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Monday, March 9, 2009

Yudhister gets kidnapped...

Star Plus Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat has an interesting week coming up with the Holi festival bringing in color, masti, drama and also suspense to the track.

The Rajya Abhishek (coronation) track has been on for a while now, and there has been a tight contest so far between Rudr (Amit Dua) and Yudhister (Kapil Nirmal). However, this track will end soon with the worthy one being coronated.

But there is a major twist coming during the Holi sequence where the buzz is that Yudhister will get kidnapped.This is a big development in the story as when the Rajya Abhishek is to happen, Yudhi is kidnapped amidst all the Holi activities. This leads to too much of tension as Raja Saab gets unwell.

However, the story will unfold further when Choti Rani and Nandini's plans come to the fore.Not much details is divulged as of now, but it is that Yudhister has been caught in the trap set by both Choti Rani and Nandini. Things will be more clear when Choti Rani gets to know the ulterior motive on Nandini.

If sources are to be believed, all will get fine and eventually viewers will be seeing the Coronation of Yudhister very soon!!
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