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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Confession and Confusion in Miley Jab Hum Tum..

The biggest turning point for Samrat, Gunjan, Mayank and Nupur is arriving.. Watch out for it..

Enlivening your evening with a fresh dose of love, brawls, friendship and surprises… Star One brings you the defining moment in Miley Jab Hum Tum! Gear up as college buddies Nupur, Mayank, Gunjan and Samrat take you through a roller coaster ride of entertainment, fun and more. The endearing MJHT couples are set to show their acting talent in their college Annual Play, but the play turns out for real for them. It is during the course of the play, the couples face the biggest truth of their lives in front of countless people.

The confused and love-struck Mayank cannot suppress his feelings anymore and confesses his love for her on stage during the final act of the play. Not believing what she had just heard, Nupur realizes that Mayank's proposal is for real and not an improvisation of the play. As the saying goes, "Love finds its way", even Nupur cannot hold herself back and confesses her feelings for Mayank and both surrender to love. The audience cheers and applauds them for their brilliant performance, not knowing that the love has finally blossomed.

On the other hand, Sheena who is jealous of Samrat's chemistry with Gunjan puts forth a condition and asks Samrat to choose between love and friendship. High on rage, Sheena gives him time only till the end of the play to make his decision. Stuck between love and best friend, Samrat is in a dilemma. Gunjan, who is shocked to know about it, keeps her feelings aside and decides to convince Samrat to agree to the condition. Gunjan unlike herself does not want Samrat to loose out on true love.

What happens next with Mayank & Nupur now that both have confessed their love for each other? Will Samrat choose love and sacrifice his friendship with Gunjan?

Do not miss the moment of truth as Mayank, Nupur, Samrat & Gunjan finally confront the unsaid.
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