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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Raj Singh Arora in Koi Aane Ko Hai...

COLORS' supernatural thriller, from the stables of Balaji Telefilms will be coming up with a new story which will see the comeback of cool dude Raj Singh Arora of Remix fame.

The story is about five college mates who are thick friends, and the track will be a mix of the movies Darna Mana Hai and Darna Zaroori Hai. The five friends end up ragging a simple and silent boy. The friends also go on a story telling session wherein they get to know that on nailing a coffin, a spirit comes out. They decide to test whether this really happens, and in the confusion kill the simple fresher accidentally. They eventually bury the body, and this spirit later comes out to seek revenge.

The five characters will be named Devika, Astha, Karan, Karim and Gaurav in the show. Along with Raj Singh, the story also has Pooja Gor of Kitani Mohabbat Hai and Hunar who was seen in Grihasti and Sony's Ek Safar Aisa.

Raj Singh Arora confirmed his presence in the show, but refused to divulge any info.

Well, looks like Raj Singh is all set for a spooky comeback to television…
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Divine Intervention on the sets of

Recently, the entire unit of the show on SAB TV experienced a very pleasant occurrence on the sets which made them happy...

It looks like Gods have literally chosen SAB TV's to shower blessings in the most unique way.

The entire unit of the show had a pleasant surprise when in one of the scenes, Maniben (Smriti Irani) was cutting brinjals when she found that one particular half of it had a very clear design of 'OM' in it.

According to our source, "All were astounded and wanted to have a look at the most amazing brinjal. OM is considered to be an auspicious symbol among Hindus and this superbly engraved brinjal just proved that received some 'Divine Intervention'…
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* One hour episode of Pavitra Rishtha this Thursday..

Zee TV's Pavitra Rishtha, produced by Balaji Telefilms will have a one hour Special Episode this Thursday, June 25th which will see a major twist with Archana's (Ankita Lokhande) marriage with Satish being called off.

About the storyline,"The attempts of Rasika, Manjusha's mom to stop Archana's marriage from happening finally bears fruit when Satish and his family are forced to believe that Archana is into prostitution".

Elaborating on the story line, our source quips, "It so happens that Archana gets a call from an unknown person that one of her sisters has met with an accident, and she has to come to a particular address to take her along. Archana rushes to the said place, where Satish is also brought by the anonymous caller to check out on Archana's adultery. The place happens to be a brothel, and Archana enters it unknowingly. At the same time, a police raid also happens and the girl's image is totally tarnished. All this eventually leads to Satish and his family breaking off relations".

The coming episodes will focus on Archana crying over her ill luck. Archana will be so heartbroken that she decides to hang herself, but is saved at the right moment by her brother Vinod. Meanwhile, Manav (Sushant Singh Rajput), the silent lover of Archana also gets to know that there is someone who wants to spoil Archana's image.

Will Manav help out Archana in her struggle?

All this and more in Pavitra Rishtha ...

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tu Tu Main Main in Pavitra Rishta

Zee TV and Balaji’s show Pavitra Rishta has just started and you can already see the cracks building up between the actors. The artists who were initially excited about making the show look very real have become demanding.

As per the source from the sets, “They are demanding expensive clothes and jewellery as they think their look is not in sync with their character. Also a lot of comparisons have been drawn with the lead, Ankita Lokhande’s get up.”

“Swati Anand who has been with Ekta Kapoor’s Kasamh Se is certainly use to wearing expensive clothes and hence finds it difficult to manage with inexpensive jewellery and clothes,” adds the source. Swati is essaying the role of Ankita’s sister-in-law in the show.

Recently, Swati pulled up a huge fight with the production house. “She demanded a fancy wardrobe from the production house and when her request was not seen she landed up in a big fight with the production team,” concludes the source.

Come on, Swati…the lead will always have to look better than the rest, right?
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Vinny Arora to replace Santo in Bandini?

The leading lady of Aathvan Vachan, Vinny Arora has been in the news of replacing Aasiya Kazi as Santo in Bandini. The mentally challenged girl is heard to play the challenging role in Balaji show on Imagine.

“I have just given a look test day before yesterday but have not received any call from the production house till yet,” says Vinny.

How sure you are of getting the role? “Well I really don’t know as there were many other than me who gave audition for the same. I am waiting for the call from the other side, only then I can confirm about it,” she adds further.

Have you seen the show? “Yes I like the show and if I get an opportunity to be part of it, I will go ahead,” she concludes.

We called up Aasiya to know her side of story. Her brother rubbished out the buzz saying, “She is very much the part of the show and there is not word about replacing her. Even today she is busy shooting for the same.”

Will Aaisya continue to be Santo or Vinny will replace her? Now only time will decide who will be the Bandini of Ronit Roy?
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Confession and Confusion in Miley Jab Hum Tum..

The biggest turning point for Samrat, Gunjan, Mayank and Nupur is arriving.. Watch out for it..

Enlivening your evening with a fresh dose of love, brawls, friendship and surprises… Star One brings you the defining moment in Miley Jab Hum Tum! Gear up as college buddies Nupur, Mayank, Gunjan and Samrat take you through a roller coaster ride of entertainment, fun and more. The endearing MJHT couples are set to show their acting talent in their college Annual Play, but the play turns out for real for them. It is during the course of the play, the couples face the biggest truth of their lives in front of countless people.

The confused and love-struck Mayank cannot suppress his feelings anymore and confesses his love for her on stage during the final act of the play. Not believing what she had just heard, Nupur realizes that Mayank's proposal is for real and not an improvisation of the play. As the saying goes, "Love finds its way", even Nupur cannot hold herself back and confesses her feelings for Mayank and both surrender to love. The audience cheers and applauds them for their brilliant performance, not knowing that the love has finally blossomed.

On the other hand, Sheena who is jealous of Samrat's chemistry with Gunjan puts forth a condition and asks Samrat to choose between love and friendship. High on rage, Sheena gives him time only till the end of the play to make his decision. Stuck between love and best friend, Samrat is in a dilemma. Gunjan, who is shocked to know about it, keeps her feelings aside and decides to convince Samrat to agree to the condition. Gunjan unlike herself does not want Samrat to loose out on true love.

What happens next with Mayank & Nupur now that both have confessed their love for each other? Will Samrat choose love and sacrifice his friendship with Gunjan?

Do not miss the moment of truth as Mayank, Nupur, Samrat & Gunjan finally confront the unsaid.
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Priya Bhatija to enter Kitani Mohabbat Hai..

The comeback of Hiten Tejwani to NDTV Imagine's Kitani Mohabbat Hai has added more spice to the story line. It is now the turn of another popular face to enter the show, and she is none other than Priya Bhatija of Khwaish and Kasamh Se fame.

Priya will be playing the role of Mallika, the lead singer in Karan Singh's (Hiten Tejwani) troupe. She is a complete spoilt brat and has attitude.

Priya Bhatiya accepted that she is part of the show and said "Yes, I am doing the show, but I don't know anything about my character yet".

Priya who married Jatin Shah in February was recently seen in Vikram Aur Betal and Koi Aane Ko Hai.

With the show completing 100 episodes recently, there is much to look forward to in future.

Will Mallika end up being a threat to Aarohi's singing career?

Let's wait and watch..
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Vidya back home in Aap Ki Antara..

Zee's Aap Ki Antara has opened to a good viewer response, as the story of the little kid Antara (Zaynah Vastani) is gripping enough.

However, the entry of Antara in the lives of Aditya (Darshan Pandya) and Vidya (Prabhleen Sandhu) has created turmoil in their married life and Vidya has in fact walked out of the house. Aditya faces more problems when he is forced to quit his job. Things go worse when he is handed the divorce papers by Vidya's father.

All this force Aditya to put Antara in an orphanage. He even takes her to an orphanage, but is just not able to part from her. Meanwhile, Sameer Aditya's friend advises Aditya to apologize to his boss in office and get his job back so that he can pay a higher rent and meet the demands of his house owner.

As advised, Aditya apologizes and gets his job back. Meanwhile, Vidya is persuaded by her mother to go back to her husband who loves her and her kid a lot. Eventually, Vidya gets back home but all is not hunky dory between them. She still maintains a distance from Aditya owing to the presence of Antara in the house.

If sources are to be believed, in the episodes to come, there will arise a situation wherein a doctor is called to check on Antara and the entire family gets to know about the little girl being autistic.

How will Aditya and Vidya react to this bitter truth?

All this and more drama awaits the audience in Aap Ki Antara..

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Sach Ka Saamna shoot starts this week.

Sach Ka Saamnawas scheduled to start post the IPL but the show got delayed and shooting for the episodes only starts from this week.

A source says, “The show was scheduled to launch just after the IPL matches but due to some issues it couldn’t. Host Rajeev Khandelwal was busy shooting for his movie Peter Gaya Kaam Se. Now, the production work, which includes setting up the sets, will start from this week.”

Earlier reports stated that the show would most probably be a daily that would air from Monday to Thursday on Star Plus but as of now its timeslot remains undecided. Anita Basu of Synergy Communications, who are producing the show, says, “We will start shooting for Sach Ka Saamna from June 24. Earlier, there were some problems regarding the dates but now things are settled. The show will launch very soon. However, the channel has still not given us a proper date or timeslot for the launch. We’ll probably get to know about it once shooting starts.”

As reported earlier, Sach Ka Saamna will be based on the American game show The Moment of Truth, where the contestants answer a series of 21 personal and embarrassing questions to win cash prizes. The contestant is hooked up to a polygraph prior to the show and is asked 50 questions. 21 out of those questions will be asked on the show. The ‘true’ answers are determined from the polygraph results and the participant is judged according to it. As the contestant progresses on the show, the questions become increasingly personal.
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Sandeep Rajora in Love Ne Mila Di Jodi..

Sandeep Rajora who played the lead in Kareena Kareena and was last seen in Jhoome Jiya Re will be entering Star One's new show launching tonight, Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms.

We had reported earlier that there will be a love triangle seen between Prithvi (Gaurav Khanna), Damini (Chandana Sharma) and another guy as the story moves on. Sandeep will be playing the role of Inder who happens to be the fianc of Damini.

Confirming this news, Sandeep said, "I play Inder who is cast opposite Damini. The character is very positive; he is the perfect lover boy, who is classy and flamboyant".

When asked him about the track, he said, "I can't divulge much, all I can say is that my role is long running and is also very important to the story line. My entry has been shot in a real cool and classy way".

Love Ne Mila Di Jodi launches tonight at the 9.30 PM slot on Star One. Sandeep's entry will be aired in the third episode…

The story which is about three brothers and three sisters also has new faces Karan Tacker, Dishank Arora, Parmeet and Simran in the show...
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Twist galore in Agle Janam...

Following Laali's escape from the haveli, she will get to know that she was actually sold, and that her sister is now getting married to Ganesiya..
Laali's life is shattered now that she knows she is not with her Ganesiya in Zee's Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Ki Jo. All her attempts to run out of the clutches of Loha Singh are in vain; but the brave girl that she is, will fight hard for her freedom.

As we had reported earlier, Laali will eventually manage to escape from the haveli and Shekar (Abhishek Rawat) will help her elope. The next high point in the show will be when Laali gets to know from her perpetrators that she has been sold for money by her parents.

On hearing this Laali gets into a state of denial, and refuses to believe that her parents could do this. She reaches her village only to see her family members happy, with a smile on their faces. Knowing the type of girl Laali is, she does not even confront her parents with her question as she wants them to be happy.

Laali is in for yet another shock as she gets to know that her sister Rekha is getting married to her husband, Ganesiya. "On the other hand, Loha Singh's ego does not allow him to accept defeat, and he sends his men on a hunt to get Laali back. Shekar who is happy and satisfied that he had helped Laali to escape, gets a shock when he hears his father order his men to capture Laali again.

What will Laali's next move be? Will she have a confrontation with Ganesiya or just allow destiny to play its part?

The audience can look forward to some gripping drama in the weeks to come..
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Vishal Singh enters Choti Bahu..

Vishal Singh of Kasam se fame is all set to enter Zee TV's popular show Choti Bahu replacing Shashank Sethi and will now play the role of Keshav....

We had earlier reported that there will soon be a love triangle seen in Zee's Choti Bahu with Radhika (Rubina Dilaik) telling everyone that she is wedded to Keshav who works as a Chartered Accountant in Dev's firm.

The character of Keshav was played by Shashank Sethi, but now Vishal Singh of Kasamh Se fame will be replacing him.

According to our source, "Vishal Singh has been roped in to play the character of Keshav now. The character gains lot of impetus in the coming track, and the production house and channel decided to go for a replacement. Vishal will be starting shoot very soon. Keshav and Radhika are good friends, and apparently Radhika was to get married to him earlier. Keshav who has a soft corner for Radhika will help her in her struggle".

The love story of Dev and Radhika will get even more complicated with this development.

Well, looks like Radhika's tears won't just stop for now!!
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meet Manav's Family in Zee's Pavithra Rishta..

Zee TV's Pavithra Rishta produced by Balaji Telefilm's is introducing the family of the male lead Manav( Sushant Singh Rajput).

Ajay Wadhavkar who played the role of Ganpat Havaldar in the popular DD show of yester years, Nukkad plays the father of Manav. However the mother of the boy is yet to be finalized.

And as reported earlier Raj Singh seen in Jyoti and Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat plays Manav's brother Sachin. Yamini seen in Tujh Sang plays the sister Nandita.

We called up Ajay Wadhavkar who has been part of television Hindi and Marathi cinema for a long time to know more about his role. "My character name is Damodar. He had been a theatre person in the past, but now nobody recognizes him. Today he is a total drunkard but is good at heart. He has a dominating wife who does not give him any money. This is where his son Manav comes in. He is very close to him and helps him a lot," says Ajay.

If sources are to be believed, Archana's (Ankita Lokhande) marriage will get finalized to someone else this week, and Manav who has fallen for her will get to know this.

The family of Manav will be entering the show sometime this week.

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Tina Dutta, the new Ichcha in Uttaran..

Finally, COLORS has managed to get a replacement for Sreejita De and the new face to be essaying the role of the grown-up Ichcha is Tina Dutta of Koi Aane Ko Hai fame..

We had earlier reported that Sreejita De who had bagged the meaty role of the grown up Ichcha in COLORS' show Uttaran will not be part of the show anymore.

If sources are to be believed, the channel had objected to the fact that Sreejita talked about her role openly to media, and this was a big mistake that cost the actress the role.

The buzz now is that the channel has replaced her with Tina Dutta, the bubbly girl who was seen playing the haunted Paromita in the last story of COLORS' Koi Aane Ko Hai. With this decision, it seems that COLORS has had the final say with regards to the casting for Ichcha.

Tina Dutta was earlier seen playing the younger version of Vidya Balan aka Lolita in the movie Parineeta.

If sources are to be believed, new promos for the show were shot last Saturday, and will be on air by today evening.

Sreejita De who has made recognition for herself with Star One's Annu Ki Hogayee Wah Bhai Wah was in no mood to talk about this, and said, "No comments".

While Tina Dutta plays the new Ichcha, Rashmi Desai will essay the role of the grown-up Tapasya.

Let's now look forward to the leap in the story, to know how it fares!!
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Friday, June 12, 2009

Colors ke naye rang....

Recently we have seen so many new channels coming up but just one survive and that’s COLORS. Well this channel has managed to spread the colours of its lofty success in the media industry too. Soon in July they will be completing its one victorious year and is coming up with a surprise and threat for other GEC’s.

If the buzz is to be believed, The channel is coming up with its own award function in July and the preparation for the same has already started,” says the source from the channel.

The channel is very tight lipped about it. “They are not ready to divulge any information about it. This is going to create a big dhamaka. The marketing is planning a huge promotion on the same,” adds the source.

What have they decided to title it? “They are still contemplating on it though its definitely not going to be some dhehati name for sure. The actors have already started the rehearsal for the same.

“They are all in with the competition of Star Parivaar Awards. Similarly the celebs of COLORS will be participating and attending the function. They will be announcing this big news to media very soon,” concludes our source.

We tried contacting the channel but no body was ready to comment on it though they did not deny it too.

All we can say to other GEC is that Bachke renhna re baba bachke renhna re…

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High point of Balika Vadhu

Balika VadhuBalika Vadhu has proved it self by being in the top position of the TRP’s charts. With its twist in the tale, the show has managed to glue the audience on their TV sets. Well another twist follows with the love track between Sughna (Vibha) and Shyam (Vikrant).

About the storyline, Taisa (Neha) of Sughna helps her and Shyam to come closer. Ghena assist the secret meetings of the two as she wants Sughna to settle down with her life after the death of Pratap.

In the coming episodes another track between Ghena and her hubby Vasant will be the highlight. Vasant is feeling jealous as Ghena takes good care of her guruji who preaches her singing. Though he doesn’t realise that this will bring Ghena and him much closer to each other.

The rapport of Sughna and Shyam will not be accepted by Dadisa. The day she comes to know of what all three is doing behind her back, she will not spare them.

So keep glued to your screen with the high emotional drama.

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Roadies guy Ayaz Ahmed to enter Kitani Mohabbat Hai...

Ayaz Ahmed, the black belt holder in Thai Kick boxing who was part of Roadies 5.0 is all set to make his debut in NDTV Imagine's Kitani Mohabbat Hai, produced by Balaji Telefilms.

Ayaz Ahmed said, "I play a rich spoilt brat, Arnab who has good looks and is charming. Girls fall for him the moment they see him, but he is cunning from within. My character is similar to Akshaye Khanna's role in the movie Humraaz, who loves the girl but uses her emotions for his own benefit".

"I will be cast opposite Sur (Sonam Mann), sister of Aarohi. I don't have much idea on how the track would proceed, but I enter in tonight's episode", adds Ayaz.

Ayaz who is from Kolkata had been busy with his studies soon after his stint in Roadies ended. "I got lot of offers, but could not take up anything as I was studying", he concludes.
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'Ghana Jungle' on Sony..

Sony's upcoming reality show shot in the jungles of Malaysia will have 10 celebrities performing adventurous tasks...

Ten celebrities deep down in the jungles of Malaysia working on given tasks to survive in the show!!

Yes, this will be the concept of Sony's upcoming reality show tentatively titled 'Ghana Jungle', produced by Miditech.

The concept of the show will be basically a combination of Fear Factor and Bigg Boss. The entire crew will be flying to Malaysia later this month, and the show will be shot in the thick jungles out there. There will be ten celebrities in total who will be given various adventurous tasks to perform which will enable them to stay on in the contest. The crew will stay put in Malaysia for nearly two months.

If sources are to be believed, Shweta Tiwari who was seen hosting Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa has been approached to take part in the show. Though no names of celebrities have been finalized, Shweta Tiwari and Mouli Ganguly have been approached for the same.

Mouli Ganguly refused to be part of such a show.

We tried to get confirmation from Gurdip Bhangoo, Programming Head, Sony Entertainment Television but he was busy.

Lets see how things shapes up, till then just wait n watch!!!
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Nikhil's family to enter in Betiyaan..

Zee's Betiyaan will see the entry of Nikhil's family with known actors Nimay Bali and Shweta Gautam entering the show..
All is hunky-dory in Zee TV's Betiyaan after the back-to-back marriages of two daughters of the Garodia family, Gauri and Jhanvi.

The track ahead will introduce few new characters who play the family members of Nikhil (Karan Hukku) who is married to Jhanvi (Soni Singh).

Talented actor Nimay Bali will play father of Nikhil while Prakash plays Nikhil's elder brother. Shweta Gautam who was recently seen in Ranbir Rano plays Nikhil's Bhabhi.

Confirming this, Karan Hukku says, "Nikhil's family lives in a village, and his father is extremely orthodox. They have a very conservative approach to life, which Nikhil dislikes. For all these reasons, Nikhil has been living away from his family for 10 long years, but now that his Bhabhi, who he loves very much is unwell, he comes to the village with his newly wed wife".

This track will give a new dimension to the show. Jhanvi will find it difficult to adjust to the culture and customs adopted in the house. Also, there will be a mystery element in the track, with some dark past of the family hidden, especially with regards to Nikhil's mother. All this will lead to Nikhil getting into a trance, as he is split between his family members and his love, Jhanvi.

Nimay Bali said on this, " I play the role of Dada Thakur who is a very powerful person. He runs a parallel government and is very orthodox in nature."

There will be parallel tracks running of Nikhil and his family, Gauri and her wedded life as well the Garodia house.

The new characters' entry will be aired tonight.
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yeh Rishta Hai No.1 TRP show.

Yeh Rishta HaiOver from saas bahu sagas, the arrange marriage trend is the latest that works for small screen. This has been again proven by Star Plus show Yeh Rishta Kya Khelta Hai as it grabs the highest TRP’s since last three weeks.

It rated 5.96 since last three weeks bringing Star Plus in the strong position. “It feels good that my show has bagged the number one position all over the channel. The hard work of the team can be seen,” says the Producer, Rajan Shahi.

Akshra is on very happy and states that. “Show is doing well and we are back at the number one position. With the new twist and turn and introduction of Nani, it has worked.”

“Nani is very chatar patar character which has brought a new angle to the show. One really needs to keep experimenting. All I can say for now is that with Akshra’s marriage there is lot more to come so keep watching,” she chirps

Recently last week Yeh Rishta… completed its 100 episode. “We all celebrated this occasion and are very happy with the response the audience are giving it to the show,” concludes the actress.

So viewers keep glued to your TV set for a lavishing weeding on screen.

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Baby in new avtar.....

BabyYour favourite baby of ‘baa bahu aur baby’ will be back in her new avatar. Baby dressed in skirt and blouse in the last season will now undergo a make over. “Since baby will get married in this season she will be donning an Indian look with shalwaar kameez, sindoor, heavy jewelries and a mangalsutra” she describes. She is all set to sport typical married woman attire.

There is a buzz that the focus is shifted to baby’s married life in the coming season. This is definitely done to keep the pace with the trend on TV. Booming romance of newly wed couple in serials have successfully won the eyeballs in past. Star plus serials like Bidaai and Yeh rishta…have been milking TRPs with such sequences. And now it’s grown up baby’s turn. “The character will attain a maturity that of a married woman. As of now pre-marriage shoots are going on so I don’t have much to talk about the developments”.

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Silence takes over Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah..

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah ChashmahAsit Modi’s, popular comedy show Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah’s, bubbliest character Dayaben goes silent….hard to believe, right? Disha Vakani who plays Dayaben’s character has decided to keep maun vrat because jetha lal (played by Dilip Joshi) gets irritated with her owing to her fanatical antics and innocuous deeds.

Hurt by Jetha’s scolding; she plans to go on a complete silent mode and decides that she will not utter a word.

Imagine not being able to hear Dayaben say “Hey, maa, Mataji” – The mouthing of Dayaben that not only spread the faith in Goddess but also keeps millions of people amused.

Now, what happens when she plans to take up maun vrat, will she be able to maintain it and if not, then what makes her break the same….

Stay tuned to see the action unfold.
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Jo Ishq Ki Marzi changes to Kismat Connection..

Sahara One's legendary love saga, Jo Ishq Ki Marzi Woh Rab Ki Marzi, produced by Sagar Arts will get a new name starting Monday, 15th June, and will now be called Kismat Connection – Khel Niyati Ka.

The show will re-launch with a new name and there will a change in the story line with the reincarnation track taking place. The story will now take a leap in generation and will have a complete modern look.

According to the present story line, Sumer (Neil Bhatt) and Sunaina ( Neha Marda) are murdered a day before their marriage by Keerak (Nikhil Arya). Both are re-born again many years later in different families and belong to the present era and are based in Mumbai.

Sumer and Sunaina will now be called Veer and Naina while Ankit and Prinal who played the roles of Kundan and Uttara will now be named Karan and Kangana respectively. Jayati Bhatia who plays Jogan Mastani will continue to be a central part in the new story.

There will be few new entries taking place in the show too.Talented actors Tej Sapru, Anju Mahendroo and Jaya Bhattacharya will be seen in the new version. Nikhil Arya will also be there along with Anita Kulkarni.

Jaya Bhattacharya confirmed her presence in the show and said, "I am part of the show. I do not know much about my character; all I can say is that she is a powerful woman who dotes on her son".

With this, we are all set for the eternal lovers to fall in love yet again…
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Laali to go back to her village in Agle Janam...

Zee TV's Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, produced by Swastik Pictures will see a high point this Thursday which will lead to a one hour special episode on Monday, June 22nd. The protagonist Laali (Ratan Rajput) finally gets to know that she is not near her husband Ganesiya, but is in the midst of a totally new family.

Laali's life is shattered when she gets to know that she has basically been sold by her parents. The fact that she is in love with a person who is not her husband comes as a big shock to her. The future track will focus on the way in which Laali reacts to this situation.

Producer and Creative Director, Siddharth Tewary gave an insight on what is to be expected. "When the whole reality dawns on Laali, she gets a shock of her life. She will first want to go to the village again, and know from her father whether all this is true. Shekar will help her escape from the clutches of Loha Singh and reach her village. The next high point will be the father-daughter interaction and the manner in which Laali reacts to all this is something to be watched".

Watch out for the gripping revelation in Agle Janam on Zee TV…
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Chahat Khanna to enter Tuj Sang..

Chahat Khanna who was earlier seen in 9X' Rubii will now be entering Star Plus' show Tuj Sang Preet Lagaai Sajna.

The actress will play the friend of Yug (Kunal Verma) and she is an NRI who comes to India for the first time.

She is a catholic and is a very close friend of Yug. She is basically a prankster who is full of enthusiasm; and is a positive character.

Chahat confirmed this news and said, "My on screen name is Freida. She plays a major prank on Yug's family that she is pregnant. This will be my entry sequence. I don't know much about the story track, but mine is a cameo lasting two to three months. As the track progresses, I will play the love interest of Teji, Vrinda's brother".

Chahat's entry will be aired tomorrow. In addition to this, Khushboo Singh who was seen playing Simar in Grihasti has entered the show replacing Ankita Srivastava as the character of Bharti, opposite Yug.

Chahat Khanna will also be seen in COLORS' upcoming show on the concept of Baywatch and Friends, Beach-O-Beach.
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Maniben goes on a scooter ride...

Smriti Irani dressed as Maniben hit the streets of Mumbai in her scooter and took a ride from Infinity Mall, Andheri to Lokhandwala Backroad last Sunday. This promotional activity was organized by SAB TV to grab the eyeballs of its viewers for their new show, produced by Contiloe.

Smriti waved to the public all through the journey and also had interactions with media soon after the event ended. She was accompanied by 15-20 women who were dressed in typical Maniben attire, similar to what Smriti wore. The entire experience was funny and it was a thrill to see Smriti cheering for her new show. She also interacted with the crowd present, and shared her experience playing the character of Maniben.

Producer Abhimanyu Singh of Contiloe said, "With this road show, Maniben connected with her audience, and the channel organized it as part of their promotion campaign".

On the USP of the show, Abhimanyu quotes, "The soul of Maniben is the light-hearted emotional moments and its characters, and above all, the presence of Smriti who is loveable and a brilliant actress".
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Bandini's next twist..

Balaji Telefilms' Bandini on NDTV Imagine will see yet another twist in the form of Shashank and Santo's past coming out in the open!!

According to our source, "Bharat Chawda aka Shashank will reveal in front of everyone that the girl he used to love before is Santo (Aasiya Kazi). He ends up expressing his love to Santo before everyone present there. If this is not enough, Dharamraj Mahiavanshi gets to know that Santo has hid from him the fact that his daughter Kadambari is in love with another guy. This will see a major twist when Dharamraj deciding to send Santo out of the house".

We tried getting more on the track from Bharat Chawda who said, "The track ahead will see Shashank disclosing to everyone that he was in love with Santo. You have to watch to know how the entire family reacts to this situation".

"Whatever happens, I will always be with Santo", adds Bharat.

Ask Bharat whether his character will turn negative, now that he has expressed his love for Santo, and he says, "I personally don't want Shashank to turn negative. I have done many grey shades in the past, and want to do something different now. I hope the creatives are listening to me (smiles)"

Bandini has grown in numbers and the entire unit is happy with the steady progress the show has shown. "Every character in the show has a track, and being a Gujju myself, it feels nice to be playing a Gujju character on screen", concludes Bharat.

Well, an interesting track to watch for!!
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Chehra shifted to new time slot?

We had reported earlier that Star Plus' supernatural thriller produced by Beyond Dreams, Chehra is in trouble due to low TRP's, and that once the channel is ready to launch the second season of Kiran Bedi's Aap Ki Kachehri, Chehra will either get a change in time slot or will go off air.

But now according to new developments, Chehra will now be given a new time slot and will be aired at an early evening time of 5.30 PM from 8th June. Repeats of BAG Films' new show Mitwa Phool Kamal Ke will be aired for the time being at the 10.30 PM slot. This will probably make way for Aap Ki Kachehri once it launches.

We tried calling Producer Yash Patnaik, but he was totally clueless, and said, "I am not aware of this at all".

We could not get any confirmation from the channel too on the same.

We sent a text message to Anupama Mandloi, Senior Creative Director, Star Plus but we did not get a revert till the time we filed this story.

Wonder what's in store for Chehra in the days to come..
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Vishal and Priya together again..

The popular onscreen couple from Kasamh Se, Vishal Singh and Priya Bhatija Shah will be paired again in COLORS' Koi Aane Ko Hai..

We had earlier reported that the new story of COLORS' Koi Aane Ko Hai, produced by Balaji Telefilms will see handsome hunks Gavie Chehal and Vishal Singh of Kasamh Se fame sharing screen space.

The latest on this is that the very much loved on screen pairing of Vishal Singh and Priya Bhatija Shah who were paired together in Kasamh Se will be seen in the show.

Confirming this news, Priya said, "I had taken a break of more than a month after my marriage. In between, I shot for an episodic for Vikram Aur Betaal, and when I was offered a role opposite Vishal in this show, I was excited to take it up. We both share a great bonding and our onscreen chemistry has clicked from the days of Kasamh Se. When Vishal got to know this, he insisted that I sign for the show".

Priya starts shoot for the series from today. "I will be seen in this particular story and will have to give 15 days for the show. I play the fiancee of Vishal in it, but don't have much detail about my character".

Vishal too expressed his happiness and said, "I am excited to shoot with Priya again. We are really looking forward to the fun time".

This is indeed good news for those missing the couples' chemistry on television..

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bandini surges ahead in numbers..

NDTV Imagine goes well past the century mark with a GRP of 108 this week, with Bandini surging ahead with 2.1 TRP..
Balaji Telefilms' Bandini on NDTV Imagine has showed a consistent growth in numbers from the time of its launch. And now, the show has reached new heights by being the #1 show of the channel with a TRP of 2.1 this week.
According to the latest ratings, NDTV Imagine stands fourth on the chart with a GRP of 108 with a gain of 15 points from last week. COLORS gets the top position with a GRP of 258 while Zee TV takes the second position ahead of Star Plus with a GRP of 245, with Star Plus having to settle for the third spot with GRP of 240.

We talked to Sandiip Sikcand, Creative Director of Bandini who quoted, "The numbers speak for our work; and this is all because of the efforts put in by the entire team. Bandini has been a baby to us, and we are devoted to the show. The show has a great potential and this is just a beginning. We have reached the 2 TRP mark, but we are confident of getting to the 3 TRP mark very soon".

On the next interesting track in the show, Sandiip said, "There will be a revelation of Dharamraj's past which will give a totally new meaning to the Santo – Dharamraj chemistry. You have to watch this story track as this is something that has not been shown on television before".

Well, with this continues the battle for numbers..
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Keshav to provide a new twist in Choti Bahu...

Zee's Choti Bahu will see yet another twist with the entry of Keshav in Radhika's life..
Shashank Sethi who plays the parallel lead, Keshav in Zee's Choti Bahu, produced by DJ's Creative Unit is thrilled to be part of the successful show.
Keshav who was supposed to marry Radhika (Rubina Dilaik) earlier has now come to Dev (Avinash Sachdev) to seek job. Talking about his role, Shashank says, "I am working as a Chartered Accountant in Dev's firm. I am a good friend of Radhika and as the track moves on, Radhika will tell everyone that she is married to Keshav. I will also help Radhika in this act just to save her from the blame game".
About the storyline, Keshav who is now seen as a very positive person will turn negative later on, as he will want to get Radhika in his life.

Shashank is from Gwalior, and has been seen in many serials like Kasturi, Kya Dill Mein Hai, Kuch Is Tara. The actor who debuted with Balaji Telefilms has moved out to work for a different production house for the first time. "It was not that I was not getting offers from other production houses, but I was waiting for the right role. Choti Bahu is the best show and I am glad to be part of it", concludes the actor.

With this revelation, viewers can look forward to another twist in the love story of Dev and Radhika..
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Sreejita De out of Uttaran?

As COLORS show Uttaran, produced by Film Farm is all set to start a new chapter with the shoot post leap starting in another 2-3 days time, the buzz is that Sreejita De who was to play the grown-up Ichcha has been ousted from the show.

According to our source, "It looks like Sreejita is not doing the show anymore. But we are unable to gather the exact reason for this change in decision".

Sreejita who was shocked to hear the news, "I am totally unaware of this. In fact, I had a word with the production house two days back, and they intimated that they are starting shoot very soon. I even had a word with our Producer Pintoo Guha just now and he was equally shocked on hearing the news. So I don't know what to say".

If sources are to be believed, auditions are on for the casting of Ichcha and the replacement will be named very soon.

However, yet another source opines that, "This might in fact be a publicity stunt too, as they are starting their shoot in the next few days and the leap will be aired on June 15th, and the channel is in fact planning a party of sorts involving media just before they take the big leap".

Pintoo Guha of Film Farm though was totally clueless about the news and said, "I am not aware of this at all, and I have nothing to comment".

Now let's wait and watch what exactly comes out of this buzz…
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Praneeta Sahu to enter Kitani Mohabbat Hai..

Praneeta Sahu who was earlier seen in Kuch Is Tara, Kasturi and Kasautii Zindagi Kii will soon be entering NDTV Imagine's Kitani Mohabbat Hai as Salil's best friend.

Speaking about her role, Praneeta says, "My character name is Vany, and I play the best friend of Salil (Shreysth). I have come back from abroad; and the focus will be on the chemistry between Salil and Vany. The character is very positive and my relationship with Salil is purely on friendship basis. But it so happens that Purbhi (Pooja Gor) gets insecure because of my closeness to Salil".

When asked about the future track, she says, "I have no idea about the track, but I will be entering today or tomorrow".

Along with Praneeta, Antara Mitra of Indian Idol fame will also be entering Kitani. She will be seen for just one episode though.Antara will be performing in a musical concert at Shimla where Praneeta makes her entry. She will be seen singing the number 'Sajana Aa Bhi Jaa'.
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Mahavir Hanuman on COLORS..

After the twin launches of Sarvopari Shri Swaminarayan Bhagwan and Vikram Aur Betal for the Sunday morning slot on COLORS, Sagar Pictures is all set to launch yet another mythological series 'Mahavir Hanuman'.

The production house has done a lot of detailing on the make-up and special effects to be used in the show. In fact they have managed to get a particular type of make-up stuff from abroad mainly for the show. This is the first time that television in India will be using such visual effects and make-up style.

The actors will be mostly new faces, and the show will probably be a weekly.

Producer Moti Sagar said, "The show will be directed by Akash Sagar. The time slot and launch date has not been notified to us by the channel. We can talk in detail after few days".
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Juvenile Changes: Popular Kids in Sri Krishna and Uttaran to go.

Balika VadhuReacting to the ever-increasing me-too variety of soaps revolving around juvenile actors Colors, the channel that premiered patented and popularized the kids-first formula has now decided to swerve away from its cutie-poo image.

The child actors from their two popular shows Uttaran and Jai Shri Krishna, Sparsh Khanchandani and Ishita Panchal who play Ichcha and Tapasya in Uttaran, and Krishna Bhatia who plays little Krishna in Jai Shri Krishna are about to exit from their respective serials.

The two primetime hits will take an unexpected generation-leap in the coming weeks. And with good reason.

Rajesh Kamat CEO Colors, explains, “There are too many me-too imitations of what you call the juvenile formula. We feel confident enough now to let our two popular serials take a generation leap without affecting its popularity.”

So those viewers who are addicted to the cute moppet manoevrings of Tapasya, Ichcha and Krishna will just have to grow up…along with the serial.

However the kids in Colors’ flagship show Balika Vadhu remain unchanged although the actors Avika Gor and Avinash Mukherjee playing the child-couple Anandi and Jagdish, are growing up right in front of viewers’ eyes.

Talk of the two Balika Vadhu kids departing from the plot gathered momentum when in recent months the focus in the plot shifted to the adult actors.

But now the adorable little twosome will be back at the plot’s fulcrum.

Says Kamat, “The reason why less of Anandi and Jadgish was being shown in the recent episodes is because both the actors playing the two characters were busy with their examinations. It’d have been very ironical if after addressing child literacy so forcefully in the serial our own lead players didn’t get time off for their studies. Exam over, Aavika and Avinash will be back full force.”

Kamath envisages no generation leap in Balika Vadhu. “In fact it would be interesting to see the two actors growing up as serial progresses.”
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Taarak Mehta gang gets bigger..

Asit Modi's popular comedy show- Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah, on SAB TV will soon see a new member in the Gokuldham society.

He is Popatlal Patkar, who happens to be a journalist from Toofan Express. He is a very cranky person who picks up fight for no rhyme or reason and stops by to give his opinion on everything.

This new character is being played by Shyam Pathak whose claim to fame were serials like: Ek chaabi hai pados mein, Jasuben jayantilal ki joint family, Sonpari, CID, Shakalakaboom boom, etc. The residents of this society are quite excited to have a new member. This new character is undeniably going to add some more dosage of laughter to the everyday bouts of happiness.

This one will definitely raise the laugh-o-meter!!!

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