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Friday, February 26, 2010

Ekta Kapoor to launch a show on Star One..

Balaji Telefilms and Star have had a long running association which started more than a decade ago.

But with Star Plus deciding to end Ekta's long running shows Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Kahaan Ghar Ghar Ki, the rapport between them got sour. And as we think that the channel has put the final nail in the coffin by ending Ekta's only two shows airing on the channel, Tujh Sang Preet Lagayi Sajna and Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil, the news is that Ekta is already planning to launch a big show, this time on Star One.

According to our source, "Ekta and the channel have already started the audition process for the new show to launch on Star One. The serial is adapted from the very popular novel Twilight which was also made into a movie. The production house wants to get a fresh new cast for the show, and this will be one of the major projects on Star One".

As per our source, "Star One has made a deal with the organizers of IPL, and they will be promoting their new Star One shows during the IPL season. Promos of their upcoming shows, Odhani Rang Badalti Jaaye of Yash Patnaik and Geet of Endemol will be aired during IPL, which will be followed by a huge promotion for the Ekta Kapoor show. The show is expected to launch sometime after IPL".

We tried calling Ekta Kapoor, but she remained unavailable. We could not get any answer from the Star Officials too.

What with the first move being taken, we can now expect Ekta to come back on Star Plus too in the near future...
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kavita Kaushik attacked by co-actor!

Looks like we have another celeb casualty. Actress Kavita Kaushik barely escaped getting bitten by her co-actor when shooting for Holi special episode of SAB TV's FIR!

We spoke to Kavita who says, "I still don't know how it all happened. We were shooting for Holi special episode, and I was supposed to go and dab color on this lady (junior artiste who was called for the Holi sequence in F.I.R) called Manju Brijnandan Sharma. When I dabbed color on her, she just freaked out, started twisting my fingers and tried her level best to break them. Thank God, I soon pulled myself out of the shock and backed off or else she would've ended up biting my fingers!"

The actress adds, "I have got dislocation of the bones and tissue tear. I've been asked to wear the crepe bandage to help with the swelling and pain."

So how is she feeling now? "Well, to be very honest, I'm not okay yet. It's been fifteen days since the incident and I still am unable to do things properly with my right hand. I can't sign cheques or autographs. I can't text message," tells Kavita.

Even after experiencing this awful incident, Kavita isn't wary or angry. She tells us, "The production house people and director said that a formal complaint will be made to the Cine Artists Association but I told them not to as acting might be the only source of earning an income for her. But they have certainly barred her from appearing in FIR from now on. And I'm not scared because things happen, we can't help it or let them slow us down. But Kiku Sharda certainly is scared of the weird woman now. He keeps saying stuff like – woh kuch bhi kar sakti hai. Mujhe toh use door hi rehna hai. (She's capable of doing anything. I definitely want to stay away from her)"

We wish Kavita a quick recovery!

The two part Holi special episode series airs starting Monday, March 01 and Tuesday, March 02, 10.30 pm on SAB.
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Lakshmi's struggle continues in Devi post leap...

The story of NDTV Imagine and Shakuntalam Telefilms' Neer Bhare Tere Naina Devi will be taking a five year leap tonight. With this, the little kid Lakshmi who grows up to be considered as Devi by the villagers is shown to be a fun-filled girl of age five.

The character of Lakshmi will now be played by the six year old Reem, who is a convent student in Andheri. This is her first television show, and she has been shooting for the past few days.

According to our source, "Lakshmi grows to be a happy child who loves to play with friends and wants to study. However, with her being considered as Devi, she has been deprived of education. Her father Ghasita (Hemant Pandey) has become a rich Chaudhary and now has a new name and is referred to as Ghanshyam. Lakshmi's mother continues to be the doting mother to her kids, and tries her level best to protect her daughter".

The leap will introduce many new things in the show. The characters like Ghasita, Suhagi (Dipali Pansare) and others will have a changed look. They will have better houses to live in, with them becoming rich. Also, the changes in relationships will also be focused.

"Suhagi has grown a bit stronger, and her main motive is to hide from her daughter the fact that she is considered to be Devi. However, the weekly 'Devi Darshans' have forced her to tell her daughter that all that is happening around her is kind of fake and she just has to be part of it without believing in it. In other words, Suhagi tries her best to keep the innocence in her daughter alive", adds our source.

Catch the trials and tribulations of little Lakshmi on NDTV Imagine..
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Raghav takes the ultimate decision in Laado..

The stage is set for the grand wedding of Raghav (Aditya Redij) and Sonali (Deeya Chopra) in COLORS and Shakuntalam Telefilms' Na Aana Is Desh Laado. However, Raghav who is already wedded to Sia is in a dilemma whether or not to forget his love life and move ahead.

According to our source, "There is a major high point to come in Tuesday's episode, wherein Raghav will make a decision on what he wants in life. Ultimately, the big moment that the loyal viewers of the show have been waiting for, will arrive as Raghav fills Sia's maang with sindoor".

Raghav and Sia's love that went through many hurdles will eventually win, as Raghav chooses Sia, thus not considering the decision taken by Ammaji (Meghna Malik).

As per our source, "Deeya Chopra's character will be shown going back to London in the next few episodes. However, the possibility of her return into the show is not ruled out. The buzz is that lot more drama is expected after this particular track".

We tried calling Deeya Chopra who told us, "There is a big twist coming in the next few episodes. All I can say is that the viewers will be shocked with the twist".

Aditya Redij aka Raghav too confirmed that there is a big twist to come, but refused to divulge details.
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Ratan Rajput receives a ruddy blow!

Ratan Rajput who we all love as Laali in Zee TV and Swastik Pictures' Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo was at the receiving end of a freak accident two days back.

Our source tells us, "There was a scene where Shekhar (Abhishek Rawat) had to slap Rannvijay (Sachal Tyagi) while Laali (Ratan Rajput) stands close behind. When Shekhar lifted his hand to slap, his elbow struck hard on Ratan's forehead. The impact was so huge that she fainted on the spot!"

We spoke to Ratan Rajput who confirms the news saying, "Yes, it's true I got hurt while shooting. I was standing very close to Abhishek and by mistake his elbow hit me on my head. I don't remember what exactly happened later because I fainted."

Ratan adds, "My forehead is swollen now, and it's hurting too. When I visited the doctors they said I have to take bed rest for 48 complete hours. But how can I? I have to shoot. So, I just took a day's rest and am working now by taking painkillers. The swelling is so bad that viewers just can't miss observing it in the episodes to be aired (smiles)".

Apparently, Ratan's fanatic professionalism isn't impressive to her doctors. "My doctors have washed their hands clean of my case as I refused to take their advice. They have said it's not our responsibility if anything happens to you. If the pain and swelling doesn't subside after two days I've to go for CT scan. But I know, I can hear my instincts say that everything's alright," she signs off.

We truly wish that Ratan's laid back approach towards her illness does not lead to further complications and everything gets neatly sorted out.
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Prabhat replaced in Pavitra Rishta; Pankaj Vishnu steps in..

Prabhat Bhattacharya who essayed the grey character of Ajit in Zee TV and Balaji Telefilms' Pavitra Rishta has been replaced. And taking his place is noted Marathi actor Pankaj Vishnu.

According to our source, "Prabhat Bhattacharya had always been throwing his weight on the sets. His character has been loved by viewers, and this is why the production house and channel continued with him. But now, for some reason Prabhat decided to opt out of the show, and that is when the production house was forced to bring in another actor to fit into the role".

We tried calling Prabhat Bhattacharya, but his cell was switched off.

Pankaj Vishnu who is a well known name in Marathi serials and films will now essay the role of Ajit. The actor has earlier done small cameos in few serials of Balaji Telefilms. He was last seen in Zee TV's Meri Doli Tere Angna.

Pankaj Vishnu confirmed the news and said, "Yes, my entry sequence will be aired today. Ajit was earlier shown to have gone to Bangkok. He returns to the show now, and as usual he will be back to torment Archana (Ankita Lokhande) and her family. My Marathi serial that was on air will be going off air very soon. So I had no other commitment, and that is when I got a call from Balaji Telefilms for this role. I will now concentrate on Pavitra Rishta as the character of Ajit is very important to the story line".

As per our source, "Yesterday's freeze showed Ajit's comeback. But his face will be revealed today, and this will mark the entry of Pankaj. Ajit will get to know that Archana's family is busy preparing for the engagement of Varsha (Priya Marathe). To begin with, he is furious that he has not been invited; but he gets the invite from the boy's side and makes it to the engagement. The next high point will be the drama he will create at the engagement".
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Friday, February 19, 2010

Manu weds Gangadhar Rao in style...

Those hooked on to Ek Veer Stree ki Kahaani Jhansi Ki Rani on Zee TV have seen an assortment of characters conspire to keep little Manu (Ulka Gupta) from marrying King Gangadhar of Jhansi (Sameer Dharmadhikari).

Be it the shrewd, scheming firang Frazer or Moti Bai or the vampish threesome Sakhubai, Jankibai and Laccho, they all have planned and plotted at various points to stop Manu from becoming the Queen of Jhansi. With all of them having fallen flat on their faces, the viewers can now look forward to a magnum opus of a shaadi where young Manikarnika will tie the knot with King Gangadhar at a lavishly constructed Ganesh Mandir set. According to a source on the show, the channel has pulled out all the stops to ensure that the show does ample justice to the grand historical wedding. An array of theatre group artistes, dance troupes from Bundelkhand, Lavni performers and magicians have been flown in to capture the pre-shaadi traditions.

Buzz has it that close to Rs. 7 Lakhs have been spent only on Manu's look for the wedding, what with her trousseau including a rich traditional Kaashta saari, 3 authentic gold mangalsutras, Kundan Moti sets and the extravagant "Lakshmi haar". When asked how she feels about donning the jewellery and the shaadi joda, Ulka Gupta who plays Manu said, "I'm thrilled to be wearing such beautiful jewellery and expensive costumes. I'm lucky to have got a chance to live the life of a queen from a bygone era and I'm loving every bit of it."

And how does she feel about the fact that the Rani Niwas she will be living in after marriage is the same set used in the film Jodhaa Akbar? "Oh I feel like Aishwarya Rai. (giggles) You have no idea how excited I am about shooting for the post-marriage sequences in the new Rani Niwas set. I loved Jdhaa Akbar and I'm a big fan of Ash!".

Watch the much –awaited historical wedding of Jhansi Ki Rani on Friday, 19th February on your favorite show Jhansi Ki Rani on Zee TV.
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Sasural Genda Phool from March 1st at 7.30 PM..

Come this March, Star Parivaar is all set to welcome the newest Bahu into the family. SASURAL GENDA PHOOL is a show which promises not only a fresh concept and entertainment but also a whole lot of fun and joy to the viewers. Starting 1st March 2010, Sasural Genda Phool will be aired Monday – Friday 7:30 pm

SASURAL GENDA PHOOL is a witty, light-hearted story of Suhana, a pampered daughter of an affluent single father, who agrees to marry Ishaan at her father's behest. Ishaan, an IT professional is a much grounded human being with no sky scraping desires in life. To her surprise, Suhana will find herself caught up in a traditional and conservative family as opposed to her own liberal, upper-class upbringing.

The main lead Suhana will be played by the most promising and fresh face on television -Ragini Khanna and the suave & handsome Jai Soni, who will be seen essaying the role of her husband, Ishaan. Veteran actors like Sudhir Pandey, Anita Kanwal will be seen as Dada and Dadi of Ishaan. Mahesh Thakur will essay the role of Suhana's father and Sooraj Thapar & Shruti Ulfat as parents of Ishaan. Completing the magnificent star cast is Supriya Pilgaonkar who plays the role of Ishaan's Badi Maa.

Commenting on Sasural Genda Phool, Gaurav Banerjee, Head Content Strategy, Star Plus said "Star Plus is looking at redefining the way the viewers perceive our society through television. It has always been perceived that most of the shows that involve families are dramatic and emotional. We at Star Plus endeavour to showcase elements from real life moments and things that people can relate to."

Produced by Ravi Ohja's productions, who has a long standing association with Star commented, "This is a show about a family of loving people, full of fun and laughter, a family every viewer would wish to be a part of. Suhana, who is beautiful, spirited, rich and spoilt, enters the family after marrying the youngest son. From a huge empty mansion to the crowded aangan of a middle class house. Will she become a part of this family or will she tear them apart?".

Watch Star Plus' new show from March 1st at 7.30 PM...
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shocking: Manav exchanges ring with Shravani!

The recent episodes of ZEE TV’s ‘Pavitra Rishta’ see the growing restrains between Manav (Sushant Singh Rajput) and Archana (Ankita Lokhande). But the couple is unaware that something unfortunate will further make their relationship sour and dampen any hope of reconciliation.

Our source from the set informs, “Manav will soon get engaged to Shravani (Pooja Pihal) under pressure from her father. As Shravani’s father has to leave for the United States due to a business deal that will keep him there for 2 months so he wants Manav and Shravani engaged. Eventually, under duress Manav abides by his word and exchanges ring with Shravani to fulfill his responsibilities, keeping his love for Archana at bay.”

When we contacted Sushant Singh Rajput and he confirms the heartbreaking news, “Yes, soon in the show I will be exchanging rings with Shravani for our engagement. Personally I am feeling very awkward to shoot for this engagement ceremony for the second time in the show. But as per the track I will get engaged to Shravani opting for my responsibilities and denying my love for Archana.” Well life is not about what we want after all!

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Hiten Tejwani makes amendments for babies!

As reported earlier, the popular onscreen couple Hiten Tejwani and Gauri Pradhan is blessed with lovely twin babies ‘Neevan’ and ‘Kathya’ couple of months ago thereby completing their family. Hiten shares some of the changes he has consciously made to shoulder the responsibility of the family better.

In a chit-chat Hiten tells us, “Ever since I have been a father, I felt my responsibilities have increased as I have started thinking by taking my kids into consideration. Whatever we have to plan, we arrange according to our babies comfort. Our daily schedules and time tables are set according to that and it is the most remarkable change in me and my wife after these two angels have entered our life.”

When asked about the memorable moment with babies, he says, “A simple sweet smile on their face when they get up in the morning is the most touchy and sweet moment that I come across daily.”

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saakshi Tanwar tipped for Zee TV’s Do Saheliyan!

Ratna Sinha’s upcoming show on Zee TV tentatively titled ‘Do Saheliya’ may launch at the end of this month and has commenced its casting and shoot for the show.

Our reliable source informs, “The storyline revolves around two best friends, one is poor and other is rich and how eventually they both get stuck by their fate when they grow old in their life and the way the life takes examinations.”

Talking about the cast our source informs, “Along with Mouni Roy, Jatin Shah who are finalized to essay roles opposite each other, Ankita Srivastav, Sulagna Panigrahi are tipped to be in the serial. Even the well-known television face Saakshi Tanwar who is currently seen in Sony Television’s ‘Crime Patrol’ along with Anoop Soni is tipped to play a very crucial role in the serial.”
We tried calling Saakshi Tanwar but she didn’t revert!

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Ashita Dhawan gets ready for Bidaai!

Ashita Dhawan aka Malti bhabhi of ‘Sapna Babul Ka -Bidaai’ was on a holiday celebrating her special days. Therefore to make up for her absence the character of Malti bhabhi was sent to her mayyka (mother’s home).

But now Ashita Dhawan informs with great excitement, “I had enjoyed my holidays and also felt great on my D-day (Wedding day) which was on 20th January. I am having a superb married life with my dear hubby Shailesh Gulabani. I have enjoyed my mini vacation and now I will be back in ‘Bidaai’ very soon, as I resume shoot from 10th February. I am looking forward to come with a bang yet again!”

Elaborating on the track she tells, “As I was on a holiday it was shown that I had gone to my mom’s house, but soon I will be back with all the nautanki. As according to the track my mother-in-law is not well, I will try to make her happy with sweet talks and the track will move on accordingly.”

Well audience get ready to enjoy bubbly Ashita back on Bidaai!

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dayaben's rendezvous with Salman Khan

They say humor trumps everything. The latest meeting of Dayaben of SAB TV's Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah with Salman Khan only goes to favor the saying.

According to our source, "When Dayaben and Salman khan came together we didn't know what to expect of the meeting. But turned out, even Salman couldn't remain unaffected of Dayaben's charisma. He confessed he has fallen for the typical Dayaben laughter."

We spoke to Disha Wakani aka Dayaben. She says, "Yes, I met Salman khan. He is a very charming and down to earth person. He told me he watches my show and loves each and every character from the show."

She adds, "Salman has already worked with Jetha ji and so he told me how they both go a long way back. It was a very nice interaction that I had with him."

Did Dayaben treat Salman with khaman dhokla? "No dhokla wasn't available. So I got him fafda which he enjoyed a lot," says Disha in a matter of fact manner.

While Disha treated Salman to the delicacies of Gujarat, Smita Singh (the vamp Punpunwali from the COLORS show Sabki Jodi Wohi Banaata Bhagyavidhaata) added the Bihari spice while comedian Bharti Singh added the Punjabi masalaa. Salman almost spent three hours with these TV babes and it was a perfect afternoon date for Salman Khan.
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Bhairavi, Anita Kanwal, Sooraj Thapar in Sasural Genda Phool..

Soon after the launch of Hats Off's Behenein, Star Plus will be launching Sasural Genda Phool, an adaptation of the very popular Bengali soap Ogo Bondhu Sundori. The show will be produced by Ravi Ojha, maker of the Bengali soap on Star Jalsa.

The show which will deal with the 'Slice of life' theme and will be a pure family drama where hatred, jealousy etc have no room. We already know that Sudhir Pandey will play the patriarch of the family. Noted actors Supriya Pilgaonkar and Shruti Ulfat play the second generation bahus, while Ragini Khanna and Pooja Kanwal play their daughters-in law. As reported earlier, Jay Soni will play the guy opposite Ragini. A newcomer Shyam will be seen opposite Pooja Kanwal.

Bringing you more details on this big family tree.

According to our source, "Anita Kanwal, mother of Pooja Kanwal will play the Dadi of the house, and wife of Sudhir Pandey. Bhairavi Raichura who is seen in COLORS' Balika Vadhu as Anandi's mom will essay the role of Supriya Pilgaonkar's daughter-in-law. Noted actor Jiten Lalwani who was last seen in Zee TV's Shree will play Bhairavi's husband. Sooraj Thapar who was last seen in Sony's Comedy Circus Teen Ka Tadka will essay the role of Shruti Ulfat's husband".

When contacted, Sooraj Thapar confirmed the news and said, "Yes, I play the son of Sudhir Pandey. We both are getting back to Star Plus after a good long 10 years, after Hum Saat Aath Hain. This show has no negativity to show, and that is the USP of the show".

Jiten Lalwani confirmed that he is a part of the show, but preferred to talk later as he was busy.

Pooja Kanwal confirmed that her mother will also be part of the show. "My mom will be essaying the role of Dadi, and will be opposite Sudhir Pandeyji".

We tried contacting Bhairavi Raichura, but she was busy in her shoot.

The promos of the show have been shot, and will be on air very soon. The show will be launched in a prime time slot either in the last week of February or in the first week of March.
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Jas Karan at his romantic best...

Jas Karan Singh had a valid reason to go missing from Star One's Miley Jab Hum Tum for few days!! Well, the actor who got married to his girl friend of five years Ashwini Vala on December 25th in a private ceremony, had been to Goa with his pretty wife for their honeymoon.

Talking about his honeymoon experience, Jas told us, "We have just got back from our exciting honeymoon trip in Goa. I resumed shoot for my show Miley Jab Hum Tum yesterday. We were there at Goa for a good eight days. Everything was so beautiful out there".

Ask Jas Karan about his plans for their first Valentines' Day post marriage and he said, "Well, I have just now returned to work. But I can't resist asking for a day's off on February 14th (smiles). I will plan something really big for my wife if I get an off. I will surely present her with loads of gifts. If I don't end up getting an off, I will take her for a nice romantic dinner after my pack up".

Well, he seems to be the perfect romantic hubby that a girl would dream to have!!
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Pankaj to remarry in Imagine's Jyoti...

Pankaj aka Sarwar Ahuja in NDTV Imagine's Jyotihas moved on in life, after getting the divorce papers signed by Jyoti (Sneha Wagh).

His family is now thinking of getting him married again, and Pankaj actually accepts the decision. There will soon be a new girl in Pankaj's life, and entering the show will be Sonia Singh.

Sonia Singh is presently seen in the role of Dr. Kirti in Star One's Dill Mill Gaye.

According to our source, "Sonia Singh has started shoot, and her entry will be aired on Monday. Her character name is Neelam, whose family accepts Pankaj as their son-in-law. Soon the roka ceremony of Pankaj and Neelam will be shown, and their marriage will also happen".

The upcoming track will focus on Pankaj and Jyoti taking their individual stands for their future.

Giving more detail on Neelam's character, our source states, "Neelam will neither be a completely positive nor a negative character. She will react differently depending on the situations she is put into".

Confirming the news Sonia Singh told us, "Yes, I have started shooting. However, you need to watch the show to know more about my character".

Let's see how Jyoti and Pankaj's lives shape up now…
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Dr. Armaan back on Dill Mill Gaye!

Star One’s most loved show- ‘Dill Mill Gaye’ is trying to gain back public interest by revolving the story around its most famous character- Dr. Armaan which was played by Karan Singh Grover.

Is it because the new interns are not fetching much attention and no couple is able to revive Armaan-Riddhima chemistry? Whatever the case maybe, it seems that the dice that creative teamed rolled to gain TRPs have worked in their favor. The track has managed to catch eyeballs.

Last episode saw Dr. Armaan on-screen after a long time, so was it actor Karan himself? Well, certainly not, it was a file footage that was used. But the use of file footage implies that creative team is definitely hinting towards a comeback of Dr. Armaan in near future.

Jennifer Winget aka Dr. Riddhima says, “I have no clue about his return on show, according to me he may not comeback but then you never know if he comes back. Everything is decided by production house.”

So, as of now the status of Dr. Armaan’s comeback in ‘Dill Mill Gaye’ is entirely in the hands of creative team.

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Great Expectations: Yash Raj Films bites the dust?

Yash Raj films has come up with a weekend slot of 5 shows named ‘Seven’, ‘’, ‘Mahi Way’, ‘Lift Kara De’ and ‘Powder’. These shows promised to provide complete entertainment and refreshing change from the usual melodramas with their distinct looks, fresh, contemporary and engaging story lines. As said by YRF everything was fulfilled by the banner, but it seems that the mojo is lacking as the TRPs of the serial are just average, in regard to the prestigious banner they are coming from.

As far as films are concerned YRF is juggernaut in the business from the top actors to distributors, YRF calls the shots. But the territory of television is to be treaded on carefully, even by the giants. Making a big entry in the television market with not one or two but five serials simultaneously, YRF wanted to flood the market, but it seems that with a plummeting TRP, YRF is taking a note. There may be many reasons for the dipping TRPs of YRF serials, even though all the five shows have there distinct style, but they have failed to give the audience what they actually want and miss the ‘x’ factor that can grip the audience in weekends.

According to the TRP rating chart, serials except ‘Lift Kara De’ and ‘Mahi Way’ are witness dipping TRPs. ‘Lift Kara De’ is hosted by Karan Johar, in the show a Bollywood superstar is invited and they meet their biggest fan. On the other hand ‘Mahi Way’ is based on the character of funny, ambitious young girl with a different persona who wants everything in her life just like any other girl. Both these serials appeal to the audience because Bollywood stars and their personal life make interesting dinner table conversation, the same goes for ‘Mahi Way’. Viewers want something gossipy and juicy that hooks them over the weekend. YRF’s other shows ‘Seven’, ‘’ and ‘Powder’ deal with grim or sensitive issues and are not light hearted entertainment on the lines of ‘Lift Kara De’ and ‘Mahi Way’.

Audiences watch television on weekends to relax their mind and not to entangle their grey cells in gritty drama that is hard to keep track of after a week’s lapse. Viewers over the weekend are mostly working class people who look for one off shows, a special perhaps, which wrap up the story in a singular episode and don’t spill over to the other day or episode. Even with all the technical expertise like high picture quality cameras used in filmmaking for their daily soaps YRF has failed to impress and engage audience. Either that, or viewers are missing the regular ‘saas bahu’ and ‘mirch masala’ in the shows, which has resulted in the disappointment of YRF banner. As after all to catch the pulse of the television audience is no easy job for even Ekta Kapoor the czarina of television.

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Karan Tacker tipped to play lead in Yash Patnaik's show on Star One..

Star One's revamp program will start soon, with their first promo on the change in programming line-up hitting the television sets in few days' time!!

As reported, Geet produced by Endemol will take the place of Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, which will be ending on February 26th. The other show waiting in the wings is Yash Patnaik's love story which was earlier titled Paheli. The show has got its final title now in Odhni Rang Badalti Jaaye.

As reported earlier, Yashshree Masurkar who was seen in Zee Marathi's Lakshman Resha will play the female lead. The latest is that one of the faces of Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, Karan Tacker will in all possibility be finalized as the male lead.

According to our source, "Auditions were on for a long time to find the main guy. The channel and production house have few options under their belt, but Karan Tacker has almost been finalized for the role".

When contacted, Karan Tackertold us, "Yes, talks are on. But no decision has been taken yet. If I get to know anything, I will surely let you know".

We tried calling Producer Yash Patnaik, but he remained unavailable.

As reported earlier, Swapna Waghmare Joshi will be turning Producer with this show. And the very popular composing trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy will be scoring the title music for the love story.

The shows which will in all probability survive the revamp on Star One are Miley Jab Hum Tum and Jaane Pehchane Se Yeh Ajnabee.
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Baa Bahu aur Baby to shut shop..

Hats Off Productions' Baa Bahu aur Baby on Star Plus which made a comeback with its Season 2 on August 23rd is now on the way out.

According to our source, "This weekend slice of life show will end post IPL ( BCCI's annual Twenty Twenty cricket and entertainment carnival starts in March). The shoot of the show is likely to end in the last week of February. The show will most likely wrap up in April".

Anupam Vasudev, EVP Marketing, Star India cryptically answered, "You never know", when asked on the future of Baa Bahu aur Baby. "Our network's relationship with JD Majethia is very strong. Shows come and go", he added.

This saga about the lower middle class Thakkar family has been plagued with problems ever since it came back with Season 2. Sweta Keswani who essays the role of Gudiya feels that, "One of the reasons for low ratings could be the fact that the channel has not been publicizing the show aggressively."

Meenakshi bhabhi aka Sucheta Trivedi blamed the channel for changing the time slot repeatedly and not airing the episodes regularly." I get many calls, SMS and emails asking about why film awards are telecast rather than our show on Sunday evenings."

A caste member who did not want to be named asked the media to tell them when the show will end, so that they can take up some other offers. "This uncertainty is not good, we actors are always the last to be informed" said our source.

Sweta on her part felt that, "As Baa Bahu has had a good run of 5 years, so if it ends, its okay, anything that begins must end right."

Producer J. D. Majethia in reply to our text message said, "Nothing has come to me in writing"
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COLORS' Saanjhi Dopahar to launch on February 15th..

COLORS' very much anticipated afternoon band Saanjhi Dopahar will be launching on February 15th with two shows, Agnipareeksha Jeevan Ki…Ganga at the 1.30 PM slot and Aise Karo Naa Vidaa at 2 PM.

Agnipareeksha Jeevan Ki…Ganga produced by BAG Films is a tale of a young girl Ganga who is a very talented singer, but the people in the society feel that she is cursed as she has some white marks on her skin. Jayshree Soni plays the protagonist while Sejal Shah, Jai Pathak, V.M. Badola will essay supporting roles.

Aise Karo Naa Vidaa produced by DJ's Creative Unit is the tale about a young and vivacious girl Reva whose open nature attracts one and all around her. Her life gets shattered when Prince Randheer gets smitten by Reva and ends up molesting her physically. The story is the journey of Reva who is forced to get into a compromise with the rich family to which the miscreant belongs to. Aastha Chaudhary portrays the title character, while Rohit Purohit, Anas Rashid,Jaya Bhattacharya, Lalit Parimoo, Kishore Shahane play important roles.

Talking about the launch of Saanjhi Dopahar on COLORS, Ashwini Yardi, Programming Head, COLORS tells us, "Saanjhi Dopahar kick starts on February 15th with two shows. There is a third show in the pipeline, which will be launched very soon. Ganga will take up the 1.30 PM slot while Aise Karo Naa Vidaa will be at the 2 PM slot".

"The planning for afternoon band has been happening for quite a long time now. But we wanted to first stabilize our prime time band, and then focus on the afternoon band. After we launched two new prime time shows in Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam and Laagi Tujhse Lagan at the 9-10 PM slot in December, our next aim was to provide the audience with fresher content in the afternoon band. Our design of shows for the afternoon will be a bit different, as we will be dealing with a different kind of audience, mostly comprising the house wives. We will be dealing with Women issues and will talk about the journey of women through our shows".

When asked about Shrishti Arya's show that is to take up the afternoon band, Ashwini Yardi said, "I can't disclose much about the third show. But we will be launching it very soon. All I can say is that the women in the show will be of different ages and will be going thro' different phases in their lives".

Watch COLORS' Saanjhi Dopahar from 15th February between 1.30 and 2.30 pm only on COLORS….
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bayttaab’s Karan Kundra to make an exit?

Lots of relationship trouble is going on between the characters of Sony’s ‘Bayttaab Dil Kee Tamanna Hai’. While earlier Veeru (Karan Kundra) was left heartbroken when Shamoli got married to Kunal (Aman Verma), now he is overwhelmed with guilt as differences come between Shamoli and Kunal. Therefore Veeru wants to put a distance between him and their lives.

With the feeling of guilt creeping in Veeru’s heart, will he try to mend things for Kunal, whom he respects like an elder brother?

“Veeru blames himself for the tiff between Shamoli and Kunal and he does not want to create tension between them and so he’ll take the big decision to go away from the couple’s life,” says an insider.

So, does that mean Veeru’s character is making an early exit from the popular show? “Veeru surely will not be seen on-screen for a while, but that does not mean his character has made an exit. Veeru who is presently a poor guy on the show will return as a suave, rich and powerful guy,” informs our little birdie.

So, will Veeru’s short exit be sweet for Shamoli and Kunal? And what will happen when Veeru makes a suave comeback? Watch out for the heady emotional rollercoaster ride on ‘Bayttaab Dil Kee Tamanna Hai’.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chanda Rani uncovers Raaz Pichle Janam Ka!

The show ‘Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai’ will soon see its next episode in which all the three court room people (Two lawyers and one judge) Chanda Rani (Juhi Parmar), Vibhuti Narayan (Asif Sheikh) and the judge Prem Kapoor (Tiku Talsania) will go through their past life to solve one of such case which comes to their court room.

Our reliable source, “It is a case filed by a son who believes that his father who died many years ago is reborn as a dog in his neighbor’s house. Thus, he files a case against his neighbor to seek the possession of that dog. Not having any law on reincarnation, the Judge Prem Kapoor decides to check on the reliability and legitimacy of the claim by himself and for this reason he meets the psychiatrist to know about his past life and sees that Vibhuti had killed him.”

“Further as Chanda is not convinced with the new findings and will recheck the fact. Eventually she meets a psychiatrist who takes her in the past life where Chanda sees that she was the mother of Vibhuti and Judge was her husband who had shot Vibhuti dead. Later, they all come to the conclusion that it’s imagination and have no real meaning or authenticity. Finally the Judge dismisses the case letting the owner of the dog to continue as its caretaker. The episode will be aired on 3rd and 4th of February,” signs off the source.

Don’t forget to watch the funny avatar of Raaz Pichle Janam Ka only on SAB TV!

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I want to try all the roles in this industry -Aditya Redij

We caught up with actor Aditya Redij aka Raghav of ‘Na Aana Iss Desh Lado’ over a hot cup of coffee and he shared his likes and dislikes with us in a little chit-chat.

Your favorite hangout place: The place where I am with my friends.

Your mouth waters when: I see Tandoori chicken.

Favorite beverage: Nariyal Pani (Coconut water)

Describe yourself in one word: Passionate.

Describe your parents in one word: My love.

Favorite actor/ actress: Johnny Depp and Nargis.

Website you always click on: as I use Blackberry, I am always on twitter and facebook.

Song you always love to listen and sing: Oldies, mostly that of Kishore Kumar.

Last movie you have seen: Avatar!

Dream role you want to play: All the roles in this industry.

Memorable moment: birth of my nieces.

Best birthday plan: Each birthday is best for me and I always do best things.

Perfect sketch for your life partner: I am still very confused about it.

One impossible dream means: The dreams which will make you dream forever about it!

A weird dream you have come across: I was flying in the sky.

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Feel Free 2 Write

Quite often I get requests for my email id, from many visitors and loyal followers of the blog, so I have created a an exclusive id just for you all now we can get in touch whenever you want...
Hey people this my email id for you, please feel free 2 write to me whenever u want..... contact me whenever u feel like .
I am waiting for your response.
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"I've learnt never to trust anyone" Pooja Gaur

Pooja Gaur aka Pratigya Saxena of Star Plus’ Pratigya takes the our Quick Grills…

Your favorite indoor game?

Do you like breakfast in bed?
Yeah yah!

The thing you hate about going to the movies?
Standing in line for tickets, I want someone to hand the best tickets over to me.

Favorite Fragrance?
Black XS from Paco Rabanne

Icecreams or Chocolates?

A recent mistake you learned from?
Never to trust anyone.

Something that you wish you could turn back time for?
Nothing. Whatever has happened in my life has taught me a lot so I don't want to change anything.

Did you have quirky habits as a child, over which you laugh today?
I had many…but I can't share them 'cause they're too embarrassing!

Life is full of surprises, Agree or Disagree?
I agree. Nothing in my life has happened the way I had predicted.

All time favorite patriotic song?
Lata mangeshkar's Ei mere watan ke logon.

Basically you like girls dressing in Indian or Western attire?
I'm not a person who likes to dress up too much…you will usually find me in western casuals.

On a scale of 1-10 rate your real life sense of humor?
I think I'd give about 6 or 7.

One fine day, you wake up and find that you have turned a boy, how would you react?
At first I'll be shocked but then just for my own good I'll take it in a positive way and look forward to living life in a brand new way (laughs).

One beauty treatment guys must get done?
Umm…(laughs)… I think the excess-hair treatments…

Acting is a great profession because…
You get to be many different personalities within a short time.
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IPL adds COLORS to Cricket

The Indian Premier League (IPL) and COLORS (a Viacom18 channel), India's number #1 Hindi entertainment channel, today joined hands to launch a series of new entertainment initiatives to attract more fans into the IPL fold. The IPL on behalf of its franchisees has entered into a unique entertainment licensing deal with COLORS, to further enhance the 'Cricketainment' quotient of the league. As part of the agreement, COLORS will launch a series of entertainment shows around IPL and IPL players that will not only play out during the 45 day IPL 2010 Season, but in the post season as well. The announcement was made at a press conference held in Mumbai and addressed by Lalit Modi, Chairman and Commissioner, IPL and Rajesh Kamat, Group COO – Viacom18 and CEO – COLORS, together with the Rajasthan Royals co-owner Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta of the Kings XI Punjab.

As part of this unprecedented fusion of cricket and entertainment, IPL cricket stars will now be seen on COLORS like never before - through various format shows, extending the IPL franchise beyond IPL season. Leading the pack will be none other than a Special IPL Edition of 'Fear factor – Khatron Ke Khiladi IPL Special', COLORS flagship format show. That apart, COLORS also plans 2-3 other shows including an 'IPL Awards Night' and 42 other 'IPL Nights', amongst others.

Commenting on the COLORS partnership, Lalit Modi, Chairman & Commissioner, IPL said, "Our partnership with COLORS takes the IPL cricketainment quotient into an all new orbit. I have always maintained that the IPL is a cricketing carnival like no other and with this unique partnership that we have entered on behalf of our franchisees, we are delivering on our promise to extend the IPL franchise beyond cricket, beyond the IPL season and quite frankly beyond imagination. This unique entertainment proposition will combine our IPL cricketers' mass appeal and COLORS flagship format shows to create an unprecedented genre of cricketainment".

Speaking on the association Rajesh Kamat, Group COO Viacom18 and CEO,COLORS said, "This partnership is about coming together of 2 of the biggest entertainment brands in their respective domains, IPL and COLORS - brands that have changed the landscape of Cricket and entertainment respectively over the last 2 years." He further added, "Cricket & Bollywood are two of India's biggest passions. While, COLORS always had Bollywood and glamour, now with cricket added, it cannot get any bigger."

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Daljeet works her way into Shaleen’s heart!

Don’t get shocked if we tell you that the newly married actress Daljeet has turned chef and keeps herself busy cooking scrumptious meals in kitchen for hubby Shaleen. But yes! It’s true as post-marriage the actress had consciously looked into household business and tries to impress Shaleen with her culinary skills.

In a chit-chat with Daljeet she tells, “After marriage I was deliberately at home to learn the entire household work as I am on a break now and Shaleen is working for ‘Do Hanso Ka Joda’. Thus, I decided to pay attention on Shaleen as when I start working again, I won’t get time to look after him. So now-a-days I get up early in the morning and cook food for him and pack lunch for his shoot.” “Meals that have paneer (cottage cheese) and eggs are his favorite so I usually try something with paneer and egg, I don’t know whether I am a good cook or not but he always appreciates me for the varieties. And maybe due to this he has gained weight and in contrary I have lost my weight,” she rues smiling.

Well, great going Daljeet after all they do say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

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Dilwale Jugni Le Jayenge!

Dilwale Jugni Le Jayenge!

SAB TV’s only serial with Punjabi tadka, ‘Jugni Chali Jalandhar’ is planning for some innovative ideas which will help the TRP’s of the serial to grow not only in north India but all over the country.

Our reliable source informs, “As ‘Jugni Chali Jalandhar’ has great fan following in the north and the recent song track in the episodes gained good TRP’s thus the production has decided to take the two lovely couple-Jugni (Muskaan Mehani) and Vicky (Karan Godwan) to shoot a love song sequence in some northern side of India where they can get a typical tractor and a good farm with yellow flowers just like that in the movie, ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’.”

When we called Muskaan and she confirms, “Yes, we are planning to have a love song sequence. And for that we are going to have an outdoor shoot. As our jodi is liked by all so we intended to do something more interesting and keep-up the pace. We might leave for north in 2 weeks.”

Let’s see what new Jugni brings in for her viewers and to save its dipping TRPs!

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Love story in Bhagyavidhaata? Not quite...

As the special episode of Colors' Sabki Jodi Wohi Banata Bhagyavidhaata draws closer, everyone is eager to witness the budding romance between Bindiya (Richa Soni) and Vinay (Vishal Karwal). However, the buzz is that, there is every possibility that we just won't get to see that so soon!

The present track shows that Vinay has finally gotten a soft corner for Bindiya, and to the surprise of his family, has even accepted to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

According to our source, "There is a one hour episode celebrating the first anniversary of Bindiya and Vinay, which will be aired on February 3rd. It's a fun filled episode full of masti (fun) and hungama (frolic)."

The source adds, "The storyline shows Bindiya and Vinay getting closer. It's being implied that they are falling for each other and that their love is so strong that it's uprooting all the hurdles between them. However, that might not be the case. There is a possibility that Vinay might just be explicitly expressing his affection for Bindiya as he wants Chuttu (Neha Sharma) to get a clear cut message that he is very much disinterested in her and that she should stop hatching more plans to impress him."

"However, these signals don't exactly make Chuttu throw up her hands in exasperation. Although it may seem that Chuttu is about to quit wooing Vinay, she's just not the kind of girl to give up so simply. She will not let the love between Vinay and Bindiya blossom this early," the source further tells us.

We spoke to Neha Sharma aka Chuttu who says, "I would just like to tell all, not to go by what you see. There's more than what meets the eye."

So is Chuttu's character ending or not? "Chuttu won't leave so soon as any important negative character cannot end so rapidly," says Neha.

When asked what we can expect from the story track, Neha says, "You can expect more of suspense, and lots of Chuttu and Punpunwali!"

Smita Singh aka Punpunwali says, "Punpunwali will create a lot of tamasha (drama) to unite Vinay and Chuttu. You have got to watch out for more scheming by Punpunwali and Chuttu."

It remains to be seen how Chuttu and Punpunwali get back to their conniving ways.
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