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Friday, November 20, 2009

“Big Boss is very conniving” - Shamita Shetty

Bollywood actress Shamita Shetty explains the reason why she decided to quit Colors' and Endemol's Big Boss mid-way. She also expresses her displeasure at the way Rohit Verma is playing the game.

Over to Shamita…

Why did you quit?
For me my sister's wedding is the most important thing .

Are you hurt that you were not privy to the decision of the date of Shilpa's wedding?
To be honest at first we thought Shilpa's wedding would be in Jan, so I agreed to enter Big Boss thinking that the show would be over by then. But then the wedding was preponed. Anyways Shilpa always wanted to get married this year and it was only Sunny Deol's film which was causing the delay.
Agreed it was quite sad that I came to know through an outsider (Parvesh) that Shilpa was getting married on 25th November. I was quite upset and kept asking Big Boss to call me to the confession room. Finally after 2 days, I was allowed in and saw a box of laddoo's and a letter from Shilpa. She was sorry for having to announce the wedding in my absence. I wanted to quit there and then, but then as nobody would be home for a week ,I decided to wait till the 13th November.

You did not get a chance to say bye to the others?
Yes, but that's the rule of the game. However, it was nice to see Bakhityaar say all those sweet things in the store room. I always knew that Aditi and Bakhtiyaar were my real friends and I was proved right. Even Tanaaz was very close to me as well.

How was your experience?
I had a very good time in the house. I picked up so much about my self. I also learnt to speak Hindi and make kadda Prasad.

But it was heard that you would not do any chores?
Who said so?! I would always help out in the house. I have done jharoo, pocha and vegetable cutting.

What is your take on the game being played?
I never came with any plan. I don't think it's right to hurt anybody just for the game. But sadly some people were doing just that. In this scenario, I am happy that I left at this moment ,for currently the atmosphere in the house is not very pleasant.

Your equation with Rohit?
I never hated Rohit but his back bitching behavior is quite bad. Let us hope that his friends make him realize that what he is doing in the house is wrong.

Will you come back with wild card?
Right now I have just one aim and that is to take part in Shilpa's wedding. A possible wild card entry is the last thing on my mind.

You were a very bad Jailor...
Yes, Big Boss reprimanded me for not taking my task seriously. I really felt bad when I had to imprison Aditi for talking in English. The jail sucks for not only is it very hot, but it's full of yucky insects as well.

Any golden mantra for winning?
No rules work here, for Big Boss is very smart and conniving. He assigns us such tasks that we will surely end up fighting.

Who would you want to remain till the very end?
I would hope that either Bakhtiyaar or Aditi wins.

You won't have much time to prepare for the wedding?
Shilpa is such a sweetheart that she has taken care of most things. And I had already spoken to the designer for the dress before coming in.
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