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Friday, March 12, 2010

'I am back on the sets with the same spirit' - Ragini Khanna

Ragini Khanna popularly known as Bharti from Bhaskar Bharti, who is now essaying the role of Suhana in Star Plus' Sasural Genda Phool, shares her journey from then to now, keeping intact her all time humor.

Firstly, you were quite upset with Bhaskar Bharti going off-air, so has your new serial added up to some equivalent excitement?
There was a lot of viewer ship attached to Bhaskar Bharti, and most importantly it gave me recognition in the industry as a talented actress. So when they decided to end the show, it just put me in a state of depression for quite a long time. I had even thought of giving up my career as an actress, but as said 'Time is the best healer'. If I would have quit my career at that point, then today I would have failed as a person too. So, now I'm back on the sets with the same spirit.

What according to you is the meaning of Sasural Genda Phool?
In scientific terms, Genda Phool is a very complicated flower; it has many small petals intertwined in each other. So, this is exactly how the characters in the serial are related to one another. The characters are all very different from each other, yet bonded together with a sweet family affection.

Could you elaborate on Suhana's character in the serial?
Suhana is a very dominant 21st century girl who believes in living life on her own terms. As she is being nurtured by a single father, she could also be tagged as a pampered kid. But she's filled with lot of joy and enthusiasm.

What similarity do you find in the two roles of Suhana and Bharti?
Both the roles are identically opposite to each other. In Bhaskar Bharti, the role of Bharti was just presented feminine but the complete characterization was male oriented. I had to think, feel and present it as a male chauvinist, whereas in Sasural Genda Phool the role of Suhana is completely feminine, yet very dominant and stands out in her own way. In a way if we have to compare the two, then Suhana is a kind of girl with whom Bhaskar could have easily played off (laughs).

Which amongst the two roles as in Bharti or Suhana you find has been more challenging?
Undoubtedly Bharati's role was much more challenging than that of Suhana. But at the time of depiction the character of Suhana too doesn't come very easily to me, because she is a girl who has the capability of shouting at the top of her voice in anger, and at the very next minute she's being heard laughing her heart out. So, a challenge factor is attached to both the characters.

What kind of marriage would Ragini Khanna prefer - Love or Arranged?
Surely a Love marriage, but cordially arranged by my family (laughs).

What is Ragini Khanna's dream role like?
I would really like to play a role similar to Meena Kumari's in the movie 'Pakeeza', soft yet, vibrant and mesmerizing on the whole.

The actors portraying vamps and villains in TV have gained lot of fame. So how do you see this show which has all positive characters?
The uniqueness of the show is the main strength I feel. And its brilliant cast, super brilliant production house and a wonderful director is just like a topping on the cake. So from my side all's very positive.

How is it to work with your co-actor Jay Soni?
He's an amazing co-actor to work with. In one word I would say he's a brilliant actor.

What can viewers look forward to when Suhana gets married to Ishaan?
(Laughs) Lot of fun, frolic and of course unexpected twists.

We have also heard that you were working on a movie named "Mare Mere Dushman" with Ninaad Kamath, so could you put some light on it?
Yes, that was a movie I had signed before Bhaskar Bharti. And I shot just a single sequence for it. But due to some problematic reasons the movie died at its nascent stage itself.

Are any other movies lined up for the coming year?
Yes, my efforts to be screened on 70mm full screen are in full swing. But I would like to keep that project under disguise for some more time (giggles).

What would your message be for the anxious viewers who are waiting to see more of you on T.V?
I would say that I'm equally disheartened by Bhaskar Bharati's exit from the prime slots, but I would request them to maintain the trust on me. As an actor, variation is a must and I'm trying to deliver the best. Hope that my comeback with this show is warmly welcomed.
'I am back on the sets with the same spirit' - Ragini KhannaSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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