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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Maalti AKA Ashita Dhawan Pregnant

Before you start wondering let us tell you that it is not Ashita but her character Maalti who will be pregnant in the popular prime time show Bidaai. Motherhood for every woman brings a change in her life and it is said that this phase will bring a beautiful transition into Maalti’s life.

“For Maalti her pregnancy will bring growth and change in her life! However, for me as Ashita this is a scary phase! Pregnancy maybe the best thing that could happen to Maalti, but I was initially very hesitant about this new track as I could not see myself playing a mother. Yet, after speaking to my producers and team I could understand that the pregnancy will bring an evolution in Maalti’s character! What’s more Maalti loves to get attention and now the whole family will be seen caring for her and she will be the center of attraction which will truly be an enjoyable experience,” says the bubbly and talented actress Ashita Dhawan.

Soon Ashita’s character of Maalti will be getting more screen space, as a track change will see her brother coming into the picture and a new angle in the TRP topper Bidaai!

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