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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lubna Salim in Specials @ 10...

Lubna Salim famously known as Leela Bhabhi of Baa Bahu Aur Baby is back on screen, and will play a very important role in Madhur Bhandarkar's series 'Niyati' in Sony's Specials @ 10.

The tale is about two sisters, Madhu and Niyati who are estranged for 15 years as the elder sister, Madhu was in jail. Niyati grows to become a human rights activist lawyer and is played by Aashka Goradia. Playing the elder sister Madhu is Lubna Salim who gets free from the State Prison after 15 long years.

Madhu aims to settle scores with her sister Niyati as she holds her responsible for her 15 year ordeal. 15 years ago, Madhu was the one who rescued Niyati from their evil father's clutches by stabbing him. Niyati gives evidence in the court of the incident which results in Madhu's imprisonment. Madhu confronts Niyati saying that 15 years ago life gave her an opportunity to become a lawyer and have a life of her own, while time stood still for Madhu as she paid a price for saving her own sister from a man who was packed with evil intentions. Niyati is confused whether to trust this woman whom she thought to be a culprit or was she the culprit in this woman's eyes?

A very excited Lubna said, "It was great to be shooting for this series. The story is about two sisters, and the focus is on today's problem in society, child abuse and sex. I play a simple and timid girl while Aashka is the complete opposite of me, and is very bubbly".

Lubna had a great time working with Director Ashok Pandit. "We know each other for quite long and our association goes back to our theater days. It was so nice of Ashok uncle to have thought about me and offered me a role. I agreed to do the role even without reading the script, and that is what our relation is".

Watch Lubna and Aashka's enchanting tale this Thursday, April 30th, at 10 PM on Sony..
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