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Saturday, March 27, 2010

How Do saheliyaan swap husbands

Alright! It’s a known fact Zee TV’s newly launched show Do saheliyaan is about two Rajasthani girls swapping their husbands. (Don’t run your imagination wild, there’s nothing immoral here). The big question is how this interchanging occurs? We’ve managed to unearth this swap act. Well, this takes place in a typical filmi style. Ah-ah! There’s no ‘Kumbh-ke-mele-main-bichadna’ here.

Says a source, “Presently, Maithli (Sulagna Panigrahi) is getting married to Shaurya (Gaurav Chaudhary) while Bhavri (Ankita Srivastav) has already tied the knot with Anadi (Raunaq Ahuja). Both couples get married on the same day and coincidently, they also plan their honeymoon on the same date, same place and the same train too.”

Elaborating on the twist, the source says, “Maithli-Shaurya and Bhavri-Anadi are travelling in the same train but not the same bogeys. They are going to Mount Abu. Expectedly, the train is derailed putting the passengers into a spin. Soon darkness engulfs the train. When there’s light, Maithli ends up seeing Anadi while Shaurya meets up with Bhavri. Despite their best efforts, they fail to find each other’s groom/bride. Later, realizing that life is a penance for a widow in Rajasthan, Anadi marries Maithli while Bhavri ties the knot with Shaurya. The real drama will begin when they discover that their first husbands are alive.”

When contacted, Panigrahi said, “I can’t comment as to how the interchanging of husbands will happen. For that, you’ll have to watch the show.”

Hmm! Viewers don’t miss this tumultuous journey.

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