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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

She is happily married now: Eijaz Khan

Eijaz KhanEijaz Khan gets candid in an interview and shares the Bhaskar-side of him. He talks about his relationships and how they helped him grow as a person.

How was your first relationship?
For the first one year I did not accept it, but eventually we started seeing each other. It was very immature on my part that I believed; being a guy I am always right. She was comparatively more mature and stronger person. But when you are out of it you get to know how wrong you are. She is happily married now.

Were you ever dumped?
I traveled a lot when I use to do dance shows. There was a girl from abroad; I told her that I am coming to see her. When I went there she did not take my calls at all. One day I was in the nightclub and I thought I saw her walking out with someone else. I did call out her name but she did not respond then I consoled myself thinking it was not the same person. My friends told me that they did tell her about me being there but her reply was “so what if he is here”. It was because I had not called her from long.

Do you have commitment phobia?
It used to happen in college days. It’s a kind of fear that I will be stuck with one girl throughout my life. But now when I am in love I give two hundred percent.

Any embarrassing experience during romantic romps?
Onscreen - once I was doing a heavy duty make out scene in ‘Kavvyanjali’. Scene was OK in one take but I thought camera didn’t catch my actions while panning so I asked for the re-take then Anita turned around and gave me a look and said why do you want a retake, I had to explain her. I felt very stupid about it. I make romance perfectly in real life.

On a lonely island…
I guess island would be in Mauritius and I would take Megan fox along.

What’s your opinion on ‘Public Display of Affection’?
As I have live very individualistic life, I don’t see anything wrong in it. If a person wants to kiss while saying ‘good bye’, and is feeling romantically inclined what’s the harm in showing some affection.

Can you dare to bare, like John and Neil?
I am quite comfortable with my body so I don’t have any qualms in exposing, but only if script demands.

Which men magazine do you read?

One Night Stand or Live-in relationship?
As of now I aim at settling down so ONS is complete No-No.

What do you prefer Beauty or Brains?

Given a choice big banner film or 17 kisses?
Script is king

What’s our opinion on an open relationship?

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