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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Suhana gives her Sasural a Tough Time

Star Plus’s ‘Sasural Genda Phool’ will now actually take the inclination after the marriage of Suhana (Ragini Khanna) with Ishaan (Jay Soni) as now what the actual track of the show will come on the edge.

A source says, “Even though until now Suhana has rejected to marry Ishaan (because she always wanted to marry a dashing guy which Ishaan is not), will say yes to the alliance as after all she is her fathers ‘sweet daughter’ and for him she sacrifices her desires to tie the knot with Ishaan.”

“Just because of her family Suhana gets ready to marry Ishaan but will give a tough time to her sasural folks and will make their life living hell. At least initially she will throw tantrums and will behave very rudely.”

We called Ragini Khanna aka Suhana and she say, “Yes, Suhana will give tough time to her sasural people and the story will gear its actual flavor.”

Let’s see how Suhana or else her sasural people adjust with her.

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