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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ratan weeps on Agle janam’s anniversary bash

The diminutive Ratan Rajput (aka Laali of Agle Janam mohe Bitiya hi kijo) is fast gaining reputation of a big tantrum queen. Every now and then, the lady keeps making news for her alleged errant behaviour on the sets. This time, the lady expressed her frustration in full media glare.

The occasion was the anniversary bash of Agle Janam mohe bitiya hi kijo at Mumbai’s Marimba pub. While most cast and crew were happily enjoying the party Ratan, who arrived past midnight, was spotted crying and then refused to oblige the waiting scribes. Production personnel were seen pacifying her but it took a good hour for the lady to honour her media commitments. Expectedly, she brushed aside queries on her emotional behaviour.

We contacted the actress today and she shrugged off the incident. “Please don’t read too much into this. I wasn’t crying. I had a hectic day shooting for late hours and was really stressed”, said Rajput.

Interestingly, when the whole cast and the director was partying, what was Rajput shooting for?

“I had to shoot few solo scenes – a lot of them have been pending for a while. We have a new director since the last few days and he was conducting my shoot last night.”

The voices emanating from the sets are a lot different.

Says a source, “Ratan wasn’t shooting. She’s been behaving like this for a while. She did the same during the last celebration. Success has clearly gone to her head and that explains her haughty attitude. On most occasions, she puts up a sorry face. However, none empathize with her. Most of her co-actors simply leave her alone. In the past, rumours of her seeing a production official were doing the rounds but it was Ratan who was trying to seek this gentleman’s attention. The channel too doesn’t care about her whims. The show is doing well now but once it doesn’t Rajput will then be consigned to history just like other ill disciplined actors.

” Is there something bothering her? What is it that she’s unhappy about?

“How can others judge whether you’re happy or sad. A human being can’t display one emotion throughout the day. I’m totally dedicated towards my profession. I’m unhappy if I don’t get a shot right. For me the only thing that matters is the love and affection of my fans,” concludes the actress.

Well, one is not sure whether we can take her for face value but here’s hoping that our Laali always sports a smile, at least while facing the media. For the record, Agle Janam.. completes one year on February 15.

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