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Saturday, January 2, 2010

'I hate paying my taxes' - Shruti Seth

Shruti Seth aka Isha Mirchandani in Sony’s takes our Quick Grills…

Which of the latest advertisements do you like?
I like the Aamir one for Smart Chips.

Anything you like to collect?

You like watching movies belonging to which genre?
I like happy endings, so I go for romantic and light hearted movies.

One invention you're waiting for?
A machine that would make me go invisible.

Do you believe in telepathy?

Any strange request from fans?
I don't know if it's strange but certainly seems a dangerous request to me. The thing is some of my fans ask me to hold their babies and pose for pictures. It gets me really nervous because I am so not experienced in handling babies.

When do you think the world is going to end?
I really don't think about such morbid things.

Your favorite small car?
My Maruti Swift (smiles).

Any bad habit of yours that you want to get rid of?
I want to stop drinking aerated drinks.

Your favorite sports personality?
Steffi Graf and Sachin Tendulkar.

You do NOT like to spend on what things?
Taxes! I hate paying my taxes. Because to be honest, I don't feel I'm getting the kind of amenities that as a proper tax-paying citizen I deserve.

Have you encountered any near-death situations?
Fortunately no!

Do you like to be neutral or opinionated…generally?
I'm generally opinionated. But I'm pretty okay keeping them to myself.

Which section of a newspaper do you like to read?
World section.

Be honest and tell us one advice that you preach but don't follow.
The one to drink lots of water.
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