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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Angad out; Vivaan Bhatena to host Emotional Atyachaar

Bindass’ controversial show Emotional Atyachaar will now have a new host. Popular TV actor Vivaan replaces Angad Bedi, who’s headed to the Indian Premier League.

Bhatena confirms the news, “Angad had to leave because of his IPL commitments thus I’ll now be taking over as the host. I’ve already shot for one episode.”

A TV actor usually enjoys a good image with his/her fans. Hosting such a controversial show may tarnish this image.

“Yes, that thought does exist but let’s not forget it’s these suspecting individuals who have asked us to spy on their partner. As a host, you’re walking on tight rope and your primary task is to ensure that tempers don’t flare. These are very delicate situations and thus one has to ensure that no one is deeply hurt,” said Bhatena

Sting operations are a risky process and often backfire on its conductors. Such practices are considered immoral.

“Well, guess that is for Bindass to look after. I’m just doing my job. I’m sure the channel knows how to protect its interests. As for the morality aspect, intruding into people’s private life, especially girls, isn’t right but we’ve taken care to hide one’s identity in most cases. Such practice helps in cases of arrange marriage. In one of the episodes, a girl was saved after she came to know the sexcapades of her fiancé. Fortunately, here we managed to save not just one but four girls from being cheated,” the actor replies.

Bhatena is married for the last two years and surprisingly his wife is thrilled to see him host Emotional Ataychaar.

“Before I got the offer, she would often joke how she wants to conduct a sting operation on me. My wife is a regular viewer of this show. She can’t wait to see me in the show,” concludes the actor.

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