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Friday, December 25, 2009

What’s the end of Mahi’s Way?

Mahi Way, one of the five new shows launched by YRF TV on Sony TV, is the story of girl who is slightly on the heavier side. The promos give the idea that she believes in herself irrespective of the society's thoughts.

However, the latest reports suggest that, the lead actress Pushtiie will be transformed by the end of the show into an average sized girl.

According to our source, "The show Mahi Way is a sort of autobiography of its writer Devika Bhagat. She weighed ninety kilograms in her early teens and worked on losing it once she turned eighteen. So Mahi will be shown unaffected by people's comments about her flab for the initial phase. But there will be a point where she will on her own decide to get rid of her unhealthy diet and lazy attitude."

The source adds, "The show will give a deja vu of one of Sony's older shows Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi, in which the geeky girl turns gorgeous and has a happy ending with her prince charming."

We spoke to the writer Devika Bhagat who says, "Yes it's true that I once weighted 90 kilos. Once I turned eighteen, the realization hit me that you can't continue to be fat. When I was fat, I used humor as a defense mechanism and that made me the typical 'funny fat girl'. What I didn't realize was that it also put me across as stupid and boring. No one took me seriously. So eventually I decided to change for the better!"

Devika adds, "The show is very close to me as it is in a way my memoir. Many incidents shown in Mahi way have happened in my real life."

So does that mean the character Mahi will follow suit and lose weight too, just in the way you have? To this Devika cheekily replies, "A very sneaky question, I have to say. But for that you'll have to watch the show."

Pushtiie aka Mahi apparently always knew in spite of her size she will be a lead actress one day. She says, "Yes, I always knew I'll be a lead actress. I felt it from inside." So did she put on weight for the role? "Nope. I've always been this way. In fact I lost some of my weight after I started working."

We wonder if this loss of weight continues until she becomes trim like writer Devika…
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