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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Few new entries in Aap Ki Antara..

Zee's Aap Ki Antara, produced by Drishtant Media Pvt. Ltd. will now focus on the medical and social part of Autism.

The present track has the father Aditya (Darshan Pandya) noticing certain non responsive behavior in Antara (Zaynah Vastani); at the same time he also finds out that she is very good in maths as well as drawing.

According to the future storyline, Soon there will be an entry of a doctor who is a specialist as well as therapist in treating autistic patients. The doctor's role will be played by known actor Sachin Khurana. The story will now get into a socio-emotional track wherein the family gets to know of Antara's inabilities and even the special traits that she possesses.

In addition to this, the parallel track of Aarti (Monica Khanna) and Sameer (Himmanshoo Malhotra) will develop. "Sameer's parents will be introduced in the coming week. The father's role will be played by noted actor Milind Joshi while Madhuri will play his mother. There will be some happy moments in the family with the engagement of Sameer and Aarti taking place.

Yet another twist in the tale awaits the audience, with Vidya revealing to Sameer for the first time, that she is actually pregnant with Aditya's second kid. Vidya has keot this a secret till now, as she plans to abort the kid, as her marital life with Aditya is in doldrums. Again, it will be Sameer who convinces her to tell the truth to Aditya about her pregnancy, and not arrive at any decision without his knowledge.

Will the longing eyes of Antara bring about a change in Vidya's mentality? Will Aditya be able to convince Vidya to keep their child? And above all, how will Antara's medical therapy take shape?

To get your answers, keep glued to Zee's Aap Ki Antara..
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