Defending herself, Sharma says, “There’s no question of them taking such action as I never entered into any agreement with them. Even before taking the show, I’d informed them that I was eyeingnew shows and in case something comes up, I’d leave Agle Janam. I have served a notice of 13 days. Besides anything else, I haven’t signed for DJ’s show yet.”

Siddhart Tewary, Agle janam’s producer, isn’t perturbed by the turn of events. He says, “Neither this issue nor the actress are important to discuss. Ankita was playing a small character for just about a month and if she has got another show then it’s good for her.”

Meanwhile, a source from DJ’s informs, “We’re coming up with a daily for Sony. Ankita Sharma has been all but finalized for the lead. This is going to be an emotional love story wherein the protagonist is an orphan who is married by her guardian to a handsome boy. However, this boy is already having a secret affair. The plot goes around these lines. The show will only come after IPL.”
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Rookie Ankita quits Agle Janam.. for Sony show

With the clouds of recession clearing, TV channels are now bracing for some sunshine in the form of new shows. And new shows present an opportunity for rookie actors to bag plum projects even, if it comes at the cost of relinquishing their existing work.

Rookie actress Ankita Sharma, who plays Ratna in the popular Zee daily Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, has bagged the lead in DJ’s upcoming daily on Sony TV. Sharma has left Agle Janam on a short notice thereby upsetting the show’s producers.

A source from the production chides, “Her’s is not a main character, but currently she was playing the parallel lead. It’s very unprofessional on her part to leave the show on a notice of eight days. The production house might contemplate legal action against her. A lot of these young actors lack professionalism. They think they’ve become stars in a few weeks and resort to such means.”

Defending herself, Sharma says, “There’s no question of them taking such action as I never entered into any agreement with them. Even before taking the show, I’d informed them that I was eyeingnew shows and in case something comes up, I’d leave Agle Janam. I have served a notice of 13 days. Besides anything else, I haven’t signed for DJ’s show yet.”

Siddhart Tewary, Agle janam’s producer, isn’t perturbed by the turn of events. He says, “Neither this issue nor the actress are important to discuss. Ankita was playing a small character for just about a month and if she has got another show then it’s good for her.”

Meanwhile, a source from DJ’s informs, “We’re coming up with a daily for Sony. Ankita Sharma has been all but finalized for the lead. This is going to be an emotional love story wherein the protagonist is an orphan who is married by her guardian to a handsome boy. However, this boy is already having a secret affair. The plot goes around these lines. The show will only come after IPL.”
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