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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Toral denies seeing Akshat Gupta

Toral Rasputra aka Rasal of Kesariya balam fame is very upset. And, what is it that has caused Rasputra so incensed? The girl is deeply hurt by a tabloid report which claimed that she’s seeing her on-screen husband Akshat Gupta.

“I like to keep my personal life away from public domain. What has really upset me is this reporter didn’t even bother to bother to find the truth from me. This is a complete false report as I’m not at all seeing Akshat or anyone,” says an irate Rasputra.

She adds, “Ever since this report has been published, I’ve been getting several calls from my friends who were keen to know the truth. I don’t aspire for publicity and I certainly don’t welcome such personal stories. Come on; give me a break how can one use words such as ‘I’m trying to get too close to him’. This is very derogatory. One should be careful with what you write,” the actress chided.

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