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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gurmeet’s prank causes deep pain to his fans

On 31 March a portal had carried a report of an alleged break-up between love birds Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee. A day later it was revealed that this was just an April fool’s joke played by the actors so as to gauge the reactions from their fans.

Unfortunately, the fans don’t seem to be amused by this trick and are extremely unhappy with the duo for this act. Hundreds of fans have written mails while a few fanatics resorted to some extreme step to expresses their displeasure. One such fanatic stopped eating until he was assured from Choudhary that this was all but a joke.

Gurmeet says, “It was meant to be an April fool joke but apparently we’ve unintentionally cause lot of panic among our fans. Ever since, we put that news, fans have expressed their displeasure through messages on social networking sites. Besides I’ve received several calls from in and outside the country. Personally, I’m very humbled by their reaction. I never thought this joke would spread like a fire.”

Talking about a particular fan, he says, “Unfortunately, a fan from Kolkata (I can’t recollect his name) was so hit by this news that he refused to eat until I spoke to him. I was really surprised and hurt too at the plight of this man. I told him that this is just a joke and assured him that Debina and I will always be together. I apologize to him and my other fans.”

Well, you better do Gurmeet because in this country viewers have always idolized one who’s played Lord Ram. So such pranks from the Gods are unpardonable.

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