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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Twist galore in Agle Janam...

Following Laali's escape from the haveli, she will get to know that she was actually sold, and that her sister is now getting married to Ganesiya..
Laali's life is shattered now that she knows she is not with her Ganesiya in Zee's Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Ki Jo. All her attempts to run out of the clutches of Loha Singh are in vain; but the brave girl that she is, will fight hard for her freedom.

As we had reported earlier, Laali will eventually manage to escape from the haveli and Shekar (Abhishek Rawat) will help her elope. The next high point in the show will be when Laali gets to know from her perpetrators that she has been sold for money by her parents.

On hearing this Laali gets into a state of denial, and refuses to believe that her parents could do this. She reaches her village only to see her family members happy, with a smile on their faces. Knowing the type of girl Laali is, she does not even confront her parents with her question as she wants them to be happy.

Laali is in for yet another shock as she gets to know that her sister Rekha is getting married to her husband, Ganesiya. "On the other hand, Loha Singh's ego does not allow him to accept defeat, and he sends his men on a hunt to get Laali back. Shekar who is happy and satisfied that he had helped Laali to escape, gets a shock when he hears his father order his men to capture Laali again.

What will Laali's next move be? Will she have a confrontation with Ganesiya or just allow destiny to play its part?

The audience can look forward to some gripping drama in the weeks to come..
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