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Friday, December 4, 2009

Kangana Ranaut takes the 'Pratigya'...

Bollywood's sizzling actress Kangana Ranaut introduced the protagonist of Star Plus' upcoming show Pratigya to the media in a conference held today at Delhi.

The show is a reflection of the society we live in, where women often grapple with difficult and are forced to tolerate disrespect and ill treatment against their will. Against this backdrop, STAR Plus brings in a truly inspiring and moving story of an ordinary girl who finds the inner strength to deal with the circumstances in her life to transform and shape her reality.

The lead role of Pratigya will be played by Pooja Gaur.

Talking about Pratigya, Pooja said, "Most women tolerate and suffer but a very few stand up and fight back.Pratigya's story is one of a young girl who finds the courage to stand up and take charge of the situation transforms her life."

In her support is Bollywood's young woman icon Kangana Ranaut who has closely dealt with a similar situation in the family. She stressed on the need to fight back against disrespect towards women and joined Pratigya in her pledge to do away with mediocrity and stand for her respect and dignity.

Taking the concept of the show further,Star Plus also announced the 'Meri Pratigya' campaign in association with an NGO which will reach out to women across the country and ask them to share their experiences. Whether women have suffered from eve teasing, harassment or general disrespect, this will be a platform for them to talk about the experience and how they emerged stronger from it. The campaign will spread its footprint in various cities with street plays and human chains. The 'Meri Pratigya' campaign strives to not only educate the masses on the need for change but also asks them to stand up and fight back to claim the respect due to them.

Pratigya launches on Star Plus on December 7th, Mon-Fri at the 10.30 PM slot…
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