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Sunday, March 8, 2009

New entry in Dill Mill Gayye..

Asif Sheikh enters the Star One show as Dr. Armaan's flirtatious dad...

Star One's Dill Mill Gayye is going in for another twist with a new entry. Veteran film and television actor Asif Sheikh who was last seen in SAB TV's Yes Boss has joined Dill Mill Gayye as Dr. Armaan's dad.

"He is in the show to help him in his quest to win over Riddhima. He is the uninvited dad who will make things worse for Armaan as he is the flirtatious Casanova kind of a guy who checks in every woman who comes his way. He is a young and flashy guy and people will get a dose of comedy as he enters Dill Mill Gayye", quips our source.

According to the track, "Asif Sheikh who is a lenient and friendly dad to Dr Armaan comes to know about Riddhima and quizzes Dr Armaan about it. On the other hand Dr Shasank who by now has already approved the relationship wants to meet Asif to know more about Dr Armaan's family, but eventually he will realize that if this is the kind of family he wants his daughter to go, then he should really think twice".

Are you ready for the total mad fun comedy track that will be explored as Asif joins Dill Mill Gayye??
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  1. 3 ridhima nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii only only only shilpa anand hi our ridhima hai please shipa anand ko dil mil gaye mai le ao we all request director n producers k shilpa anand ko wapas le ao dmg mai dmg incompelelte without shilpa p/zzzzzzzzzz come back shilpa

  2. @ anonymous,
    Hi,there r many fans of shilpa who desperately want her back on the show but she has different plans,producers of the show tried to bring her back but all went in vain.lets hope that she changes her mind.