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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Balika Vadhu is no.1 with record breaking TRP’s

Sphere Origins Balika Vadhu has created the history. It’s been a long time since any soap reached the magical 10 plus TRP. But the story track of Pratap’s death in the show has recorded a mind-boggling TRP of 10 for Balika Vadhu. This has not only earned a no.1 spot for the show but it has also helped the channel Colours to reach closer in becoming the no.1 entertainment channel. In the latest TAM ratings Star Plus still heads the chart with 305 GRPs while Colors is just one GRP behind. “There are certain high points in the story which is disclosed slowly. Our show’s TRP was always growing slow and steady. Once that’s happening, such a growth is expected,” speaks producer Sunjoy Waddhwa. But at the same time the producer doesn’t want to take it easy, “We need to ensure that we now live up to these standards.”

Well, we too wish that this wonderful and refreshing show continues to entertain the viewers for a long time to come.

Balika Vadhu is no.1 with record breaking TRP’sSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend


  1. A serial like “Ballika Vadhu” is what is needed in today's society. Even though this is an anti social serial is that, this brings to light the very adverse effect on entire poor community more so on poor and socially deprived ancestors. These kind of serial should help us realise that we have come a long way from your past & we need to appretiate our independence.

    You can vote your opinion for this at

  2. @myidea4india
    I completely agree with u

  3. Star Plus - Mitwa Phool Kamal ke

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