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Monday, September 14, 2009

Vishka aka Priyanka Mishra comes back in Chhoti Bahu!

Vishka aka Priyanka MishraIs it good news or bad for the viewers that we can’t say, but yes Vishka aka Priyanka Mishra is all set to return after recovering from her illness! The actress was down with high fever and weakness thus she was not seen for a while in the show.

Our source from the sets reported that, “Yes Priyanka will soon be seen back in Chhoti Bahu and there is a surprise stored in for all the viewers. They will be seeing a new Vishaka all over again.”

“The new thing about her will be that the character will turn positive. She will realize the folly of all her mistakes. Her homecoming will definitely bring storm in the lives of Dev-Radhika,” adds the source.

The question that now arises will Vishaka’s father accept her, what about Dev and his family, will she be taken back or not? So now let’s see what more has fate in store for the real Chhoti Bahu.

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