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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mona Vasu returns as Juhi on Specials @ 10

After Radha Ki Betiyaan, Mona Vasu is all set for her new act on Sony, and will be seen in Madhur Bhandarkar's Heroine - Zindagi ke Panno Se on Specials @ 10. The new series of Juhi will air this Thursday on March 26th and Mona is essaying the lead role.

Talking about her stint in the series,Juhi lives in a small cottage in the outskirts of the city with her 7 year old son Vaasu and her very boisterous and flashy mother Sarla. Juhi is a single mother who supports her son and her mother.

Vaasu is very unlike a 7 year old child. Though he has friends and does very well in his studies, unlike other kids he never opens up. He is usually withdrawn and lives in his world except the time he writes to his father who is a seaman traveling the world and writes to his dad every week.

In return Juhi replies to those letters. A day comes when Vasu wants to meet his dad. This is where the big challenge comes in the life of Juhi. Now she plans to fulfill her son's wish. This is the high point in the story where there is a twist.

Shakti Anand is essaying an important role in the show.He is the one who helps Juhi in her plans. The manner in which all this happens is something to be watched.

Talking about Juhi, Mona Vasu said that, “Juhi is a touching story of a mother-son relationship. It is about a mother wanting to keep her son away from the consequence of her failed marriage with an abusive man.” Mona had loads of fun while shooting for Juhi and bonded like a house on fire with the little kid who plays her son Zeeshan in the story. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Mona. On the first day of the shoot Mona, in order to build a rapport with the kid, asked him which game he like the most to which the kid said football, Mona said she too like football and then asked him who from the unit did he want to kick on the face, and little Zeeshan, irritated from the constant questioning said Mona Vasu. Mona broke into laughter, but bonded famously with the kid thereafter.It is directed by Ashvini Chaudhary.

So viewers are you ready for another high drama on small screen. The episode starts on 26 March at 10:00 pm.
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