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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Narayani to be kidnapped Namak Haraam..

Swati aka Narayani Shastri will be kidnapped in REAL TV's Namak Haraam tonight.. Read to know the details..

Namak Haraam on REAL has been fairing well with its unique story line. And now, there is yet another high point in the show where Swati (Narayani Shastri) will be kidnapped.

"Swati is kidnapped. Now the question is who could have done this. How can a District Collector vanish along with her convoy is the big confusion", says our source.

There are two people who fall in the suspect list. "It could be Khurana (Bikramjeet Kanwarpal) whose main objective is to keep Swati away from his business, or the culprit could be the rebellious group Baghi", adds the source.

Here we are exclusively revealing the culprit.Its Baghi which has abducted Swati. The group of people form an anti-government outfit who want to free their leader from imprisonment.

Swati has experienced a lot of ups and downs this week but little is she aware that she is yet to face the worst. Murder of her colleague Vinita, a change of statement by the eyewitness and to top it all…. her transfer is stopped, and then she is abducted too.

Catch this thrilling episode of Namak Haraam this Thursday, April 23rd at 8:30 pm on REAL.
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