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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bharti in big trouble again!!

Bharti Trouble‘Bhaskar Bharti’ is the highest rated show of Sony after its re launch. The funda of Lalola has worked down here and the actors are praised for their hard work too. With that, the twist and turn in every week episodes makes the audience go gaga over the serial too.

The latest will be when Bhaskar’s parents drops in Mumbai. Bhaskar’s mom (Vaishnavi) and dad (Lalit Parimoo) drops in Mumbai to know where Bhaskar is, as he has not been taking their call since lon.

They feel that there is something fishy going on and are just eager to meet their son. As soon as they land up at Bhaskar’s residence they are shock to see Bharti. With this there will be a high drama sequence and lot of misunderstanding between Bharti and her (Bhaskar’s) parents.

There is a reason for them (Parents) coming in search of Bhaskar. “They wanted to convey a message to Bhaskar that their haveli is all set for sale, and it’s just not possible to get back its possession,” concludes the source.

There is lots of emotional drama coming in, as Bhaskar realizes how difficult the life of woman is

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