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Monday, June 14, 2010

‘Uttaran’ Not Being Stretched” – Tina Dutta

The audience is confused about the way the plot in ‘Uttaran’ is unraveling. Is the track going off beat just to create drama or is it abiding by its title ‘Uttaran’?

We spoke to Tina Dutta on this and she tried to give a reasonable clarification. “Uttaran is a story about how things are handed down from one person to another. While in childhood, it was Tapasya who would give her things to Ichcha , the roles have changed now. Tapasya receives Veer as ‘Uttaran’ and the story unfolds. ‘Uttaran’ is not being stretched at all. Every story needs to have some drama and masala in it, to create a high point; otherwise the audience will just lose interest. We are still following the title but from a different angle”

It is not very uncommon on television to see the shows going off track just to create drama in order to raise the TRPs. We thought a clarification is required when we felt that ‘Uttaran’ was going the same way. It would help to satisfy its viewers too. Well as per Tina, the show is very much on the track and going by the basic idea, but we think otherwise. Let’s wait and see what the viewers have to say!

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