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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ragini Khanna indisposed..

Ragini Khanna, who plays the 'MAN' in Sony's Bhaskar Bharti has now realized that 'Jaan Hai toh Jahan Hai', and that she has to take care of her health and get adequate rest whenever possible.

Well, the reason for this sea-change is that the actress had fainted on the sets recently, as she could not cope up with the stress levels of hectic shoot. Says Ragini, "The moment I fainted, I told myself 'Welcome to the daily soap scenario' (laughs). The thing is that I do not play a typical protagonist's role in the show. My every scene and dialogue demands extra energy from me, and at the end of my day's shoot I am completely drained out. To top it all, we do not get enough rest and all this paved way for me taking ill. The doctor has now advised me that I need to be getting a minimum of seven hours sleep daily. I am now determined to follow this, and am feeling much better now".

Talking about the production house, the actor states, "They give me the best support they can. They have painted my make-up room with the colors I wanted, they also see to it that I do not strain myself much".

Truly, 'Health is Wealth', Ragini!!
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