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Friday, September 18, 2009

Meet Dadisa’s enemy in Balika Vadhu!

Dadisa's enemyRajendra Gupta aka Mahavir Singh, the latest entrant in Sphere Origins’ Balika Vadhu, is an archrival of Dadisa. Rajendra Gupta who has been in industry for around 24 years, shares his experience on Balika Vadhu and more…

What made you take up Balika Vadhu?
I have been a fan of Balika Vadhu since a long time. I was very impressed by the concept and the way it was presented. I was in touch with lots of artists from the serial and always complemented them for their performance. The sets, costume and language, everything has been worked upon so well that they seem real. Today, there are many serials, which start off with bang but within three months start losing its charm, but Balika Vadhu has maintained its position till today.

Why did you approve of this negative character Mahavir Singh?
As I said earlier, I have been a fan of Balika Vadhu. When the production team approached me for the character of Mahavir Singh, I was more than happy to be associated with the show. Mahavir Singh is a strong character. Though negative, the character holds a strong ground.

How did you prepare yourself to get into the character of Mahavir Singh?
Since I am from Haryana, it was not very difficult for me to pick up the language and the diction. I have been very familiar with the lifestyle, gesture and thoughts. So picking up the character was not an intricate task for me.

How is the experience of working with Surekha Sikri and Heeba Shah?
It’s lovely working with them. Both are very good actors. Since we are all associated with theater, I have worked with them before too. I have great respect for Surekhaji and I think she is a great actor.

Share your experience on working with Sphere Origins?
It’s a very dedicated team. They are very perfect in whatever they do. Preaching a social issue in such an entertaining way is not a piece of cake. They have put in a lot of creativity and imagination, which is why the show is still watched in households.

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