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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Woh Rehne Waali introduces Rani's new family..

We had given our readers the news of Suhasini Mulay heading the Johari family in Sahara One and Rajshri Productions'Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki. This will be the new family into which the protagonist Rani (Reena Kapoor) will get married into, in the coming episodes!!

Actress Guddi Maruti will be playing the Bua of Rishabh (Samir Sharma).

We give you an insight on the other characters in the new family that is being introduced in the show.

According to our source, "Suhasini Mulay plays Nirmala Devi Johuri who wants her grandson to marry the girl she likes. Rishabh's Tauji is played by Amit Singh Thakur. Amit Thakur's screen name is Pradeep, and he is a loser who has lost money in business. He loves all kinds of luxuries at his mother's expense. He suffers from various diseases. Supriya Karnik plays Pradeep's wife Mohini, who is a spendthrift. Abir Goswami plays Tauji's son, Akash who is a simple man, often faces the consequences of his dad's wrong business moves. Riddhima Tiwari plays Akash's wife, Ayesha who is a typical page 3 girl. Guddi Maruti plays Nirmala Devi's daughter, her screen name being Sweety Bua. Nirmal Soni plays her husband Jugal Kishore who is a ghar jamaai. Sweety Bua's son Vicky is played by Bhisham Mansukhani who is the rich spoilt brat".

The entry of the new family will be aired very soon, and Rajshri Productions promises to bring in a new flavour to the show with the inception of the new track.
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