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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Iss Jungle gets its Finalists..

There is God after all. Akashhdeep Saigal will finally be eliminated in tonight's episode of Sony's Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao.

The viewers have been putting up with his obnoxious behavior for the past seven weeks. Akashh's rantings and derogatory remarks against the other contestants, mostly the girls in the camp and women in general have not been taken very kindly by people outside. For instance, my journalist-colleagues can't wait to give Akashh a taste of his own medicine when he comes back home.

So why are we happy to see Akashh out? Sample this: 'Women should stay within limits', 'In sab ne Nestle ka doodh piya hai, maa ka doodh kisine nahin piya', 'Anaida, who's going to marry you? How will you have kids?', 'Aman should be made to sit at home like a handicapped person. Even my dog can defeat him in any jungle task' etc etc…we have been hearing Akashh say all this and more and get away with it. One had already given up hope in the viewers as Akashh got saved week after week despite his crude, rude, arrogant behavior.

The bad boy of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi strutted and swaggered as if he was God's gift to mankind. While on one hand he claimed to revere his mother ("I touch her feet four times a day") and elder sister, on the other hand he didn't think twice before making hell for his jungle mates, especially Mona Vasu and Anaida. His unflattering remarks against Anaida specially showed the class he came from and the upbringing he might have had. We would really like to wish all the luck to his girlfriend.

He behaved so out of control that one had almost begun to think he was "acting" as per the channel's brief. When his friend and "big brother" Marc Robinson was eliminated from the jungle, we asked him if Akashh's behavior was all orchestrated. Marc said then, "I don't know. May be you have given the answer. If he was really degrading towards women and he really thinks about women like that, then he is no longer my friend. I wish he had stopped firing off Chetan's (Hansraj) shoulder."

Ever since Jay Bhanushali's elimination on Monday and the audio visual footage shown to the other contestants, about what everyone thought of Akashh, he seemed to have realized the damage he had done to his 'image,' the 'bad picture' that had gone out to the world. He had
withdrawn into a shell as he kept mum, possibly introspecting about his stay in the jungle, possibly how he himself was to blame for ruining his chances of winning the show, for possibly finally realizing that no matter how thick he was with Chetan, ultimately there could be just one winner and how that winner may not be him.

We also object to the way Akashh spoke about Aman Verma who all said and done is his senior in the industry and at least more dignified. Akashh's only claim to fame to date was his much-talked-about character of Ansh Gujral in Kyunki and after tonight's elimination, he would always be remembered as the bad boy who never grew up, who made a nuisance of himself and last but not the least, who dug his own grave.

Yes, there is God after all.
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