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Sunday, April 4, 2010

I’m looking like a bhangi: Divyanka Tripathy

Some believe that she’s arguably the most loved bahu in small screen’s recent history. Her show Banoo main teri Dulhann went off air, but her fans are conspicuous by her long absence. Critics wrote her off but Divyanka is not one to go down quietly in the sunset. Divyanka simply shut herself from the outer world preferring to go into exile mode. The pretty lass will soon be seen in SAB daily titled Mr. and Mrs Sharma.

After a long while, Divyanka picked up her phone much to the surprise of this reporter. One couldn’t help but ask Divyanka as to has she now come out of her exile?

“Yes, I have come out of my exile. I believe in life there comes a time when you must disconnect yourself from the outer world and just stick to your family and close friends. For close to three years, I’d worked day in and day out thereby, I wasn’t able to give time to myself. There were lot of things that I wanted to but I couldn’t take it up. One of them was to have a house of my own,” said Divyanka.

That dream has now turned into a reality with Tripathy buying a 2 BHK flat in the plush area of Malad. The girl from UP took it upon herself to decorate her house. Well, surprisingly, she hasn’t been able to find a maid and so Divyanka is left to do most of the household work viz. brooming, cleaning floors, bathroom and toilets too. The girl though isn’t whining.

“For a while, I did have a maid, but I wasn’t impressed with her work. So, I took it upon myself to wash dishes, bathrooms and even toilet. You won’t believe but I’m looking like a bhangi (sweeper). It’s always best that you take care of your own house. My mother always maintained that you should do your own work. Guess, now I’m following in her footsteps. I feel doing such work instills a sense of humility as you start respecting people for whom this is a means to earn their daily bread,” Tripathy sighed.

The talk now moves out of the house and it’s work again that captures her imagination. She’s got an interesting tale about how she landed Mr. and Mrs Sharma.

Tripathy says, “I had agreed (not signed) to do another project but one day Ujjwal Rana (Mr. and Mrs. Sharma’s co-producer) asked me to come down and have a look at the script. After reading, I was in splits. Rana could sense that I was impressed and so he wouldn’t hear no for an answer. So, I agreed to do a show where I didn’t even shoot the pilot. Guess, it was in my destiny to do Mr. and Mrs.Sharma

Critics are already lamenting Tripathy for opting for a show on a relatively lesser known channel but the actress is unperturbed “I knew, people will raise this point, but I want to tell everyone that I snubbed a bigger GEC for the SAB show. Comedy is something which I always wanted to do. I’ve shed enough tears. Now is the time to make viewers smile,” the former tragedy queen explained.

Finally, it’s Sharad Malhotra who comes to our mind. However, Divyanka is still very diplomatic when it comes to talking about her alleged boyfriend.

“Sharad is doing fine,” pat comes the reply. As always, it’s difficult to get her speak on this one. Anyways, well come back Divyanka.

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