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Monday, November 2, 2009

Sucheta fears as cow stares.

SuchetaDo you know essaying a character, which is total ‘dehati’ is just like inviting new troubles in your life; same incident happens with Sucheta Khanna aka Indumati of Lapataganj, were the actress has to overcome hurdles on every alternate day.

Elaborating on the on sets incident Sucheta informs, “There was a sequence were I have to shoot with a calf who was forcibly taken away from her mother for a shoot with me.Thus, the mother was very annoyed with me.”

“As soon as we ended the shoot with the calf, the cow ran and stood up in front of my green room and was continuously starring at me because I took her child away. So she was not allowing me to go inside the room which scared me a lot. On top of that I was in red sari too,” she quips.

“The whole situation was scary as well as funny but one thing for sure is that it had taken breath out of me. After that incident it was clear in my mind that being dehati is not an easy job for sure,” she concludes.

Well Sucheta, we can just say here is that the simpler it looks; the more difficult it is to execute, isn’t it?

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