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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kavita Kaushik attacked by co-actor!

Looks like we have another celeb casualty. Actress Kavita Kaushik barely escaped getting bitten by her co-actor when shooting for Holi special episode of SAB TV's FIR!

We spoke to Kavita who says, "I still don't know how it all happened. We were shooting for Holi special episode, and I was supposed to go and dab color on this lady (junior artiste who was called for the Holi sequence in F.I.R) called Manju Brijnandan Sharma. When I dabbed color on her, she just freaked out, started twisting my fingers and tried her level best to break them. Thank God, I soon pulled myself out of the shock and backed off or else she would've ended up biting my fingers!"

The actress adds, "I have got dislocation of the bones and tissue tear. I've been asked to wear the crepe bandage to help with the swelling and pain."

So how is she feeling now? "Well, to be very honest, I'm not okay yet. It's been fifteen days since the incident and I still am unable to do things properly with my right hand. I can't sign cheques or autographs. I can't text message," tells Kavita.

Even after experiencing this awful incident, Kavita isn't wary or angry. She tells us, "The production house people and director said that a formal complaint will be made to the Cine Artists Association but I told them not to as acting might be the only source of earning an income for her. But they have certainly barred her from appearing in FIR from now on. And I'm not scared because things happen, we can't help it or let them slow us down. But Kiku Sharda certainly is scared of the weird woman now. He keeps saying stuff like – woh kuch bhi kar sakti hai. Mujhe toh use door hi rehna hai. (She's capable of doing anything. I definitely want to stay away from her)"

We wish Kavita a quick recovery!

The two part Holi special episode series airs starting Monday, March 01 and Tuesday, March 02, 10.30 pm on SAB.
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