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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Agle Janam…leaps after a break!

A buzz is in the air that Zee TV’s ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo’ will be soon taking a leap of 1 year where Laali (Ratan Rajput) will deliver a child and Ranvijay (Sachal Tyagi) will get behind to kill him as the child is the heir to the Thakurs. But viewers take a sign of relief as the talks are still going by the channel, regarding the leap.

A source informs, “Talks are going on regarding to take a leap in the show but it will take some time as now the show will be more concentrating on the trauma of Ratna’s death and how Kaushalya (Rupa Ganguly) will reveal the truth to whole family about the death. On other hand, minister plans to kill Laali and due to thid reason she will be rescued. Even though Laali will get rescued from the jail she will take long time to return back to the haveli.”

“Leap is one of the ideas which can turn the story but it will take some time as the channel is targeting for more TRP’s with the ensuing drama. The show had already taken a hike in its ratings as the show has jumped directly from 3.4 to 5 this week, more ratings are expected.” adds the source.

Even though after the break, get ready to experience a vast change in Laali!

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