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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bhagyavidhaata inspired from real-life incident..

COLORS' new show Sab Ki Jodi Wahi Banaata…Bhagyavidhaata which started on May 4th is the story of a well-educated girl Bindia who lives in Bihar. Produced by Shreya Creations, the unique show focuses on an issue that is women related starting with the victimization of males, leading to problems that are then faced by women in this complex, bizarre prevalent practice called Pakraua Vivaah.

However, not many know that the Story and Screenplay writer of the show, Raakesh Paswan was inspired to write this story based on a real-life happening which he witnessed long back in his home town, Jharkhand.

Says the Writer, "I had been to my native place Jharkhand, when I noticed wedding preparations going on at our neighbor's house. When I inquired about this with my family, they told me that the girl of the house was getting married, but it was a kind of Pakraua Vivaah, wherein the entire community knows that the girl is getting married, but the groom is not known. Only a certain few in the family know the identity of the groom, and they would kidnap the boy and get him married to the girl. I was simply surprised to see the entire family rejoice and celebrate the occasion as though all was well, and this real life incident made me to write this story".

This is the second time that Raakesh Paswan has dealt with the same subject. "In 2002-03, I had written a short series for Sahara One, titled Kadam where I had kept this issue as the base. The entire industry was so much thrilled to see such a concept that few of the big names like Anupam Kher planned to make a film on this. Fortunately or unfortunately, nobody was able to make a film, and the closest that one could come to dealing with this subject was Ajay Sinha with Ghar Ek Sapnaa. Now it feels nice that after all these years, I have again got a privilege to write about the subject", explains the writer.

Talking about the custom which is prevalent in Bihar even today the writer states, "It is unfortunate that there is a gender bias in the North. They believe in the saying, 'Ladki hona Abhishaap hai'. The ruthless dowry demands from the boys' side has given rise to this ghastly act wherein the girls' family take the boy at gun point and get him married to the girl. They leave the girl at the boy's place after issuing a stern warning to the family to keep the girl in good stead. Bhagyavidhaata is about a girl who is forced into such a marriage", he states.

The first few episodes of the show has garnered a great response especially from places like Jharkhand, Bihar etc. "We have got amazing response from people for the first few episodes, and I hope we can translate this into numbers", concludes Raakesh.

The show has new faces Richa Soni and Vishal Karwal playing the leads..

Raakesh Paswan also happens to be the Story writer of Star Plus' Hamari Devrani..

Let's now wait and watch how the show gets rated on the TRP charts…
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  1. bhagyavidhata in colors is a good serial having all colors of life in it........
    but producer and concept writer thinks what? who is bindiyaaa?
    earlier she was college going girl, very good in studies, daughter of dream, but now what a scape goat....... afterall what u want to show that all hindu customs are failed now a days. why she not going out of sasural why/
    pateince means what where it ends when u will be admitted to hospital and will be known as pateint no. so so
    hi time she should react????
    her mother in law gives some thing to eat and she daring of sr. bahu she takes that plate from her hand. does nothing...... why???
    go practically........... show solutions fast otherwise disintrest comes.
    take benifit of kskbt plot every week new problem and solve it fast than new problem???
    fix maximum validity time for every problem.
    or you will start lossing trp trp trp.....