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Friday, November 27, 2009

Rohit Verma’s Eviction on Bigg Boss 3!

Rohit VermaAs per the ‘pratha’, Endemol’s Bigg Boss 3 has seen its eliminations for the week and this time one of the planners among the three master minds (Rohit, Vindu and Raju) has been eliminated.

Little birdie out side the BB3 house chirps, ” One among the three planners has been evicted and the ‘ajooba’ from the house, Rohit Verma has been shown the doors this week. Actually the two contestants which annoyed the audience and the inmates were Rohit and Vindu but poor guy Rohit run out of luck.”

“Rohit was one of the planner who planned for the nominations and played tricky games with the inmates along with the support of his tears but unfortunately he failed to gain the confidence of janta and thus was removed by receiving less votes,” adds the source.

The game is becoming more and more interesting with these eliminations and lets see who will be the next one to say good bye!

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