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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Abhinav bids goodbye to his love

Abhinav Shukla has always loved bikes. He is a self-confessed motor-bike fanatic. For him there's nothing more pleasing than a good long ride in his bike.

However, a recent haphazard incident made him sacrifice his love.

Abhinav tells us, "During an expedition to Sangli I met with an accident. I took it as a sign for me to slow down things. So I'm not pursuing my love for bike-rides as much as I'd like to."
Abhinav truly has a passion for getting down and dirty. He says, "I'm a rough guy. In my free time I like to do mechanical work in my garage."

In fact he is so rough he likes to keep it au naturel. He says, "I don't even bother about my looks, seriously. I just go as it is."
Inspite of this, Abhinav gets characters that are too polished. He says, "Yes, I always get roles like MBA pass NRI returning to home-country etc. It's funny."

In fact, in his upcoming show Geet on Star One, Abhinav plays an NRI who comes to India on a quest for his perfect life-partner. "I play an NRI who returns to India, just like the scores of Punjabi boys who even after studying or being raised entirely abroad, come to India to get married to a simple Punjabi girl. The character is not completely grey."

Well, maybe taking up this new show will keep Abhinav so busy that he won't pine for his 'love' after all…
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