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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ashita Dhawan gets ready for Bidaai!

Ashita Dhawan aka Malti bhabhi of ‘Sapna Babul Ka -Bidaai’ was on a holiday celebrating her special days. Therefore to make up for her absence the character of Malti bhabhi was sent to her mayyka (mother’s home).

But now Ashita Dhawan informs with great excitement, “I had enjoyed my holidays and also felt great on my D-day (Wedding day) which was on 20th January. I am having a superb married life with my dear hubby Shailesh Gulabani. I have enjoyed my mini vacation and now I will be back in ‘Bidaai’ very soon, as I resume shoot from 10th February. I am looking forward to come with a bang yet again!”

Elaborating on the track she tells, “As I was on a holiday it was shown that I had gone to my mom’s house, but soon I will be back with all the nautanki. As according to the track my mother-in-law is not well, I will try to make her happy with sweet talks and the track will move on accordingly.”

Well audience get ready to enjoy bubbly Ashita back on Bidaai!

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