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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mahi's 'Way to Goa'

Pushtiie Shakti aka Mahi, the chubby and adorable protagonist of Sony TV and YRF TV's Mahi's Way is shooting now a days in Goa.

The show currently shows Mahi heartbroken because of all the troubles in her life. First, she broke up with her dream man Ishaan Ahluwaliya and after that she lost her column. Mahi's dream to pursue serious journalism gets a severe setback due to this. So her close friend Sid and Roshni give her a break and take her to Goa.

When contacted Pushtiie Shakti said, "Yes, we are in Goa for shooting. I am back to my second-home. I've stayed in Goa for 5 years and for Mahi Way I had to shift back to Mumbai. I am so happy that we are shooting here. We are having a blast! It's a break for us from our studio-shooting and we are really enjoying a lot. There are lots of memories attached to this place… if I go on saying I won't stop. I also visited the house where I stayed."

However, it seems Pushtiie is not entirely happy with the working atmosphere in Goa for her Facebook statues message reads- "Am in goa to shoot with hardly any facilities...! Will answer mail and posts when i get back. Thank you :)"
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