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Friday, March 12, 2010

Sukirti and Vindhya's 'food basket' keeps them going..

Siddeshwari aka Sukirti Khandpal and Jamuni aka Vindhya Tiwari, the well known actors of the Zee TV show 'Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo' prefer carrying their own basket of hygienic food for their shoot…

In today's fast-paced, fast-food culture, it's all too easy to starve your body of the nutrition it requires. And if one has to stay away from home for most time of the day due to professional reasons, then for them remaining healthy is a greater task. But then we also have people in the television industry like Sukriti and Vindhya who against all odds have found ways to keep themselves healthy.

When inquired with Sukriti she gleefully replied that, "I'm very hygiene and calorie conscious and prefer carrying all my nutritional food from home itself".

Also she strictly consumes protein rich diet which she feels stays missing in the food served on sets. Ask her about the items that her food basket comprises of and she is quick to say, "Bread, fruits, biscuits, Paratha's and Bhaji, roti cooked specially by my mother are enough for all the cast members. I am also a coffee and cheese sandwich lover, so to fulfill this need I even carry a coffee kitten and toaster and prepare it myself, whenever I feel like having some". She even giggled saying that, "Shekhar aka Abhishek Rawat and other co-actors love her egg bites sandwich".

Later when we articulated with Vindhya Tiwari aka Jamuni, she did accede to the health and hygiene conscious quotient and added that, "Even I carry Tropicana fresh juices and seasonal fruits and sprouts occasionally. The boy who comes with me to the sets cooks amazing sprout salad that's loved by all. Healthy food in fact keeps me energetic even during the hectic schedules and helps me deliver my best".

In short, the glam girls Sukirti Khandpal and Vindhya Tiwari are happy when they come to the sets with their food basket, and also have a merry time sharing it with each other. Also the food basket which was laughed on by the co-actors earlier, is now indeed what the same people eagerly wait on for during every shoot.
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