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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ek aur agnipariksha for Laali

LaaliIt’s the Devil or the Dead Sea like situation for our Laali aka Ratan Rajput in the show Agel Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo. Again Laali has to prove herself to the Thakurs that she will do her job.

Our source from the production house informs, “Loha Singh has poisoned his son Shekhar, as he mixes stuff in the bhang and makes him drink it. Now Loha will put Laali into a dilemma for getting the heir for his family from Laali. He forces Laali to do action from her side as Shekhar will never do it for the family.”

As we know that Laali will never be the reason of someone’s death, she will definitely try to save Shekhar from demise. “The venom which Shekhar has consumed will show its effect slowly, that is only for 15 days, within which we will get our answer of whether he is alive or not. Now it’s a big problem for Laali, as Loha Singh has warned her that if she wants to see Shekhar alive, she has go ahead and prove it to Bade Thakur about her pregnancy as soon as possible,” source revealed.

“Only If Laali gives the proof of her pregnancy, Loha Singh will spare Shekhar by giving him the right medication,” source concluded.

Hence now Laali is left with an unsolved question, which will only be solved by “passing time”. Will Laali be successful? How will she save Shekhar’s life is something to be waited and watched.

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