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Friday, March 19, 2010

Thakur and Amoli come face-to-face again..

COLORS' Bairi Piyahas shifted base to Meerut recently, wherein the protagonist Amoli (Supriya Kumari) has found some near and dear ones in the Pundir family.

Tonight's episode will see a high point wherein Digvijay Thakur (Sharad Kelkar) and Amoli will come face-to-face yet again!!

According to our source, "Thakur comes to meet his wife Urmila (Shubhi Mehta) at his maayka to request her not to divorce him. They have planned to meet at the purani khila near the Icha Purti Mandir in Singadh, MP. Sunanda Devi (Vaishnavi) has also planned a visit to the same mandir to seek the blessings of the deity there, as she believes that whoever prays there will get a good match. So she intends to take her entire family to pray for a suitor for her daughter Ankita".

"This is where Thakur and Amoli meet each other. Thakur tries to nab Amoli but the girl somehow manages to escape. On the other hand, Thakur also needs to flee for his life as he is being hunted by the police for the murder of Radhe", adds our source.

With Amoli escaping this incident, the coming episodes will also focus on the Thakur getting caught by the police.

We called up Supriya Kumari who said, "Yes, there is a very interesting sequence in tonight's episode where Amoli and Thakur see each other yet again. You will have to watch the suspense".

Let's see what's brewing here..
Thakur and Amoli come face-to-face again..SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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