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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sambhav Kya to debut on 9x

Siddharth KakSiddharth Kak is back as a host in the new series called Sambhav Kya on 9X. The show is based on the similar lines of Mano Ya Na Mano and will also portray the scientific side to the paranormal things that takes place.

“Well you can also term that our show begins where the science ends. Science has certain tools and boundaries. We as human are use to see the four dimensions only but our show has tried to portray the other dimensions too,” says Siddharth.

Giving an example the host explains, “Fishes in water, for them it’s their world and they doesn’t believe that land or sky does exist. This is how we human are, according to our mindset what we see and believe is what exists, but there is a world beyond our knowledge and we will be taking our audience to that journey.”

Coming back to his hosting, he quips, “This is what I am most comfortable to do. Though this show is a bit challenging for me, because here I cannot be myself like in other shows, as I have to feel the story and narrate it too. There is lots of research, investigations involved in the show, which is exciting. I am sure it’s going to be a fascinating journey where mind takes over matter.”

“About believing in paranormal stuff for me either of the two are on extreme position as there are many things which are still unexplained in both the worlds. So nor do I believe or disbelieve in this science,” he concludes.

The show Sambhav Kya will be starting from 31 August Monday to Thursday at 10:30 pm.

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Jethalal reunites with family!

Its reunion time on Sab TV's Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma. Jethalal who was away from family and friends for a very long time will be soon seen reuniting with them.

Citing the reason for his break from the show Dilip Joshi aka Jethalal says, "The fact that I needed a break for around three weeks in the month of August was told by me to my Producer almost one year back. And fortunately he too agreed and accommodated the break even though the serial had to be on air during that time. The reason for my absence is that I had to go to London to attend my nephew Dharmesh's wedding."

He goes on to say that even though he enjoyed the wedding to the fullest, there was always a knot in his chest about his on-screen family. He says, "I used to watch all the episodes in London also. And that was the time I missed all the cast members terribly."

So how will his entry be? "Definitely not simple", Dilip quips.

According to our source, Jethalal's reunion will be rather dramatic. The source says, "Jethalal will make an entry during the Ganpati celebrations in Gokuldham. When the aarti is going on, Jethalal enters, just in time for the Visarjan."

The episode of Jethalal's entry will be aired sometime next week.
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Aap Ki Antara's Ascending TRPs!

Zee TV and Drishtant Media Pvt Ltd's Aap Ki Antara, created an awareness on autism amongst the masses, and even received a lot of critical acclaim. Though the ratings of the show had been steady ever since the launch, it still had to prove itself at the commercial market. But to the joy of the whole cast and crew, the show has reached its best phase ever, when it comes to ratings. with an average of 3.8 TVR.

Producer Monish Sekhri says, "It indeed gives a positive feeling to the entire team. Now that we've gotten into the above 3 bracket we would definitely like to hold onto it and of course aim to go higher." He adds, "We started the show with two main objectives in mind. The first one was to change the mindset of people towards autism which we have literally succeeded in doing. The second was to introduce to Indian television viewers, a fresh new way of storytelling. We wanted the viewers to realize that stories can be explored in this way too!"

Lead actor Darshan Pandya says, "We are feeling very good. It's not a love story. Not a saas-bahu story. Not period. Not mythological. Instead, our show is very simple and subtle with not much of add-ons. Zee TV, the production house Drishtant Media and even we actors up to an extent were very nervous whether the audience would accept such a premise or not. But they have and it feels great."

Prabhleen Sandhu,
the lead actress, says, "We are in seventh heaven. Hamaari mehnat rang laayi.(Our efforts has borne fruit). "

With this success Aap Ki Antara actually makes its way to a new beginning. Our source says, "Presently the track deals with Antara being lost and how because of this incident Vidya and Aditya's relationship is strained even more. Soon all the characters will be smoothly brought to a freeze –frame after which a leap in the story will take place", states our source.
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dr. Atul educates all about Swine Flu...

Star One, the only channel with a medical show on air, Dill Mill Gayye, has decided to educate the audience about swine flu and the ways of preventing it.

Special scenes have been scripted whereby Dr. Atul (Pankitt Thakkar) will be seen comforting Sparsh ( Iccha of Uttaran ) and her friends who are currently in Sanjeevani hospital for treatment. The kids are afraid that they might contract the dreadful disease from their friends. Dr Atul briefs the children about how not to be afraid of swine flu and what measures they should take to keep the infection at bay . He also stresses on the importance of maintaining high standards of personal hygiene to mitigate the fear amongst children on swine flu.

So catch your favorite doctor, up in arms against the swine flu this Friday, 28th August, 8.30 pm only on Star One..
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Priyamvadda completes a full circle..

Talented actress, Priyamvadda Sudhakar Sawannt (as she spells her name now) has completed a full circle when it comes to the various roles she has played on Sahara One.

She was earlier seen as the Good Samaritan, who gets possessed in Sahara One's Shubh Kadam. She now plays the role of Goddess Saraswati in the newly launched show on the same channel, Ganesh Leela. If this is not enough, she will be soon seen as the investigative office in the upcoming Sahara One show Mr. and Mrs. Mishra.

Talking about the roles she has played on Sahara, Priyamvadda says, "I am really happy with the kind of roles that I have got till now. But believe me, nothing was planned. But it is really amazing that I got to play a possessed woman, and then a Goddess and now a cop. Having said this, I really needed to detoxify my system after playing the possessed in Shubh Kadam (smiles)".

On her role in the upcoming show Mr. and Mrs. Mishra, she states, "I play one of the investigative officers in the Unit 9 Team lead by Rahil Azam. My character name is Rechal Pinto, and I will have a love interest too as the story goes on".

Priyamvadda had earlier mentioned in one of her interviews that she is in awe of rifle shooting, and would love to take up any action packed role she comes across. "Yes, shooting is my passion and have taken a course on it earlier. So when I was approached for this particular role, I was at the edge of my seat and wanted to get this role for myself very badly. The work shop we attended was to our advantage and was a good learning curve. Mr. and Mrs. Mishra will surely appeal to the youth, and the manner in which the show is being made is exceptional", she opines.

Mr. and Mrs. Mishra will launch in the first week of September on Sahara One and will be a daily.
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Shubh Kadam to end...

After Kismat Connection and Ghar Ek Sapnaa, it is the turn of Cinevistaas' Shubh Kadam to shut shop on Sahara One. The show is set to end on September 11th.

A reliable source from the channel confirmed that, "There is a possibility for Mr. and Mrs. Mishra, the new thriller of Anubhav Sinha to take the slot of Shubh Kadam. However, there is yet another opening as Ghar Ek Sapnaa is also slated to end in the last week of August".

The show recently saw the exit of the lead Pratik Shukla and is presently focusing on the trials and tribulations of the widow, Pratha.

We tried calling Mushtaq Sheikh, Creative Director of Sahara One, but he remained unavailable for comments..
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Dance Premier League on Sony..

After the super success of Dance India Dance on Zee TV, Sony Entertainment Television is coming up with a big show which will have the popular names of Bollywood taking part.

Cineyug Entertainment and Sony join hands to give the audience the mega dance talent hunt show 'Dance Premier League' which will start in the month of October.

Auditions for the show will begin from next week. In total, there will be six zones (regional) participating in the show. Shiamak Davar has been finalized as the Guru who who will be giving a tip or two to the contestants. Big names are being considered as judges for the show. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Madhuri Dixit have been approached to judge the show. Both the dancing greats are trying to work out their dates".

"Sara Khan, the Bidaai girl will most likely host the show. Eijaz Khan has also been approached as the other host on the show", adds our source.

We tried getting a confirmation from the channel on the same, but they remained unavailable for comments.

When called Sara Khan, she refused to be part of the show. We tried calling Eijaz, but he remained unavailable for comments.

If the buzz is to be believed, this show will incorporate a global voting process, which will be open to viewers outside India too, along with Indian audiences..
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Theft during Ganpati festival in

SAB TV's is gearing up for the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi, and with it will be seen major drama in the society.

About the storyline-
"Maniben (Smriti Irani) decides to celebrate Ganpati festival in a simple yet traditional way. On the other hand, Sunaina has organized the festival at home, which is more or less like a social gathering. In the midst of all this, Jaman gets to know of the girl Anamika (Sreejita De) staying in his house".

It so happens that the society members love the way Maniben is celebrating the festival and gather at her home, which makes Sunaina go wild. "To make matters worse, big money of Rs. 50, 000/- gets stolen from the society office, which leaves all in shock", adds our source.

Sunaina in order to take revenge on Maniben, puts the blame on Anamika who has lost her memory. For the uninitiated, we had earlier reported that Sreejita De will be playing a cameo in the show, where Maniben saves her when she loses her memory and gets her home.

Confirming the news, Sreejita says, "Yes, it is true that the blame comes on Anamika. However, the society members also get to know that Anamika's dad is actually a big diamond merchant".

Later Jaman gets hold of the newspaper which has the advertisement of Anamika given by her dad that says the person who gets his daughter home will be rewarded handsomely. Jaman brings Anamika's dad home, and this eventually puts a full stop to the blaming game that the society members are playing on Anamika".

The final twist in the tale happens when one of the society members comes home with the receipt after paying 50,000/- for property tax. "This brings a happy end to the fight in the society; also in all the heated arguments, Anamika regains her memory. All is well as Maniben and company enjoy the Ganesh Aarti and thank God for solving their problems", concludes our source.
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Loha now aims to poison Shekar...

Viewers have seen the emergence of a new Laali (Ratan Rajput) in Swastik Pictures and Zee TV's Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, ever since she started seeing Shekar (Abhishek Rawat) as her savior.

The celebrations of 'Teej' at Loha Singh's house only stresses the fact that the bond between Shekar and Laali is slowly but steadily developing.

About the storyline-
Nature prevents Laali from having food on the day of Teej. Laali who realizes that Shekar is heartbroken in the absence of his wife Siddheshwari (Sukirti Khandpal) decides to unite the couple on the night of the festival. However, when Laali sees that Siddheshwari is not at all bothered to be in the presence of her husband and all that matters to her is her dressing and jewelry, Laali is taken aback. It finally dawns upon her that Shekar does not have a good marital relationship going with his wife, and this will eventually draw her more towards him.

"On the other hand, Shekar is frustrated and dejected to see his wife's playful behavior, and there will come a moment in his life when he feels that he needs to move on and get over Siddheshwari, just as she has other priorities in life", adds our source.

However, next week will bring in a bigger twist to the tale with the return of the ruthless Loha Singh (Sudesh Berry). The actor has been missing from action for more than a week now, but is back with a new and shocking mission in hand. As per our source, "Loha Singh's entry will bring in more drama and the story line will take a new angle. The biggest high point in Agle Janam will be when Loha decides to poison his own son Shekar, as he now plans to kill him".

This twist is sure to shock the viewers. What remains to be seen is the motive behind this atrocious plan of Loha, and whether he gets successful in killing his own son!!

Loha Singh's comeback sequence will be aired coming Monday..
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Saloni has ‘No Problem’

SaloniAs we reported earlier, the most successful chhota baccha on television is doing Aneez Bazmee’s next film. Super talent Saloni will now be seen in an out-and-out comedy film ‘No problem’.

The film stars Slumdog fame Anil Kapoor and sensuous Sushmita Sen, here our little tele-tot is playing the role of their daughter. Apart from them there are Sanjay Dutt, Akshaye Khanna and the fashionable Kangana Ranaut. In spite of all these biggies of Bollywood, Saloni will be the chhota packet bade dhamaka in the film.

We have already witnessed the laughthon champion with her hilarious stint on the stand up comedy show. As this is not for the first time she is posing on the big screen, seems like there is absolutely No Problem

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Iss pregnancy se mujhe bachao

Ashita DhawanThis is what Ashita Dhawan has been yelling to the production team of Bidaai. The bubbly actress is preggy in the show and has to wear a fake stomach mask which is very heavy and itchy too.

“It is heavy and very frustrating to wear that fake stomach. Sometimes I feel like crying and keep irritating my team of Bidaai and the channel of when are they going to relive me from this,” grins Ashita.

Elaborating more on her condition she funnily chirps, “Since few daus I use my fake stomach as a table top and keep my mobile of chai ka cup on it. What to do as I have to wear that for long hours.”

“I would like you to take my request to the producers ki iss se mujhe bachao as I want to come back to normal and tell you guys about the good news ki ladka hua hai,” she concludes laughingly.

Hope the channel and producers are listening!

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Nimisha Vakharia says bye to Shree

Nimisha VakhariaA supernatural and horrifying daily, Shree is at its verge for another wind that will again bring a setback for on screen couple Hari (Pankaj Tiwari) and Shree (Wassna Ahmed).

Nimisha Wakaria aka Putlibai from the show herself revealed it to us. “My role is ending for now as according to scripts I have to give sacrifice for my daughter Kangana, so that she could come back again in this material world to take her revenge from Shree and her family,” she said.

As we know that any mother in the world would not like to see her daughter being beaten or loosing the race. “I decided to sacrifice myself because I don’t want to see my daughter giving up to Shree,” she adds further.

But after all it’s a daily soap and anything can happen here. “I might come again,” she concluded.

Fear can come again so beware! kuch bhi ho sakta hai…

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Payal Sarkar back on Ladies Special

Payal SarkarPayal Sarkar is back to her show on Sony, Ladies Special. She has also started with the shoot and will be soon seen with her on screen hubby Harsh Chayya. Lately, it was reported that the actress has left the show but she now clears the air on the rumors.

“I was in Kolkata for the shoot of a film for few days, thus my track was not shown in the show. I am very much a part of the show, and have also started with the shoot,” verbalizes Payal.

When we inquired her on getting the required permission from the production house for such a long absence, she quips, “I just shoot for 10 to 12 days in a month. Thus I can’t waste my time and when I got the opportunity of doing a film, I opted for the same.”

The buzz was that Payal was throwing lot of tantrums on the sets. Also, she had asked for a hike in her pay, which did not go down well with the producers. Thus they were thinking of replacing her.

But now that Payal has put a full stop to the entire tale, she will be boarding Ladies Special again. So get ready for some more emotional drama on the show soon.

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Brij ki poll khuli in Jyoti

In the coming week episode there will be new twist and turn in the Sphere Origin show Jyoti. The real face of Brij will come in light with the help of Jyoti and his brother Deepu (Varun Khandelwal).

According to the storyline, Jyoti and Deepu will come to know the truth of Brij and how he is using their sister Sushma for his benefits. This doesn’t go well with Jyoti and she finally decides to teach him a lesson.”

“In the coming episode they will lay a trap for Brij in which he gets trapped. The creative team is also developing on how to go ahead with the track of Sushma of when she will come to know the truth about Brij and what will be her next step,” adds the source.

Currently there is a huge celebration going on in Jyoti’s susural with the agman of Lord Ganesha. “By the end of this festive season mostly Brij ki poll khul jayegi,” concludes.

There is lot of masala stored in for the viewers so keep glued to your television sets.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

From Chandigarh to China for Saumya Tandon

Saumya TandonCharismatic Saumya Tandon is set to charm the populace across The Great Wall Of China. Recently she was in China, shooting for an Ad commercial. And this makes her the first Indian actress to have done a Chinese ad film.

This Indian beauty is endorsing a skin care moisturizing cream, out there, in the most populated country in the world. She has done an amazing spy act to flaunt her glowing skin in the commercial. This Commercial will be broadcast nationally, on all the Chinese channels.

Apart from this, she is also busy shooting for a Punjabi film. Though she is not keen in acting on television, she is looking forward to the dance reality show Dance India Dance’s second season.

As she has attained the real recognition through the reality show

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Supriya Pilgaonkar asks parents to get smart!

Supriya Pilgaonkar is still remembered as the chirpy 'bahu' of yester years' DD show Tu Tu Main Main. But she has come a long way since then. After her stint on TV in the reality show Nach Baliye with husband Sachin Pilgaonkar, she won all hearts with her motherly presence in NDTV Imagine's Radha Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi. She is now seen as Manda Deshmukh the typical middle class Maharashtrian housewife of Sachin Deshmukh (Rajesh Shringarpure) in NDTV Imagine's Basera.

Supriya, herself a mother of a sixteen year old named Shriya, says, "Nowadays many parents forget to keep a check when they pamper their children. They go out of their way to fulfill every whim and fancy of their child. But I would just like to say one thing to parents- "Baccho ko apne baazuon ka sahara zaroor dijiyega, par apne baazuen nahi. (Do give your children the support of your shoulder but not your shoulder entirely)".

The talented actress insists that she took up the new show Basera as it deals with the problems of senior citizens especially when their children start considering them as a burden. She says, "Basera throws light on many heartaches that parents face, once their children are big enough to fend for themselves. It's common today in joint families for parents to start feeling lonely because the children treat them as if they are invisible!"

She further tells us, "In the show viewers will get to see through the eyes of my character Manda Deshmukh – the various troubles faced by parents whose children don't turn up the right way. Manda is so naive that when she comes to know of a certain 'shocking truth' , she is not able to digest it. She can't believe that in spite of the ethics she imbibed into her children, they grow up to be what they are."

So what message does Supriya want to give her viewers? She replies, "I would be true to this role just as in those I've done in the past. And I hope that through this show children get a proper perspective of things and develop a healthy mindset."
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New entry in Bidaai..

Star Plus and Rajan Shahi's Sapna Babul Ka.. Bidaai is reaching its anti-climax as regards to the mystery clouding the reason behind Dadaji's death, and Alekh's troubled past.

The present track has Ranveer (Kinshuk Mahajan) and Sadhana (Sara Khan) moving ahead in their mission by catching hold of each and every clue they have been getting. One such clue will ultimately lead them to Indrajeet Rajvansh's (Avinash Wadhawan) Bua, who will enter the story line as the very important person who has all answers to the questions raised by Ranveer and Sadhana.

The role of the Bua will be played by Sulekshna Sekhri who was earlier seen playing the role of Teji Nani in Star Plus' Grihasti. The lady has an important yet lovable role to play, and she will be a precursor to solving the entire mystery.

We called actress Sulkeshna who confirmed the news and said, "Yes, I am going to play a Bua's character in the show. It is a very interesting character. However, I cannot reveal anything on the track. You need to wait and watch".

The actress was also seen in Sahara One's Doli Saja Ke.

The coming episodes,we will see Ranveer and Ragini's reunion, which will be followed by the big revelation that will happen in the Rajvansh family.
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Sach Ka Saamna with Laxmi Narayan Tripathi..

Sach Ka Saamna has witnessed many startling truths of celebrities and non-celebrities, but the upcoming episode has quite a hatke personality Laxmi Narayan Tripathi. A renowned activist Laxmi, an epitome of grace and courage faces the truths on the show with much aplomb. Watch the soul stirring and inspirational episode of a person who defied the conventional norms and tread her own path, this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, August 26th, 27th & August 28th @ 11.00pm only on STAR Plus.

Does anyone in your family address you as a man when you are at home and as a woman when you are in public? If it was your parent's dying wish would you leave the hijra community and live as a man? Laxmi faces a volley of questions from the courteous host Rajeev Khandelwal and emerges a strong willed person who has risen against all obstacles in life.

Spokesperson for the kinnar community, Laxmi reveals a lot of truths about the life that the members of the kinnar community lead. A confident and articulate Laxmi, outpours the struggle she had to go through in life and how she emerged as a strong personality of guts and vigor. Sach ka Saamna brings to the fore the multifaceted persona of Laxmi, from running an NGO named Astitva to standing up for the rights of her community, Laxmi accepted herself as she is and worked her way to carve a niche for herself.

Will Laxmi's truths change the people's perception of the Kinnar community? Will Laxmi have enough strength in her to climb her way to the top? Will her revelations let down her family? Watch the courageous Laxmi on Sach Ka SAAMNA on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, August 26th, August 27th and August 28th at 11pm only on STAR Plus.
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Now get daily dose of F.I. R

FIRYes it’s good news for the fans and viewers of the Sony SAB show F.I. R as it becomes a daily on public demand. From September 7 the show will be aired every night at 10:00 pm for which Gunwale Dhulaniya Lejayenge is making as it concludes.

“I would just like to say that it is difficult for a comedy to sustain for 4 years and now that the show is becoming a daily it’s a matter of pride for all of us,” says Kavita Kaushik who essays the role of Chandramukhi in the show.

Adding further to her excitement she quips, “The show has become hit and daily is because of the love of the audience. Now they want a daily dose of the show and have a craving for new episodes.”

The show becoming a daily makes a life hectic of Kavita. “Yes it will be hectic for me but still I will be just giving my 15 days for the show so on other days I can do what ever I want,” she concludes.

So viewers get ready for the daily dose of Inspector Chandramukhi Chautala.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

‘Prince and Group’ win India’s got talent!

India's got talent‘India’s Got Talent’ has finally attained its purpose. The most uniquely talented group ‘Prince and Group’ had a flip of destiny with the arrival of lord Ganesha blessing them on their victory in the finale. The Group was awarded Maruti Glitz car, and Rupees 50 lac in cash, for their magnificent talent. Overwhelmed with the victory, Prince got candid with media and shares his experience so far.

After enduring much hardship, how does it feel to have won the show?
For the first time in my life, I am so happy. We have never experienced this kind of feeling ever before in life.

Did you all ever think that you could win this show?
We have reached so far only because of god’s grace and hard work. I was sure that we will reach the finals, but not too sure of winning.

Among the contestants whom did you consider a threat in the finals?
All of them, as they all were good in their respective acts.

Who is your favorite judge on the show?
We love all of them; because of their genuine verdicts janta has voted us. We are thankful to both judges and janta.

You have always done Krishna acts, any specific reasons?
My parents have named me Krishna, and our family has immense faith on the lord and also, we have been drawing inspiration from him, so doing an act on him is fun. We will keep doing this act along with new acts, as this has changed our lives.

You have always intended to win the show purely for your talent and not by sympathy vote. So now as you all have won the show, tell us about your backgrounds?
We use to work at construction sites before the show. We have decided to quit that job and seriously pursue a career in professional dancing. This Show has greatly changed our lives. For now we will go back home, but yes, we will definitely come to Mumbai to perform. We had also come earlier in one of the dance show, but could only make this far. We would still continue to participate in such reality shows.

How did you all form the group?
I had immense faith on these kids. They are extremely talented and hardworking. So I got them together, and taught them dancing.

What would you do with the whopping price money?
We are planning to open a dance institute, for the underprivileged people who nurture a passion for dancing, but cannot afford to seek training.

Who will own the car in your group?
We all will drive it one by one.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Romit Raj and Shilpa Shinde’s beach side wedding

Romit Raj and Shilpa ShindeThe most loved jodi of the Indian television, Jeet-Soni of Myaaka aka Romit Raj and Shilpa Shinde are all set to tie the knot this year in the winter season. They are planning to have a beach side wedding, out of Mumbai.

“I can’t tell you the exact dates, but it’s going to happen by the end of November. It’s going to be on one of the beaches out of Mumbai. Along side we are having a grand wedding on screen in the show Swarg too,” says Romit excitingly.

The duo is all set to do a cameo in Rajan Shahi’s Swarg. “I play a very positive character in the show, who will get married in a lavish way in the show. He is the kind of a person mothers would like to have as their son, or son in law. We thought of doing this cameo because we can never say no to Rajanji, and secondly our fans were eagerly waiting to see both me and Shilpa together again.”

“What better could have happened to us before our wedding. Rajanji has fulfilled our wish of a grand marriage on screen, but in real we will have a private affair with family and friends,” he concludes.

Another TV couple tying the knot… well we wish you a happy married life, on and off screen too!

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Janmasthmi on sets of Maat Pitaah Ke Charno mein Swarg was a rocking affair!

Maat Pitaah Ke Charno mein SwargRajan Shahi’s Maat Pitaah Ke Charno Mein Swarg on colors has Vrindavan as the backdrop. Everyone believes in Lord Krishna and a celebration was kept on the sets on the occasion of Janmasthmi where aarti was followed by bhajans and dahi handi and throwing color on one another. The atmosphere on the set was colorful and the complete star cast was in fun mood.

Producer Rajan Shahi said, “Maat Pitaah Ke Charno mein Swarg has Vrindavan as the backdrop of the story. Lord Krishna is important part of the show. The whole unit bonded like a family and everyone will surely cherish the moments of celebration.”

Rajan Shahi took the blessings of his mom Deepa Shahi who loves the show very much.

Everyone enjoyed the dahi handi session. Nikkhil Chaddha (playing Arjun) and Dheeraj Dhoopar (Ansh) attempted to step up to reach the handi but fell down.

Amardeep Jha who is acting in all the three shows of Directors Kut namely Bidaai, Yeh Ristha Kya Kehlata hai and Swarg was very happy on the occasion, and was the senior most person around.

Jyoti Gauba and Vinny Arora were in fun mood throughout. Pracheen Chauhan (Shubh) bonded with everyone and was heard thanking Rajan Shahi for giving him a big break as the lead of Swarg.

The complete star cast played Holi and threw colour and water on one another to the extent that they were unable to recognize each other.

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With Farah Khan on Beach Main

With Farah Khan on Beach MainStar Plus with 3 is Company and Red Chillies are coming up with a new chat show called Tere Mere Beach Main with the host Farah Khan. This is a show were you can see your favourite celebs talking about their personal life based on the theme of the particular episode.

“The title of the name was suggested by me and the word Beach is spelled like this as I love beaches” states Farah Khan.

The show has only 14 episodes, “As we are getting two to three actors per episodes so that’s the reason for such limited episodes. Along side if the show works well with the audience we will be coming up with second season also,” she adds further.

What is the USP of the show as how it is different from other chat shows? “There is a theme and on that basis we call the celebs on the show. For example we called Salman as the episode was for the momma’s boy and no other fitted well in that category than him. He is 40 and still single where staying with his mom who still cooks food for him,” she converse.

Its heard that Karan has given you few tips. “I really loved the show Kofee with Karan and have been on that show for number of times. He has told me to go through all the tapes of the episodes. It was indeed a great help.”

What about your brother Sajeed? “Oh yes I have learnt that not to make fun about any one on stage and in front of the camera,” she grins.

The show will see the guests like Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Bipasha Basu, John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan and many more who will not just talk of how they over came with their hurdles but also an interaction with the audience.

So get ready for a candid chat with your favourite star from August 23 at 9:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Antara's Testing Moment on Janmashtami

The air is full of festivities for the cast of Zee TV's Aap Ki Antara. They are now shooting for a Janmashtami special episode where there will be matka-todna which will be followed by song, dance and other revelry. But the buzz is that Zaina Vastani aka Antara won't be dancing due to a nervous breakdown.

According to our source, "Antara has undergone all the practice possible to perform a Radha act on stage. However, she goes on to the stage but does not dance as her mind instructs her not to. She initially does a few steps but then abruptly stops."

Zaina will be donning traditional attire for the Janmashtami shot. Havov Vastani, Zaina's real life mother says, "Zaina got to wear a beautiful ghagra - choli. It's made of soft velvet. The choli is red with puffed sleeves and open back. The ghagra is yellow and both the choli and ghagra have thick golden borders. She also wears gold ornaments and bindi." Havov adds, "At first Zaina was very fussy about wearing heavy ornaments as she is not used to it. But once she wore it and everyone started saying how gorgeous she looked, she was on cloud nine!"

All this attention to Zaina made her twin sister Ziah feel left out. Says Havov, "Ziah was feeling left out so we got another ghagra - choli for her and dressed her up. But Ziah, being a tomboy, got bored soon and took them off!"

Darshan Pandya aka Aditya is also excited about the Janmashtami celebrations. He says," Aditya is very happy about Antara's involvement in the celebrations and therefore he is looking forward to her day on the stage. This is what I can tell you as of now".

But according to our source all does not go well with Aditya on Janmashtami day. The source says, "There's a matka – todna competition between two buildings. Billu breaks the matka and helps to win the competition. In the Radha -Krishn contest, Billu and Antara do not win the competition, but Antara certainly garbs a few eyeballs. But apart from this there will a lot of hungama (chaos) that happens on the day. The building residents will stir up some trouble. A big fight happens between Mrs. Gupta and Aditya in which eventually even Vidya gets involved."

With so many tantalizing factors in store, the episode certainly seems interesting.

Aap Ki Antara is also set to take a leap within one and a half months after which the kids in the show will be replaced by teens. As per our source, "All the characters in the show will slowly progress towards the change in terms of leap which is slated to happen after a month or so".

As of now, let us look forward to the little angel Antara take to the stage for the first time in her life...
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Kya Yehi Pyaar Hai: Desi version of Maid in Manhattan!

Kya Yehi Pyaar HaiStar One and Cinevistaa is coming up with a new show called Kya Yehi Pyaar Hai, very soon with a unique love story. With this show Siddharth Shukla who rose to fame as Shubh in Babul Ka Aangan Chootey Na is making his comeback as a lead again.

“It’s going to be more or less on the lines of Maid in Manhattan where you learn that the bigger your dreams, the better the chance they might come true. Yes Siddharth has been finalized to play the lead, where he will essay the role of an hotelier, a filthy rich guy with the correct attitude,” says the source from the production house.

Talking about the female lead, our source adds, “We have short listed few names in which the prominent ones are Gunjan Walia of Betiyaan and Neha Jhulka. Though the hunt is still on for the same, but if we are not able to get any good face, we may take either of the one.”

“The shooting for the show has not yet started as we are yet to finalize the full casting. The hunt is going on a fast track as we are planning to come on air by October,” concludes the source.

We called Gunjan to confirm the news. “I am out of town,” was the reply from the actress, while Siddharth was unavailable for any comments.

Kya Yehi Pyaar Hai audience ka bhi for this show, well that would be decided once it comes on air. For now keep watching this space for more information on the same.

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Nach nach Laaliya hui behosh!

Laaliya hui behoshLaali aka Ratan Rajput has been facing serious issues regarding her health in the recent past. The actress was recently performing for the Janmashtami special episode with Choti Bahu when she suddenly fainted on the sets.

“I was not keeping well and on the top of that, the shuffling between the shoot of my show and rehearsal made the situation worst. Even the doctors had advised me not to dance, but in the end- work is work. I just rehearsed for a day, did my technical rehearsals and then shot on the final day, but all this took a toll on my health,” says Ratan.

Ratan has been taking extra care of herself during the shooting hours. Even the production house has been taking needful measures to take care of Ratan’s diet, and they have also made a doctor available on the set so that Ratan could be immediately attended to, in case of emergencies.

“I am taking precautions during the shoot, like getting adequate rest when my shot is not there, having healthy food and drinks. Though, I am not able to take my medicines on time, but I am trying hard to get on it too,” she quips.

Ratan has lost lot of weight too. “Initially, I lost few pounds for my character as Laali. I was 42 kilos, and lost three kilos for the role. But now, I weigh 35 kilos, which is too less as per my age and height. Now, I want to gain few kilos in order to maintain my health, as it can cause bigger problems in the future,” she concludes.

A source from the sets of Choti Bhau informed that, “Ratan fainted and fell on the ground. Despite repeated efforts, she couldn’t be brought back to consciousness, setting panic amongst the unit members. She was taken to the doctors and the shooting was stalled. The production house had to shoot other acts till Ratan resumed shoot the next day.”

Ratan all we can say is- get well soon!

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Choti Bahu Monday special!

Choti BahuChoti Bahu seems to be gearing up more eyeballs with its twist and turns. The show is on a stronger position when it comes to the chart of TRP’s and thus the channel has decided to dedicate one-hour special episode on every Monday.

“Yes from the coming week, the show will be for one hour on every Monday. I don’t know the reason, as it’s channel’s decision,” says Avinash aka Dev.

"This decision is taken after looking at the TRP’s of the show. Thus channel want to promotes this and get more viewers. While from Tuesday to Thursday there will be Jhansi Ki Rani on 8:00 pm timeslot.This change is for a short span, just to have a look at how much boost the show gets by doing this. There are many more shows lined up on Zee which are still waiting to see the light of the day,” concludes the source.

Let’s see if this strategy works for the producer, as well as the channel or not?

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Two hours special of Choti Bahu.

Choti BahuChoti Bahu is gearing up for their biggest occasion, that of Janmaashtami , where the show is going to have a special two hours special episode today. There will be other star cast from the different shows of Zee too.

“On this occasion, we are shooting special episodes, where all the star cast of different shows from the same channel will be present to grace the moment,” states Rubina.

Talking about the performances, Rubina converse, “There will be performances by the team of Betiyaan, Shree, Little Champs and Agle Janam’s actors. Also, Jagjit Singh will be singing a bhajan especially composed for this episode.”

“We haven’t started the shoot as of now, we will be starting it tomorrow. As we don’t have much bank for the episodes, the schedule is back-to-back. Thus tomorrow we will be shooting for half of the Janmaashtami special episode and remaining will be shot on day after tomorrow,” she adds.

On this special day there is going to be a big twist unveiled in the show too. “Yes Dev (Avinash) will be proposing Radhika (Rubina) in the show for marriage. Now audience have to wait and watch whether she accepts the proposal or rejects it,” concludes the actress.

It’s going to be a huge affair on Choti Bahu, so catch up to know what happens further.

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Dadi-sa is getting younger in Balika Vadhu!

Balika Vadhu - Dadi SaBalika Vadhu will now roll the story in flashback, to the time when Dadisa is young. Rather than working on hiding Surekha Sikhri’s wrinkles, the serial has roped in a new actor who is a look-alike of dadisa’s younger days.

Heeba Shah will now be essaying young Dadisa in Balika Vadhu. Surekha Sikhri is her maternal aunt and Heeba, has inherited the acting genes from the genius Naseeruddin Shah.

Because of her striking resemblance with her aunt, she got the significant cameo in the show. According to our source, Surekha was unaware of the fact that her niece is playing her younger version. She was spotted by the creative team while she was working in a short film by RS Vikal. She has always been associated to theaters and has done short films before this.

Track of Retro-Dadisa promises some more eyeballs for the serial!

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Ali Merchant bids goodbye to Yeh Rishta

Ali MerchantAli Merchant who raised many eyebrows with his performance as Rituraj in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is finally bidding adieu to his audience. As his character comes to an end, with Akshara and Naitik starting their new life.

“Yes it’s true that my stint with the show is ending. Yesterday, I shot for the last day and ended my role with a cake cutting ceremony on the sets,” says Ali.

When asked of how his stint will be ending he quips, “I can’t reveal the plot of the story, but all I can say is that it was a beautiful journey and I will miss it.”

Is there any chance of your comeback in the show, as you are yet to be married? “I really have no idea about it. You need to ask the production team about the same,” he concludes.

About the story line,"It will definitely be a happy ending, as everything is sorted between the love birds- Naitik-Akshara. The misconception will be solved, and finally they will be leading a normal married life. Though there are challenges ahead for Akshara, when it comes to adjusting with the family.”

Well such are the stories of daily soaps, some twist and turn, rona dhona, but finally it all ends with a big happy family! In the true fashion of the age-old adage- all’s well that ends well…

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History unfolds in Balika Vadhu!

Balika VadhuSphere Origin’s Balika Vadhu is all set to take an interesting turn. The upcoming episodes will witness the chapters from Kalyani’s past.

Anandi’s father Kajan Singh will go to Mahavir Singh to buy his mortgaged land back, but Mahavir Singh will snub him. Kajan Singh will then go to Kalyani for help, but Kalyani will refuse to recognize any Mahavir Singh. Anandi will listen to the conversation between them and go to Jagya for help. They will then go to Mahavir Singh and tell him that they are grandson of Kalyani and request him to return back the papers.

Kalyani will come to know about this, and give a sound scolding to Anandi for instigating Jagya to convince Mahavir Singh.

Mahavir Singh is Vasant’s tauji and he had created mishap in Kalyani’s life in the past.

Kalyani remembers all the incidences in the flashback, where Heeba Shah plays her younger version.

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Janmashtami ka twist in the serials

JanmashtamiThe occasion of Lord Krishna’s birth brings in lots of happiness and joy in the lives of people. Over here in television, it has brought the same joy of hope in our shows too, with lots of twist and turns in the lives of our protagonists this Janmashtami; you can be sure the goodness of little makhan chor is rubbing off on everyone.

This Janmashtami, the first twist that we are talking about is of Bhaskar Bharti, where Bharti comes to know the truth about KK- that he is God, and at the same time the protagonist is able to achieve her destiny of getting the haveli back for her parents. There was a celebration of dhai handi where Bharti breaks the handi to the surprise her colleagues.

On the other hand, Choti Bahu is also very excited on this occasion, as she is a devotee of Lord Krishna and as today is his birthday, she with the other family members of Zee TV will make this moment grand by celebrating it in a unique way. On the other hand, today Radhika will be getting the love of her life, as Dev will be proposing her for marriage. This has always been the dream of Radhika, but now the twist arises whether she will accept the proposal of Dev knowing that he is the husband of her sister Vishaka.

Star Plus, not to be left behind, offers to unveil a buried secret; as on the event of this festive day there is a big twist to be unfolded in Bidaai- Ranvir will discover the truth behind the murder of his grandfather and the condition of Alekh. Where as of now Alekh will be trying hard to lead a normal life and would see to it that the needs of his wife Sadhana are fulfilled.

Making the most out of festivals these TV shows know their audience well. It is during such festive seasons when all the twist and turns are revealed in order to get ahead in the race of TRP’s. Well such are the stories of serials and their ratings, where every occasion or festival is bound to create waves, only this time it’s for good as Kanhaiya weaves his charm on daily drama to bring immense joy!

We wish you all a happy and eventful Janmashtami.

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Ganesh Leela on Sahara One...

This August, Ganpati Bappa is back, and so with it Sahara One brings to the viewers a special show 'Ganesh Leela' on Lord Ganesha's life from his birth. The show will premiere, August 17th, Every Monday – Friday at 8.30 p.m. The show is produced by Creative Eye.

Legend has it that Lord Shiva's wife Parvati's craves for a child, Shiva suggests her to do a year long 'Punyak Vrat'. Parvati starts her penance with the help of a purohita called 'Sanatkumar'. After the successful completion of her Vrata-anushthan, God Paratpar (a form of divine light) appears and gives her a boon that he himself will appear on earth as her son. Later Parvati, creates a beautiful boy from the 'ubtan' (a form of cosmic energy) of her body, treats him as her son, and gives him the responsibility of guarding her home. Its astonishing to know later how this boy gets in to an fight with Lord Shiva and subsequently ends up with an elephant head fitted to his body.

Playing the role of Parvati is Preeti Gandwani who earlier played the lead in Imagine's Dehleez. The actress feels it a great privilege to be portraying Goddess Parvati. She says, "Ma Parvati exhibited the extremes to which a woman can go to be gifted with a child. Her motherly vigor and passion is what I love about the role. I'm really glad to have bagged this role."

Preeti herself is an ardent follower of Ganesha. She says, "I'm a very big Ganesh bhakt. Every year we seat the Ganpati idol at our place. My family loves celebrating Ganpati with full fervor. The best part of Lord Ganesha is that he already knows your needs and provides for you."

The show will have a contemporary yet mytho look that will appease people of all ages.

The show premieres on Sahara One on August 17th at the 8.30 PM slot.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

'I feel guilty for not spending time with my family' - Pallavi Subhash

Pallavi Subhash has been paired opposite Ram Kapoor once again in NDTV Imagine's Basera. She plays Ketaki Sanghavi who along with Keshubhai Sanghavi (Ram Kapoor) battles the troubles posed by parenthood.

Here is an exclusive interview with Pallavi Subhash..

Why did you choose this role of a mother when you were doing so well in Aathvan Vachan?

I completely agree with you. But when Sagars called me to offer this role one thing that they said to me touched my heart- your role is like that of Hema Malini in Baghban. And I thought this is a great opportunity where I can try to emulate one of the greatest veterans of Bollywood. Then my mind never turned back and I had set my heart on it.

Did you then take tips from the way Hema Malini enacted her role?
No. there was no need to. Because our script is written with such minutest detail, that we know how each character behaves in any given situation.

Weren't you apprehensive of playing mother?
No because I have played mom before. And it's been a month since I'm shooting for this role and I've never regretted my decision.

What kind of background do you come from? Joint family or nuclear family?
I used to be a part of joint family but due to some reasons we could not continue to remain so. Now I live with my mother and my sister, and my father is no more.

What is your mom's expectations from you?
Well parents usually expect small things. My mom wants me eat only ghar ka khaana, come home on time and get proper sleep. But at the end of the day I really feel proud when my mom watches me on television and gets happy!

Doesn't your mother want you to get married?
No. (Laughs) neither do I. Marriage is a great responsibility and you have to give your hundred percent commitment to that institution too. And right now I want to concentrate on my career.

What keeps a family or relationships working?
Trust and love. That's it!

Do you believe in karma?
Well, to be frank I never actually got the time to think about it. I think I'll go with a no. I just believe in my God, who resides in my heart and in my father.

Do you miss spending time with your family?
A lot. A lot. I really feel guilty about that. But what to do? At the end of the day, I have to work. I have chosen my career. But I have to really thank my mother in this. She has been one pillar of support. Knowing my busy schedule she keeps everything ready- food, dress everything.

How do feel in Vikram Phadnis' designer Saris?
Very confident! This is the second time I'm working with the designer. Previously I've worn his dresses during a fashion show.

You like playing negative characters or positive ones?
I like playing negative characters. Because of my face I always get positive characters, so negative characters seem more appealing to me. I really enjoyed my time as Meera. I think I like those kind of more sophisticated negative roles. Not the trashy ones with loud makeup and a bindi which threatens to stain your hair.

What is the show Basera all about?
Basera, the title itself says a lot. You will get to see five different families and their tackling of relationships. It's got a message for the younger generation about family values.

How is it working with Ram Kapoor once again?
It's been a fun experience. He is one of the most senior stars in the industry. It's a privilege to work with him.

How's your off-screen relationship with him?
We are very good friends. We respect each other and value each other's talents.

Don't you want to play younger roles?
Obviously. I would love to play younger roles but with a strong script.

Viewers really enjoy your onscreen chemistry with Ram Kapoor due to which you two are more prone to be working together, aren't you afraid of falling into a slot?
Absolutely not. What matters to me more than what I'm playing or who I'm working with is the script. As it is actors don't have any choice over their co-actors. I just see the script. I really don't think much on it.

How is your experience working with Sagars?
It's been a great experience. They never treated me like a newcomer. They made me feel very comfortable. There are forty artists in our show but the production house treats everyone with equal care. They also keep encouraging me from time to time by sending me text messages saying 'keep it up' etc. They all are sweet.

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Khatron Ke Khiladi - Level 2 Contestants

Khatron Ke Khiladi ContestantsAkshay and his thirteen haseenayein will awe you with all the daredevil stunts on the show. But before conquering their fears on the show all these hotties have been living with few common phobias. Check the terrifying list.

Women wrestler Sonalika Kaliraman may have slammed down hefty wrestlers in the ring, but goes weak in water and at heights.

Shonali Nagrani is scared of failures and car accidents. There are certainly the tasks with cars that this babe definitely cannot afford to fail.

Singer Anushka Manchanda is claustrophobic and could not sustain underwater condition, but will have to tear the water force and perform the stunt in the show.

Brazilian beauty Bruna Abdalah is scared of cockroaches. Grow up girl you might have to eat them sometime on the show.

Shweta salve would not mind a nagin dance to win any reality show, but harbors the phobia of reptiles.

Dark beauty Carol Gracias is scared of darkness. How will you do the blindfold task babe

Crybaby Rupali who can raise aansuon ka samandar anytime is scared of water and is also claustrophobic.

Nauheed Cyrusi fears crocodile and alligators like anyone of us would. Who asks you to date them sweetie

Pia Trivedi claims to fear nothing, let’s see what keeps her away from the title in the show.

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Laali gives in to Loha's demands; Shekar flees home

Zee's Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, produced by Swastik Pictures finally sees Laali (Ratan Rajput) surrendering herself to the orders laid by Loha Singh (Sudesh Berry).

According to the storyline, "There is no option left for Laali when Loha threatens to use her sister Rekha instead, if she is not able to give him the family heir. For the first time ever, Laali sheds all inhibitions, crosses all boundaries and offers herself to Shekar (Abhishek Rawat). However, Shekar has by now decides to flee home after making enough money by stealing jewelry. Ultimately when Laali offers herself to Shekar, he announces that he is walking out of the house which leaves Laali in great shock".

Abhishek Rawat confirms the news of his runaway and says, "Yes, it is true that Shekar is successful in running out of the house. What happens next is something that even I am not aware of".

Guess after Laali, it is the turn of Shekar to have his share of adventure
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Ajay Krish in NDTV Imagine's Basera..

The multi star cast of NDTV Imagine and Sagar Arts' mega-budget show Basera is just getting bigger!!

Along with television's big names like Ram Kapoor, Pallavi Subhash, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Rajesh Shringarpore, Amit Jain, Priya Bhatija, Akshay Anand, Resham Tipnis, Salil Chaddha, Neelu Kohli, will be seen many fresh faces. Also, the news coming in is that Ajay Krish will also be seen essaying an important role in Basera.

Ajay Krish who was earlier seen in Mamta and Ardhangini makes a comeback to television with this Imagine show, wherein he plays a positive character.

Ajay will play suitor to a girl in one of the five families. His character name is Harsh. As the story unfolds, he will be one amongst the younger generation in the show, who tries his best to strike a proper balance between his marital life and his parents.

The actor who has always been seen in a stylized version on television will don a middle class, simple guy look for Basera. Ajay was also seen in few episodics of Sshhhh.. Phit Koi Hai.

Basera launches on NDTV Imagine from 17th August, Monday to Friday at the 9.30 PM slot.
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Ladies Special to turn Nailbiting !

Ladies Special, the daily drama that airs on Sony Entertainment Television, is introducing new set of events to make the story more nail biting. The upcoming track will have Giti who has gone with her friends to a camp at Karjat get into some major problem, which will leave her shattered.

Shilpa Tulaskar aka Nanda Shinde tells us, "My daughter Giti falls into trouble again though this time it's no fault of hers. In spite of the humongous disaster that befalls her family, Nanda remains a strong pillar of support. She keeps her family united in difficult times and never lets Giti down. Nanda is a strong mother with abundant love for her daughter and so it's just not like her to not lend a supporting shoulder to her daughter."

Shilpa is immensely inspired by her mother and while playing Nanda, she realizes streams of similarity between her mother and her character. Shilpa says, "Often when I portray Nanda, my mind goes back to the times my mom has supported me during my youth. So I understand that Nanda's strength comes naturally as a part of being a protective mother."

However, in real life Shilpa is yet to come across a time where she has had to display such strong emotive support towards her children. She says, "My children are very young you see. My son is six years old and my daughter is six months old. So they are yet to reach that stage where the troubles they create would seem larger than life and my supportive attitude would seem extraordinary."

Shilpa tantalizes us by mentioning the new events that are in store for Ladies Special. "Of course! Nanda and her family cannot always be the core of the story. New avenues will have to be explored in order to maintain the story's crispness. As far as my knowledge goes, the audience can definitely look forward to some phases," Shilpa signs off.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mayank Anand's 'Love from the Sidelines'...

Mayank Anand, Dr. Rahul in Star One's Dill Mill Gayye is on cloud nine these days, as he has finally managed to get a publisher for his book.

Talking about this, Mayank says, "Yes, my book will be published in a month or two. It will be published by Lead Start Publications under the banner of Frog Book. The title of the book is 'Love from the Sidelines'".

When asked him about the great feeling, the actor quips, "It's an awesome feeling to get your first book published. I am now working on the cover page with my designer. We have jotted down many ideas for the cover, one of them being that I put one of my paintings there. But we have not decided on anything yet".

The buzz is that Mayank's contract with the popular show Dill Mill Gayye is about to end. When we asked him about the future of Dr. Rahul, he states, "Yes, it is true that my contract with them is getting over. However, I don't have any idea on the status of my character. But I think that I will continue with them".

We wish the actor cum writer all the very best for his new publication!!
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chittod Ki Rani Padmini Ka Johur to end!

Chittod Ki Rani Padmini Ka JohurNiten Desai’s most costly show on television, Chittod Ki Rani Padmini Ka Johur is all set to conclude in September. The show started with a bang, but it flopped in the TRP countdown.

As per the sources, “The show is not ending abruptly, but the creative team is now trying to wind-up the story as soon as possible. Rani Padmini failed to fetch the TRP’s and thus it is concluding shortly. They all shot for their last episode on 2 August i.e. Sunday.”

“There had been lots of money spent on the lavish sets and the whole attire of the show including the haveli’s, costumes jewelry etc. The show was launched in competition to Balika Vadhu, but as we know rest is history,” adds the source.

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How Pracheen Chauhan got his Swarg?

Pracheen ChauhanPracheen Chauhan, who has been working as an actor for past eight years feels lucky today. He was not so well recognized until he got Rajan Shahi’s Swarg. Also not many people know that he was initially approached to play Alekh in Bidaai.

He feels lucky as he waited long for a good show to come his way. Yes he was approached to play Alekh, but somehow at the last moment the role went to Angad.It was then when Rajan promised Pracheen that whenever he finds a suitable role he will surely cast him.

It was during the making of Swarg when Rajan approached him. “As Rajan promised him, he approached with the project of Swarg to Pracheen. Both sat down and discussed the script and immediately Pracheen said yes to Swarg,” adds the source.

Pracheen’s wait for the right opportunity ended with Subh in Maat Pitah Ke Charno Main Swarg and he owes this opportunity to Rajan Shahi, to whom he is aptly grateful.

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Anandi’s mom is back in Balika Vadhu!

Anandi MomBhairavi Raichura, who plays Anandi’s mother in the serial Balika Vadhu, has been missing from the show for a quite long time now. She was shown to be on char dham ki yatra in the show and now she is back from it.

While on the show, Bhairavi was shown to be on a char dham ki yatra; off screen she was on a family trip to Australia. “I was in Australia for 3 weeks. It was a family trip, where I was accompanied by my husband, mother and sister.”

When asked about her trip, she said excitedly, “It was a much needed break and I made the most of it by participating in numerous adventure sports. The most terrific experience was Skydiving from 14000 ft altitude. It was a breathtaking freefall for 60 seconds.” As for her next track in the show, she says, “I will be informed by Anandi’s bapu that he has mortgaged a part of our land for Sugna’s wedding gift. Hearing this I would be tensed and to find out what happens after that you will have to watch the show”.

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Happy days ahead for Samrat and Gunjan..

Happy days are back again, in Star One's Miley Jab Hum Tum produced by Sunshine Productions, with Samrat (Mohit Sehgal) finally choosing his friend Gunjan (Sanaya Irani) over the scheming Sheena (Priti Keswani).

Recently, Sheena had played a blame game on Gunjan and had put Samrat in a dilemma to choose between his friend and girl friend. With Samrat expressing his confidence in Gunjan, the story now takes a new turn.

About the storyline as per the source, "Sheena will soon be gone from Samrat's life, and this will provide the much-needed breather for Samrat and Gunjan fans. However, there is every chance of the girl returning later on".

Priti Keswani aka Sheena seemed clueless about her temporary exit from the show. "I really do not know whether Sheena will go missing for a while or not. You need to talk to the creative team regarding this. As of now, Sheena is very much there, playing her games as usual".

With Sheena gone, the relationship of Samrat and Gunjan will shape up differently. "Samrat will soon get involved in an accident, and this will bring about a change in Samrat and Gunjan's lives. There are many interesting twists lined up, and viewers need to watch", informs our source.
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Friday, August 7, 2009

Shaurya Aur Suhani to go off air...

The verdict on Sphere Origins' mega budget fantasy based show on Star Plus, Shaurya Aur Suhani is out!! The show which started on March 21st has failed to grab the attention of audience, and this shows in its very low TRPs. As a result of this, the show will now be taken off air…

As per our reliable source, "The unit of Shaurya Aur Suhani has got the ultimatum from the channel. The date given to them is 16th August, but all depends on the availability of the next show to replace it. However, it is confirmed that the show will go off air by August".

When contacted, Producer Sunjoy Wadhwa admitted to the news and said, "Yes, the show is going off air by mid August".

The show that focuses on the fight against injustice and a story about love and pride has Saurabh Pandey and Sriti Jha playing the lead roles.
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Neha Saxena thanks her stars for her discovery...

The petite actress Neha Saxena, was discovered by Director Shahi Mittal during one of his flight trips and that opened the doors of television world to her. She debuts with Star Plus' Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai, launching on August 5th at 8.30 PM.

Neha tells us, "I feel I am destiny's child. I was born and brought up in a small town – Agra. Yet my family supported me and helped me fulfill my dream to become an air hostess. And during one of my work trips, Director Shashi Mittal spotted me, just like that! He asked me to turn in for the auditions. And when I got selected I knew that life certainly is taking me to a whole new place."

Neha never had to regret about making such a drastic change in her career. She tells us in a matter of fact way, "The airlines industry is going through a very bad phase. And I, as a part of that industry had to share the burden of its losses. This is why I'm doubly happy about changing my field of work. The opportunity couldn't have timed itself in a better way."

After hopping around the world as an air hostess, doesn't Neha feel restricted within the confines of a studio? Calmly she replies, "For two years I had been visiting different parts of the world. When acting as a career was offered to me, I found it far more exciting. It could probably be because I had experienced the joys of going around the world for two years and subconsciously was in search of a change". She further adds, "In the studio, I have made friends with my co-stars who are just like me, total freshers. We get along very well. I've found my comfort place in this new world.

Neha plays Dhaani, protagonist of Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai. The show traces her tackling of life; right from the comforts of innocent youth to the baffling hardships put out by cruel destiny.
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Zee's Betiyaan gets an extension of few weeks..

Zee TV's Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan which was earlier to end on the 13th of August has got an extension of few more weeks.

The show will now end on 27th August, and will have a happy ending. Jhanvi and her family will unite to live happily, while Yuvraj gets back home and Pavitra is thrown out of the house forever.

Confirming on the extension that Betiyaan has got, Mandar Oak, Supervising Producer, Creative Eye says, "Betiyaan will now end on 27th August. Our unit was like a big family, and we will miss working with each other. It was a beautiful experience being part of the show".

Taking the slot of 10 PM from 31st August will be Sunshine Productions' new show 12/24..…Karol Bagh.

Creative Eye's Maayka on Zee TV is also slated for an end on the 14th of August, and will be replaced by Contiloe's Jhansi Ki Rani which launches on 18th August at the 8 PM slot.
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New entry in Pavitra Rishta...

Zee TV's Pavitra Rishta, produced by Balaji Telefilms has been doing fabulously well on the TRP charts. After the dramatic revelations on the day of wedding of Archana (Ankita Lokhande) and Manav (Sushant Singh Rajput), the show is now entering its next phase.

With this, begins a parallel track which will focus on the office life of Varsha (Priya Marathe). There will also be a new entry in the form of Varsha's boss, and the actor making his entry in the show is Kunal Thakkur who was earlier seen playing the role of Sanket in the very first story of Balaji Telefilms' Koi Aane Ko Hai on COLORS.

The actor Kunal confirmed this news and said, "Yes, I will be entering in Pavitra Rishta. The character has a very mysterious look to it; initially the guy pretends to be a very understanding and nice boss to Varsha, but there is a motive behind everything he does".

Eventually he will trap Varsha in many problems, but you have to wait and watch how the story unfolds. There is also a possibility of this guy and Varsha getting hooked later in the show, but the creative team is still working on the scripts.

Kunal was also seen as Balram in Ekta's Mahabhaarat on 9X. It is heard that Ekta Kapoor was so much impressed with Kunal's acting in Koi Aane Ko Hai, that she immediately chose him to play this character.

His entry will be aired tonight.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jeevan Saathi to go off air..

COLORS' Jeevan Saathi which tracks the trials and tribulations of Viraj (Vani Sharma) will see its logical end very soon.

Jeevan Saathi had been under the scanner for quite a while, but now the decision to wrap up the show has been taken. The show is all set to wind up in the first week of September. COLORS has many new concepts in the pipeline, hence this change was essential.

"The unit and actors have not been officially informed about the closure, but they will get to know very soon", informs our source.

We tried to get confirmation from Producer Hemal Thakkar of Playtime Creations, but he refused to comment. We could not get any confirmation from the officials of the channel till the time we filed the story.
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IIT ragging censored tarike se hota hai: Kunal Bhatia

Kunal BhatiaIIT-ian turned actor Kunal Bhatia is all set to deal with women emotions onscreen in ‘Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai’. Blessed to have two women by his side in the very beginning of his career, Kunal surely does not seem to be the gawky nerd one might typically imagine him to be. He gets candid in an interview and talks about his life, before and after ‘Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai’.

Tell us about your character in the serial.
My character’s name is Amber Raghuvanshi who happens to marry twice under some circumstances. First he gets married to a girl who he loves and then he is forced to marry another girl of his father’s choice. As his father is above everything for him, he could not disobey him and thus, agrees to marry a second girl who is from a very rich family. Otherwise he respects women sentiments. My brother in the serial is not at all caring toward his wife and Amber is the one who keeps cheering her all the time. He is also good to his siblings.

It is typical set up of UP, how much do you relate to the culture?
I am from Faridabad. So I was always in touch with the culture of UP. Only the difference is of language. I address myself as ‘main’ in real life but onscreen I say ‘hum’. Rest I am accustomed to everything about the show. Culture of multiple-marriage is still prevalent in UP; I have heard of men getting married thrice. It’s fine if the two cannot get along and separate to look for other partner, but generally they do it for the dowry. I strongly condemn the practice of multiple-marriages.

What have you been doing before acting?
I am a civil engineer from IIT Delhi. After my college I took up a job with an insurance company and continued for nine months. But as I always wanted to be here, I am finally here. I like the medium of story telling.

How did your parents’ react when you broke the news that you want to give up your stable job for acting?
My family was like why are you risking your career. I had to revolt and make them understand. As I was already earning good, so money was never a concern. I always wanted to be part of creative industry. Mom was little apprehensive, but she is happy now. After seeing promos she says ever since the time promos are on-air, I put on the TV whenever I miss you.

As you were in hostel, you must have definitely gone through the rigorous ragging sessions?
IIT mein ragging kaafi censored tarike se hota hai. That I can’t share with you’ll, but at times we use to dress up like phantom and were made to roam about in hostel.

Do you have any formal training in acting?
I don’t have any formal training but have done theaters during my college days. I participated in talent hunt show with Star Plus and thereby I got the offer. Best part of this field is you learn while you work. You will definitely mark a growth in my acting, episode after episode. Initially, I use to take many takes to do a shot but now, it’s OK in one or two takes. But yes, I would definitely take some training if needed.

Other than acting, what do you do?
I do write short stories, but haven’t done anything on a professional level. I play football and have also done river rafting. I want give a try to bungee jumping.

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Ali Merchant to stay back in Yeh Rishta…

Ali MerchantAli Merchant who is currently seen as Rituraj in Rajan Shahi’s Yeh Rishta Kya Khelata Hai will be continuing his stint for few more days. The actor will now bring some change in the storyline of the show.

“I will be there in the show, as Naitik is still under the wrong impression regarding me and Akshara. I will solve the misunderstanding between the two, and bring them close,” says Ali.

With Akshara’s long running marriage, the show has been able to grab the highest TRP’s ever. “With the marriage sequence, the show got 8.1 TRP, the highest ever since it started. There are many more twists and turns to come in the storyline, and the producers with the channel are expecting to get higher than this,” states the source.

Well Yeh Rishta has definitely bonded well with the junta as well reflected, with them leading the TRP charts.

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